Pakistan begins crackdown on Lashkar-e-Taiba

December 9, 2008

Pakistan has begun a crackdown on Lashkar-e-Taiba following intense pressure from India and the United States to take action against the militant group blamed by New Delhi for the Mumbai attacks. According to intelligence officials and local residents,  Zaki-ur-Rehman Lakhvi, a leader of Lashkar-e-Taiba, was arrested following a raid on a camp near Muzaffarabad in Pakistani-held Kashmir.

As discussed in an earlier post, India has long complained about what it saw as Pakistan’s failure to crack down on Lashkar-e-Taiba and Jaish-e-Mohammed, another Pakistan-based militant group, which it says were nurtured by the Pakistan spy agency, the Inter-Services Intelligence or ISI, to attack Indian targets in Kashmir and elsewhere. 

So would the raid signal a major change of heart? And would it be enough to satisfy India?

The Economist calls it “a small sop” and much less than India had demanded of Pakistan. India’s Livemint condemns it as a “cheap” action to buy legitimacy. It complains that Pakistan took similar steps in 2002, banning Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) after it was blamed, along with Jaish-e-Mohammed, by New Delhi for a raid on India’s parliament in December 2001 that brought the two countries close to a fourth war. 

However, the Islamabad-based correspondent of Indian newspaper The Hindu quotes Indian officials as saying that if Lakhvi, suspected of masterminding the Mumbai attacks, had indeed been arrested, it would be “an important first step” by Pakistan. “What we want is that the entire operation of the LeT and other militant groups that exist here and carry out actions against India should be shut down,” the correspondent quotes a senior Indian diplomat in Pakistan as saying.

Pakistan has denied involvement in the Mumbai attacks and the raid, if confirmed, could be a sign of a renewed willingness to crack down on militant groups.  But the problem for Pakistan is that even as it does so, it is facing more and more questions about the role of the ISI in supporting them.

India has argued for years that Pakistan, through the ISI, has deliberately used Islamist militant groups as an instrument of state policy to pursue its goals in Afghanistan and Kashmir. This viewpoint is reiterated in this analysis of the Mumbai attacks by B.Raman, a former head of India’s own spy agency, the Research and Analysis Wing (R&AW). 

What is new, however, is the extent to which Indian complaints about the ISI are now being echoed in the U.S. media.

In the latest of what appear to be deliberate leaks by the U.S. administration,  the New York Times quotes American intelligence and counter-intelligence officials as linking the ISI to Lashkar-e-Taiba.  Though it says there was no hard evidence to link the ISI to the Mumbai attacks, it says the Lashkar-e-Taiba had gained strength in recent years with the help of the spy agency, assistance that had allowed the group to train and raise money while other militants on the border with Afghanistan had been under siege.

So who is the real target here of Indian and American pressure? Lashkar-e-Taiba, or the ISI?


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The arrest of LeT chief Lakhvi is a welcome step which materialized only after intense International pressure. Only time can answer the sincerity of Pakistan’s action. We have seen in past after 2001 Indian parliament attacks, Pakistan banned these outfits with little or sometimes renewed efforts on its anti-India operations.

The world acknowledges that LeT & JeM are brainchild of ISI. Being called as “A State within a State” the ISI has outgrown its mandate and has repeatedly double crossed US & NATO by supporting Taliban whilst joining the US, war on terror.

The diplomatic pressure should target in limiting LeT and its capability to spread terror. In the long term it will be in the safety of US & India to defang ISI from its role as supporter of Jihadi outfits.US is seriously looking into grilling ex-ISI chief Hameed Gul for his involvement in creation and continued support of Taliban using rouge and ideological elements inside ISI.

This clearly shows that US will deal with ISI and its offshoots whenever appropriate.

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This is just an eyewash and it doesn’t help in anyway to control terrorists as long as these captured terrorists are kept in safe houses in Pakistan. To all those Pakistanis who doesn’t believe that Pakistan is a no match for India then why western nations refuse to play cricket in Pakistan but they tour India despite series of bombings this year. You may call it double standards or you may call it “money talks” but the answer lies in that look at your own country, it is heavily infested with terrorists who have penetrated into your armed forces and intelligence. Civilian government is just a dummy which have no control over these radical elements. Yes, i appreciate that you are patriotic about your country but admit that these terrorists have caused irreparable damage to your countries reputation. When the term Pakistan comes out everybody thinks about terrorists and are afraid to go there, you believe it or not.

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The show is on…
The usual American ‘tough talk’, the predictable Pakistani ‘crack-down’, but is something amiss this time? The stoic silence of the Indian’s is deafening or have they cowed down once again under Western pressures? Or is Pakistan walking in an Indo-American trap? Do they sense it? Is the massive strike on the NATO supplies some sort of a warning or blackmailing tactics, a stealthy message to America saying ‘layoff’? Given their present predicament on the ‘War on Terror’ Will the Americans back off? Or would they not succumb to such pressure tactics & hit back harder for a change? Would the climax this time around be customary or exceptional to everyone’s astonishment? Keep watching…

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[…] Foust issues a plea for a real press corps, responding to Myra MacDonald’s assertion of «deliberate leaks by the U.S. Administration» to link Lashkar-e-Taiba to the 11/26 Mumbai attacks. «Falling for» is too harsh […]

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I am a Pakistani and i felt sorrow and grief when saw the Mumbai episode but i was angry and surely frustrated when Indian govt started the blame game by using their media. I am unable to comprehend that how could any one in Pakistan would think of such thing once we our selves are being targeted by the terrorists. We are the bigger victim of terrorism as Banazir Bhutto a leader well known through out world got killed in a bloody incident with hundreds others. On the other hand India blamed Pakistan with hours of the happening. Up till now no credible proof of any Pakistani involvement is given only as Ms Rice Said “INFORMATION AND A LOT OF INFORMATION” is available of usage of Pakistani soil and we all know the worth of INFORMATION given by US agencies as we are witness to the result of such like credible information given to us about WMDs (weapons of mass destruction) in Iraq.
I am also confused on various other questions that how those FEW individuals have choked Indian police, para military and administration? How were they so efficient to give a pitch battle to Indian security forces at their own home ground after just landing on their surface ? how they got rooms in such like high profile hotels ? how were they able to roam in complete city with their weapons and ammunition ? They are said to belong a place name Faridkot but in Pakistan place of such name is small and world media has already thrashed it without any clue(especially BBC)but their is a district in India with same name?? why those so called “Pakistani terrorists” killed a police officer who was involve in a investigation of BURNING OF PAKISTANI CITIZENS IN TRAIN BY HINDU TERRORISTS WITH THE AID OF A COLONEL OF INDIAN ARMY?
i will just end here but their is a long list of questions which are yet to be answered by Indians because history tells us that after having a proper inquiry of such like cases perpetrators were found INDIANS or inquiries were shelved for face saving like parliament attack.

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Hi Imran,

As you seem to be genuinely irked by these turn of events, I wanted to explain why the Indian media is reporting things the way they do now. As the Internet is widely available now, it is not uncommon to read views that oppose one’s country’s stance, and hence there is a lot of frustration and confusion among many in the world.

Indians do not believe that the whole of Pakistani governmental apparatus is geared towards creating chaos in India. Nor do I think your well meaning civil servant is in league with the ISI. I can only sympathize with the sentiments of people in Pakistn who wonder how their acquaintances in the bureaucracy or army coule ever be cold-hearted. We all know also that India’s own political leaders are displaying meagre leadership and our planning and execution against terrorism is pitiful. All these people have a lot to answer for.

So what is Pakistan’s role? Time and again, the involvement of some within the Pakistani government has been proven in cases of terror within India. In the cases of hijacks in the early 80s, equipment from Pakistani army arsenal was apprehended in the killings of Indians. In the late eighties, mre sophisticated equipment known to be supplied to Pakistan from the US was apprehended. Pakistn has given safe havens to wanted terrorists in India such as Dawood Ibrahim. The memois of CIA associates, intelligence reports by Indian and other other agencies have recorded the formation of the LeT, JeM and other terror outfits in Pakistan to have been the work of the agency ISI. Prior to the Kargil war, telephone conversations with Mr. Musharaff in which an Indian plane was shot down by the Pakistani army and blamed on the JeM was intercepted, recorded and released to the media by India- this is even today publicly availale on the Internet. Almost all intelligence agencies agree that the voice belongs to Mr. Musharaff. Since 9/11, as Pakistan publicly distanced itself from these groups, it is well known that the army and the ISI still pursue their agenda in Kashmir through these outfits. If this angers you, perhaps you need to calm down a bit and view these as objectively as possible. As sloppy and irresponsible as India may be in its response to terror, there is no denying these facts.

Is a genuine solution to the Kashmir problem? We could go on ad nauseam about historical reasons for Kashmir belonging in either country, but it will not solve anyone’s headache. The fact is, Kashmir is more complicated than it was 60 years ago. Is Pakistan’s side of Kashmir truly Kashmiri any more? Isn’t it a tightly integrated part of Pakistan? Aren’t there enough non-Kashmiri Pakistanis there who weren’t there before partition? This is not true of India’s side of Kashmir, and sadly the government has been sloppy there as well- we simply have not assured safety to Kashmiri Hindus who were driven out of the region by elements of xenophobia and injustice.

As for other questions relating to the Mumbai attacks, we have had numerous attacks in Mumbai and elsewhere in which we were ill-prepared to deal with them. A city was brought to its knees because urban warfare is unlike mountain or jungle warfare where collateral damage is minimal. Hostage situations almost always take long to overcome. When a plane is hijacked and landed in an airport it is by and large a safer place to battle the terrorists because of the relative clear space and few number of people in the plane who are involved. A hotel is tougher to negotiate. I’m not justifying our response, but this is in answer to your question which I think was intended to question Pakistan’s involvement.

India has had many conflagrations which are beig investigated. I doubt this will satisfy everyone, but that is the nature of the beast. I have no doubt that there have been local supporters who helped these terrorists achieve their ends and hence the answer to some of the logistical issues you mentioned, as far as arms and ammunition are concerned. High profile hotels in India are not proof against fake IDs, and one person’s ID will suffice for a group of people. There must have been local support for these people. The trail of the core team though points to Pakistan, as some of the evidence shows. We just do not know yet how deep it points.

Perhaps you may need to do some introspection about your political and other leaders as we need to do about ours.

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Imran, Terrorists were able to drag fight for 60 hours because they had taken innocent people as hostages to shield them from being killed and don’t take pride in that. It’s not Indian media but its Pakistani media that has kept people of Pakistan ignorant and has contributed great deal to instill hatred towards Indians. Indians never think about Pakistan apart from occasional terrorist attacks creating anger against that nation while Pakistan is obsessed with India. Muslims in India are not persecuted as you could imagine. India has had several muslim presidents and infact the commisioner of Mumbai is muslim. Can you imagine a minority Hindu being in such a position in Paksitan. In Kashmir, the so called Kashmiri brothers has driven out Hindu pundits leaving in the valley for aeges and yet no one is speaking about them.I personally know one of my friend whose family has moved to Jammu from Kashmir valley. Yes religious riots has happened in India and the more severe one was in Gujarat in 2002. It happened after muslim mob attacked and burnt a bogie belonging to Hindu pilgrims. The religious extremists in your country are brain washing you people that muslims are being subjected to genocide in India and inspiring people to take up Jihad. They are such a cowards that instead of they themselves fighting they are sending poor kids like Ajmal to India to die.

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‘perpetrators were found INDIANS’

–maybe that’s what it would be said in the future,, since no such place called Pakistan would be in existence, it’s breathing it’s last breathes..

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All bloggers–read this!

First of all, these terrorists were not Martyrs. A Martyr is Jesus Christ, or Gandhi, or Martin Luther King Jr., that is someone who is willing to die for their ideals. Those Islamic Extremists who want to kill as many as they can before they die, they are not Martyrs, but they are MURDERERS…I want the Islamic World to know the difference between these two separate type of actions and the proper corresponding word use. Please use the word Martyr properly!

Please do not call suicide bombers and terrorists Martyrs…Martyrs are peaceful, passive men who are willing to give their life for something much greater, and are willing to give up only their own life, not a whole bunch of other people’s lives.

Kashmir is just part of the Partition that has not been completed for 60 years. It is time for Indian Kashmiri’s to go to their country Pakistan and leave India and it is time for Pakistan to return the Hindus there to Indian Kashmir…problem solved…no more terrorism.

India has suffered much death, destruction and humiliation and genocide at the hands of the Muslim invaders for the last 1000 years. We cannot keep giving land away and partitioning our ancestral homeland. The Line must be drawn somewhere.

India can live in peace with Pakistan, provided that the Pak Military, ISI of Pakistan and the entire whole of the Madrasa system is purged of Radical Islamic Elements, within, sympathetic to the Jihadists and terrorists.

India is ancient, it is over 6000 years old. Pakistan is only 60, created from Indian land. Its splendor, glory and ancient wisdom is not up for negotiation.

Before Pakistani’s throw rocks at India, realize that there is Hindu Blood coursing through your veins and your DNA is mostly Hindu. Hinduism, India and the people there all these things are the Religion, land and blood descendents of your ancestors. Your ancestors, were converted by the sword to Islam from its original and gentle religion Hinduism.

The truth is hard to face.

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Imran, give us a break. ALL evidence points to Pakistan and even ISI’s hand. But the govt of Pakistan has given nothing but denials. Now because of US pressure they take some action to show they are playing a game but they will do nothing against the terrorists and extreme islam that is growing in Pakistan. Pakistan has been trying to steal Kashmir for so long and is responsible for the ethnic cleansing of large numbers of Kashmiri pundits but no one says anything about that. If Pakistan wants peace, then they should promote peace instead of terrorism. So many jihad factories are in Pakistan. Desparate parents selling their children over for money, to go and fight in a war where they are just pawns while the fat cats sit back in Pakistan and nothing is done to them. India is not perfect in anyway, but we’re tired of being targets again and again from Pakistani terrorists.

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Pakistan is asking evidence to convict people like Moulana azar who was in Indian jail and was released in exchange to the Indian citizens in flight which was hijaked to kandahar.The international media including pakistani media reported that incident. what more proof does pakistan need to act on criminals if it really wanted to act ???

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Thank god people in pakistan are safe from the terror that every indian has to suffer in india

there are communist sia/7252178.stm

there are right wing hindus- theese groups have huge influence over certain parts of the BJP  /19/orissa-violence-india-christianity- hinduism

The there are sikhs fighing for a indepdent homeland known as khalistan ism#Sikh_extremism_in_India

Then there is ethnic fighting beetween shias and sunnis w_clamped_in_Lucknow_after_Shia-Sunni_cl ash/articleshow/1842012. cms

Then you have lower caste hindus fighting higher caste hindus 1-duts.html

Then we have indian army killing muslims protestors sia/7555398.stm video_and_audio/default.stm&go=toolbar&q =kashmir&a mp;tab=av&start=3&scope=all
( if the above link down work, go to the bbc website search Kashmir go to audio and video and look at videos on page 2)

Then we have ethnic violence beetween different ethinic groups in india- mind the same city mumbai were immigrants were burned alive and india did nothing now tourist die and everyones up in arms? at least Mr Thackeray will be happy no more immigrants to take jons sia/7694498.stm

Then we have hindus killing sikhs

Then we have sikhs killing hindu president  /stories/october/31/newsid_2464000/2464 423.stm

Then we have homegrown muslims fighting hindus- indian mujahideen sia/7398989.stm

you can ignore the facts india is the worlds largest failed state and out side the cosmpolitioon cities the indian federal goverment has as much influnce as my left foot does

Posted by Umair | Report as abusive

–Inspite of all we are a sane & civilized people, a vibrant & secular democracy, an emerging prosperous Nation & look what you’ll have degenerated into – A pauper Nation & a Global Terrorist society (check same source for reference)

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There is no point arguing with Umair. If he thinks Pakistan is a paradise let him think so. There is no insurgency(Sikh) in Punjab now. It died long back in 1980’s. Sikhs are integral part of India and they are dominant in Indian Army. Prime minister Manmohan singh himself is a sikh. Caste system is slowly dying in India. Its there only in government institutions for jobs and education and apart from that if someone meets a stranger they never ask which caste you belongs to?. It has been kept alive only by politicians as their vote bank.

Umair if you are not obsessed with India, why you are pointing at atrocities committed by Indians in India ?. If Indian terrorists have come to Pakistan & created havoc then you should be worried. I come to Pakistan section to know purely about Pakistani terrorists as they are bane to India. Today, Times Now TV, i saw photos of Pakistani terrorists killed in Mumbai. Some of them were so gory that they should be broadcasted all over Pakistan so that in future kids won’t turn towards Jihad.

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Dear pankaj & Om, I agree with you that denial, wanting of evidence for everything is not new to India. I would take a tip from Mr. Parthasarathy’s word that we don’t need to present evidence to a burglar for burglary. And another from former MEA min Yeswant Sinha’s word that Pak could even deny that places like Karachi & Lahore never existed there. Bluffing is inherent to our troublesome neighbour.

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If I replace the term Indians with Idiot than this would not be so inaccurate to do so. They don’t see the true picture, and they are really do not see the truth. Pakistan, the nation of great religion, has been many times accused of being sponsoring and supporting the Kashmiri freedom fighter, Afghan defense against soviet invasion and on many failures of indian defense for protecting its people, but no viable evidences has ever been given either to Pakistan, United Nation. Many people from Pakistan have been accused of links with many riots in india but why no evidence has been provided or Interpol being contacted? Recently they establish that the detained terrorist belongs to Pakistan, however the truth is that, which being hidden by Indian media is that all such details provided by india pertains to a person who have died 15 years ago – just ask yourself why indian or supporters of indian media are not showing the relatives of detained suspect, why not showing the videos of villagers who said that they knew that detained person – We all know that Indian media – Indian govt. is lying and lies don’t live and speak for long.
A person who had seen his mother, wife, sister, daughter being raped by soldiers, knives being put into their sensitive body organs, infants being burnt alive, killing for no reason – this all happen in indian occupied Kashmir, indian Gujrat, and even mumbai – what do you expect him to do – he’ll fight for his defense – and will be termed by cowards as terrorist – yes he is a terrorist to those who made him to become one.

Previously they were showing photos in which so-called terrorist was wearing the thread band on his right hand – now they are showing the same picture without that band – isn’t it their effort to hide the truth that those persons were infact Hindu and actually planted by indians themselves. How can they simply said that there exist no evidence of any indian support – nobody would believe that only idiots can and they have accepted that as truth.

Recently there was a news on indian media that India has given 48 hours deadline to Pakistan – no truth lies in that as Ms. Rice denied setting a 48-hour deadline for Pakistan to arrest three suspects wanted in India for their alleged involvement in the attacks and said there exist no deadline. indian media is lying – that country is full of hypocracy. All idiots, oh sorry, indians are advised to wake up to the reality. Patriotism and standing up for the country is commendable – but please come out of the illusion and look at the long term.

One more thing! from all previous comments by idiots it is obvious how much india is secular and how it reacts to other religion specially islam – so beat it remove the veil and show your original face if you have courage.

Long live and prosperous Pakistan

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Peace and Umaid,
Nobody is denying the fact that there have been many blasts in India and it is to India’s credit that they are investigating the Samjhauta and the Malegaon blasts truthfully rather than covering them up. But these are problems that have happened in India and done by Indians so they are criminal but not cross-border. Pakistan on the other hand has its own problems but also exports terrorism to all parts of the World. That is precisely one of the reasons that not a single cricket playing country has visited Pakistan in the last one year. Pakistan has not played a single Test match as Australia and England and New Zealand have all refused to play there. England has come back to play not just because of money as they have already donated half of their match fees to Mumbai victims, they have come because they have shown character and expressed solidarity with India. They have come because they know that terrorism in Mumbai was because of Pakistan. You can keep giving explanations but the fact is that no one believes what the Pakistanis have to say, as they have been exposed as liars…not the Pakistani people but their government, their army and their ISI, all of them are just a pack of lies.

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TO ALL BLOGGERS, especially Pakistani Bloggers

I have not seen even one Pakistani have any sort of remorse or regret from any of the terrorism originating from Pakistan, ie Mumbai, Delhi Blasts and especially 911. I have worked with some pretty educated Muslims, who I respect and like, but not even one of them have ever expressed any regret, or shame on how their muslim “brothers” are doing terrorism around the world. Their typical responses are “they are not muslim”, or “the supposed terrorists”, or “it was done by the Americans”, or “It was done by MOSAD”, it was done by the “Western Powers” or, “It was done by India”, or my favorite, “it was a conspiracy to attack Islam and make islam look bad”…Please cut out the BULL-SHHIT. This pathological denail strongly suggests a pattern of Islamic Shame, say anything to protect thy shame. Well the world is fed up with this, you cannot hide anymore from your own back yard. Just confess and say, “Yes…we have big problems and need to fix them”.

Peace and Umair, like most Pakistanis never just want to admit, yes our country has terrorism, we are sorry, we must work to fix it. Instead they fabricate elaborate conspiracy stories to fit any incidents of terrorism.

Please don’t indulge in anymore Islamic Shame. If the great prophet(Peace Be upon him) were here today, even he would not lie and would have much sympathy and mercy on any non-muslims.

Take responsibility. Turn in anybody sympathizing or doing any sorts of terrorism, to the authorities. Complicity is the same and aiding and abetting terrorism.

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In response to the comment above, suggest you read President Asif Ali Zardari in the New York Times
( on/09zardari.html?_r=2&th&emc=th) in which he said:

“Pakistan is shocked at the terrorist attacks in Mumbai. We can identify with India’s pain. I am especially empathetic. I feel this pain every time I look into the eyes of my children.”

Also remember that the Muslims in Mumbai refused to bury the attackers, and the Muslim community in India has condemned the attacks.

So I would ask you all to avoid making comments that refer to all Pakistanis, or all Muslims (or all Hindus and all Indians for that matter). Comments that are offensive do not advance the discussion and will be deleted.


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In response to comment above, I don’t mean all, but most. Zardari and the Mumbai muslims are in a rock and a hard place and HAVE To say the right things, namely Zardari is being squeezed by Indian, the Americans and the World, and Muslims in Mumbai are minorities. It is quite normal for minorities to say things against their own kind, as a sort of a political survival tactic to look good. That is great that those people have done so, however, the problem is the everyday person in Pakistan, even ex-patriats in other countries, I have seldom seen empathy or even protests in Pakistan against radicalism or the madrasas, only passive, complicit and quietly sympathetic behavior. My intent was not offend, but to voice some frustration with the ordinary everyday person who does not say or do anything against radical behavior.

If there was an offense to anyone I regret that and apologize.

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SUDHIR for you SON!

Do you why they want to play in India kos all you ramis are kafirs so when it comes against muslims you are all together thats what.

You know what tho who cares bring it on!

Posted by Ali786 | Report as abusive

Ali786, don’t talk like a mad jihadi and for God’s sake don’t become one. You might have reasons to think that everyone gangs up against the Muslims but its not true despite the wrongs that have been done to them. It’s not that others have not suffered. The whole Muslim world got up to protest against some silly Danish cartoons why did’t they get up and scream after London bombings and 9/11 and the Mumbai killings. To have such a narrow outlook makes you feel that you are being singled out and the whole world is uniting against you. I would stand up against any injustice in my own small way whether it is done to a Muslim or done by a Muslim.

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Hameed Gul, Qureshi discuss US move regarding ISI, Dec 5, 2008

If Pakistan does not arrest and turnover the Insidious and Notorious Terrorist Lieutenant General Hameed Gul, Pakistan is not serious about Terrorism.

The World wants to see Hameed Gul and his friends tried as a terrorist and put in jail. He is not a hero by any standard. His training of terrorists and friendship with Al-Qaeda, the Taliban and LeT has caused the death of so many innocent Pakistani’s.

He knows he is guilty and is scared. He should not be protected for any reason, as he has been involved in criminal behaviour.

If Zardari, Gilani and Qureshi cannot handover Gul to the U.S. or India. They have made it clear that they are not serious about Terrorism. Russia and China as superpowers should not aid and abet in protecting these notorious terrorists.

The world is one against terrorists like Hameed Gul. His legacy is one of death and destruction of innocent souls.

The world still cannot understand why this man is still walking free and allowed to freely operate his terrorism to warp and bend the mind of young men from poor families to train them to become terrorists?

This is enough. Let him be brought to justice and stand trial in an American Court.

Posted by Bring Justice Against the Top Terrorists | Report as abusive


Yes you are right. I am proud to be a Kaffir and i am proud i am not a 7th century pagan. Thats what your terrorist mentor Hafiz Muhammad Saeed has taught you. Just listen to the following speech given by that terrorist at youtube. You can’t change that as he has been declared officially as a terrorist by United Nations controlled by Kaffirs. All these terrorist mentors have the same kind of desease that they brainwash people that Islam is in trouble and it is under attack from every corner.

All Kaffirs should go through this speech(Part 1 through 6) given by Terrorist Hafiz Muhammad Saeed and get themselves enlightened about what is their motto?.

Hafiz Muhammad Saeed~Kashmir issue part 1-7 E&feature=related

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