Comments on: China, Pakistan and India Perspectives on Pakistan Thu, 01 Oct 2015 19:31:05 +0000 hourly 1 By: questionist Sun, 04 Jan 2009 02:40:31 +0000 i forgot to say something in my last post

“It is in China’s interest if Pakistan pursues a course of terrorism in India.”
-posted by yudhvir singh chaudhary

i think this comment was posted in a spirit of anger and cynicisim but still, it brings up a good point.

china and india are rivals. they both are rising fast, both are competing for power, both have rapidly growing economies that will compete with each other. the are neighbors, so they will naturally have more to fight over. thus, a weaker india means a more comparatively powerful china.

i doubt china is involved in the terrorism in india, or anywhere. with all those muslims in xinjiang, any funding could easily backfire. plus i doubt chinese intelligence is powerful enough, stealthy enough, sophisticated enough, to fund muslim organizations without having the plot discoverd rather soon. china is not going to risk its whole international image by funding a few terrorists so they could strike a few petty blow against india. theyve got better ways to try and limit indian power, and they also have better, more pressing and domestic issues to contend with.

even so, the fact remains that china and india are strategic rivals. its not a zero sum game between them, but they do stand in each others way.

discussions for another time…

By: questionist Sun, 04 Jan 2009 02:27:17 +0000 as i answer the questions, keep in mind that china’s government tries to be rational and pragmatic. therefore, everything it does is for its own national interest. THey dont always succeed because they are only human, but, unlike many other world players, they DO try.
so here are my humble answers

1- china probly has decided that it IS in fact in its own greater interest to promote peace, even if it only to enhances china’s image of global responsibility

2- if china is not mroe important than the USA, then china is one of the major runner ups.

3- China is not trying to be an “even handed arbiter”. china is only trying to act in its own interest. also, as a few posters pointed out, the border disputes between china and india are being played down by both china and india, because both are economic minded and dont want to make such a big deal out of it.

4- china is not an “all weather friend” of pakistan, china acts in its own self interest. china doesnt want to risk losing money for a failed state as pakistan. china can already get all it wants out of pakistan anyways. no need to risk all that money.

5- he prolly just wanted to try and keep ties warm between pakistan and china. same reason the pak president was visiting america.

6- china will continue to act in its own rational self interest. in doing so, china will release statements calling for both sides to calm down, or for both sides to have talks, or some other generic, neutral, un-inflamatory sounding stuff.

are there other questions to be asked?
try this one:
what are china’s current interests in pakistan? what will china’s interests in pakistan be in the future? what interests does china have in india?

the answers to those three questions will be the most insightful regarding china’s policy towards the reigion of south asia.

By: yudhvir singh chaudhary Mon, 29 Dec 2008 12:36:43 +0000 1. It is in China’s interest if Pakistan pursues a course of terrorism in India.
2. China is gaining in South Asia. It does not want credit at this moment.
3. China arbites to its own benefit only. It keeps India and Pakistan on their toes.
4. China is for Chinese interests.
5. Kayani visited China to pay his respects. Zardari had only heard of Sarah Palin.
6. ? Obama will tell us?

By: calm Wed, 24 Dec 2008 20:05:42 +0000 Both india and pakistan have comitted mistk at some time or other.If we want to live happily we must cooperate with each other.One may believe it or not but kasab’s father,the terrorist who was arrested in mumbai attacks has admitted that kasab is his son.Indian govt. has failed too in securing it’s territory.So,pak should ban terrorists organisations and arrest them.India should strengthen it’s security and should wait and watch for sometime.

By: Harry Mon, 22 Dec 2008 14:27:23 +0000 Pakistan would like to believe that it can be equated to India India, while India is fast equiping itself to be a world player in various fields. India has proved its scientific ability by launching sattelites while all that Pakistan has managed is to regularly launch some some missiles based on borrowed technology. All its energies are spent on persuing weapons and sabotage. The problem for Pakistan is that most of the people have been indoctrinated on such destructive ideology that the space for sane thinking has shrunk. Blind hatred to India has meant that they have failed to notice that in India we have 2 to 3 muslims in our national cricket team. The great architect of India’s missile program was also a muslim. While events like Gujarat have happened largely because of the negative role played by Pakistan in craeting a mindset among some muslims in India that there exists a an Islamic nation beyond the present national boudaries. India too had to suffer a humiliating defeat in 1962 to China but India has moved and India would like to prove that its people are capable of matching any other country in impoving the quality of life of its citizens and that of the rest of the world and not waste its energy on destabilisation.

By: Sam Mon, 22 Dec 2008 09:03:57 +0000 Peace,
Yes to these fundamentalists the peace cannot be explained in words for they dont have mind to understand and think on what we are telling. Therefore the piece is the resolution for these fundamentalists.
We all deserve peace, think about this.. why would US, NATO, allied forces of the World fighting some others War spending more and more money despite whole worlds economies are downtrodden. Therefore it is not the Army or Military to take action, it is us the people have to take action, Militants are few and People are more.
So I feel if all the people throughout the World speak same language as ‘Anti-Terrorism’, ‘Anti-Islam Fundamentalists’ and start to stone them as demon, peace will prevail.

By: Peace Sun, 21 Dec 2008 10:49:08 +0000 Sam, I really like your comments – but that does not mean that i agree that Islam is about terrorism, fighting and brutality – If we have such incidents in our countries that we should not be asking that why this didn’t happen in Dubai etc. Have u ever travelled to Dubai, it is safe, peaceful and well controlled, nobody can dare to challenge that however, in our country from almost everybody from peon to top leader is corrupt and that is why we have to look up to see Dubai, Canada, etc. We have been living peacefully till 1802 then there was seed of racisim and we are still burning in that. – I think we should forget past and build future together.

Peace is the only solution if we want to grow and stay ahead.

By: Sam Fri, 19 Dec 2008 15:06:01 +0000 Peace, be upon you….
“I do not understand why we link one’s act to the whole of his/her nation or religion. we have seen jewish cruelty in palestine, indians brutality in occupied Kashmir, gujrat, mumbai, tamil nadu and many other massacre, and others in iraq, afghanistan, but none was linked to chritians, hindus, jewish etc, then why ISLAM, which is the religion of peace and not only for humans but to everybody and everything in this whole universe, i wish i could get a real answer.”
a) All the nations and religions you mentioned are terrorized by ISLAM Fundamentalists.
b) All the places you mentioned were occupied illegally by these terrorized ISLAM Fundamentalists.

Religion is like a law imposed on their people not to deviate themselves from their boundaries, and to abide these rules. Anyone who goes anti will be outcasted from their religion.
In this sense, Jews, Christians, Hindus have their own laws of religion, and they follow them at any cost, however Islam also has their own laws and they too follow them sincerely, but these fundamentalists of all religion are trying to make a parallel religion by propagating false interpretation of all the scriptures and verses.
Some people will easily fall prey for such fundamentalists, and some don’t. Those who don’t will be killed in the name of Kafirs of the religion.

If you are a muslim, then I would also like to ask you Why did Middle east haven’t spoke a single word on all these happenings?
Why the Middle east always keep other Islams away from them?
They fund these terrorists / fundamentalists to propagate false Islam and stay safe.
Take an example:
There are no blasts / terrorist activities in Dubai why?
There are numerous blasts / terrorist activities in India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Turkey, Kazakhstan why?

By: MK Mishra Fri, 19 Dec 2008 08:26:27 +0000 My humble opinion on all your questions –

1. China is intelligent to understand that “fight” is not the good gameplan this time but the economic growth makes people, nations, socities as better. Pakistan is diminishing. China knows that Pakistan will fade away soon. And so China has started distancing itself from Pakistan.
2.Same as above.
3. There ARE no problems between China and India at present IN public opinion. Both the countries are intelligent enough to bury the past and move forward and not behave like Pakistan on Kashmir issue.
4.China is no more a friend of Pakistan to support it for growth like providing money to grow. Yes it may provide grenades to Pakistanis to use against India and thus harming Pakistan itslef in the long run.
5.You should make out the following – For any one big enough to have high chair in Pakistan, China and/or US is too important to ignore AND the only hope for Pakistan AND the only nations who at least do not say no to visitng Pakistani heads. Which other good and sane nation will move forward to friendhsip to a dying state!
6.Whatever the long term gameplan is, it is too late for Pakistan to have any part in it. Economic growth is the new mantra all over the world! Many states inclusing Pakistan are dumb enough to not to understand this, not to accept this and keep harping the same old tune of Jehad! May God give you peace!!

Keep praing to the Almighty till He allows you to do so!

By: Peace Thu, 18 Dec 2008 22:17:39 +0000 I recommend those who are dreaming for Pakistan destruction – should consult a good Psychiatrist because thier mental stability is greatly in disorder.

– idiots oh sorry indians says thier country is super power — i wonder how come – if they can’t stop assault on thier country then how can they survive war on pakistan. Yes they are super liar and super in off-loading thier faults and failure on Dawood Ibrahim – who is infact an indian, Pakistan – which was created only because of hindus inhuman behaviour with muslims (have you never heared of genocide of muslims while migrating to pakistan), and Al-Qaida and Kashmiri militants — I wonder if indians could give any single true evidence to support thier lies.

indian lies can be evidence from the fact that in all the initial photos of the person arrested and accused of being one of the terrorist in mumbai attack was wearing orange/red thread band on his right wrist (which is the symbol of hinduism, however, now those photos are digitally modified to remove that band —- what do you say about it.

I do not understand why we link one’s act to the whole of his/her nation or religion. we have seen jewish cruelty in palestine, indians brutality in occupied Kashmir, gujrat, mumbai, tamil nadu and many other massacre, and others in iraq, afghanistan, but none was linked to chritians, hindus, jewish etc, then why ISLAM, which is the religion of peace and not only for humans but to everybody and everything in this whole universe, i wish i could get a real answer.