Comments on: India, Pakistan and covert operations. All in the family? Perspectives on Pakistan Thu, 01 Oct 2015 19:31:05 +0000 hourly 1 By: rakeshbera Wed, 17 Feb 2010 02:15:59 +0000 We need to take some very strict actions against those who think about hurting people around even in their wildest dreams. We need to set some examples.

We need to bring proof in front of the world about the guilty people responsible for all that has happened, and ask some very straight forward questions to Pakistan. I am not in favour of stopping peace talks with Pakistan, but that should not come across as our weakness any more. Pakistan has been taking our efforts to establish peace for Granted, they have always tried to Make Kashmir an agenda, when we wanted to bring their attention towards stopping terrorism in their Land.

To certain extent it does not matter to the civilian community which part of the border they stay in, till the time they are assured of security, and prosperity and get their self respect. The very Idea of developing fear and hatred for each other is frightening.

Now that Coalition forces may draw back their troops from Iraq, there are high chances that Pakistan will join hands with Iraq and AfGanisthan to run antisocial activities.

All countries know about the truth of what happens inside Pakistan. They just want to say it publicly in front of the workd community. United nations needs to run an impartial investigation on this, and come up with a areport before all nations.

Once proved that Pakistan encourages antisocial acitivities, ut should be banned by the world community. If Pakistan changes its heart today, we are open for peace talks.

In any case citizens of either country should not be hurt, and governments of both nations should keep the benfit of their citizens in priority.

By: jeet Fri, 15 May 2009 13:51:35 +0000 We have been subjected to the open/covert was by pakistan against us indians since we came in to existence as a nation. its more than a political struggle, it has a religious and clash of civilizations overtones to it. We are not USA to be able to launch an open all our war against a nation who has been doing this to us. We cant call their president and say that “we will bomb you back to stone age”. We are unfortunate to have a neighbour thats suppossed to be the headquarters of all islamist extremism and militancy and whos openly against us. We do , what we have to do.

By: Nitin Thu, 05 Feb 2009 09:57:14 +0000 Its true Pakistan don’t have strong industrial base but this is not because of lack of talent otherwise they could not be nuclear power, it’s only because of unstable government. They have a taste of development but helpless because of handicapped government management.
Youth of Pakistan must have to take a step for it.
One impossible way comes in mind that if Pakistan-India comes together then there won’t be any country that can beat us any manner.

By: Hamid Gul Sun, 28 Dec 2008 19:42:56 +0000 It is so heartening to see such robust responses from Peace…as he says Pakistan is “better in economy than any other country in world”…I am sure that soon the Pakistan government will step in and sort out the present global economic crisis single-handedly and earn the everlasting gratitude of the EU,USA,Japan,China and the rest of the entire world…perhaps they may make Peace the head of the World Bank or the IMF too for his ability to recognise the greatness of the Pakistani economy too!

By: Peace Sat, 27 Dec 2008 11:31:29 +0000 By naming “Ali” does not resolve you as a True Pakistan – you are similar to game plan of india as dramatise in mumbai attack, you are actually an indian wearing PAKISTANI skin — everybody now understand this….. think of something new.

By: Ali Thu, 25 Dec 2008 01:52:01 +0000 Posting by “Peace” read like a work of fiction. I am a Pakistan and consider myself to be very patriotic however I am also a realist.

Pakistan is a failing economy (though not a failed economy). One major reason for this mismanagement by the government and also the national security climate, in 1980s we had the afghan war, in 1990s we had nuclear linked sanctions and since 2001 we again have war and terror. This has dryed up FDI and mixed with misrule has resulted pakistan to seek IMF help time and again.

India on the other has had a strong industrial base since 1947 which during 1990s they have a developed into a strong condtender to seek FDI. This has been coupled with better government policy of spending in education and skill development and as a result India has become one of the strongest economies in the world.

However we should not forget both countries are still third world with major case of poverty, social injustice, religious extremeism and incresing gap between rich and poor.

India is five times bigger than Pakistan. And has different goal in the world stage, which Pakistan can never gain. For example no matter how successful France gets it will never be the same as America. Pakistanis have to acknowledge this and make their own plans accordingly.

India however also have to acknowledge she is not yet America and Pakistan is not Afghanistan. India will also suffer damage if she attacks Pakistan. An highly unstable Pakistan will have the same effect on India’s economy as a highly unstable Afghanisatan has had on Pakistans.

Secondly though Pakistan clearly lost in 1971 India’s performance was not optimal in 1965 and Kargil. In 1965 India failed to take Lahore in 2 weeks (the average time she is to have before the international community usually intervenes). In Kargil India had major intellegence failures, high causalties considering it was fighting paraforces in its own yard.

By: Peace Wed, 24 Dec 2008 21:39:49 +0000 INDIA – SUPER POWER – SUPER RETRENCHMENT
In india more than 150,000 employees get laid off from thier employement so far see how many more – source “The observernt”

Any news of retrenchment in Pakistan so far – NO.

Who is th boss now?
Pakistan in better in economy than any other country in world – one proof for all idiots, need any more.

By: Sanjeev Tandon Wed, 24 Dec 2008 18:59:08 +0000 Well, My Pakistani friends can shout at the top of their voices and give facts & figures taught only in pakistani schools. But this can hardly change the facts. And the fact is that today pakistan is a failed nation reduced to a state of a begger dependent on IMF. On the other hand, Indian economy is booming and acknowledged by the world.
So my pakistani friends, grow up!!! pakistan’s economy wont prosper by shouting & giving imaginary figures. and yes! dont worry about minorities in india. They get equal opportunities & thats the reason they occupy the posts of prime ministers & presidents in india!!! The poor state of pakistani minorities is well known. so pls dont give that crap!!!

By: Another Indian Wed, 24 Dec 2008 17:29:28 +0000 I completely agree with True Indian. It is the USA which is the center of all problems.

First they bailed out bloody banks and thus skyrocketed inflation for which many poor people and my family are still suffering. They just knocked out all the hope for our growth. With rising inflation, the cost of everything rose even after so-called present deflation.

Also, we should not waste time and money in this bullsheet talk. We should rather enjoy history, do some work and bother more about sustainable future in the uncertainities ahead. Every body loses in a war. Perhaps, Pakistan may be wiped out. But India will live in another hell for a long time to come. Surely this is not what we want.

I never get angry reading about Shivaji or Aurangazeb. Both are history. If Hindus think their rulers had ruled this place before Muslim rulers came, then what did they do when Muslim Sultans were invading. Those were the times of Kaliyuga. It still continues. It only degrades day by day. The good thing in 2000s is that many people in Asia are very educated (not just literate) and are regaining their lost wealth to Europe and West.

If you check history, Asia was the most richest continent on the planet, that the West had not had a slightest Idea. It is after some rascal Europeans who sailed and discovered this rich world that started all scoundrels of the west to come and loot entire Asia.

Now Asia is growing, regaining its lost wealth. Lot of wealth has already from west to east. Also it is only in East a sustaninable independent economy can be build without need of exports. Rememer, Asia has more than half the world’s population.

So, we should stop producing more terrorists by war talks and engage in peaceful activities.

By: True Indian Wed, 24 Dec 2008 16:22:40 +0000 Dear All,
We should think one thing in mind that, the entire root cause and master mind of International Terrorism lies in USA, i.e. CIA. Our Indian R&AW, Pak’s ISI or Kabul’s agency are just puppy’s playing in the hands of USA. It is USA who is moving the cards (now they are using Pakistan and ISI, unfortunately, and once they completely suck out Pakistan, they will come to India, which is happening)for their internal benefit, by bringing both of us for war so that they can sell their junk ammo to foolish Indian and Pakistanis military. What can you think of a failed businessman do to get rid of his spoiled stock in his godown?. He tries to identify the idiots who can purchase it, by diplomatically or with force. So he tries to cleverly sell them off to both. Sell F-16 to Pak and Nuclear to India. Let both of them fight with each other, so that they can sell more F-16s and nuclear plants!. What a shame for both of us!.

Here the problem for Pakistan terrorism is not ISI or Pakistan government, its is the clever CIA, who is playing the game, using ISI for its benefit. The moment Pakistan and India joins hands and become one country (atleast) and one superpower, then you wont find any global terrorism or militants in the world. Now the time has come for India and Pakistan to unite and throw USA out of the region. But I don’t think when it will happen!.
Let only god can help India and Pakistan.