Russia points to Dawood Ibrahim in Mumbai attacks

December 19, 2008

Indian newspapers are reporting that Russian intelligence says underworld don Dawood Ibrahim — an Indian national who India believes is living in Karachi in Pakistan — was involved in the Mumbai attacks.

The Indian Express quotes Russia’s federal anti-narcotics service director Viktor Ivanov as saying that Moscow believes that Dawood’s drug network, which runs through Afghanistan, was used to finance the attacks. Ivanov said these were a “burning example” of how the illegal drug trafficking network was used for carrying out militant attacks, the paper said, citing an interview in the official daily Rossiiskaya Gazeta.

The stories caught my eye not just because of the alleged link to Ibrahim, but because it highlights the extent to which Russian and Indian intelligence may be cooperating over Mumbai and on the wider issues over Afghanistan and the heroin trade. (A colleague in our Moscow bureau tells me that Ivanov is close to Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and has good connections in the Russian intelligence community.)

“The gathered inputs testify that regional drug baron Dawood Ibrahim had provided his logistics network for preparing and carrying out the Mumbai terror attacks,” the Asian Age quoted Ivanov as saying. “The super profits of the narco-mafia through Afghan heroin trafficking have become a powerful source of financing organised crime and terrorist networks, destabilising the political systems, including in Central Asia and the Caucasus.”

The Times of India also quoted the special representative of the Russian president for international co-operation in the fight against terrorism, Anatoly Safonov, as saying the drug network was a joint problem for India and Russia.

Pakistan has historic reasons to fear any strengthening of Indian-Russian cooperation in Afghanistan. India and Russia both supported Afghanistan’s Northern Alliance when it was opposition to the country’s Pakistan-backed Taliban rulers, before they were thrown out by the U.S.-led invasion following 9/11.  Their close relationship during the Cold War left Pakistan feeling particularly vulnerable during the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan from 1979 and 1989, when it faced India on its eastern border and Russian troops on its western border. 

But back then Pakistan could rely on U.S. backing to fund the mujahideen who helped drive the Soviets out of Afghanistan. Nowadays it faces intense pressure from the United States to crack down on Taliban and al Qaeda militants on the Pakistan-Afghan border; growing Indian influence in Afghanistan, and — since the Mumbai attacks — a belligerent India which has blamed them on Pakistan-based groups.

So the Russian report about Ibrahim, who India has accused of masterminding serial bombings in Mumbai in 1993 which killed at least 250 people, is likely to hit a raw nerve in Pakistan.  So too would any evidence that Russia and India are working more and more closely together in Afghanistan, which Pakistan has traditionally tried to bring under its own sphere of influence to give it “strategic depth” in the event of war with India.

One to watch.

(Reuters photo: A fishing boat passes the Taj Mahal hotel in Mumbai/Jayanta Shaw)


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Indian media doesn’t say anything of its own, either it quote russian media or the washington post or an observer — one thing i want to tell that dawood is not only an iranian national but is originally an indian born and brought up in india.

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Firstly when the attack happened India repeatedly stated that Dawood hands are in this attack, to further fuel this stand, Russians provided an evidence that supports Indian claims on Dawood involvement.

My neighboring country don’t believe what we say unless it comes through UN, US, Russia, China, can’t help they are used to this attitude from 60 years.

Strategically what Indian government might be doing is investing more time on investigating and collecting the evidences so that at least this time we can check-mate on our historical claims about Terrorism activities in the neighboring country. Obviously Russians are more intellects on Afgha area is concern therefore I believe they have a solid proofs to support India to probe in UNSC.

The whereabouts of Dawood is already well know in India, a sort of open secret, many of the Dawood’s aides are his enemy now and are sharing intelligence reports to Government. Karachi is the place where he lives today.
His extortion and drug money is another source for Pakistan Terrorism and to some extent the Pakistani Government to keep mouth shut.

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India trusts Russia a lot, now if Dawood Ibrahim is really involved. It is all the more important that India and Pakistan work together for peace. At the moment there is no extradition treaty between the two countries. Pakistan is under no international obligation to extradite Ibrahim to India even if he is living in Karachi. Is Dawood an international fugitive? is there a warrant against him issued by the interpol? These are things that need to be worked on, because Pakistan is a responsible member of international community and interpol. Pakistan could help bring Dawood Ibrahim to justice BUT ONLY IF INDIANS STOP BARKING LIKE MAD DOGS and sit down on the negotiating table. Lookwhat they did by not sending the cricket team to Pakistan. We would have welcomed their players and given them respect. Cricketers could have been goodwill ambassadors at these turbulent times. I REALLY WISH FOR PEACE IN THE REGION.

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It is good that India is sharing and co-operating with many intelligence agencies including the US, UK and Russia. Only a sustained global effort can help overcome the menance of Islamic extremism, which has been emanating from Pakistan.

To Umair,

Dawood Ibrahim is among most wanted criminals on the Interpol list. He is also earned the honor in America’s most wanted list of criminals. Morever, when every other terrorist attack or plot is traced back to Pakistan, calling Pakistan a responsible member of international community is idiotic and foolhardy.

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It is no coincidence ,not an accident , “Pakistan” is called “rogue country”, “terrorism central””failed state”, etc, etc. Live by lies, eat lies. Let the whole world spit on you, still no shame. cesUN/Notices/Data/1993/93/ p

Interpol-United Nations Security Council
Special Notice

Subject To UN Sanctions

Present family name: KASKAR
Date of birth: 26 December 1955 (52 years old)
Place of birth: RATNAGIRI, India
Language spoken: English, Hindi, Urdu
Nationality: India
Other Places of Birth: BOMBAY Height: 1.67 meter 66 inches
Colour of eyes: BLACK
Colour of hair: BLACK
Distinguishing marks and characteristics: MOLE ON LEFT EYEBROW



UN Sanctions
Pursuant to Security Council Resolution 1267 (1999) and successor resolutions, including Resolution 1735 (2006), the Subject is under the following UN Sanctions: Freezing of Assets, Travel Ban and Arms Embargo. The Subject has the following permanent reference number on the list maintained by the UN Security Council Al-Qaida and Taliban Sanctions Committee (1267 Committee) which appears in the Special Notice for this subject: QI.K.135.03.

WANTED by Interpol


ICPO-INTERPOL General Secretariat, (Command & Coordination Center, Tel: +33 472 44 76 76 – Email :

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There has been a long standing interpol warrant on Dawood Ibrahim, ISI is providing security for him. He lives in Karachi.

Mumbai is turning out to be Kargil 2008. Kasab turned out to be a big chink in the armor. “Brilliant execution” of a terrorist attack is of no use (1) if ISI didn’t achieve any of its goals AND (2) put Pak in the dock in front of the international community.

Pak army and ISI know only short term tactics, no long-term strategy. Their anti-India fervor has taken Pakistan to the status of where it is now. They never learn anything.

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Good going India! first, isolate & surround the snake from all sides, then & only then, once & for all, strike a decisive & lethal blow on it’s head, kaput…..

Posted by Anup | Report as abusive

I have not seen a single sensible and logical comment from you. I don’t think you want peace. You are just one of those mullahs who spread hatred. Have you ever bought a piece of cloth for a poor kid on Eid? Is n’t that’s why Kasib ran away from his home. I feel sad for people who are suffering.Does not matter where they live.

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Everybody deserves peace in Sub Continent.We have remained the most backward part of Asia.How can we have peace when in 1999 after lahore declaration there was kargill inflicted.As a bigger country india can show flexibility, but many ISI operatives continue to weaken india by inciting people & getting them trained in pakistan.After this attack which is confirmed by your TV channel & by Nawaz Shariff, there is still no actions of quickly executing the master minds or handing over to international court of justice.Extraordinary times calls for extraordinary actions from your country’s leaders.Atleast if you do all these things the next attack even if it takes place by some insane idealogist there will be hope diplomacy will work.Some criminals are hell bent on killing & murdering people where dawood is the brain.

It is not your army or politician who are suffering but millions of Indians/ Pakis muslims who are suffering here & abroad by being discriminated,not getting visas or eliminated from Jobs.Today there was a news article that a Iraqi National who worked in US for 28 years was thrown out from wallmart, he was humilated regularly at work.He is not getting job anywhere,Are the terrorist going to feed him & his family.So almost everywhere greater injustice is perpetuated,Why don’t you understand these dimensions please.The US justice system will give him penal damages.

Like the way indonesians did by hanging the killers of bali attack,these people have to be hanged quickly.People have to exist together,if somebody is sick you can’t say i will not go to a hindu doctor,you can’t say i will sell $700BN oil to america which feeds a billion people in the muslim world & then say i will kill their citizens or hate america.The question to be asked to a maulvi are these? should i allow my son to die if i don’t get a islamic doctor.If the most liberal indians like me are getting scared & preaching war means you can imagine the resentment in circles where people won’t apply their brains.

It is hence important for islamic world & Muslims to respect all religions & connect to people for peace & mutual prosperity sincerely without taking any idealogical position & waging so called war of injustice on them by terrorising harmless people.There has to be a cease fire for atleast 5 years unconditionally on any attacks.They should also hang the mumbai masterminds without any ifs & buts.

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Pakistan and Zardari are right..the Mumbai attackers were Non-state actors…they were from Pakistan…”A NON STATE”.

Posted by smarty | Report as abusive

It is an outrage that Dawood lives in his palace in Karachi, Pakistan and the country is not called a terrorist sponsoring nation. awood-ibrahim-us-fact-sheet.html

Posted by mumbaikar | Report as abusive

Ajmal Amir Kasab, an accused in the Mumbai carnage was originally arrested in Nepal and kidnapped by Indian intelligence agencies. Nepal had arrested Ajmal Kasab before 2006 and handed him over to India. It should be noted that there was no visa requirement for Indian nationals and they could visit Nepal even without a passport. Kathmandu had become a hub of Indian intelligence agencies which freely operated there and faced no resistance from law-enforcement agencies even if they chose to kidnap somebody for taking him to their country. source

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To all the indians…

If you want to sit on a table and talk fine and firstly sort the main obstacle between the two countries, Kashmir. Everything else will go back to normal. India never wanted Kashmiris to decide what they want as backed by the UN resulution even after 60years.

Look at the facts, terrorism is what the USA gave Pakistan as present for helping the Americans overcome the russians. Then Americans cowards put their tail in their legs and run off leaving this poor nation to deal with the aftermath. The drugs, miliatncy and dont forget the millions of refugees. I blame the corrupt Paki/Indian politicains and the Americans for our problems.

They talk about true democracy well we had it with Mr Bhutto but guess who helped to be hanged, the USA. Withthe help of dicator general Zia Ul Haq and then on other hand you say u want democracy.

Eiether help Pakistan truly the Americans and its neighoubers or face the consequences of [akistan breaking up and let me tell the Indians. Who want to see this but just think of the consequences that would have on the India an nuclear unstable Pakistan.

Posted by Ali786 | Report as abusive

>>>>If you want to sit on a table and talk fine and firstly sort the main obstacle between the two countries, Kashmir. Everything else will go back to normal.<<<>>>I blame the corrupt Paki/Indian politicains and the Americans for our problems<<<<>>[akistan breaking up and let me tell the Indians. Who want to see this but just think of the consequences that would have on the India an nuclear unstable Pakistan.<<<<

Indians or Americans don’t have to respond to this. The best has come from commentator Irfan Husain: 12.htm

QUOTE-Years ago, a western diplomat wrote that Pakistan was the only country in the world that negotiates with a gun to its own head. Our argument, long familiar to aid donors, goes something like this: If you don’t give us what we need, the government will collapse and this might result in anarchy, and a takeover by Islamic militants. Left unstated here is the global risk these elements would pose as they would have access to Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal.

We have been getting away with this argument for a long time..QUOTE.

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The couple of posts from Pakistanis here are revealing. They are still not serious. Still in denial mode. Things are going to get far worse if this is the case.

Forbearance can not be India’s answer forever from Pakistan’s terrorism. These people are under the impression that because they have nuclear weapons, India will not and should not indefinitely put up with terrorism. Pakistan has played this game for 20 yers, and finds itslef a basket case living on dole from US and EU. Never been weaker economically, never been more isolated internationally.

Posted by Truth Seeker | Report as abusive

I wonder if someone can answer this!

When IRA was bombing london, Manchester etc why were they not labeled as “Christian terrorist”?

When Israelis are buldozing palestinian homes, murdering kids, starving the whole nation e.g. the biggest open prison in the world gaza strip?

Why arnt they labeled as “Jewish terrorist”?

When hindus tore down the Babri Mosque and burnt houses in kashmir, rape women, kill children why arnt they called “Hindu terrorists”?

When USA bombed the day light out of Baghdad/Afghanistan why didnt the world cry and called erm “Christian terrorist”?

Why didnt the world brought Ariel shron to the hague for what he did in shatilla refugge camps in lebonon?

DOUBLE STANDRDS.. All Muslims who are true muslim are aware of this soon inshala the tables will turn.

What goes around comes around, the funny thing is we can take it whatever has been thrown at Muslims, be it Abu Gharib prison, Guatanmo Bay, Kashmir or Kosovo. The reality is the world values Muslim blood as water and their as the most precious. Plz grow up and dont tell me Pakistan this n that just because the country has some self respect in it and have nuclear power and the Pakistan is strong, because we Pakistanis are strong.

What goes around comes around!! We had Marriot bombed didnt see any world leaders condeming it nor did I see stupid Condi going to pakistan. But same thing hapened in India seted up by RAW and the whole world is crying. Grow up and see the world with the same eye and plz stop these double standard or we will see more of what happened in pakistan, india…terrorist activaties!!!!

Posted by Ali786 | Report as abusive

Pakistan! The land of the pure and champions!FACT!

Wasnt it Pakistan that saved the coward US soldeirs in Somalia? Yes!

Wasnt it Pakistan that helped USA to defeat USSR? Yes!

Wasnt it Pakistan that lost many soldiers carrying out humanity mission in D-R-C (congo)for UN? Yes!

Wasnt it Pakistan that helped in diplomacy betwen USA-CHINA when there was no contact? YES!

Wasnt it Pakistan that lost more limbs,lifes, money fighting a foreign imposed war on our borders? Yes!

But the West will never be pleased because it is Muslim nation and they want to see every islamic country bowing to their knees…well it aint gone happen! Forget your wishfull thinking, kos the indians have been trying very hard not letting go every sec for last 60years what have they achieved. FCUK ALL!

We are not Indian bow down to every westner masters that arrives, as they say a Lions 1 days life is better then 100 days living like jackal.

All you Pakistan haters, bring it on what are you waiting for specialy Indians you know too well you are impotent like ur army. Cant do anything if it was not for Nawas Sharif Kshmir would have been free now and thank him!!! Put your own house in order and then finger wagging before we break it and shove it where sun dont shine!!!

Posted by Ali786 | Report as abusive

While there are some rational people (tiny majority) in Pak are trying to turn around the country and stop being a jihadi terrorist state, a large chunk of population is fed on irrational hatred for decades. It is not possible to de-jihadise overnight. The population of “Pakistan” is going to pay a heavy price. The brand name is so tarnished, the one and only thin “Pakistan” is known world over is for jihadi terrorism. Imagine how you can build an economy, get investments, and improve the living standards with such a reputation. Besides the current economic situation, there is no hope for the future because of above reasons.

Robert Kagan at Carengie endowment offers some new perspectives: tions/index.cfm?fa=view&id=22467&prog=zg p&proj=zsa,zusr

The Sovereignty Dodge: What Pakistan Won’t Do, the World Should
Robert Kagan
Washington Post, December 2, 2008

“So if the world is indeed not to be held hostage by non-state actors operating from Pakistan, what can be done?”

“Rather than simply begging the Indians to show restraint, a better option could be to internationalize the response. Have the international community declare that parts of Pakistan have become ungovernable and a menace to international security”

Posted by Truth Seeker | Report as abusive

Ali seems to be thinking they want to conquer every country from USA, Europe & India so that they can have their way in how human beings should behave. Unfortunately in India for the 800 years muslims ruled this country not any major significant scientific achievment was made, before that period we had mathamatics,astronomy,medicine everything invented in this india for the world, the british left us the railways & functioning democracy along with western education, the only notable contribution of islam to us was hatred & palaces for their kings, were the hindus of those period so dumb that they could not invent one thing.Right now they feel if we allow india to continue unhindered they realize in next 100 years it would perhaps break away from the path of backwardness & seek its former glorious historic period where there was intercourse with romans,chinese,greeks,british,americans for reporting to history human advancement by collaboration.

After conquering Iran they reduced that country into shambles in history & also now,the most brilliant persians were brutualized,tortured,humilated. By narrowly trying to increase their population by no birth control measures they have made sure all the people they conquer remain forever in backwardness & stitching together with a religious textbooks, a few of their rulers can forever make all the money & itch their name in history.

They dislike freedom to individual men & liberty to anyone including their own people which explains the bloodshed amongst their own sects.It is important for them to see whole human race forever to be crushed, punsihed, destroyed. While they talk of injustice for their populace let us understand a race followed by 1.5billion people in islamic ulema has been behind in every competative aspect be it sports,scientific discovery,architecture or other significant contribution to humanity be it encountering diseases or climatic changes.China ushered its reform process in 1980 & in 30 years went on to become the number one team in olympics becuase of the single Huns race,India if not troubled by these attacks could also perhaps progress & in next 30 years could make significant progress in human development, this was the best opportunity in our history sabotaged by our cunning neighbour.

People like Ali & Alqaeda realizes this should be stopped at any cost so they want to target every american,russia, european,indian & chinese cities so that the will of pakistan prevails,the will of their dictators prevails over free men & women. They want islam to be spread in our country while in their muslim countries there is no other religion to be spread. This is their concept of equality, justice & fairness. While they will exploit other countries democratic setup to push their agenda, they themselves will be having islamic rules so that no one can assail their programes.That explains why they target all democratic countries & are unsuccessful in military states like Russia or China since their will can’t prevail there.

Pakistan as a front line state for terrorist states has already declared the 3rd world war now i think the free world has to unite.The only way sanity would prevail in this environment is only mutual destruction through nuke bombs, i do not see anyother way the free world can match islamic terrorism.Quicker India & Indians realize & this grave reality so much more is better for our existence.Similar to islamic terrorism there are many anti jihad force which has sprouted up across the free world now perhaps a eye for a eye,limb for a limb,trade sanctions,stopping free movement of people will all be its consequence.Congrats for victory of illwill over freewill,congrats for death of reason over distorted religion.

Don’t worry Ali once china’s diplomacy is sorted out we will take your challenge.This attack was a great excuse to keep you all backward by another 50 to 100 years.The worse enemy of muslims are muslims themselves pakistan vs bangladesh, sindhi vs punjabi,taliban vs balochi,why do you want kashmiris also to be spoilt now in your mess let them atleast be Indian Muslims & write the history of your annihilation for generation to come.By killing 10000 men in cold blood through terrorism you have ruined a nation of 170MM. It is not 7th century where with 3000 men you can conquer the world.This is the world of neutron bombs & nuclear bombs where they will be used on you without remorse because you murdered people in cold blood mercileslly.I for one suspect it will be pakis who may use the bomb first against india to prove you are superior to us in religion, bravery & intelligence & the notion you ruled hindu nation for 800 years.Unfortunately with spread of internet & google Kafirs are more united than ever,every kafir realizes they cannot do what they please if you start ruling us. Every attack on us will unite all the Kafirs more than ever & we will increasingly isolate you from us in community. business,job,educational institute & we will stop visiting your countries since you will murder & kill us there.You will keep preaching every human beings are inferior to you & their limbs,arms,eyes are to be sacrificed.

Posted by Vijay | Report as abusive

@umair, you are so ignorant Paki in ever denial mode. it is funny you talk about GOODWILL. How many goodwill tour do you expect? no more goodwill tour dude until you stop sending poor youngster brainwashed!!
Do you want more proof dawood is not criminal? Hope you had good look at interpol website. hope your eyes are opened!!

Posted by Amar | Report as abusive

Congratulations, India is the country which produced a criminal like Dawood. Wasnt Dawood a Mumbaikar, he started a career with petty crime in the srteets of Mumbai. Why should Pakistan be bothered? why in first place Indian society created a Dawood Ibrahim out of an unemployed elienated youngster. India must bring their own house in order before pointing finger at Pakistan.

Posted by Umair | Report as abusive

A couple more questions on Dawood Ibrahim (and thanks to the person above for posting the Interpol link):

Has anyone come across anything recently documenting links between Dawood Ibrahim and Laskhar-e-Taiba? Ideologically, they are unlikely bedfellows given that Ibrahim came from the Indian Muslim community, while LeT has traditionally been orientated towards Kashmir.

And has anyone read anything recently saying where Dawood Ibrahim actually is? Particularly to the Pakistanis commenting on this post, are you saying that he was not involved in the Mumbai attacks, or that he is not in Pakistan?

(Also another plea to stick to the point. Ali, Pakistan’s role in UN operations in Somalia is not relevant here.)


Posted by Myra MacDonald | Report as abusive

Dawood was a petty street thrawler in mumbai till he was used by pakistan’s ISI to establish a drug network and injecting fake currency in India. Pakistani ISI supplied him with guns and explosives for mumbai train blasts. after that dawood escaped to pakistan and is believed to be in karachi.

Posted by Om | Report as abusive

Russians showing interest in mumbai carnage takes a special strategic turns..Russia could be willing to help India to crack down on pakistan..specially the name pakistan should make russian blood boil given pakistanis terrorist breeding ground role for afghan independence from Russia.

Posted by Om | Report as abusive

Myra, Dawood is under the ISI patronage or detention, depending on his personal outlook, the underworld empire setup by him in Mumbai, specially the Indian western coastal smuggling network is still thriving in his name(possibly symbolically, but surely supervised by the ISI) & because the Bombay blast of ’93 are attributed to him, he’s also a great Hero amongst a particular section of Indians, India’s demand for him is simply because he’s a living evidence against the ISI hand in the ’93 blasts & know very well that the ISI will eliminate him rather than let him fall in the hands of the Indian authorities, although many a Indian politicians also wouldn’t like it…

Posted by Anup | Report as abusive

Myra, it’s somewhat like America demanding their Alcapone from the Pakistani’s

Posted by Anup | Report as abusive

Just saw live interview of Interpol guy (chief probabbly) Ronald K. He has said that Indians have given them no solid or conclusive evidence regarding Mumbai attacks linkage with Pakistan.

India is acting as Judge, jury and executioner. And Dawood’s son got married in Dubai. So why can’t he be there.

Posted by Taimur | Report as abusive

War War War War….I suppose no one realizes the devastation it will bring to people-POOR people-in both countries…

Good luck with the FASCINATION with war….everyone just have to sit down and think deeply WHO will actually gain from the devastation….the very people who both countries are fighting with….

GOD help us all….

Posted by Kashif | Report as abusive

There is a misconception among idiots that Pakistan has been defeated in all four wars with india. The super liars had been defeated by Pakistan in 1965 and one of Pakistan super pilot destroyed five indian jets in one minute, when india attacked Lahore without prior notification. In 1971 there was no war, it was war within Pakistan resulted in separation of west Pakistan, and that was done by the cruel intention of india and its R&AW intelligence agency. During Kargil Incident then indian PM went to USA for begging the piece from Pakistan, and Pakistan leave that position on its own on instruction of Bush, look at statistics which side got more dead soldiers. The first war was created by Hindu created cast sikhs – cast whose main objective is to protect hindus – when then genocide millions of muslims migrating to the independent and true country of peace.

Mumbai attacks are self created and there exist lots of evidences particularly the arrest of two men and then identified as states personnel, further there exist no corroborating evidence to Pakistan or any Pakistani link to that incident – Why so far evidence is provided to either Pakistan or anyone else in the world.

India had previously threaten to attack Pakistan, but now feared away. WHY? INDIA HAS WHOLE LIES AND NO TRUTH

Posted by Peace | Report as abusive

December 23rd, 2008
8:26 pm GMT – Posted by Peace

HA HA H HAH HHAH HAHAHA. Very funny. Luckily there is a photograph of Paki army signing the surrender to Indian army in 1971. Otherwise you will deny Paki army ever surrendered to Indian army. (Or are you still denying that too? ha hah hah ha ha.  /Surrender1.jpg

Deputy Secretary of State Strobe Talbott who worked in the Clinton administration in 1999 has written a book where he gives details of events of 1999. He gives a very unflattering description of Pakis, how they begged Clinton to bail them out. Clinton said “no Get the hell out and withdraw the troops”.

Posted by Victor | Report as abusive

The photo is from indian website and it termed it as surrended, as the super liar you cannot be trusted.

The photo is not of surrender but of the agreement when india aided in separation of One Pakistan into two countries – Pakistan and Bangladesh. It was the agreement for release of Pakistani POWs arrested in Bangladesh (then part of Pakistan). It was indian conspiracy that resulted in division of Pakistan. India has always have many cruel intentions towards Pakistan – infact india is afraid of Pakistan. People in west Pakistan was missguided and now have become an informal slave to india – this is what india want for Pakistan – but will never acheive this aim.

Long live and prosperous Pakistan.

Posted by Peace | Report as abusive

Just read in REDIFF that Pakistan was close to working a deal with India on Dawood handover, but he seems to be protected by the CIA since he is involved with many dealings with them.Is there any truth ?

Posted by Vijay | Report as abusive

It should be relatively easy to find Dawood Ibrahim…just look for the great ex-cricketing legend Javed Miandad! After all his son’s married to Dawood’s daughter…lol.

Posted by Saf | Report as abusive

FBI recommendation:
india should first find its black sheeps, fingure pointing any other country does not obsolve ones responsibility to protect its citizens. source New Dehli Times.

Posted by Peace | Report as abusive

[…] in Karachi to tone down his visibility.  D-Company and Pakistani intelligence are probably both involved in the terrorist attacks.  D-Company participated in the bomb blasts in the early nineties while […]

Posted by Dispatch from Mumbai: Of gangsters, terrorists, and film stars &laquo; The Bhatany Report | Report as abusive

[…] Karachi to tone down his visibility.  D-Company and Pakistani intelligence are probably both involved in the terrorist attacks.  D-Company participated in the bomb blasts in the early nineties […]

Posted by Dispatch from Dubai: City of Superlatives &laquo; The Bhatany Report | Report as abusive

[…] have flourished – in no small part because of drug trafficking, with disastrous consequences (including possibly […]

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[…] Russia: Mumbai attacks related to Afghan heroin trafficking […]

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[…] Russia: Mumbai attacks related to Afghan heroin trafficking […]

Posted by Crypto Wars 2.0 &laquo; Ad Amussim | Report as abusive

[…] November 2008. Russian intelligence has shown that it was actually the underworld Indian Don “Dawood Ibrahim” who was the head of operations of Mumbai […]

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[…] deadliest terror attacks in modern Indian history – the 1993 Mumbai bombings and 2008 Mumbai attacks, which left hundreds of Indians dead.  So (in)vested in terror is Ibrahim, that he reportedly […]

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