U.S. groups urges civilian control for Pakistan’s ISI

December 20, 2008

Members of the Pakistan Policy Working Group, a bipartisan U.S. group of a about a dozen experts on U.S.-Pakistan relations, have been in Islamabad, presenting their recommendations on the direction they think U.S. policy on Pakistan should take, that they released in September.

Much has happened since then, said Lisa Curtis, a former diplomat who is currently a senior research fellow at the Heritage Foundation, said over coffee with a group of journalists, but recent events, including the Mumbai attacks, had only reinforced the group’s recommendations.

The United States has little to show for $12 billion in U.S. aid to Pakistan since 2001, Curtis said, and she and her colleagues are recommending an overhaul of U.S. policy towards Pakistan.

The Barack Obama administration “has a unique opportunity to recast the relationship” in a way that both brings Pakistan back from the brink of financial and political collapse and convinces the Pakistan leadership and public of the immediate need to rein in the militant threat, she said.

Washington should be patient with Pakistan’s elected civilian leaders and demonstrate absolutely unwavering backing of democratic institutions and, most importantly, show that it supports civilian over military rule, Curtis said.

The United States should not frame its relations with Pakistan in terms of the global war on terrorism — “we really just have to get rid of that jargon” — and focus more on the common interests the two countries have, she said.

For now, though, the top U.S. priority was ensuring the two countries don’t go to war over the Mumbai attacks.

Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh was under tremendous pressure from his military to take retaliatory action though most Indian civilian leaders and, of course, the U.S. were counselling restraint, she said.

India‘s response would hinge on whether it believed Pakistan was taking genuine steps to shut down the Lashkar-e-Taiba, the Pakistani-based group India says was behind the attacks, and ensure another attack is prevented, she said.

Another member of the group, Daniel Markey, a senior fellow with the Council on Foreign Relations, said there were concerns about both the capacity of the Pakistani state to respond to rising militant violence, and about its will.

“At least some members of the group continue to have questions in their minds about whether what we’re seeing is an
unmotivated Pakistani state, not just a state that’s not capable of dealing with these threats but a state that is effectively
playing a double game,” Markey said.

The group is pressing for a greater level of civilian oversight and authority and a capacity to make sure that the
military is not a semi-autonomous institution within the state.
In particular, the group calls for civilian control over the military’s shadowy Inter-Service Intelligence (ISI) security agency.

Not surprisingly, that recommendation had been criticised by retired military officers the group had met, Curtis said.

U.S. Senator John Kerry, who is expected to take over as chairman of the influential Senate Foreign Relations committee
next month, also called for the ISI to be brought under control during a visit to India this month.

Attempts by civilian governments to control the ISI have often heralded clashes with the military and an attempt by the
new government to do it this year was summarily rejected.

Pakistani newspaper columnist Cyril Almeida said in a piece in the Dawn newspaper that the ISI was shorthand for all the
state, non-state and quasi-state actors that have coalesced around jihad as policy (http://www.dawn.com/2008/12/19/op.htm#3).

Dawn said in an editorial there was some way to go in the quest for civilian supremacy

“What must be clear is that civilian supremacy in the civil-military relationship cannot be imposed from outside,” it
said. “But the Americans can certainly boost the civilian set-up with aid institution-building and a firm commitment to

The working group agrees.

It backs the proposed tripling of non-military assistance, with more aid going to areas such as education, health, water
mangement and the judiciary, and it says the U.S. market should be opened to Pakistani textiles.

It also wants to Pakistan’s regional allies getting more involved in stiffening Pakistan’s resolve to fight militancy.

There’s much more food for thought in the report.

The question now is how will it be received — in both Islamabad and at army headquarters in Rawalpindi, and in


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‘The question now is how will it be “received” — in both Islamabad and at army headquarters in Rawalpindi, and in
—Oh No! Spare us this futile reiteration…Would be their response.

Pakistan’s regional allies??? Who??? Huh???

‘It backs the proposed tripling of non-military assistance,’
—Is this ‘Pakistan Policy Working Group’ a covert ISI fund raising unit? Or just a bunch of deluded fantasist??? Duh…

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Agree that army continues to pull the strings in Pakistan despite an apparent shift in power to a civilian, elected government. It’s shadowy intelligence agencies have had their bleak past and it is no surprise that they continue to exercise the same clout and influence even today from behind the scenes. What baffles everyone is: why US continues to be friendly with Pakistan even when the officials in Pentagon and White House know for sure that there is always a parallel government in Pakistan and the problem cannot be solved without taking some strong measures against curtailing the army and its devious intelligence agencies. A vast majority of Pakistanis are liberal and progressive people as polls have shown time and time again and are at best conservative but not religious. If the US is sincere is fixing Pakistan for good and giving Pakistanis what they want then it must radically curtail its army and the various intelligence agencies operating in the country, resolve the key issue of Kashmir between India and Pakistan so that the two countries can finally become the friends and interact like two good neighbours and bring everyone in the civil society of Pakistan on board in the war against terrorists and terrorism of which there is certainly a lot in the border areas with Afghanistan. Pakistan’s problems are serious but not unfixable. The problem is that the time is fast running out for the US and the Pakistanis. It’s a do or die situation.

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Robert, good one.
The answer is simple, in terms of Pakistan:
Take the aid and feed the bunch of Politicians to keep their mouth shut and fund the Army to purchase more missiles and armory from China. This will show the world that Pakistan is a Democratic state and the funds are utilized appropriately.

Moving out ISI from Army control… Nice joke.
ISI: Army’s Child and do you expect Civilian Government to adopt it, its not a kid anymore its a grown up -:)

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This news item should be eye opener for all Indians, and the Indian government. There should be massive diplomatic effort, mobilization of Indian american community to prevent further aid of any kind to “Pakistan”. This is utterly insane.

Posted by Victor | Report as abusive


I believe this is a wrong strategy. It may have good intentions at heart, but it is going to fail miserably. Instead of asking where the last $12 billion spent, the US is again rewarding Pakistan for its deceit and belligerence. It sends a wrong message to the world.

Clearly, the Yankees do not know how to deal with Pakistan; they never did. The Pakistan army continues to be the central power behind the scenes. Most likely, the new aid package will be siphoned off by the army and the corrupt elite in Pakistan.

The regional allies are in a difficult dichotomy. Pakistan, besides Islamic extremism, has little to offer to its neighbors. In recent years, despite have good trade relations with India & Afghanistan, Pakistan did not deter from waging proxy war with them.

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This is a complete joke! Any Indian knows that Pakistanis have a huge superiority complex due to ‘Islamic teachings’ and will not be satisfied until they claim India or lay her to waste. India should have nipped Pak-backed terrorism in the bud decades ago. The U.S. increasing aid for bad behavior certainly goes against common sense, not to mention self-preservation!

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No, No, No. Please don’t give more money to Pakistan.
USA, this may be good in your short time interest, but it would be used against India and will also be counter productive to US in the middle term.

Posted by Hima Bindu | Report as abusive

@ All Paks:

The Wafer thin elite and their families who live in those posh gated communities in Pakistan with their Army jobs and good education are using the Jihadi’s to fuel what they feel is progress for Pakistan. Without fueling hatred against India, the the Rich Elite in those gated communities cannot line their pockets with free cash, given by the Saudis for Madrassas and the U.S.A. for military hardware. The wafer thin elite rich in Pakistan are the same ones who built Pakistan, they are the same ones who run the Army and the ISI and use the militant Islam and give them a false enemy to fight against India, U.S. or hate anybody…the Elite do this in the name of Islam…because they use this as a relationship so the poor can get pawned to die in a fictious struggle, which will again cause their pockets to get lined with cash for madrassas from Saudi and cash from the USA for weapons. This is a sick little game and it must stop.

Saudi Arabia must stop fueling this subcontinent war and the USA must stop giving free weopons to Pakistan.

Terrorism cannot exist without money. Then the Wafer thin Elite in Pakistan, you know who you are, should just go away and let Pakistan experience a true peaceful democracy.

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Ajmal Amir Kasab, an accused in the Mumbai carnage was originally arrested in Nepal and kidnapped by Indian intelligence agencies. Nepal had arrested Ajmal Kasab before 2006 and handed him over to India. It should be noted that there was no visa requirement for Indian nationals and they could visit Nepal even without a passport. Kathmandu had become a hub of Indian intelligence agencies which freely operated there and faced no resistance from law-enforcement agencies even if they chose to kidnap somebody for taking him to their country. source www.dawn.com

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Robert ,I see some sense in this report. Due to the financial downturn all countries in the world are affected from poor to rich and so is Pakistan.

It is good idea to help put the money in civilian projects and stregthening the democracy in Pakistan that is true DEMOCRACY. Make suring none of this goes tot he corrupt politicians let me assure you Pakistanis are as hard working, friendly and hospitable people you will find on the planet. I am not refering to people who burn trains full of guests, true friends. We have been for past 60years with America but what we got in return no help from USA just condictions and impose and sactions etc.

Let me tell the all the readers which coutry has lost more in lives, finacial, image, and unity of the coutry due to war on terror. We never had no bombs from the tribal people same people who have been living on the border for centuries. When USA starts to bomb inccocent people al the hard work donme by the Pak army goes to waste.

This is war of hearts and minds and not bombs and bullets so get a strategy which all the coutries participate to get rid of this world of terrorism.

Dont matter if that is Islamic terroroism, Jewish terrorism, Christian terrorism , Hindu terrorism or most of all state terrorism e.g. israel, india, USA.

Posted by Ali786 | Report as abusive

Who is USA r the world to tell Pakistan what we should do and we should not. We are a soverign nation, strong and and leading Islamic nation and can make our own decisions instead of being imposed on us as they have been for the last 60years.

Pakistanis have woken up the double standard of USA and the world. When Marriot Hotel bombings happened where was the world at sleep and we knew who was behind it RAW. But we wait and see and invesigate then point fingers unlike our so called democratic neighbour, the seige is still on and the whole indian media already made their mind up so be it.

ISI is a entity within the army and when chief of army Kiayani said that we will work with the government. What more the world wants, r u saying that we should belive what the CIA/M15/RAW/MOSSAD is saying thank u. Keep their advise to urself where the WMD in Iraq CIA report.

ISI is a most respected inteligence agency, pity world cant take it that we are better then them. The simple answer it all the non-muslim states vs the muslim states believe it or not end of the day that is what defines freinds and not.

The amount of dirty work Pakistan has fone for the USA if Pkaistan was a christian or a kaffir country USA would have tunred in to a gold mine. But its a pity they have diff belives to the USA and can not take Pakistan being strong and prosperous or lese they woudnt promote dictators.

Stop telling me the peace lovinf world, the world is bleeding because of the injustice in world. West talks about women rights let me tell u Islam gave women rights 1600years ago no last century thank u.

We dont need the west to tell us what is civilised and what is not. We have seen ur justices in Bosnia, Chechnya, Kashmir, Palestine, Kosovo, Albania and many more muslim lands on fire.

Eastimore ~(christian) ~ i never heard there was a freedom movemnet before i could even read about this island withthe backing of the west the place is now a country and so is Israel…No God says the popel who have been living on the land for thousand years to move erm by force and start living there if that was ur promise land why did u move out if that was so precious to you.

As a palstinan where is there grandads grave they will point to TEL-AVIV and ask a jew he will say Russia etec etc. So when there is no justice in the world pople will take law into their hands we will keep on seeing these incidents its not the first nor the last…

Posted by Magic | Report as abusive

Quit calling all Muslims, Islamist terrorist. You are reinforcing already strong believes in Muslim world all over that there are double standards when it comes to dealing with Muslims. Until you work on solving such conflicts as Palestine, Kashmir, Chechnya to name few, you are going to see those who feel there is no other way but arm struggle. No Muslim wants any innocent hurt and it is absolutely wrong to take innocent life regardless of their religion or country. Those who are committing terrorist acts are not Muslims but less than human. At the same time denying Kashmir issue is like sticking your head in sand. India is trying its level best to blur the issue and call Kashmir struggle terrorism.
Pressuring Pakistan will never work. Pakistan has seen it all. Remember those days when Pakistan had treaties with US but in return got sanctions. At the same time India played double role, friendly with USSR and use US to its convenient. Now US is trying to get India counter China and use Afghanistan to access central Asia oil.
Bottom line is Pakistan will never give up Kashmir. Giving up Kashmir is giving up all water flowing to Pakistan. India keeps building dams denying water to Pakistan that is in violation of Indus water treaty. This is just added irritant to already tense situation. In Pakistan, anyone bowing to Indian or western pressure will be called traitor and shown the door sooner or later. Present government know this fact very well.
Solution is simple, address Kashmir and other issues between India and Pakistan and you will see things gradually coming to normal. Any bullying of Pakistani people will take the whole area into much more instability.

Posted by Truth | Report as abusive

I wonder if someone can answer this!

When IRA was bombing london, Manchester etc why were they not labeled as “Christian terrorist”?

When Israelis are buldozing palestinian homes, murdering kids, starving the whole nation e.g. the biggest open prison in the world gaza strip?

Why arnt they labeled as “Jewish terrorist”?

When hindus tore down the Babri Mosque and burnt houses in kashmir, rape women, kill children why arnt they called “Hindu terrorists”?

When USA bombed the day light out of Baghdad/Afghanistan why didnt the world cry and called erm “Christian terrorist”?

Why didnt the world brought Ariel shron to the hague for what he did in shatilla refugge camps in lebonon?

DOUBLE STANDRDS.. All Muslims who are true muslim are aware of this soon inshala the tables will turn.

What goes around comes around, the funny thing is we can take it whatever has been thrown at Muslims, be it Abu Gharib prison, Guatanmo Bay, Kashmir or Kosovo. The reality is the world values Muslim blood as water and their as the most precious. Plz grow up and dont tell me Pakistan this n that just because the country has some self respect in it and have nuclear power and the Pakistan is strong, because we Pakistanis are strong.

What goes around comes around!! We had Marriot bombed didnt see any world leaders condeming it nor did I see stupid Condi going to pakistan. But same thing hapened in India seted up by RAW and the whole world is crying. Grow up and see the world with the same eye and plz stop these double standard or we will see more of what happened in pakistan, india…terrorist activaties!!!!

Posted by kASHMIR | Report as abusive

It is amusing to see still Pakis still think their jihadi terrorist war against India is still working. Sure, you can do Mumbai massacre, bomb commuter trains, pakis can drop bombs in Hindu temples on people who are worshipping. That’s about it. Paki exports are plummeting.

Paki reputation (if there was one!) is in ruins.It is difficult to get visas, foreign countries are reluctant to take paki students and there are reports even after acquiring foreign passports, people of paki origin face additional hassles (right thing to do if you don’t want Pakis to bomb ur country!!!!). And then there is no hope for the future. What can you do with such a population fed on irrational jihadi fervor? unemployable in the modern 21st century economy.

It IS amusing to see still Pakis still think their jihadi terrorist war against India is still working.

Posted by Victor | Report as abusive

ISI is Pakistan’s first line of defence, it is a potent and feraless dpy agency working round the clock to identify covert and overt threats to Pakistan’s security and eliminating them. ISI has as much influence in Pakistan as does the MI5 in UK, MOSSAD in Israel, R&AW in India or CIA in USA or KGB in Russia. Intelligence agencies are meant to be like this, shadowy, notorious and fearless and with one single mission, ensuring national security at ALL COSTS.

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My Friends,

Everyone is talking about US Aid to Pakistan for war on terror is $12 billion, hahah what a joke…
Pakistan is a front line state on war on terror we have lost more soldiers than any other country, we sacrifices our local interests, our local security is a big problem for us because of your war on terror, currently we are at war with terrorists because to safeguard your life’s from threats, we already spend more than $50 billion on this war.
Everyone is talking about $12 Billion and for your information this money is not for our help this is to invest on weapons used against terrorists.
OUR SPENDING ON THIS WAR = +50 Billion dollars
US & Intl HELP TO US = 12 Billion dollars

We are doing everything but you peoples are not appreciating our efforts but blaming on Pakistan.

Posted by Amjad | Report as abusive

Response to Victor specialy!!!

“Bomb cummuter trains” think those were your hindu terrorist brothers who did that. So get your facts right u fool, looks like you have graduated from on of those RSA hindu fanatic schools and must be an expert in blowing up mosques and churches.

Which “temple” have pakis bombed = NONE!

Who torched babri Mosque = Your Hindu Terrorist brothers!

I mean you Hindus have a terrorist mind and see every one with the same mindset.

Finally, the Pakistan Armed Forces are enough for you Indian cowards and we dont need our Kashmiri Mujahdeen brothers to help us. You Indians might have numbers but have the courage, strength, JAZBA of JANBAZ!!!
n Pakistan Zinda Baad!!!

Posted by Ali | Report as abusive

@Ali, when mosques serve as places for recruting terrirists and storage for illegal weapons to terrorize civilians, its not only in India also in pakistan they buldoze mosques..remember red mosque in islamabad which was raided by ur security forces to seize terrorists and weapons ?? which are stolen from police station now !! Remember bomb blast in mosque of sunni muslims by shia muslims in North waziristan last month ?? we just demolished babri masjid because it was illegally bulid in Ram janma bhumi that land should legally have a temple and it has..with the above its pakistani terrorists who are experts in blowing up mosques..aren’t they ??

Posted by Om | Report as abusive

here goes OM again, the Indian idiot.
Idiot it is the hindu fascists who are teaming up with the neo-cons in America to attack Pakistan. The ISI knew about this plan few years back and have done the planning. Pakistani fighter jets are making reconnaisance flights over Lahore and Kashmir sectors. Pakistani forces backed by nuclear arsenal and support of the nation will blow the crap out of India. It is time you stop your hindu fundamentalism, hand over Col. Prohit and other rogue Indian Army elements involved in train bombing and killing of Pakistani civilians. Otherwise get ready for an attack by Pakistan.

Posted by Umair | Report as abusive

India is infested with all kinds of hindu extremists and fundamentalists. The Rashtra Sevak Sangh (RSS) Vishwa hindu Pareshad (VHP) Shiv Sena, and its notorious leader Bal Thakery are goondas and only understand the language of force. India cannot boast about itself being the worlds largest (failed) democracy until the hindu fascists are tamed. Christians missionaries are burned alive, mosques are demolished, sikh temples are attacked, communal violence is daily occurence, HIV aids is on the rise, low caste dalit hindus live a miserable life, billions are spent on military hardware to feed the war mongering hindu elite while poor go hungry, ALL THIS IN THE LAND OF HINDU FASCISTS, WORLDS LARGEST FAILED STATE WHERE INSURGENCIES STRETCH THROUGH KASHMIR TO ASSAM, INDIA.

Posted by Umair | Report as abusive

>>>>December 22nd, 2008
5:05 pm GMT – Posted by Umair <<<

There is a reality shared by India, rest of the world (including Muslim countries which support India). And then there is Paki delusional world.

Such irrational, delusions for 61 years have taken you today to the status of “failed state”, “terrorism central” etc.

There ARE intternal problems in India. The secular press, media, parties and instiuitions are fighting those issues, but they still remain internal issues under the existing international norms.

We are talking about Pak having training camps (terrorism infrastructure) where the Lashkar E Toiba terrorists trained, came to India and killed citizens of 20+countries. They murdered the parents of baby Moshe right in front of him. Thus Mumbai is an international issue. You are not going to get away with this, no matter how much you wish.

The internal problems in India u describe are not deemed international issues. For example if a bunch of Lashkar-e-Jangvi terrorists bomb and kill 200 Shia muslims when they are worshipping (which they have often done), Iran may protest this but it would still be deemed an internal issue of Pakistan by the international community.

Even such simple differences like above are beyond the comprehension of ur fanatic jihad brain.

Posted by Victor | Report as abusive

To Umair: Can you Grow UP a bit ?? and see the sadness and gloomy conditions with your open eyes here in Pakistan? Being a Pakistani… everyday living in the outside world has become dreadful.

To Moderator: Can you ban this Kid from posting his relentless thoughts? Allow him after 15 more years when he becomes sane enough.

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when earthquake struck kashmir, musharaf asked for 5 billion aid other than non cash aid. don’t know what happened to the 5bn in cash that was given to pakistan. the non-monetary aid like winter tents were sold in islamabad markets.

Posted by vivek | Report as abusive

Nothing is gloomy about Pakistan, the country is very much in tact, people are united. Yes the north-west is infested by some bad guys but the cops are chasing them away. The economy is being managed at best despite global recession. Parliament is functioning and there is a democratic government in place how ever weak or low credibility it enjoys. Therefore, Pakistan is far from being a failed state.
And Shiraj, I am allowed to state my mind. This is called freedom of speech. All I did in my posts was to highlight some of the failings of India. I stated the reality, we need to expose India more and show the true face of the world biggest sham democracy to the world. Thankfully, Pakistani media today is more expressive, vibrant and freedom of speech is allowed. Now we will wage a media war.
To Victor
Dont act as victim, If there is LeT in Pakistan, there are the RSS, VHP and hindu extremists and terrorists in India also. Both Pakistan and India need to tame the extremists and war mongerers. Manmohan Singh is a good guy but Bal Thackery is instigating the Indian public and provoking the situation to push the government for war with Pakistan. If Lashkar chief need to be arrested in Pakistan, so does Shiv Sena chief need to be under arrest in India.

Posted by Umair | Report as abusive

Please make sure “Freedom to speak” means what?
We never heard any bombings, blasts were made in Pakistan or any parts of the World by VHP / RSS whatever you have mentioned. If they had/have done any such acts within their nation then it’s an internal to their nation, they will deal with it.
Just curious, why are you spending your time to look into Indian internal matters, such exploitation will not stand in international community.
Africans kill each other.
Chinese executed 2 Islam separatists recently.
Shiates kill Sunni & Sunnis kill Shiates in Iran and other parts of the world.

I understand your emotions, however being over emotional depicts 2 things, either you are afraid or you are in a anxiety.

Therefore consider every angle when you speak something.
We all love peace and harmony in this world, words that you are posting will provoke and spoil beautiful minds. Please don’t do this.

Posted by Sam | Report as abusive

Umair….the “freedom of speech” terminology whatsoever you are claiming comes with lots of responsibility…I believe we Pakistanis are still baby’s to use this word. The world has long gone discovered it.

The fact is we have been breathing in and out taking digs at India….its not individual problem..but we have been taught that way since the times we are born.

I think you should stop watching the television programs aired by that crackpot Zaid Hamid…and spend time on internet reading some good independent sites like NewYork times, BBC and Reuters.

Posted by Shiraj | Report as abusive

“Nothing is gloomy about Pakistan..”

Umair, I just came back from there. You’re kidding right? Can we stop comparing ourselves to India. Forget their problems and whatever they’re saying(no offence to the Indians). Lets focus on ours and stop the paranoid RAW conspiracies. WE’RE the Conspirators to ourselves!

The greatest reform this year actually has been the dismantle of the Political Wing in the ISI. This reduces its influence on spying and king making amongst political parties and being used as a tool by either the army or the governing government. This was done before the Mumbai attacks. The pressure is mounting on Pak to remove rogue ISI and Army agents (who exist whether you like to believe it or not and cited by many neutral news sources). If people noticed, there hasn’t been a large violent attack on Pak soil for quite some time. Interesting, no?

When I last visited Pak, I’ve never seen so many long beards in my entire life! Wahabism,Salafism,Deobandi’s have seriously ravaged whatever rational thoughts existed there.

Sadly when you talk about Jinnah’s life (Examples: he was born a Gujurati Ismaili, converted to mainstream Shia after dispute with the Aga Khan, but prayed with hands closed in Jamaats, believed in Secularism and rejected Shariah law, called Attaturk the ‘greatest Musalaman’, etc…added bonus, our Nobel price winner for Physics, Dr.Abdus Salam, is a Qadiyani) with the common man they either have their mouths wide open, about to have a heart attack or just simply tell you its propaganda lies. When your own country men have no idea what your founding leader was about, you’ve got a problem.

Other issues include the deterioration of civil institutions by civil servants and undermined by army men…both equally corrupt. Educational degradation leading to superstitious beliefs and paranoid conspiracies (So MANY unfounded conspiracies from normal folks,but when a respected journalist head of a journalism union screams that RAW was behind the Mumbai attacks on AAJ TV without a shred of proof, there’s something wrong with the professional integrity of the media). Law & Order. The unconscious ethnic discrimination. And then the practice of nepotism and feudalism. And many more…

I disagree with many posters here who think the aid coming from the States won’t benefit this time around. Joe Biden and Stephen Cohen seem to be in tune with the pulse of the nation. I’m hoping they may do a better job in directing the funds.

Posted by Saf | Report as abusive

Now dont pretend you are a Pakistani. Almost every Indian is angry about Zaid Hamid, why do you give so much importance to that guy. Its you guys watching his videos on youtube. They are only meant for Pakistani audience, dont get offended by his views. He is just a patriotic ordinary Pakistani folk. To see everything is chill in Pakistan you need to come down here and have a party. If some one is telling you Pakistan will drown into Arabian sea tommorow he is telling a lie. Pakistan is here to remain. InshAllah

Posted by Umair | Report as abusive

In india more than 150,000 employees get laid off from thier employement so far see how many more – source “The observernt”

Any news of retrenchment in Pakistan so far – NO.

Who is the boss now?
Pakistan in better in economy than any other country in world – one proof for now.

Posted by Peace | Report as abusive

“Any news of retrenchment in Pakistan so far – NO.

Who is the boss now?
Pakistan in better in economy than any other country in world – one proof for now.”

Peace, why are you obsessed with India? Have you ever considered that we may not have proper job unemployment indicators to actually tell us how many are unemployed?

One proof? That’s not proof. India’s retrenchment means NOTHING and gives us NO indicator on Pakistan! That is the worst analysis I have ever read, if it ever was an attempt.

Pakistan economy better than any country in the world? What bubble are you in? We’re bankrupt! There’s rampant inflation! Electricity shortages!

Peace, please stop posting. You are seriously making us look foolish. Please tell me you’re a teenager. Actually even that doesn’t justify it. I’d be more at ease if you were actually an Indian dude just playing a practical joke.

Posted by Saf | Report as abusive

Umair & other dear Pakistan: after losing the blog debate on this site and after the run back of indian tall claims for surgical strike in Pakistan…. these indians have now started to wear the fake skin of Pakistan and post thier blog with giving an impression that they belong to our peace loving, prosperous and long live Pakistan. They are using the name as “Saf”, “Ali” etc….. so dont worry…. it is a proof that we have succeeded in our effort to clear the position of Pakistan by saying what is true and don’t base our comments on lies and spoon feeded words………
PAKISTAN ZINDABAD, ISLAM ZINDABAD, success lies in truth and peace.

Posted by Peace | Report as abusive


Khuda kay wasta think rationally. I AM PAKISTANI. What do you want? My NIC to prove my identity?

You didn’t succeed in anything. You’ve made Pakistanis look even dumber. You’re a poster child for the lack of critical thinking in our country.

You didn’t even bother to reply to my last post dated on the 25th. Only for you to jump in 4 days later claiming victory.

The only reason I couldn’t get to Umair’s post was because of technical difficulties as none of my posts were going through.

But here’s what I couldn’t answer in Umair’s post:

The show I was talking about was Bolta Hai Pakistan referring to the Journalist on the left who I think is named Nusrat Javed. A Patriotic Pakistani doesn’t mean you have to dumb down your arguments for a Pakistani audience, which is rather insulting. Our viewership is across the globe, so lets keep high professional standards, not Lollywood standards. I’ve already been to numerous parties in Pakistan, mostly Shaadis (Weddings), and none of it has improved the standard of living. So, no, not everything’s chill. I don’t want to party while our country descends to lower global standards.

I’ve already started research into Solar energy for my neighborhood there. The good news is there are Solar companies in Pakistan. The difficulty is in wiring the entire neighborhood and getting everyone on board. Wish me luck in implementing it Inshallah.

It should go without saying, but its no point in screaming in capitals Pakistan Zindabad, if you’re not acting to make it so and it doesn’t make you anymore Patriotic. But having said that:

Geo Jinnah.

Posted by Saf | Report as abusive