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Khuda kay wasta think rationally. I AM PAKISTANI. What do you want? My NIC to prove my identity?

You didn’t succeed in anything. You’ve made Pakistanis look even dumber. You’re a poster child for the lack of critical thinking in our country.

You didn’t even bother to reply to my last post dated on the 25th. Only for you to jump in 4 days later claiming victory.

The only reason I couldn’t get to Umair’s post was because of technical difficulties as none of my posts were going through.

But here’s what I couldn’t answer in Umair’s post:

The show I was talking about was Bolta Hai Pakistan referring to the Journalist on the left who I think is named Nusrat Javed. A Patriotic Pakistani doesn’t mean you have to dumb down your arguments for a Pakistani audience, which is rather insulting. Our viewership is across the globe, so lets keep high professional standards, not Lollywood standards. I’ve already been to numerous parties in Pakistan, mostly Shaadis (Weddings), and none of it has improved the standard of living. So, no, not everything’s chill. I don’t want to party while our country descends to lower global standards.

I’ve already started research into Solar energy for my neighborhood there. The good news is there are Solar companies in Pakistan. The difficulty is in wiring the entire neighborhood and getting everyone on board. Wish me luck in implementing it Inshallah.

It should go without saying, but its no point in screaming in capitals Pakistan Zindabad, if you’re not acting to make it so and it doesn’t make you anymore Patriotic. But having said that:

Geo Jinnah.

By: Peace Mon, 29 Dec 2008 20:47:53 +0000 Umair & other dear Pakistan: after losing the blog debate on this site and after the run back of indian tall claims for surgical strike in Pakistan…. these indians have now started to wear the fake skin of Pakistan and post thier blog with giving an impression that they belong to our peace loving, prosperous and long live Pakistan. They are using the name as “Saf”, “Ali” etc….. so dont worry…. it is a proof that we have succeeded in our effort to clear the position of Pakistan by saying what is true and don’t base our comments on lies and spoon feeded words………
PAKISTAN ZINDABAD, ISLAM ZINDABAD, success lies in truth and peace.

By: Saf Thu, 25 Dec 2008 09:09:25 +0000 “Any news of retrenchment in Pakistan so far – NO.

Who is the boss now?
Pakistan in better in economy than any other country in world – one proof for now.”

Peace, why are you obsessed with India? Have you ever considered that we may not have proper job unemployment indicators to actually tell us how many are unemployed?

One proof? That’s not proof. India’s retrenchment means NOTHING and gives us NO indicator on Pakistan! That is the worst analysis I have ever read, if it ever was an attempt.

Pakistan economy better than any country in the world? What bubble are you in? We’re bankrupt! There’s rampant inflation! Electricity shortages!

Peace, please stop posting. You are seriously making us look foolish. Please tell me you’re a teenager. Actually even that doesn’t justify it. I’d be more at ease if you were actually an Indian dude just playing a practical joke.

By: Peace Wed, 24 Dec 2008 21:42:46 +0000 INDIA – SUPER POWER – SUPER RETRENCHMENT
In india more than 150,000 employees get laid off from thier employement so far see how many more – source “The observernt”

Any news of retrenchment in Pakistan so far – NO.

Who is the boss now?
Pakistan in better in economy than any other country in world – one proof for now.

By: Umair Wed, 24 Dec 2008 17:10:42 +0000 Saf
Now dont pretend you are a Pakistani. Almost every Indian is angry about Zaid Hamid, why do you give so much importance to that guy. Its you guys watching his videos on youtube. They are only meant for Pakistani audience, dont get offended by his views. He is just a patriotic ordinary Pakistani folk. To see everything is chill in Pakistan you need to come down here and have a party. If some one is telling you Pakistan will drown into Arabian sea tommorow he is telling a lie. Pakistan is here to remain. InshAllah

By: Saf Wed, 24 Dec 2008 08:34:54 +0000 “Nothing is gloomy about Pakistan..”

Umair, I just came back from there. You’re kidding right? Can we stop comparing ourselves to India. Forget their problems and whatever they’re saying(no offence to the Indians). Lets focus on ours and stop the paranoid RAW conspiracies. WE’RE the Conspirators to ourselves!

The greatest reform this year actually has been the dismantle of the Political Wing in the ISI. This reduces its influence on spying and king making amongst political parties and being used as a tool by either the army or the governing government. This was done before the Mumbai attacks. The pressure is mounting on Pak to remove rogue ISI and Army agents (who exist whether you like to believe it or not and cited by many neutral news sources). If people noticed, there hasn’t been a large violent attack on Pak soil for quite some time. Interesting, no?

When I last visited Pak, I’ve never seen so many long beards in my entire life! Wahabism,Salafism,Deobandi’s have seriously ravaged whatever rational thoughts existed there.

Sadly when you talk about Jinnah’s life (Examples: he was born a Gujurati Ismaili, converted to mainstream Shia after dispute with the Aga Khan, but prayed with hands closed in Jamaats, believed in Secularism and rejected Shariah law, called Attaturk the ‘greatest Musalaman’, etc…added bonus, our Nobel price winner for Physics, Dr.Abdus Salam, is a Qadiyani) with the common man they either have their mouths wide open, about to have a heart attack or just simply tell you its propaganda lies. When your own country men have no idea what your founding leader was about, you’ve got a problem.

Other issues include the deterioration of civil institutions by civil servants and undermined by army men…both equally corrupt. Educational degradation leading to superstitious beliefs and paranoid conspiracies (So MANY unfounded conspiracies from normal folks,but when a respected journalist head of a journalism union screams that RAW was behind the Mumbai attacks on AAJ TV without a shred of proof, there’s something wrong with the professional integrity of the media). Law & Order. The unconscious ethnic discrimination. And then the practice of nepotism and feudalism. And many more…

I disagree with many posters here who think the aid coming from the States won’t benefit this time around. Joe Biden and Stephen Cohen seem to be in tune with the pulse of the nation. I’m hoping they may do a better job in directing the funds.

By: Shiraj Wed, 24 Dec 2008 07:08:16 +0000 Umair….the “freedom of speech” terminology whatsoever you are claiming comes with lots of responsibility…I believe we Pakistanis are still baby’s to use this word. The world has long gone discovered it.

The fact is we have been breathing in and out taking digs at India….its not individual problem..but we have been taught that way since the times we are born.

I think you should stop watching the television programs aired by that crackpot Zaid Hamid…and spend time on internet reading some good independent sites like NewYork times, BBC and Reuters.

By: Sam Wed, 24 Dec 2008 01:23:41 +0000 @Umair,
Please make sure “Freedom to speak” means what?
We never heard any bombings, blasts were made in Pakistan or any parts of the World by VHP / RSS whatever you have mentioned. If they had/have done any such acts within their nation then it’s an internal to their nation, they will deal with it.
Just curious, why are you spending your time to look into Indian internal matters, such exploitation will not stand in international community.
Africans kill each other.
Chinese executed 2 Islam separatists recently.
Shiates kill Sunni & Sunnis kill Shiates in Iran and other parts of the world.

I understand your emotions, however being over emotional depicts 2 things, either you are afraid or you are in a anxiety.

Therefore consider every angle when you speak something.
We all love peace and harmony in this world, words that you are posting will provoke and spoil beautiful minds. Please don’t do this.

By: Umair Tue, 23 Dec 2008 19:30:51 +0000 Nothing is gloomy about Pakistan, the country is very much in tact, people are united. Yes the north-west is infested by some bad guys but the cops are chasing them away. The economy is being managed at best despite global recession. Parliament is functioning and there is a democratic government in place how ever weak or low credibility it enjoys. Therefore, Pakistan is far from being a failed state.
And Shiraj, I am allowed to state my mind. This is called freedom of speech. All I did in my posts was to highlight some of the failings of India. I stated the reality, we need to expose India more and show the true face of the world biggest sham democracy to the world. Thankfully, Pakistani media today is more expressive, vibrant and freedom of speech is allowed. Now we will wage a media war.
To Victor
Dont act as victim, If there is LeT in Pakistan, there are the RSS, VHP and hindu extremists and terrorists in India also. Both Pakistan and India need to tame the extremists and war mongerers. Manmohan Singh is a good guy but Bal Thackery is instigating the Indian public and provoking the situation to push the government for war with Pakistan. If Lashkar chief need to be arrested in Pakistan, so does Shiv Sena chief need to be under arrest in India.

By: vivek Tue, 23 Dec 2008 18:18:39 +0000 when earthquake struck kashmir, musharaf asked for 5 billion aid other than non cash aid. don’t know what happened to the 5bn in cash that was given to pakistan. the non-monetary aid like winter tents were sold in islamabad markets.