Comments on: Pakistan: Rethinking its relationship with China? Perspectives on Pakistan Thu, 01 Oct 2015 19:31:05 +0000 hourly 1 By: ChinaV Thu, 08 Jan 2009 14:22:59 +0000 In my opinion, the reason chinese gov changes attitude is the change of the Paki gov. Now the new Paki gov is more friendly to USA and Brits. But the fundation of the Sino-Paki relationship is unbreakable — thats both of us don like Indians (lol) and the military tie is still strong.

By: Amjad Sun, 04 Jan 2009 16:20:29 +0000 To Imran,
My friend yes we love to see everything belongs to Indian because your movies show us those hot girls not satisfied by Indian mans, Indian channels because it looks like cartoon movies with Hindi dubbing, now Indian blogs because of idiots like you.

Yes India is 7 times bigger but Indian peoples are 7 times weaker then Pakistanis and we believe you Indian love to talk only but in real one rat can kill 10 Indians with one bite.

Please don’t explain your reason why u don’t attack us, do it and prove it. You are scared from our reaction because you know you have lost +500 Indian tanks on 1965 war by Pakistani soldiers and this is the world record of destroying tanks in any war and that time we were not nuclear power.

You are not capable to fight with freedom fighters movements in India from Asam,Punjab and others and you are thinking to fight with Pakistan, I know dreams are better for health but don’t see this dream because this will destroy you.

You know the big problem for your Hindu government is a Pakistan and you also know that you are not able to fight with us in real, go and watch some sunny devil films where you can defeat us and have good dreams.

By the way new Indian actresses are better than the older because they show off there ……

Please read your last post because there is one clue where you proved that you are Hindu, writing a Muslim name will not give you feeling like Muslim.

By: Imran Rehman Sat, 03 Jan 2009 21:21:18 +0000 To Amjad
Dont u pakistanis have any work other than watching indian movies, Indian channels and now Indian Blogs…
U say indian Channels are like cartoons.. well have u looked at ur channels ofcourse not. half the time they are off-air becuz some general has ordered them to go off-air or half time time they teach you how to make roti and biryani.

India is 7 times bigger than pakistan and also has Nuclear bombs hence we can destroy entire pakistan wheseas you can only hit a part of us and also we have missile defence system (which can hit ur missile as soon it takes of) Which u dont.

Only reason India is not attacking pakistan is bcuz India doesnt want pakistan to be another afganistan. you know wht happens when we take your army and democratic goverment out??? Pakistan gets into the hands of these Saudi-Sudani Mullahs which is indeed not good for any country.

Pakistan is on verge of Break up (financially, Politically and socially) so instead of wasting your time on replying to our posts go do something about it and put some brains in your people……

By: Amjad Wed, 31 Dec 2008 12:49:16 +0000 My Indian Friend,

Don’t live on fool’s paradise (India) and come back to the reality, if you feel Pakistani Nuclear power is nothing then why your whole military along with govt is scared from Pakistan. Your reaction proves what we are capable for.

Regarding to your theory IAF & PAF :) hahahha
Again I will say one thing don’t live on fool’s paradise and if u feel Israel is your friend then best of luck for your dark future.

Yes we took loan from IMF and this needs to be return along with profit to IMF, they are not helping us they are helping themselves.

I know kids loves to read studies like you Indians and u see the world with TV, BOOK & u live on fool’s paradise.

By: The Indian Tue, 30 Dec 2008 20:59:25 +0000 😛 what else can a Pakistani do? Watch Indian channels and pastime, when no money join Jihad and path to heaven.

61 years isn’t too less to live? and like this?

The time you guys have spent watching India, and thinking to compete India on Military etc. would have invested in a good way, you wouldn’t have begged IMF to save your face from being black listed country (status – CCC).

BEWARE One IAF(Israel) is taking over One PAF (Palestine)
next will be another IAF takes over another PAF. The nuclear you are much proud off, looks like you would have sold it to North Korea for food and money.

“Have you hear a story of Shepard and Wolf”… convert this to Pakistan and nuclear.

By: Amjad Sun, 28 Dec 2008 22:33:11 +0000 I am feeling sorry for the Indian media because of their lot of propaganda against Pakistan they didn’t prove anything and I enjoyed there funny videos and Ideas regarding to the attack.

Indian channels showed us the new way to convert serious incidents into cartoon movies and enjoy from them.

I will suggest Indian TV channel to convert them into cartoon channels other than news channels.

By: debdina Sun, 28 Dec 2008 21:53:21 +0000 Amjad


We also donot need the same from you


15 ??? Where from you got this No 15?? Do you only know to count upto 15? Why not 100 or 150 or 1000???

I know only 1- that is Kasmir sponsored by pakistan and ISI.

But i know Pakistan will be seperated in seperate states soon Sindh, Baluchistan and upper Kasmir (Pakistan occupied part).


We have not pleaded to anyone to believe us. We are not beggers and are not at all dependant like pakistanis who have to convince anybody and everybody around themselves with their lies and to beg their daily breads and everything.

By: Amar Sun, 28 Dec 2008 19:21:31 +0000 they may have access and they are dare not talk. Jason, watch your back. be careful!

By: Jason W Sun, 28 Dec 2008 08:36:07 +0000 I can tell you that for free.
My ip address is 222.68.64.x/24

All chinese have access to those sites such as CCN,NYTIMES,BBC,etc..but normally do not access them for some reasons…first of all,Engilish is not our mother tougue, and secondly, we do not trust CNN._(


By: Sam Sat, 27 Dec 2008 17:59:57 +0000 Chinese and in this blog? Great.

Can we trace an IP? lol