War clouds over South Asia

December 24, 2008

There is a strange dichotomy in Delhi at the moment. If you read the headlines or watch the news on television, India and Pakistan appear headed for confrontation – what form, what shape is obviously hard to tell but the rhetoric is getting more and more menacing each day.

Pakistan army chief General Ashfaq Kayani promised a matching response ‘within minutes” were the Indians to carry out precision strikes against camps of militants inside Pakistan, whom it blames for the Mumbai attacks.

And as if they were doing a dress rehearsal, Pakistan Air Force jets have been flying over Islamabad and Lahore for the past two days, prompting one blogger  to report that some people had called up media outlets asking if the Indian Air Force was on its way.

Indian army chief General Deepak Kapoor meanwhile went up to the freezing heights of Siachen, the world’s highest battlefield, to test operational preparedness.

And yet off the front pages, and on the street and in living rooms, it doesn’t seem like a nation preparing for war. Instead Delhi is in the full swing of the marriage season when the astrological stars are right and thousands upon thousands of young couples trailed by a veritable army of friends, families and neighbours get betrothed.

There are also the Christmas/New Year festivities where the conversation is not about the possibility of war but the economic meltdown that has spoiled everyone’s party, including India’s. To be sure, there is rage each time Mumbai is mentioned, and there are many who say “they will have to pay for this”. But war? No, that isn’t at the top of people’s minds yet.

So what’s really going on? Is the threat of a fourth India-Pakistan war real, not counting 1999 when India and Pakistan fought over the heights above Kargil on the Line of Control? Are the two countries inexorably moving toward conflict without their people realising it?

Or is this the Cold Start  doctrine  that strategists speak of, in which you don’t really mobilise troops and armour for weeks on a vast scale and then go to war like in ancient times, but instead go quickly into action from forward bases both in the air and on the ground for a short and sharp thrust ?  

Your guess is as good as mine, but in another two days it will be a month since the Mumbai attackers struck.  As far as India is concerned, that is time enough for Pakistan to have acted against the men and groups that it says are involved in attacks on India. Is there a clock ticking somewhere?


India has correctly escalated the price Pakistan pays for its terrorist activities. Huge exposure of Pak’s duplicity, media exposre, diplomatic offensives post Mumbai are all good developments.

There are rumors despite the current posturing (for domestic public consumption), Pak is getting ready for a huge climb down once all the details are released. Kargil redux.


First of all correction is needed in your mind and senses if they exist! The war hysteria was generated first by indian armed forces, media and other politicians. Have you forgotten all tall stories of destroying Pakistan, dismantling Pakistan and the recenet threat that india will take action no one else do any thing.

You know what i think is that since its inception india is very much afraid of Pakistan, Pakistan has always given reciprocal reply to india in all thier malicious intentions – Recent slap on indian face in front of whole world by Pakistan army chief General Ashfaq Kayani is only an example which has compel india to take U-turn and slip back all its tall claim – so far no evidence has been provided either to Pakistan or any one in the world which depict Pakistan involvement in mumbai attacks because it is self created. Have you forgotten the arrest two ATS officers in charge of thier involvement in these attacks.

I recommend that india should stop dreaming of imposing sanctions on Pakistan.

If india has dare, if any, then it should atleast stop doing trade with Pakistan.

One things more – do indians get “How to lie” course in thier academics?

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Pakistan is plying the usual game. Saying that the government and its institutions are not responsible for Mumbai. But, the militants and radical factions which form a major part of Pakistan are responsible and so they can do nothing about it even if these groups operate from offices the center of their capital Islamabad. A war would not be the solution. Financial measures and cessation of all trade and diplomatic ties would be the best reply. But, the west seems to be again foolish to supply this rouge nation with arms and financial support for the ‘war against terror’ which inturn emanates from the soils of this god forsaken country.

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The very news of “All options are open” caused so panic in Pakistan that they went to deploy the troops at Border.
Well, a few more days if everyone drags the issue, Pakistan economy will come down to knees as it’s Reserve is just $3bn which is not sufficient to feed it’s people plus Military expenses.

Predictions are that Pakistan has to suffer severe expenses in the coming year due to economic downturn in the World. The reserves are not sufficient to continue the country in a long run. Also an IMF + War will prove more problems.

However all I don’t understand is why a nation must wage a war for 20 Terrorists? I mean isn’t is senseless that millions of peoples life at stake for few terrorists?

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Come on man. Stop dreaming.

Why would we even want to get involved with this mess called Pakistan? Look at the statements coming out of your great leaders – Nawaz Sharif / Your President – whatever his name is … leaders who are scared of their lives and are kowtowing to the army’s diktats.

India – Afraid of Pakistan??? :o Stop dreaming … try and ensure you have your daily bread before dreaming such fancy dreams. By the time you come out of your dreamland, your country might have either gone bankrupt or declared a terrorist state like Syria/Iran.

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Its true Pakistan Air Force F-7P interceptors do a run each day around 3PM of the air space off Islamabad, Rawalpindi and Lahore. Yesterday in Lahore people were seen coming out of their vehicles, cheer to the noise of roaring jets, standing on rooftops of their houses, the Civil aviation authority is instructed to keep the airspace clear of commercial flights while PAF jets are patrolling the air space. PAF is in a state of high alert as said by Army chief Gen. Kayani that Pakistan will retaliate with in minutes if there is an attack by India. As per India today nes story, BSF has reported Pakistan Army troop mobilization across the Rajhastan sector.This means Pakistan is signalling that an air strike by India will be met by retaliation and counter strike by Pakistan Air Force and also pressure on Rajhastan/Punjab sector by divisions and brigades of Pakistan Army.

To sum up, the situation is highly fragile and if things go out of hand the escalation will take place dramatically quick and result in severe conflict. Pakistan armed forces are leaving nothing to chance and already flexing their muscles. I predict, if pressure increases Pakistan will also conduct a short series of missile tests to display firepower. If American efforts to ease tension break down, then we can see things escalating real quick to boiling point. Surely coming weeks are going to be crucial to see which way this goes.

If India and Pakistan reach a point of no return, war will not be able to be averted as happened in 2001-02 stand-off. Time is running out, stakes are high.

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Pardon my borrowing a line from the 1st Clinton run, but it is indeed:


The sooner India, the world’s biggest democracy, shakes off it’s positive allergy to discussing this democratic issue (remember the democratically held Kashmiri plebisite?) the sooner the that WHOLE region and by extension, the West can feel safer. Cosmetic CBM’s with the real hope that the issue will be swept under the rug by the passage of time are a waste of time and money. HELLO???? Indian friends, is your government listening?

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Today its in headlines that an indian terrorist caught from Lahore who was involved in the recent car bomb in Lahore.Good news that indian terrorism is exposed, also they need to expose the indian terrorists operating against Pakistan and are surely involved in blasts in Pakistan prior to mumbai incident.


Indian politicians need to calm down and tell their people the truth that India’s chickens have come home to roost. This wasn’t India’s 9/11 this was India’s Oklahoma City. India needs to realize that terrorism of all forms need to be condemned and that they should stop state terrorism in Kashmir and let the people decide their future according to the UN resolutions. If India has so much to offer I’m sure the people of Kashmir will side with them. India blames ISI, but so far RAW hasn’t come under the microscope. Where isn’t RAW involved? India likes to keep all its neighbors unstable so that it can maintain a monopoly. Pakistanis have legitimate reasons not to trust India. After all India stabbed us in the back when we had internal violence in E. Pakistan. I’m surprised that today India says Pakistan can’t be trusted. It’s your own guilt that scares you from trusting Pakistan or any of your neighbors. Remember your Indian PM Gandhi being slapped by a Sri Lankan soldier? President Elect Barack Obama is on to India and soon India would have to quit its double game and stop terrorism in Kashmir.

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If you look back over the course of history, you will realize that India has attacked Pakistan 3 times without a warning. Failure has been India’s companion in those 3 attempts. In simple terms, India FAILED. Now India is interested and boasting of an attack on Pakistan “With” a warning. If India couldn’t succeed while attempting surprise attacks on Pakistan, what makes you think they will succeed when all of the world is watching.

India is not foolish enough to attack Pakistan. As former President Musharaff stated, in so many words, we didn’t not develop our defense system so it could sit idle on display for the world, we intend to use it if we are threatened. Pakistan is at the edge and their backs are against the wall. They are in a very dangerous state.

India’s threats of attack are beneficial for Pakistan because this has united the divided factions in Pakistan by giving them the sense of Nationalism they had lacked for the past 20-30 years. India should provide evidence before digging itself into a deeper hole.

By the way, doesn’t it seem odd that India’s anti-terror chief was one of the first people to be gunned down? The same anti-terror chief that helped convict and jail an Indian Colonel for master-minding the genocide of many Muslims in Gujraat. The same colonel whose affiliated with a Hindu terrorist group. Oh but nobody is mentioning that. We all know that this attack was planned by India, you don’t have to be political scientist to figure this one out.

Let us all pray that India comes to its senses and walks away from these shameful claims. It would be sad to see people die for no good reason.


I think the motives and the game plan is clear.

There will be no war nuclear or otherwise!!! Some indian leaders and think tanks are the sharpest and the most educated lot. Pakistani leaders are not directing this game and merely firefighting at this time.

At the end of this possibly lengthy episode, pakistan would have spent a lot more than it can afford on defense preparedness.

Diplomatic and econimic pressure will force a compromise from thier side which will cause a public humiliation and you can expect sometime shortly after that a possible military coup/ breakdown of the government and further escalation of various separatist & radical movements in pakistan.

More than 170 people died in the mumbai attacks but the price pakistan will pay will be much more.

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This message is 4 the buffoon who claims to be Indian and then Pakistani and goes by the moniker “Peace”

As Pakistan whips itself into frenzy of having war with India, the real snake’s head is emerging. This is the guy who actually runs a country called Pakistan. And he is Ashfaq Parvez Kayani.

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There is a car blast and the infamous ISI manages to piece togather everything and capture the person involved within 12 hours. What an amazing feat. They must think the world was created yesterday.

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The problem is more ideological. Pak is a society deeply controlled by its armed forces. Pak is a society which was built as an antithesis to the idea of India. Pak is a country with deep economical problems. Pak is a country without core democratic principles, with almost 1 dictatorship once in a decade or so.

And yet the common man in Pak is not protesting??
This is because they are always kept in fear that a stronger bigger India will overrun them, if they do not live nicely accepting whatever is given to them.

And as always the romanticism between the Pak society (the victim) and its fear of India (the villain) and Pak Army (the hero) being the Saviour continues with school boy presentation of power like
- Flying few sorties over few cities
- Pak General saying in media we can respond in minutes
- Media selling itself like hot pancakes… creating theories and rewriting history and of course feeding into the fear
- …

All this and the common man in Pak, stays in fear.

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What every body saying about Pakistan/India relations and problems is no meaning, the whole world knows about Kashmir issue, also there is UN resolution pending since 1949 for implementation. Without giving Kashmir to Pakistan no one can solve 61 years on going conflict.

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Dear AsliJat, this we learned from you, after few hours of Bomnay attack, Indian have caught a Pakistani terrorist and on top of it, he came by sea from one thousand kilometer. At one hand great Indian navy sinking Somali pirates boats thousands of miles away, on other hand 10 terrorist come by a smail boat and destroy their mega city. Who must think the world was created yesterday.

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When 19 hijackers rammed airplanes into the World Trade center in New York on 911, nost of the hijackers were from Saudi Arabia, but I did’nt see the US blaming Saudi Arabia for the attacks.

So how can India hold Pakistan responsible for the acts of individuals?

There is no evidence of any official Pakistani involvement so all this barking by Indians is as old as the two nations shared history.

Indians are unsophisticated and immediately blame Pakistan for any terrorist strike in India, despite there being dozens of militant groups.

Secondly, Pakistan is a Nuclear weapons state, one that will use them first and has less to lose than India. So Indians need to take it easy and not make fools of themselves by cornering themselves with rhetoric their bodies cannot cash.

No one in Pakistan is afraid of India, in fact we want geniune peace with India, but it seems odd how immature the Indians act whenever these acts occur, Indians need to work with Pakistan and realize they cannot be immune to the desperate acts of individuals and loose canons.

Part of the problem is also of Indias making as it refuses to give freedom to 9 million Kashmiris who deserve the right to choose their future just like millions of people around the world.

Its unfair for a person in Delhi to want freedom for themselves and to quote Gandhi whenever their own freedoms are concerned, but then to deny the same fredom to millions of Kashmiris just because they dont want the people of Delhi to decide their future.

Sooner or later the world will realize and India will realize that it cannot keep millions of people bonded slaves forever.

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As I watch your blog on Reuters site about Pak and India and thought to comment on it, I don’t know how can I put the blood in the vein of words and make them alive in front of your eyes. But I read that the dangerous thing in the world is fear not a war, War is War and it destroy every thing, you can only control your first bullet then you don ‘t able to control the next bullet, it goes on till the End. Being a Pakistani as like other we want war with India, and we don’t want to live under the shadow of war.

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@umair , Peace etc.
Come on guys! Wake up, before its too late.
This isn’t what Quaid dreamed of.

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I’m surprised by the denials of many of my Pakistani countrymen and the anti-Indian attacks (and the anti-Pakistani attacks from some Indians). If India are conspirators, we probably top them. Didn’t we support the Taleban only to make sure there was no Indian influence in Afghanistan? Didn’t we support Pakistani militants in Kashmir, some of whom were army members? Let’s not kid ourselves.

The ISI has done damage to our country more than RAW could have imagined. From spying on opposition leaders, king-making in politics, allowing Lal Masjid to exist, reinforcing a Saudi ideology to recruit more young men as proxy fighters, recent abductions of Pakistani citizens which some are handed to the States,etc.

Peace, do u seriously believe our politicians are honest compared to the Indian politicians? Its sad when two countries have to compare not who’s telling the truth, but who’s the bigger liar.

History/Reality…India attacked the main body of Pakistan in 1965…but do u know why? Because of Operation Grand Slam in Kashmir. Look it up. As far as

KHAN, as far as 1971 is concerned…I believe India accomplished what they set out to do…the breakup of Pakistan. There was nothing to backstab. We didn’t have a peaceful relationship with them you think they wouldn’t jump at the opportunity? Because of the West’s arrogance and injustices towards the Bengalis which was disgustingly highlighted by the atrocities our army men committed there during the war. Some would say India’s intervention helped save more Bengali lives.

N.Javed…India has a Kashmir issue, so do we. However whatever is happening in the West of our country probably has nothing to do with Kashmir and is a BIGGER problem.

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These are diversionary tactics displayed by Pakistan, The whole world knows,India can sustain one or hundred bombs from Pakistan, but when india responds there will be no Pakistan. Period.

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khayani is taking our country and its economy in the wrong direction. Mr.president and prime minister are acting like his puppets there was no need for troops deployment or air force high alert..when Indians didn’t make any moves..we should stop this nonsense in pakistan.. we and our leaders have a lot to learn from Indians..

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Mr historyreality
if ATS chief or others connected have to be killed, they can do the same directly with out evidence (example arushi case) why they should kill americans and jews along with them. mumbai attack along with marriot hotel attack in pak were carried out by US with the help of lakshar e janghvi and lakshar e taiba to subtantiate its presence in afgan, to boost their soldairs there and to send more and more troops to afgan. ban on JUD, filling FIR in pak court are all going to be eyewash,FIR is not going to speak who gave the bomb who financed the attack etc.,

americans are spreading regionalism, religionism across the world to split all bigger countries and unipolar this world and rule it. the animosity or vengence every pakistani is having against India is also the hand work of US. how? by keeping the people uneducated and poor, talibanising the pakistan, destroying english medium schools in peshawar,educating only about wars with india and vengence.

india is a democratic country and even if pak considers all wars with india are genocide by india, whom the pak are going to prosecute.all of them are already dead. then why vengence and fell pray to the designs of amercans.

if war happens then advantage is only to the americans, they will be having market for defence products. we will be dying here.

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The whole world knows Pakistan is a terrorist country. This is all rubbish that they are asking proof of Pakistani existence in terror attacks. If the Pakistanis have the courage to speak the truth to themselves, they will know very well that ISI is nothing but a terrorist organization. The acts of Pakistanis have made muslims all over world, including India a suspect. Its time for Indian Muslims to abandon Islam preached by Pakistan and Arabs, instead we need a new religion named IndainMuslim who has nothing to do with cowards of Pakistan.
Pakistan is all blabbering all these years because of the arms and support they were getting from US and other foreign countries. But Pakistan should know well that India stands today, where it is, on its own capability.
Pakistan is bound to be doomed, if it does not realize its mental sickness soon.

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i dont know what goes into pakistan people mind.if some body grows and lead calm life it affects them.they does not want calm life.they want the unstablisation as their country .so they will enjoy with getting new recruits.there is old saying if you watch your neighbour house burning your house will also will burn later.

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Without doubt, many in the media on both sides, specially the electronic media, are playing a hugely negative role by constantly beating war drums.

I think it would be worthwhile to direct attention to what the Indian PM said two days ago. War is not the way to go. The hysteria being generated now serves only one limited purpose. To deflect attention from the original question – what is Pakistan going to do to control terrorists from using its territory to launch attacks outside Pakistan?


From day one since this inncident took place I have been keeping up to date with the news developments. I have always heard from diff sources, Pakistan saying they will co operate fully first to investigate who carried out the attacks and who was behind them. If there are any Pakistani nationals involved they will be arrested and prosecuted under Pakistani Law.

Now that is fair offer, no country will start arresting its own citizens without any evidence. Even to this day no evidence has been provided to Pakistan or the Interpol. Eventhe USA is saying Pakistan have cracked down. India will never be pleased even tho when India was building dams in Indian Occupoied Kashmir which is violation of the Indus Water Treaty, RAW involved in terrorism in Pakistan.

Even tho all Pakistani know that RAW is involved we still with patient were following through wiht the peace process. Howveer India always had a dream to have greater India and never accepted Pakistan and is involved in all terrorist activaties that hapen in PAKSITAN.
To all Indians plz grow up and dont talk about war, we are but if a war is imposed on us then let me tell Pakistani nation is ready for it. When we start to cur India to pieces dont start running to UN with ur tails between ur leg as you did when the bombing happen in Mumbai. I arrest my case want peace have peace want war have WAR!! Choice is your you war monging Indians!!!

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Mumbai attacks have clearly exposed the Pak design of waging a low cost war against where Indian targets of importance are attacked by using the fedayeen bombers causing maximum colateral damage to life and property. Like an idiot, Pranab Mukherjee has raised unnecessary hysteria of keeping all options open, what are the options Mukherjee is talking about ? Do we really have any options ?Can Congress and its allies really afford war with Pakistan for fear of loosing minority votes? India’s reliance on international community and US in particular has failed to yield any desired result, in fact US is even scared of asking account of USD 10 billion given as aid to Pakistan during last years, knowing fully that major part of the aid has been used for purchase of hardwares and military equipments to fight India, indirectly US has equipped Pakistan to raise war bogey and fedayeen attacks against India. It is the time India should seriously think about foreign policy, who are our friends whom can we really rely at the time like this ?

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pak and its master US are experts in spreading terrorism. US along with pak are expert in using terrorism to its advantage. world already knows about it. USSR is a classic example. now no USSR. next your aim is india. that is why all baseless accusations mentioned here which pak and US is spreading across world. next will be china. after the world torn in to many pieces which pak and US are desiring to achieve through spreading terrorism, US can easilly rule it.

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Umair I think lots of people on both sides of the border will agree with your assessment that this is a tense time in South Asia and that the risk of things spinning out of control is very real.

As you note, the Mumbai attack has set off an India-Pakistan war of words backed by some muscle flexing.

Do you see a way out ? Having gone this far in assigning the blame for the Mumbai attacks to militants and controllers that it says were based in Pakistan it is obviously difficult for India to stand down and go back to business as usual, given the sense of outrage the attacks have provoked.
And equally, it seems unlikely that Pakistan can give in to India’s demands to hand over men New Delhi says are involved in violent acts in India and shut down groups blamed for those acts.
Do you think the two are hurtling down a cul-de-sac?

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I think you are not only very immature but someone who needs to make an appoinment with the local mental hospital. USA/PAK are fighting a war on terror not the other way around. It is your beloved India that spnsor terrorism ask you netas leaders why have they opned over dozen counsulates in afghanistan?

I ll tell you the answer to sponsor terror in Pakistan to destablise it. So go and get a life you moaning n war mongers.All you Indian know too well Pakistan is strong because people and the army are like one unit and even the taliban against you lot…Try a fight and dont give us numbers, numbers dont win you wars it is the spirit the moral and the cause and out cause will be just if India attacks.

A warning from people of PAKISTAN, co operate and work to gether or be ready to be on the recieving end!!!

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Pakistan has first to learn to be at peace with itself. The people of Pakistan never got a fighting chance at building a nation, being exploited by the a corrupt oligarchy of zamindars, the army and the elite who have ruled Pakistan as their personal fiefdom and eliminated whoever came in their way. Liaquat Ali Khan was only the beginning. Dictators have ruled the country for the major part of its existence, putting down rebellions with massive force, so much so that General Tikka Khan is still known as the “Bomber of Baluchistan”. The rape of Bangladesh is one more horrific example. Even when there was a democracy, the plunder of Pakistan continued unabated- the corruption of Benazir Bhutto and her coterie is too well documented.

Anytime the people of Pakistan showed signs of being restive, the rulers have been quick to bring up the threat of India next door and the Kashmir issue. the rulers have not been averse helping out their brethren in India. Remember the time when Rajiv Gandhi was beset with the HDW scandal? Zia-ul-Haq promptly mobilised his troops on the border, and in the din of the sword-rattling all Indians forgot this issue. He showed the that he was a real member of the same club that he had accused the Indian leaders who pleaded for mercy for Bhutto belonging to.

The only consolation is that one who rides the tiger usually ends up as a meal for it. The sad part is that the commoners of Pakistan have been paying the price for their rulers actions with untold suffering, internecine strife, poverty, crime.. I suppose no one bothers about the commoners anymore.

The problem with the peace process is that the ruling elite in Pakistan do not want peace with India or a solution to the Kashmir issue. Once these issues are resolved, the people of Pakistan might start asking questions. As far as there is an enemy at the door, the king is safe from his people. This also suits a lot of people in India. After all, they learned divide and rule from the same British masters.

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I consider myself to be an admirer and friend of both India and Pakistan. But sometimes I find myself defending Pakistan because it has been the “underdog” in some of the situations.

There is no doubt in my mind that the people of Pakistan are highly grieved and shocked by the barbarous attack which took place against innocent civilians in Mumbai.
Just like the rest of the world they would like to show their sense of sorrow for the victims.

But in literally hours after the attacks began, the media and government in India began to pour blame on
the Pakistan government and its people for the attack.
Rather than being able to express their heartfelt grief for the victims, the Pakistani government and people instead had to begin defending themselves against barrages of verbal attacks from accross its borders.

How did such a situation arise?
Even if the attackers were from Pakistan, why did India lump these terrorists together with the Pakistani nation and people when they themselves have also been the victims of these terrorists?
If British India was never partitioned into two countries in 1947, does the present government of India think it could do any better in dealing with terrorists emanating from the wild and woolly North West Frontier?
An area that for centuries nobody could control?
Will India continue to hide its head in the sand and say that there is no dispute in Kashmir and the case is closed? With human rights abuses occurring there every day, 400,000 troops in Kashmir and no end of conflict in sight?
I will leave the answers to these questions up for debate to the good commenters on this site and to the acumen of the good author.

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A majority of the Indian and Pakistani Public dont want a war but i guess the Pakistani Army, the ISI & the Extremists want a war with india, this is obvious by the Troop movements to the International Border with India and the replacement of the Border Security with the Real Time Army and Special Security Guards of Pakistan. Now the Indian Government is seriously thinking of deploying their Army Might on the Border as well, this time it is very different, it wont be like the Operation Parakram, this time due the extreme Public Anger in India, once the Troop movement is done to counter the present Pakistani Buildup in the Border, the Indians wont step back without Pakistan shutting down the Terrorist Infrastructure and the Militant Camps in the Eastern Border and POK. This is a very fearful scenario and thanks to Mr.Khayani who is the one who is calling the shots in Pakistan, who has made this possible. If a War happens this time, it might be none like the Indians or the Pakistani’s have seen before because from ever i hear it is going to be in which India will be hurt, hurt real bad but Pakistan will be totally devastated and this they are bringing upon themselves. The Society and the Pakistani Elite should wake up and make their voice heard and tell a firm NO to Extremism and work towards real time peace with India and the whole world before Pakistan becomes a real time Terroristan.


At this moment I can only feel sorry for Pakistan and its civil society for the state being a failed nation. It can be easily comparedwith Somalia, Congo and othert tin pot regime. Rule of the land is controled mostly by Army and what ever is left by the terorrist. The country is getting more in to trouble because lack of Education and health care. Most the eaching are done in Urudu which can be hardly used in the rest of the world. If funds are send to the country it goes in politicians pockets and deffence buget is controlled by army. So waht can a ordianry Pakistani expect in his country.There is no big industryworth the name and what it exports is clothing which is purchsed at bargain basement price by the devoleped world. Educated youths find very difficult to geta aginful empoyment and waht ever is available they go to Gulf for doing menial jobs. Visas to devo;eped world for an ordianry Pakistani is hard to come by becaus of the reason best known to civil society.

I am no advisor to Pakistan but the solution lies with its army if it serious in eradicating terorrisum and itsnet work from its soil then only one can see a well do Pakistan. Thinking to be like Turky you have to act like Turky.


Time for war. It needs to be fought at sometime between these two nations. So, India, carry out your surgical strikes. Pakistan, retaliate with artillery attacks in Rann of Kutch. Begin escalation each new day, and eventually nuke each other. Please, I need something like this on CNN to brighten up my boring, sad and pathetic life.

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There is quite a conflict here between different guys all over. Instead of solving problems stop fighting each other guys..!! I am an Indian and I know what our government is capable of and what is’nt. First of all I would definitely say that war is NOT AT ALL a solution to this problems arising for last 20 years. Pakistan is indeed a country which it itself suffering huge financial and political losses due to extreme terrorism. But 60 % people in India think that everybody in Pakistan hates India and everyone is a potential terrorist. However that is not true. What true here is that Pakistan is out of control because of the failure of the leaders somewhat similar to India. However I would definitely advise all my Pakistani bhai’s that we Indians do not want to make things worse. However you people cannot deny the facts that the current acts on Mumbai was definitely planned through Pakistan and instead of defending yourself so much, you should try to change your system so that poor fellows like Ajmal Kasab do not have to sell his soul in the name of Jehad for only few bucks. When you know there is a known problem at your end, you should co-operate and let us come into your shoes and help you out. Looking forward for nice replies.

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I never seem to be amazed at the ignorance you have with regards to Pakistan. The evidence, the cell phone messages, everything, the statement from the lone gunman, even the cell phone messages were intercepted before the Mumbai attack. You will ignore the painstaking investigation of the Indian Intelligence, which took weeks, and believe all of the reversals of positions of Pakistani’s, which took a mere 30 seconds???? Either you extremely intelligent and know something we don’t or extremely daft and suffer from a mental illness, the same one that Pakistan’s politicians, ISI and Military have.

Gathering up terrorists in Kashmir, is your idea of human rights abuses, in the normal world, it is called keeping law and order.

Why is India being antagonized, when we were attacked upon?

Why are all the Pak’s ignoring all of the Pakistani character defacing maneovers by Pakistan so far????:

-Pak to send ISI chief, REVERSED!
-Nawaz E. Sharif even admitted Ajmal Kasab is Pak, REVERSED!
-Ajmal Kasab’s own father even claimed his son…FAMILY DISSAPPEARS and Ajmal Kasabh dissappears from existence of Pak’s own computers! Even his family mysteriously dissapears after all this, its almost as though there were a figment of all of our imaginations.

-Ajmal Kasab gave a very high level of detail about his training and those who trained him….OF COURSE, IT WAS ALL MADE UP, made to make Pakistan look bad, right???

-Hamid Gul says 911 and MUMBAI “AN INSIDE JOB”, during Fareed Zakaria Interview on CNN–Sure it was???!!!

-Every Pakistani terrorist is a non-state actor, because
Pakistan is a non state

-Pakistan won’t hand over Daewood

-2001 Terrorists are still free in Pak

Plus a whole list of plausible denials and pathological lying

The world has no belief on Pakistan, because they continually lie to the kaffirs. Pak has no integrity left.

Pak is not serious about true peace. look inside your own dark heart, you know you are not.

You would rather see all of India dead.

Posted by Indian | Report as abusive

‘I will leave the answers to these questions up for debate to the good commenters on this site and to the acumen of the good author.’
–What questions???huh??? You are simply endorsing rather justifying the killings of innocent lives in the Mumbai attack,It’s a feeble attempt by you to support the actions of terrorists & give moral sanction to terrorism, in turn by symphatizing with their cause & means applied, you condemn yourself by being a party to the henious crimes committed by terrorists against Humanity.

Posted by Anup | Report as abusive

To Anup:

You are totally mistaken. I condemn any terrorism anywhere, and by anyone.

In your hatred of Pakistan it seems you will say anything even if it doesn’t make sense.

Posted by Alethia | Report as abusive

How come you interpret my condemnation of the mumbai attacks as hatred towards Pakistan? or do you wish to convey that the perpretrators & Masters of the terror attacks should be viewed with awe & respect for their ‘Holy’ acts? I repeat- Your very act of justifying the Mumbai attacks is proof enough of your sly & clandestine support & symphathy to terror!

Posted by Anup | Report as abusive

Sanjeev Miglani
–What do you think is the reason for Kyani to step on the gas?
The non-compliance of Indian response to build up for war & opt for diplomacy, therefore failure of the ultimate objective of the Mumbai attacks for moving troops from the western borders? Blackmailing USA or maybe make Obama realize the stupidity of his ‘Attack Pakistan’ remarks during his election debates? An attempt to facilitate an open ground for the recouping of the Taliban as was the objective of the 2002 Parliament attack? obviously to put zardari & Co. in their rightful place…or maybe none of the above or something else?

Posted by Anup | Report as abusive


If you are PM of India how will you respond to Kashmir.Facts are this

1. Hindus are 820MM+ , Muslims 150MM
2. Kasmir Special law is there which prevents demographic shifts, Muslims are majority here in this state 70% & Hindus 30%.No discrimination to citizens of kashmir by the state.
3. If based on religious majority you decide to carve seperate nations can hindus demand that no muslims in India should stay in India coz they will be demanding seperate nations every time they become majority this is hindu apprehension.We are currently a pluralistic society.
4. Now if muslims in india if you say are at bottom of pyramid in social factors then the same holds true even in european countries also, they are the lowest in terms of education, financial wealth etc.
5. Even amongst Muslims of the 1.50 Billion people there is a major challenge in terms of scientific achievment ( Nobel prizes ), Sports etc. There is need for strong leadership among muslim intellectuals to dispassionately look & address these things.They have to push for birth control.

Terrorism Indian government is asking for punishment of mastermind, is that tough to do, Is it not justice for killing people in cold blooded murder.There has been too much flip flops in the whole thing & now it has been a case denying these acts were not committed by people from pakistan.

Mutual trade benefits of a large market of India for pakistan is available, similarly pakistan can benefit on cheaper imports for India instead of getting from other countries. ( India supports this no issues millions gets benefited in the process )

Talent exchange possible for both pakistan professional to set up new industries there & gain expertise.

If you do not dismantle terror infrastructure & allow rule of law how can anybody invest or the economy can thrive in pakistan.

Please let me know how your feedback in a logical manner.

Posted by Vijay | Report as abusive

If India has any proof, why is it holding back. It is reluctant to share evidence even with Interpol. Pakistan is ready to bring culprits to justice when provided solid evidence. Can you prosecute any individual without evidence. Is that justice?

India wants to be the mob of the region. It wants to control the entire region by destabilizing nations. It supports Tamil Tigers against Sri Lanka. It is financing Balochs in Pakistan to win them freedom and similar in Pakhtoons. It is actively involved in destabilizing Pakistan by various means which are not going to go unnoticed any longer.

Posted by Wasif | Report as abusive

To Anup:

Let me make my position clear, I am against the terrorists who committed the barbarous attacks on innocent people at Mumbai. If the terrorists came from Pakistan or from anaywhere, I am still against them and condemn them. I have only sympathy for the victims of Mumbai. I don’t justify any actions that those terorists took.

I am for the innocent people of all nations who have no responsibility for terrorists’ actions so please do not paint me as being in sympathy with the terrorists.

Yes, I stand by my comments that Pakistani people and government are innocent of any wrong doing.
But, is the Pakistani government responsible for terrorists emanating from its soil? Yes, they must investigate, arrest the terrorists and procescute them. I believe that that process has started.
No you did not mention Pakistan in your post so I apologize for saying that you may hate Pakistan.
And yes, I do understand that at a terrible time like this, Pakistan is not the most popular country in India right now. Yes, India does deserve our sympathy and I do sympathasize with it.

But please don’t brand all Pakistanis as “Masters of the terror attacks”. In your grief, try to separate terrorists from the good people. And perhaps I was not being sensitive enough toward the feelings of Indian people having undergone such a terrible disaster.

And perhaps it’s also not the right time to bring up the Kashmir issue at a time of such grief. I apologize again.

From me to you, Anup, please accept my sympathies and heartfelt concern and please forgive me if I hurt you.

Posted by Alethia | Report as abusive

Ouaid never had any dreams as such, he had only set out to teach the stupid Nehru & gang a lesson or two, whether he succeded or not shall unfold in real time…

Posted by Anup | Report as abusive

To Vijay:

You already probably know my basic opinion on Kashmir and I would eventually like to answer your questions.

But I have mentioned to another commenter that it is not the appropriate time for me to bring up the Kashmir issue out of respect for the families of the Mumbai victims.

Hopefully we will dicuss this at a later date in another article.


Posted by Alethia | Report as abusive

– I accept your position, further the irony is that the ultimate sufferers are always the innocent laymen, who pay the price for the crimes of their leadership, nor do I dispute your point that-’I stand by my comments that Pakistani people and government are innocent of any wrong doing.’ – but could the same be said of the Pakistani Army Establishment? Indian people have been loosing innocent lives to umpteen number of similiar terrorists attacks since last almost sixteen years, this time the difference was that the Mumbai attacks included the local influential diaspora & the international limelight was due to the targetting of western citizens, thus the message of the Mumbai attack was more Global than regional, Kashmir is too complex an issue & neither is it the end solution to the peace in the Indian sub-continent, rather the nascent beginning of a long drawn struggle which will ultimately lead to scores of battles & devour many a generation to come…of course no prize for guessing that the ultimate victims will be the innocent people, they shall pay the price of ignorance & for not being assertive for peace. To prevent future disasters & a progressive future for their future generations lies in their hands, if they have the courage to snatch it from the clutches of their self-proclaimed leaders & self- serving religious heads…

Posted by Anup | Report as abusive


I just wanted to get back on the facts of Kashmir which you wrote so thought will scratch your brain for the solutions you may perhaps be having if you were wearing a Indian Hat.I do find you have been very sensible in your comments. The quagmire of managing a country like India of 1.1 billion people is no easy task for any indian leader, in that respect i would still think Manmohan singh was very sober & displayed tremendous amount of leadership in this incident.

It just goes back now whether beyond lip service to the victims the masterminds of this attack are genuinely punished.A nation like its people represented by its leaders need to have a soul where their credibility is established by actioning their words. I am just talking of the various flip flops in Pakistan civilian leaders.I can relate to Manmohan singh where he staked his government despite tremendous domestic compulsion by his coalition partner on the nuke deal to follow through on his promise which he committed as primeminister of India.

I wish people at responsible position in both countries raise up & bring to justice the criminals who did this crime.There is much to be lost & less to be gained if lies & biases sabotage this incident.If that is the basis of a relationship of 2 countries i don’t see hope that peace will prevail.I also know that victory will be to only those who have sought truth for nature & god will have a way of punishing the guilty.

Posted by Vijay | Report as abusive

People of sub-continent need to make it clear to their leadership that they are not interested in bringing down one another. They are for economic prosperity and mutual respect of all religions and people. Send a message to extremists on either side to look at poverty and backwardness of people. Look at slums of urban areas, crime and health care to name a few. Quit spending on armaments and divert resources towards making peoples life better. I have worked with many people from sun-continent and being myself fro same area, I see intelligent and hard working people. How come you become such a hateful person to each other?
And, all you commentators full of hate, shame on you.

Posted by Truth | Report as abusive

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