War clouds over South Asia

December 24, 2008

There is a strange dichotomy in Delhi at the moment. If you read the headlines or watch the news on television, India and Pakistan appear headed for confrontation – what form, what shape is obviously hard to tell but the rhetoric is getting more and more menacing each day.

Pakistan army chief General Ashfaq Kayani promised a matching response ‘within minutes” were the Indians to carry out precision strikes against camps of militants inside Pakistan, whom it blames for the Mumbai attacks.

And as if they were doing a dress rehearsal, Pakistan Air Force jets have been flying over Islamabad and Lahore for the past two days, prompting one blogger  to report that some people had called up media outlets asking if the Indian Air Force was on its way.

Indian army chief General Deepak Kapoor meanwhile went up to the freezing heights of Siachen, the world’s highest battlefield, to test operational preparedness.

And yet off the front pages, and on the street and in living rooms, it doesn’t seem like a nation preparing for war. Instead Delhi is in the full swing of the marriage season when the astrological stars are right and thousands upon thousands of young couples trailed by a veritable army of friends, families and neighbours get betrothed.

There are also the Christmas/New Year festivities where the conversation is not about the possibility of war but the economic meltdown that has spoiled everyone’s party, including India’s. To be sure, there is rage each time Mumbai is mentioned, and there are many who say “they will have to pay for this”. But war? No, that isn’t at the top of people’s minds yet.

So what’s really going on? Is the threat of a fourth India-Pakistan war real, not counting 1999 when India and Pakistan fought over the heights above Kargil on the Line of Control? Are the two countries inexorably moving toward conflict without their people realising it?

Or is this the Cold Start  doctrine  that strategists speak of, in which you don’t really mobilise troops and armour for weeks on a vast scale and then go to war like in ancient times, but instead go quickly into action from forward bases both in the air and on the ground for a short and sharp thrust ?  

Your guess is as good as mine, but in another two days it will be a month since the Mumbai attackers struck.  As far as India is concerned, that is time enough for Pakistan to have acted against the men and groups that it says are involved in attacks on India. Is there a clock ticking somewhere?


Both countries have Leaders who are IDIOTS.
So what do you expect from IDIOTS. War , as IDIOTS don’t Think.
But the real people of India & Pakistan who want prosperity NOT WAR.

REPLACE THE IDIOT LEADERS OF INDIA & PAKISTAN. then perhaps these two neighbors can live like good neighbors.and try to sit down and talk like CIVILIZED people. or continue to act as IDIOTS .

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The title of this blog site is NOW OR NEVER. Judging from the Pak responses here, apparently the answer is NEVER.

Saudi nationals doing 9/11 to US is different from what Pak is doing. Having training camps for terrorist organization LET, which is basically a terrorist wing of the ISI, coming to India to bomb trains, shoot civilians with AK 47 rifles.

“Pakistan” is like a suicide bomber, knowing very well how much it is hurting itself even if their activities inflict some damage to India, the damage to their country’s name, future prospects are worth taking. Such is the nature of their implaccable hatred.
Amazing, but such is the reality. Even idiots like Kuldip Nayyar is depressed post-Mumbai.

MUMBAI is one more reminder in 61 years to Indians, PAK will not change course. It is going to further deteriorate and turn into mega-Afghanistan.

(1) Short-term, defintitley make Pak pay a heavy price. Some of this has already been accomplished, depite their public posturing. It has been ousted thoroughly to the international community. But more needs to be done.

(2) In the long-term we have to boost anti-terror technical capabilities, dramatically boost man power, increase the NSG commando force, etc and be prepared better. If Israel, such a tiny country can survive, we should be able to do better.

(3) We have started diverging from Pak to a path towards prosperity, despite being much larger in size. This should and will be our goal.

(4) Finally, we should maintain communal harmony in India. MJ Akbar has said it the best soon after Mumbai. Internal problems should be delnked from Pak.


The title of this blog site is NOW OR NEVER. Judging from the Pak responses here, apparently the answer is NEVER.

Saudi nationals doing 9/11 to US is different from what Pak is doing. Having training camps for terrorist organization LET, which is basically a terrorist wing of the ISI, coming to India to bomb trains, shoot civilians with AK 47 rifles.

“Pakistan” is like a suicide bomber, knowing very well how much it is hurting itself even if their activities inflict some damage to India, the damage to their country’s name, future prospects are worth taking. Such is the nature of their implaccable hatred.
Amazing, but such is the reality.

MUMBAI is one more reminder in 61 years to Indians, PAK will not change course. It is going to further deteriorate and turn into mega-Afghanistan.

(1) Short-term, defintitley make Pak pay a heavy price. Some of this has already been accomplished, depite their public posturing. It has been ousted thoroughly to the international community. But more needs to be done.

(2) In the long-term we have to boost anti-terror technical capabilities, dramatically boost man power, increase the NSG commando force, etc and be prepared better. If Israel, such a tiny country can survive, we should be able to do better.

(3) We have started diverging from Pak to a path towards prosperity, despite being much larger in size. This should and will be our goal.

(4) Finally, we should maintain communal harmony in India. MJ Akbar has said it the best soon after Mumbai. Internal problems should be delnked from Pak.


India phatto ho gaya –
Pakistan Army chief slap on indian face – india feared away. indian planes pushed back by Pakistan Airforce –
Why india is lying? india should receive an oscar for drama of mumbai attack.
Pakistan forces are in best 5 of world wide armed forces.

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Peace Bahai,
Army Cheif Slap on Indian Face … Saddam also was telling he will give fitting reply to Americans …What happened is history now. Ome more is on the making. Best of Luck – Bharat

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To my Dear Anup, Vijay, Jinnah, Mr. Sanjeev Miglani and other friends:

I must leave this site now to attend to my family’s Christmas celebrations.

I wish all of you Peace and Happiness and may India and Pakistan come closer together even through this terrible tragedy of Mumbai. Here is a prayer from YouTube which is only one of many prayers in the lovely rainbow of all religions:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=orUcYjXki dE&feature=related

With Love Always, Alethia

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Thought provoking but biased.i expected something better.a cheap trick

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Dear All
Merry Christmas to all :)… yes Amidst of saying that there is no chance of war both countries are preparing for it. But every time one thing is forgotten is, This war is just based on the aggression build up by decades. but not for a betterment.
It may be possible to launch a Nuclear weapon for Pakistan army with in 10 minutes. or to ravish Pakisthan by Indian army…
But is it possible to solve the basic issues of 40% poverty affected Pakistan??
But is it possible to increase the integrity of difference religions people in India??
Never.. If at all there is a war… the loss is only for common people those who rule never lose anything…. And thats what make me so sad in the event of a war.. I wish peace to all common people who suffer because of the ego based decisions of athourities

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Present stand off between Pakistan & India with threat of War is real,India is trying to save its face from its own people because it wrongly and in haste blamed Pakistan within hours of Mumbai attacks,now the people in India want action against Pakistan but the Indian Government knows that it is not justified & too risky eversince Pakistan became Nuclear and will retaliate fiercefully even if India attempts a surgical strike.The Indian Government is in catch 22 position now…….lets see if they commit this foolish blunder or just let the events fade away,all depends on pressure from its Armed forces as well.

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What is required is not overt military action against the terrorist camps, which only contain brainless and brainwashed fanatic idiots. Kill a few of them and a hundred more will be recruited tomorrow. The real terrorist brains will not be found anywhere nearby. India should instead send covert operatives with missions to assasinate ISI generals and the Jihad leader’s inside Pakistan. Only then the message will hit home, that abetting terrorism is not a low risk low cost strategy for them.

The Mumbai terrorists were promised USD 4000 for a successful operation. Why can-not India place USD 400,000 rewards on the heads of the suspects ?

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A war with pakistan is the only way to solve this issue. Otherwise we will see Mumbai and other cities getting hammered again and again. The LET have to be destroyed. I guess, now the time has come to strike Pakistan before its too late.

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Dear Arif A.Khan,
In India we don’t have any pressure from Armed forces. They are the citizens and government who decides whether we would flatten you guys or not ;). Actually in a democracy and this is a standard practise and I hope your democrazy learns this new fact.

just wait we are coming soon
– with love from India

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My personal opinion is India should break the spine of pakistan economy . Hit their economy in garment and export sector . pakis wants war …kewl …one question to all pakis …CAN UR ECONOMY SUSTAIN THE AFTER WAR ? go and post the questions to ur leaders . maybe there think tankers needs to bruish up some numecrunching skills .

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Alethia describes the NWFP as wild and woolly and the people there as terrorists. The NWFP holds some of the bravest people in the world who would not easily surrender their freedom, as the Moghuls and later on the British discovered. This does not make them terrorists. The same “wild and woolly” men fought a non-violent struggle to throw out the British under the leadership of Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan, who was called the Frontier Gandhi. Their codes of conduct may be different, their value systems may be different, but this does not make them any inferior to other poeple in basic human values. Read a couple of good history books, dear, columnists in magazines and the internet may not always give you the correct perspective.

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Here’s an analogy to the current situation of Pakistan sponsored terrorism in India

I keep a pet dog in my house for whatever purpposes one might keep a pet:

The dog is not trained and controlled well and its mistakes are oevrlooked

This dog starts to crap in outside neighbours house everyday

When the the neighbour compains, I say its not my dog’s crap, can you prove it, even though i know its my dog’s crap

Since its the neighbours poor wife who cleans the crap everyday, the house holder is not really bothered to take the issue up with me and therefore the crapping continues

Soon the dog, emboldened by the lack of reprimand and control starts to get new ideas and starts crapping in my house as well..

By this time the dog has got enough teeth to bite me if i try to controll it

Therefore for every new incident of crapping at my neighbour’s house I have a new excuse that the dog craps in my place as well..so we are facing the same problem. Let’s agree to solve it together.

The questions that one can ask now:

- Willl I be receptive to the idea of my neighbour bring in an dog catcher to take the dog away??
- Will I be receptive to the idea of my neighbour coming into my house and taking the dog away??
- Willl I be receptive to the idea that I need to so something as the problem has originated from my actions??
- Will I accept responsibility and at least start restricting the dogs movement??

I read couple of threads on this issue and couldnt help laughing at the rhetoric by pakistani nationals,
I mean look at your state where you are and then talk of harming India, your economy is going down the drains, your society is held hostage by fundametalist. Think hard !!you might going the afgan way. Your only hope is to have peace with India. Lot of people talk of kashmir, lets look at history, history says it was the indian armed forces which protected kashmir when it was attacked by pakistan and paktoon forces and the state willingly decided to join indian union. It was due to political misadventure and continuous poisioning and fuelling of terrorism by pakistan that the problem has reached where it is.
Pakistan might be having a nuclear missile, a borrowed technology most probably :-), which am sure you guys are not intellingent enough to use, remember the way pakistan army had the best tank in the world the ‘patton tank’ and even then you were razed to dust. I will tell you why, because Indians forught for truth, for upholding the sovereignity of their nation and there was pride and conviction in them. In battles your arms dont count as much as your spirit and conviction does.
In the end I would urge my pakistani friends to stop talking like idiots and accept the reality, what happened in mumbai originated from pakistani soil. The idea is how soon would realize that some day same fundamentalism would turn you into an afganistan if you dont control it and get your kids educated. for the ignorant refer to the dog analogy above.

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Peace…go get some real education and not at madrassas’. All this talk about “we will give befitting reply” & “we will fight with India for 1000 years” & “we will fight till the last drop of blood”…..just who are you trying to scare here?

Pakistan is China’s lapdog and remain so for another 10,000 years. The rest of the world now knows who runs Pakistan.

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Those who are considering Pakistan as Iraq, need correction, if you would have some knowledge of Iraq – it was on the American support and various sanctions by world drama organization UNO – Pakistan infact is a self reliance country and its economy is not based on economy of some other country – there have been tall claims of weapons of mass destruction possessed by Iraq – but so far none has been found – Pakistan on the other hand has the armed forces which is ranked among top 5 – india has been defeated many times by Pakistan military so infact indai is trying to get support of world by false claimimg Pakistan involvement in mumbai attacks – but world can watch, see and think that such thing cannot happen without internal support that is why FBI, for instance asked india to bring evidences on the table to prove Pakistan involvement, and infact bring out the black sheep among them.

So stop lying and come into reality – You know Pakistan is the best and accept that india is afraid of PAKISTAN.

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Ms Alethia,

Part of a response ….

“Islamabad is manifestly unwilling to meet the demands we have made. It will not hand over any wanted person. It is hedging on banning the Jamaat-ud-Dawa. It is not accepting the Pakistani origin of the terrorists, questioning even Ajmal Amir Kasab’s confessions. The Jaish-e-Muhammad leader Masood Azhar is not under detention. The claim that Dawood Ibrahim is not in Pakistan, insinuations that Hindu terrorists might be involved in Mumbai and demanding evidence before Pakistan will move, despite known facts, reflects profound unwillingness to mend its conduct towards India. Pakistan’s reflexive responses, whenever accused of complicity in terrorism, are in full display in the Mumbai case. In these conditions no meaningful clean-up operation can occur in Pakistan.

This requires a stepped up response from India that may include withdrawal of our envoy, calibrated economic sanctions, travel restrictions and demand that international economic assistance to Pakistan depend on implementation of its anti-terrorism obligations.

Our soft response stems partly from concern about weakening the brittle civilian democratic government vis-a-vis the military. We should shed sentimentalism about democracy in Pakistan as its future is not dependent on India’s policies. Is it viable political strategy to continue absorbing terrorist attacks without reaction for the sake of the health of the democratic forces in Pakistan? This way we will bleed for years because profound democratic change in Pakistan will take that long. The rest of the world, rarely squeamish about military rule in Pakistan, will accept it again tomorrow if their interests so dictate.

Senator John Kerry mentioned in Delhi the planned $15 billion package for Pakistan with a military component. This exposes the gap between US and India on Pakistan. Offshoring our post-Mumbai anti-terror policy will not get us wanted results. Calling Pakistan’s bluff about moving its forces from west to east may get all to address the core problem better. Our diplomacy should be based on realities, not wishful thinking.”

The writer is a former foreign secretary.

Written by Kanwal Sibal

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Peace…go back to your madrassa and scare those 2 year old kids chutia

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Pakistan, what more proof the world wants from such a flip-flop “Terrorist Country”. Look at this article http://www.thenews.com.pk/top_story_deta il.asp?Id=19199
for which Pakistani officials claimed and detained Indian nationals illegally.

Can someone please give a crash course of Democracy, Law, Justice and Proper Intelligence training.

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The only nuclear capability of Pakistan is the Hot Air from this mentally challenged 2 year old posting as Peace. But all in all, it is really an obidient lapdog of China.

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Peace and Magic786

is that the language they teach you in madrassa’s? Is that your op-mod. That level of language speaks a lot about you. Like I said b4, go and scare 2 year old kids with “how great Pakistan is and how we will defeat the infidels” and on the other hand putting your hand out for donations from kaafirs!!!

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India supports the Tamil tigers in Sri Lanka, it funds the BLA (Baloch liberation army), it even funds the taliban to fight the US troops to keep both afghanistan and pakistan unstable.

I blame the americans becuase due to their greed (they see india as a huge opportunity for investment-due to its large population) they dont allow facts to come to light in the media. They are too scared to offend the indians.

Obviously pakistan is a smaller country and is not such a big investment opportunity.

But this does not change the fact that India whilst 70% of its children are under nourished and half its rural population is still not hooked up to the electricity grid -will never be a “superpower”. The indians need to stop day dreaming and start living in the real world.
In the real world their western neighbour has a far more professional military more than capable of defending its country. This is not afghanistan vs USA.

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Do you really know the meaning of madarassa? stop saying the words which have been spoon feeded in your mouth, come to real world, open your eyes, ears and senses if they exist – Accept it you idiots are afraid of Pakistan and the great nation of Pakistani – Pakistan is great and will always be.

Come to your senses……

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aslijatt yaar, maa ko baeju border kay us paar, hamm peace talk karay gay, yaa phir behan baij tho sorry think she is busy in calcuta!

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So Peace Ali786 & Magic786

Apna asli chamaarpan pe bas gaye. He he he …this is your so called Pakistan.

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Speak English you hindu fanatic! dont understand your untouchable language. Remember this much Muslims ruled India for over 800years and all the historic building e.g. taj mahal, ancient mosques all all work of Muslims.

All you hindu fanatic are good at is buring the babri mosque, churches so go and get a life. If you are already sick of it then jump off a cliff or even beter cross the border and we ll fulfill your wish.

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Those who are really excited on war, just go and talk to your wife, mother, sisters whether they like war or not?

In war not Indians/Pakistanis/Hindus/Muslims/Christ ians are dyeing, it’s humen going to dye.

Please don’t spread hatred, terrorists are not for a religion, they are killing innocent people for their hidden-agendas.

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If the media exposure, events so far, the Sultante of Oman, and Iran asking Pak to dismantle terror infrastructure etc have not induced any Pak shame, expect this “catch-22? of Indian govt to further crash the Pak economy already on life support. Expect this “catch-22? of India(!!) to force Pak to reach a grinding halt, and to run around seeking money to “run” the “country”.

But then “surgical strikes” whatever cannot be permanently ruled out. Sure, state sponsored terrorism backe dup with threat of nuclear war is new to humanity. But then counter strategies evolve.

The most amusing are the claims, Indian politicians are doing this and that for political purposes, etc. It is a question of our security. Time to tackle terrorism from “Pakistan”- a non-state with “stateless” actors and state “actors”. That simple.


Aslijat — the national language and attitude of yours can be easily seen in “indian” blog

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Everything is not so rosy in Pakistan. Over the past 60 years of thaw between India and Pakistan, it has always been Pakistan who was belligerent. All its misadventures (including 1947, 1965, 1971 and Kargil) have backfired. It has been continuing to wage war against India through drugs, illegal currency, insurgency and terrorism. However, the entire Pakistani Military and Government seems to be badly shaken this time. In the cover of a tough posture, all is not so well with Pakistan.

India has always been alone in the war against Pakistan with China and USA strongly supporting it, although not directly. In 1971 war, USA was very close to interfering and had sent its infamous 7th fleet to participate. China and USA have always kept the supply lines running.

However, now India is a lot more important to both China and USA. Notwithstanding previous relationship with Pakistan, it is a source of continuous economic strength to both countries.

Apart from economic factors, Pakistan remains exposed to the whole world with the role that it is playing in global terrorism. Jihadi factories have produced terrorists who have waged war against not just India but also USA, China, UK, Spain, etc. The claims of ‘we don’t know anything’ have not gone favourably with anyone. USA is striking at will in NWFP and US agents are all over Pakistan.

Pakistani Military is also in no condition to fight. It is heavily deployed in the Afghan border. Majority of Pakistani Army have soldiers that are of Pathan and Baluch origin. They are strongly against Pakistani Army’s operations in Balochistan and Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA). Morale of the fighting forces is extremely weak. In Pakistani Army, XI Corps and XII Corps comprise mostly of Baluchs and Pathans, and are expected to break quickly.

Entire operations of Army are now highly corrupted. There are many businesses controlled by the Army. War is least of the focus.

Modern wars are fought on ‘oil’. Pakistan has not learnt from Kargil debacle, where it had fuel only for a week if a full-scale war broke out. India has built a stockpile of oil and is located in operational areas.

Entire focus of Pakistani Army was to train insurgents. This can help a little in actual war. Al-Khalid Tank or MBT 2000 that is jointly developed by China and Pakistan has not been induced fully. Type 88 tank, that is the mainstay, is over 30 years old in technology. It lacks the agility and firepower of T-90 or Arjun tanks of India. M113 and M109 armoured carriers are based on a 50 year old model.

Main Pakistani cities such as Lahore, Islamabad, etc. are well within the striking distance of Indian forces. Once Indian Army is deployed, Pakistani Army will be more focused on defending. It has only one Strike Corps, Mangla Corps based out of PoK that is also expected to be put in a defensive role.

Pakistani missiles that have been demonstrated in media are imported from North Korea as an exchange to nuclear technology. The source for missiles has dried-up. China has been reluctant to share its missiles. While Pakistan officially claims that it has over 20,000 missiles, the real number is less than 1/10th.

Nuclear stockpile of Pakistan is totally in US control. It will be difficult to exercise the nuclear option without the consent of USA, which is very unlikely.

Pakistan Air Force has no answer to advanced Indian fighters such as Sukhoi-30 MKI and Mirage 2000 that are built with modern avionics and assault systems. The battle for air supremacy will be one way.

Pakistani Navy has many old ships that were purchased through a non-transparent mechanism and what is deployed is, at times, complete junk. Pakistan has claimed to induct few indigenously build submarines with French assistance. It also does not have an aircraft carrier.

In all, if a full-scale war breaks, Pakistan is doomed.


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Pakistan is MAD Country ruling by extremist they even don’t realizing WAR is not a solution to stop terrorism as both country are suffering from it; but India does despite of 50 time more powerful Amry than pak.
We Indian army have so much advance fighter plan and also 5th generation fighter plane is in under development which will compete F22…..so what Pak’s 1.5th generation fighter plane will do? pak has ne’clear weapon but can it dare to reach Indian territory? NO never ..Pak peoples are misguided by Pak media they even Not realizing….How they are desperate for WAR. we knows the reality war is not a solution if millions of would die both side and problem remain the same than?
Pak peoples have to be sensitive think positive.
Jai Hind


I am sure no sensible person will offer their comments after seeing level of civility.

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Pak will deny all the evidences against Kasab, terrorist captured by India. By this time Pak has erased every evidence of Kasab from pakistani records. it was Pakistan media that exposed that the father accepted Kasab as his son. Now officials have sealed off external access to the village and the person claimed to be relative of kasab. Is it hard for Pak to shut his mouth? Only third party access and DNA test will verify the claim.

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This is a scary conflict because it is potentially nuclear. Pakistan is a simmering country full of frustrated fighters. India is prepared for the worst. Only time will tell if rationality will prevail.


Thanks Vishy for such a good detail.

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At one profound level one has to realise that India is no longer an equal partner with Pakistan. India has grown much bigger and much stronger and much more prominent in the world.
Pakistanis have an obsession with India. They want to think of an India as an equal in rivalry. But both are not equal. India has surpassed Pakistan. And India is not a failed State. India is moving in the right direction and India might become a superpower in the future.
Pakistan is an irritant to its neighbour and you will have to find ways to minimise the damage to yourself. Pakistan can damage itself too. Finding a formula for this situation is not an easy thing.
Great power like India has to behave responsibly. As a great power America has behaved stupidly and irresponsibly. US has a huge problem in Iraq. India can learn lessons from the United States by being disciplined and responsible.

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I dont think Indias leadership has what it takes to make the tough call to strike pakistan. The whole question of going to war is a wrong one. The fact is most Indians are “EXTREMLY” ignorant to the fact that Pakistan has been conducting a proxy War with india since the 80′s that has left over 60 thousand people dead in India. India Gov response to that has been all tough talk and no action.

If India is to survive as a nation then it needs to act and send a clear message across the border. Indian lives are not going to be lost for free . Some one will pay a heavy price for it.

Weather its a air strike or a missile strike , it must be done now.

India has been at war but has never bothered to respond. Its a clear sign of weakness.

Much is made of Pakistans Nukes and the fact is they are so old and slow that they can be neutralized way before Pak even considers firing them. They are like a tool to “black mail” India and so far India has been black mailed.

Pak will surrender before they fire a single nuke. That if US has not taken over there nuke installations.

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oh guys so many Indians are here and not even a single person from Pakistan to defend his country ….
@ Manoj … India has undoubtedly become a better country than Pakistan for sure… their Media, their education, their people almost in all the fields..
but still there are many people who are living below the line of poverty. still there is caste system widely spread across the whole India… still they kill their women at the time of birth and fyi i must tell you India is the only country in the world where there are more Men and Less Women and I guess I have already told you the reason behind that.
your people are more in number, they are more educated and above all they have much much more access to media especially internet so where ever you see, you will find more Indians talking against Pakistan. you know the basic Rule… Majority is authority… so since you guys are more in number that’s why everybody think you guys are right and they start blaming Pakistan directly… keeping the facts aside… let me cut my story short

if you compare the Military and Weapons..
Pakistan have cruz missiles, do you have?
Pakistan have missiles with the range of 3500km. what is the range of your missiles? I guess 1500km at the most
what is the accuracy rate of your missile targeting? Pakistan has got a better one…
You have got more number of troops and more number of bombs no doubt…
you are 1112 M in numbers where as we are only 117 Million. so I can bet on this.. even if India stand victorious after the war, their death toll will be at least 10 times more that Pakistan in number.
But you know, Muslim believe in a life after death. They believe that if they will have good deeds in this world, they will go to heaven so when they fight, they fight with the passion for the survival of their country and ambition not to only defeat the enemy but to get the place in Heaven.

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There are some here from the “Islamic Republic of Pakistan” posing as Indians and claiming they are peace-loving people and don’t want war etc. The truth of the matter is India will not be launching a war, but will only be responding to the covert terrorist war the “Islamic Republic of Pakistan” has been waging for quite some time.

Also this has nothing to do with “jongoism”, “nationalism”, “patriotism”, it is a question of India’s future. Come what may, the Mumbai massacre cannot go unanswered.


I am appalled to read comments of my fellow indian friends and brothers, Who have grossely misunderstood Saudi Arabia, let us steer away from cynism and examine our thoughts and comments, Saudi Arabia being a rich nation, funds a lot of poor nations around the world, FACTS AND RECORDS well documented ON THE NET, How can one hold SAUDI accountable when a recipient country is utilising their funds otherwise, ITS LIKE SAYING DONT PAY YOUR TAXES and dont give away in charity, for you never know where your money is going, IRONY (we end up doing both), SHOULD WE BE MADE ACCOUNTABLE FOR OUR CHARITY, IF saudi is being blamed for funding pakistan , so should America, as america’s military and financial aid to pakistan for war against terror is used to beef up PAKISTAN’S military arsenal and not being used, where it is intended to, IF america is coznizant of the fact that Pakistan shelters banned terrosit camps, Then why does it sign huge arms deal with pakistan, THERE ARE LOT OF OTHER COUNTRIES WHO HAVE INDIRECTLY CREATED THIS MONSTER (PAKISTAN). Its a completely wrong notion to believe and state that all islamic states fund terrorism, NO MUSLIM COUNTRY if it follows the tenets of ISLAM will support terrosim in any form. We live in a era where nations are interdependant on each other, Appreciate Mr.Pranab Mukerjee’s effort to draw world attention to INDIA. Agree our emotions are running high, but the fact of the matter is we can’t change our neighbours, coercing INDIA to fight is only going to cause collateral damage on both sides and we have seen enough of blood shed. It might be exciting for some to cuddle up in their sofa’s and see an ongoing WAR. but ask a soldier what it like to leave a family behind and face death ahead.

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” Remember this much Muslims ruled India for over 800years and all the historic building e.g. taj mahal, ancient mosques all all work of Muslims. ”

why does every pakistani say this we ruled india for 800 years .
who ruled your country (offcourse there is no such think as pakistan before 1947) before even muslims arrive in subcontinent . i hope u will find out ur root history of ur ancestory

if u people say we ruled 800 years then india ruled thousands of years ok.
i dont how long muslim relegion existed in south asia.
90 percent muslims in south asia are converted forcely by scyko mughals or converted by them selves from hindu untouchable casted .

is this enough

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@Mudassir, India has huge social issues, which is slowly but surely improving. RThere is a fight you may call Jihad against this social discrimination. We are not proud of this male/female ratio. But Rising tide rises boat. Meanwhile pakistan’s record in gender ration isnt great either just check http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Demographic s_of_Asia, you will enlightened.

regarding missiles/range/accuracy. India is preparing to deter China’s capabilities. Another link for your enlightenment, http://cns.miis.edu/research/space/spfrn at.htm
For the same reason we do not want war my friend. Pak tried 4 times and failed.

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Guys, Check this link out about race relations in South East Asia.

http://atrocitynews.wordpress.com/2008/1 1/24/caste-violence-in-drambedkar-law-co llege-chennai-%E2%80%93-a-report/

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i dont think india will do this war, indian national congress i taking the milage for up comming election in may or june, i feel this as indian,

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Indians and Pakistanis are genetically the same people, both are ramshackle democracies, both are dying for international recognition, both have almost empty pockets, both have huge inflated egos, both speak same-accent English, etc, etc, etc. HELP! BOTH HAVE Nuclear BOMBS. ANd they’re stupid enough to use it.
Ladies and Gentlemen! Fasten your seat belts. This subcontinent is humanity’s testing ground of the 21st century – pharmaceuticals, cars, and yes. Man’s violent entry into the nuclear age. Hiroshima, Nagasaki….you’re just babies, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

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muslims or pakistanis who say we ruled india for over 800years , have look at this map shows right from mahabharatha times of india in kingdoms.

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i wanna ask some questions from all Indians around here

1. how did those terrorist reached Mumbai?

2. if you people say they came by sea route then what was your RAW doing at that time?

3.why didnt your intelligence service acted on the complaint of your fisher union?

4. why was that terrorist wearing a red and yellow band on the wrist worn by only extremist hindu parties?

5. why was himant kalkary targeted when he was investigating indian army?


‘Come what may, the Mumbai massacre cannot go unanswered.’
—BullsEye Brother! That’s the Spirit & don’t let it fizzle out this time, those who forget History- condemn themselves to it’s repetition, we may forgive, even if an iota of sincerity is displayed, but never forget….

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