Comments on: Indian, Pakistani op-eds show signs of softening Perspectives on Pakistan Thu, 01 Oct 2015 19:31:05 +0000 hourly 1 By: Manish Sun, 04 Jan 2009 17:23:46 +0000 The issue here is Indo-Pak relations, I donot see why India needs Pakistan? Pakistan is not our big trading partner, why should we need people to people contact, my suggestions to my Indian brothers is that instead of wasting time in discussing about how to improve Indo-Pak relation, let us put our efforts in providing security to the country and its people, we have had enough people to people contact, we had bus services, samjhauta express, liberal visa regime to Pakistani artistes, and what they have done to us in return? Pakistan is another neighbour like bangladesh, sri lanka or bhutan, what is so special about indo-pakistan relations except the vote bank politics. first and foremost we must withdraw our ambassadors, close the high commissions, stop visa regime, and put all our energy into strengthening our security and intelligence net work .

By: Rajul Sat, 03 Jan 2009 02:42:00 +0000 The ONLY way that things will ever improve between India and Pakistan is if the people of the two countries come close and both countries establish good economic relations. But everytime that begins to happen, an incident occurs and we’re back to hating again – as happened with the Mumbai attacks.

We really need both of our governments to make sincere efforts this time around, otherwise this hatred between the two countries will continue.

And what we really need are more people like the great Ansar Burney! I truelly respect this man for what he is doing and so do many of my Pakistani friends.

By: ammar Fri, 02 Jan 2009 19:33:18 +0000 @ umair, ali
I am sure you are as patriotic as i am. And thats a good thing. I honestly think that there is no point proving to each other who did what. I only ask of you to understand that Indians have no contentions on pakistani soil. As far as kashmir is concerned, there is a LOC in place and there are diplomatic avenues to sort the issue. Problem begins when issues like human rights violation in kashmir etc etc are made indo-pak issues. If anything there are domestic issues and on a larger scale international issues. i am an indian and a muslim. i don’t think there is need for pakistan to stand up for me. we are not in an age of khilafat and there is no central islamic government established. you have a president and a prime minister not a khalifa. Don’t bring in religion into political issues.
And i would rather like countries with majority muslim population to grow and advance in the field of science, technology, finance and other fields. if u look at us as muslims, we are a sizeable population and still far behind. it is true our brethren are struggling world over. but the word ‘jihad’ literally means to struggle. our struggle should be against hatred, negativity. its time we realize that we need to get educated, get into research, get nobels, be entrepreneurs. the only rich muslims seem to be the ‘sheikhs’ we have to break that stereotype. i think people on both sides of the LOC deserve the opportunity to do all this too. And if we both indians and pakitanis let them. maybe someday we wouldnt need to resolve the issue, as it would be a non-issue by then.

By: Victor Fri, 02 Jan 2009 15:58:23 +0000 When are you going to have “self-determination” for the people living within the current borders of Pakistan?
Jammu Kashmir has had another round of impartial elections whereas the Occupied Kashmir never had elections.

By: Hima Bindu Fri, 02 Jan 2009 15:56:16 +0000 @Mahesh,
excellent suggestions. I agree with you totally. We should work towards creating a strong India – not only economically, but socially and security-wise as well.

And Kashmiris and other Muslims, if you really want to leave India, you can go to Pakistan – “Your” country. But don’t ask for more land (like Kahsmir).

By: Minind Fri, 02 Jan 2009 15:30:37 +0000 Indian Govt is passing time. Y in the world any country other than india will take action aginst Let? The ultra incompetent central govt of India has itself not taken any punitive action aginst pakistan.
Trains, Buses are running as usual. Once pakistanis reach India,often they go missing for a long time. It appears that the indian govt after winning election at the urban Delhi has realized that Terrorism issue lacks vote appeal & hence it’s not an issue at all.
The end result is- There will be many many terror attacks this year too & finally, Indians will become immune to ‘Terror’ just as they’ve become immune to ‘Corruption’.

By: Subhash Fri, 02 Jan 2009 13:22:41 +0000 The current evidence given by India is enough to prove that the terrorists attacking Mumbai came from and are residents of Pakistan. This does not necessarily mean that they are Government Promoted. Why are Pak. people and Govt. taking this in a wrong way? Geographic situation of the country does not allow the Pak. Govt. to control all activities. Rather than taking any offense , its in the interest of International Peace that they act on these outfits. Any such action should not be treated as Pakistan’s defeat but a honest step for Peace. Terrorism in the end will harm Pak. too

By: Sam Fri, 02 Jan 2009 08:25:30 +0000 @Bindu

I agree with u and would like to say some more things..

India doesnt agree to Pak request of joint investigation as they have a tendency to layoff thier agenda wihtout doing much. What happened to the crackdown after parliament attacks? Those people were taken into custody again.. this is the exact reason we do not want ur help. We just want ur actions, or is pakistan so incompetent that it cannot work on its own?

Todays news has quoted a Pakistani Security Officer as saying that Zarar Shah a top LeT leader has confessed his role in the attack. This is reported by your newspaper, please use google if you do not know your press websites.

By: Mahesh Kumar Thu, 01 Jan 2009 20:01:48 +0000 Having red the abusive language used, particularly by the pakistani contributors, I am convinced that there will never be a good relation between India and Pakistan, until the pakistani govt and the ordinary pakistanis change their terrorist/religious convictions. Then Indians should therefore leave them alone, and not worry about them, because like pakistanis, Indians also can belive that their nuclear weapons will work as the deterrent against pakistani aggression.

What Indians needs to do is to elect a true nationalist government, who is not a player of minority vote-bank politics in the next general election. Once in power, this govt should take the following steps:
1). Identify anti-national elements within the country – including publication of crime statistics by religion – and eliminate them by introducing anti-terrorist/treason laws. If members of a particular community is found to be promoting cross-border terrorism bring in corrective steps to integrate that community as a whole.
2). If Muslims in India want to go to Pakistan (in fact it is for them pakistan was created) provide all necessary help to them. This will be a big help to those muslims who want to live in an islamic country.
3). Encourage the scientific community to find an alternative to oil so that some of the oil rich countries will not be in a position to provide financial support to the terrorists groups
4). Strengthen democratic institutions based on values of the majority community (democracy means the ruling by the majority – take example of USA, Malaysia, etc.) – including laws for democratisation of political parties – to ensure that all citizens are protected by these institutions.
5). Keep the armed forces in a combat-ready mode at the pakistani borders (but never in an aggressive manner) to prevent terrorist inflitration. We should not violate pakistani territorial borders.
6). No dealing with Pakistan and pakistanis (including sports / water sharing agreements etc.) until they start respecting human values.
Pakistan also can take similar steps / or all the steps that it think will protect them, without interfering the terrotorial boundaris of India.
I am sure thus we can reduce the tension between these two nations and make the world a better place to live.

By: mumbaikar Thu, 01 Jan 2009 17:31:11 +0000 People of Pakistan and India need to take a look at their no so distant past to figure out if fighting really makes sense.

Founder of Pakistan Mr. Jinnah used to own a house in Mumbai – Jinnah house as it is known even today. This is the place where plans to create Pakistan were solidified. Although he had to leave the house behind, he was fond of it.

India and Pakistan are two separate countries today, but they have so much in common.