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By: Azad DP Fri, 09 Jan 2009 04:12:27 +0000 Nuclear Energy Deal- President Bush tirelessly campaigned both in and outside US to deliver the gift he promised. He felt shocked and guilty to see a nation like India not to have nuclear energy. Thankfully the bipartisan senators strengthened his hands. The historic act came dangerously close to being pushed under carpet, thanks to communists. Try to understand what PM Singh said, ‘just let’s get the IAEA and NSG clearance first, then we can play the game on our terms’. An American handshake is a golden handshake indeed just in case you are trying to take communists too seriously. Their masters are in china. US can make profit by selling Boeings and war ships rather than nuclear technology.
Pak Terrorism- the internal rife will proliferate for a longtime. Their religious ignorance and poverty collectively lead to slow death. Zardaris, Shariffs who actually lived in other richer nations during their forced exile know the real reasons for the pathetic state of their country. Its not the US, Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism , shias, Ahmadias, its them the Pakistanis that are responsible for the state of affairs. Denial and Blame (others) are overt expressions of a clueless population. India, through war, should not step into the mud. Indian muslims are as Indians as are the others. A small number of misguided individuals are terrorists /murderers than muslims, even if they call themselves Islamic. Its perfectly justified of Indian muslims to refuse a burial place for the 26/11Mumbai evils.

By: Peace Wed, 07 Jan 2009 19:16:48 +0000 I would rather not comment anything just only that ariticle title depicts the true image of india- a country which can’t even dream for itself — it is american dream lol…it really says that india l i c k s american _sh-it_ to prove its existence.

By: Ali Wed, 07 Jan 2009 18:49:45 +0000 Here we go again all idiots barking like a stray dog lol.

Calm down and take a reality chill pill khatris. I have said India is NOT America and will NEVER be so STOP acting like morons for the sake of people who are dead.

If you could ask the inncent people killed in Bombay, Karachi, Kashmir or anywhere else due to terrorist related incident. They would say what the point of revenge and violenec becuaes violence only briongs more violence.

A sensible approach would have been to work with the civilian government of Pakistan to get to the bottom of who was involved. So they can tried in the Pakistani courts but instead India thought a perfect time to use this excuse to anhance its agenda it has NOT worked and will NEVER.

By the way GOODLUCK with Pakistan handing over anyone thats only if they ever get proven guilty! lol

By: Syam Wed, 07 Jan 2009 16:53:18 +0000 India can not be a super power as long as it depends on (ad love) imports for majority of modern weapons. Look at Indian Army, it is more happy with T90 than Arjun. US M1A1 went through several developement steps while using to reach present level. Similarly Indian Army must use Indian Battle Tanks and let it evolve further. India imports her artillary (Guns and ammunition), imports her small arms and bullets. India imports most of Airforce needs (aircraft, missiles, guided munitions etc.,). Indian Engineers and Technologists are proving themselves as some of the best in the world while working abroad, they do not enjoy the same confidence with Indian defence forces and their Government. As for as protecting the nation, it can not even respond when it’s citizens are murdered on its soil without looking abroad for permission to respond. This can never happen in China or USA.
India should learn to try its own shoelaces, not to look abroad for permission to do so, orelse she is going to tip and fall.
Pakistan challanges India, Bangladesh bullies India, Ceylone unhappy with India.
The above has nothing new, somthing every Indian knows. It is an attemt to wake them up and let them tell their Government and their Armed Forces how they feel. In a democracy they have a right to do so, or bring the government down. If I offended any one’s ego it is not intentional.
Thank you for the opportunity to express my views.
Syam Kumar Thakkilapati

By: Qasim Awan Wed, 07 Jan 2009 11:54:54 +0000 Everyone asks India why they cant ‘do a Gaza’ on my country,Pakistan.

Well folks,the answer simply is that India CANT!!Because Pakistani nukes lie in wait for any Hindu nationalists who dare cast an evil eye on Pakistan?I firmly advocate that if PAKISTAN is attacked,we should send our nukes to Mumbai,Delhi & Bangalore.Decapitate India’s head & then watch how it responds

By: Jerry Tue, 06 Jan 2009 18:47:45 +0000 India think we should leave Pakistan alone. India’s American dream can be fulfilled by sponsoring a couple of 100 drone attacks within Pakistan using US forces.

Keeps everyone happy.

Pakistan dare not fight the US. India does not loose any soldiers. US fulfills its mission on the global war in Pakistan. Maybe a couple of drone strikes in Lahore and Karachi would not hurt.

By: Andy Rebeiro Tue, 06 Jan 2009 14:09:00 +0000 Cool down folks. Everyone wants war in a military sense but in these days, that’s not the answer to everything.
Today’s “war” is more economic in nature.
If Pak is not controlling the terrorism on its territory,
India needs to think strategically.
Pak is already circling the drain economically and India should make sure that Pak trade suffers till they come to their senses.
Pak is getting abandoned, even by their own people. The Pak elites send their children abroad the first chance they get. The US will use the territory as target practice. The “jihad” monster is eating Pak from within and its just a matter of time before they pull the state down. I hope the Pak govt realizes that they are cutting off their nose to spite their neighbour’s face.

By: Aaruni Upadhyay Tue, 06 Jan 2009 05:50:53 +0000 The logic is clear. India is not as valuable to US as is Pakistan. So India should better not be expecting any extraordinary support from their side. I was just wondering are we doing right in distancing ourselves from the Russians. They may not be so influential in current International scenario but they are time tested, all season friends of India. Time for may be a rethink.

By: Victor Tue, 06 Jan 2009 03:06:55 +0000 ++++We have a right to self defence and take care of without fear of nukes attack bt Pak we should act so that before next attempt PAK thinks again. There ay be suicide squads but there are no suicide states.

– Posted by Shyam Mohan ++++

I have posted this before. “Pakistan”‘s nuclear bluff will be exposed soon if it persists with sponsoring terrorism in India. It will be punished for Mumbai. India wants peace and wants to be focussed on economic development. But then we have “Pakistan” as our neighbhour.

Besides dropping bombs and open war may not be the best way to defeat Pakistan. It is facing its own slow death, because it is full of ppl like hate mongers like Ali.