Why India can’t do a Gaza on Pakistan

January 8, 2009

India continues to turn up the heat on Pakistan for the Mumbai attacks, declaring once again on Wednesday that all options were open to disrupt militant networks operating from there. And this, a day after Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said official agencies must have been involved in an operation of such sophistication, a serious charge by a head of government against another state.

But is India really in a position to make good its threats against Pakistan ? The question has repeatedly come up here on this blog and elsewhere since those attacks on November 26 and now in the light of  Israel’s Gaza operation, some people are again asking why New Delhi cannot carry out punitive strikes inside Pakistan.

 Tunku Varadarajan, writing in Forbes magazine, advances five reasons why India can’t do a Gaza on Pakistan. 1) India is not a military goliath in relation to Pakistan in the way Israel is to the Palestinian territories with its overwhelming military superiority. Pakistan for all is dysfunction is a proper country  with a proper army and with nuclear weapons to boot. “Any assault on Pakistani territory carries with it  an apocalyptic risk for India.”

2) The rationale for “doing a Gaza” may not be present in the case of the Mumbai attacks. Hamas are in  political control of the territory from which the attacks on the Israelis have occurred. The Mumbai attacks on the other hand, even if carried out by people based in Pakistan, were not authored by the government there and so it would be difficult to hold the entire Pakistani state culpable. So how do you go to war?

3) Israel enjoys overwhelming support from the American people, a fraternal feeling that buys it 
enviable immunity in the conduct of its strategic defence. India, by contrast, scarcely has a fraction of  Israel’s pull in Washington, even if it is probably admired far more than Pakistan.

4) Pakistan is strategically significant to America in ways that the Palestinians are not.  This is the central  front on the war on al Qaeda and Taliban and the last thing the U.S. wants is a military strike by India that would compel Pakistan to expend all its energy and resources on the eastern border rather than the  western flank that has become home to al Qaeda.

5) Finally, Varadarajan says, Israel has the privilege of being an international pariah that works to its advantage. To its critics including those who wouldn’t have even diplomatic ties with it, Israel can say “Hang Diplomacy.” India by contrast has no such luxury. “It is a prisoner of its own global aspirations-and pretensions.”

You could argue against all of these or some of these reasons. Indeed you might say that the whole basis of Varadarajan’s article is flawed given that the risk of conflict remains high. What if there is another big attack in India, again a possibility that has been discussed here and elsewhere

Will the same reasons hold back India or will it be too late then?



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Vardarajan’s, first point is debatable, second, third & fourth are bulls eye, but in the latter part of the fifth- “It is a prisoner of its own global aspirations-and pretensions.” Is he indicating that having global aspirations (Indians only have economic aspirations) is sacrilegious for India, & does he means to say that unlike the Americans after 9/11, but on the contrary by exercising restrain & not turning into warmongers, rather putting it’s faith in the ‘sincerity’ of the ‘matured’ world powers & the UN , India’s is being pretentiousness…
In any God forbid repeat attack, India will again respond wisely as a responsible Nation…Keeping all options open.

Posted by Anup | Report as abusive

Point 1) Pakistan a proper country ?? Never in my life have I seen a country flip flop so much on an issue. Who is in control? The president, the prime minister, the general, LET, Taliban, ISI, USA or Dawood?

Point 2) Not authored by the govt there? You got to be kidding me. Are you telling me these terrorists got sophisticated satellite phones, commando training, navigational training from some mullah who knew only arabic based in an obscure pakistani village?

Point 5) prisoner of its own global aspirations-and pretensions – he he!!, just one more mumbai and you might lose one half of the globe mate!!

Posted by Kiran | Report as abusive

India cannot attack Pakistan. Period. This is because India risks a nuclear war with Pakistan in case of a conflict. Attack on Pakistan is a major disaster for India.

Now there are only two options with India. The first option is a surprise attack on Pakistan during peaceful time and cleaning up the country of all its terrorists and nuclear weapons. And then making this country once again part of India declaring it as an indian state by granting sufficient autonomy and self rule.

The second option is to work with Pakistan and trust them completely to solve the terrorist menace. India also has to accept that there will be many more attacks by jihadists and pakistan has no control over them. Every time a attack takes place..India and Pakistan has to work together to solve the issue. Infact this time in Bombay India should have allowed Pakistan to solve this issue.

Any kind of flip flopping on this issue by India will cause a catastrophe. Incomplete measures such as surgical strikes will only lead to a broader war with unintended consequences. You cannot put the lives of millions of people at risk because of a few misguided religious zealots. Pakistan clearly knows India cannot attack it. India should stop threatening Pakistan. It is nonsense to say keeping all options open. India has no option except meaningful dialogue and cooperation.

Posted by prasad | Report as abusive

And what if India is attacked again, as it will be if Pakistan does not pay a price this time round. The perverse ideology of a death by thousand cuts as propogated by ISI and the Pakistani army does not disappear. How many more of these terrorist attacked, backed by the Pakistani army/ISI (read pakistani state) must India have to endure.
India has to ensure that Pakistan pays a heavy price for its actions. So far it has acted with impunity, and carried out numerous attacks and at no cost to it.

Wars work two ways. India can attack and let Pakistan move its forces from the western border. If the US does not want this, let them tell Pakistan to bring out all the terrorists of this latest crime, both state and non state actors.
We cannot be cowed down by nuclear threats all the time. It works both ways.

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The question asked here is wrong.. India can definately do Gaza in pakistan..not that the Nukes in pakistan is a detterent to do that..Nukes existed in pakistan after attack on indian parliament, pakistan also had nukes during kargil war..India did not hesitate to step on it in the past…Nor is India worried about the cheap chineese make nukes of pakistan now as overhyped by media… the only reason is US and its war on terorr..but that to has limits..If I can remind you the liberation of Bangladesh when India didn’t stop short just coz america and china were opposing it.

Posted by Om | Report as abusive

It is rather irresponsible to bring up such a scenario for discussion. It is lifeline to extremists on booth sides. I ask all commentators showing their bravos to look at poverty in sub-continent. Present solutions rather than playing into hands of those who wants to harm all people of sub-continent.

Posted by truth | Report as abusive

What ever analysis is done and said about action’s that India can Take. We must not forget that peace is secure only in the shadow of Gun. Mumbai attacks have taken the peace from Indian People who do have global aspiration’s may be economic currently but our regional aspiration’s should certailnly be in the negibourhood of failed state’s be that of Military might driving the region to prosperity and their the response like Israel could be Damn you. We may not have edge on the Weapons side but one should understand we have finest and most professional Army in the world and that is beoz of our Soldier’s.

Posted by Ravi | Report as abusive

@ truth,
For the solution to poverty that you seek. When the citizens of a country is free of threats, dont have to worry about enemies most mportantly dont have to spend billions on defence deals and not waste millions of its people who are a valuable resource of any country in to army..the atmosphere for development is automatically developed with development poverty will disappear.
Now a attack liek on mumbai has pushed 172 families in to poverty who lost their earning hands..now do you see the solution ??

Posted by Om | Report as abusive

Once you take away the nukes from Pakistan I don’t see any reason why india shouldn’t be able to do pre-emptive strikes on Pak.

Posted by Vinay | Report as abusive

Why blame Pakistani politicians who themselves are being routinely killed off by extremists? Do yourself and the whole world a favour, and blame those wahhabi billionaires who are financing the extremists instead!

Posted by MX | Report as abusive

India has alraedy joined hands with US to install a missile defense shield once that is done.. Pakistani nukes are as good as garbage.

Posted by Om | Report as abusive

“Doing a Gaza” is not the only way for India to pay back Pakistan for its terrorist war on unarmed civilians in India.

Posted by Victor | Report as abusive

+++India cannot attack Pakistan. Period.- Posted by prasad ++++

You are a Paki posing as an Indian. Case dismissed.

Pakistan’s whole premise for continuing terrorism is this “nuclear war” bluff. That game is over.

Posted by Victor | Report as abusive


I agree with Mr.Vardarajan’s analysis. An all out war between India and Pakistan was never on the cards; despite the war hysteria from Pakistan post 26/11.

However, I guess, this post is going to be a war of words. I expect some Paki supporter, as usual, writing over-inflated and jingoistic comments taking this discussion possibly to a new low.

Posted by VN | Report as abusive

Gradually it is being realised by many people in India that madness out of rage will not pay. Consider barring nuclear factor, there are more than 10 million small and light weapons in pakistan and ample number of people who could fight to the teeth any invasion. There is also a plausible liklihood that in such conflict the fissures of indian separatist movement will get impetus and India fighting one war will get into 20 other wars. In a day dreaming only someone could think of attacking Pakistan. Remember, Soviet Union while fighting one war in Afghanistan cut itself into 16 pieces – now all independent countries. So take it easy and follow the dialogue course so that both countries could tackle terrorism in a meaningful way, solve outstanding territorial disputes and learn to live and let others live too.

Posted by Ali | Report as abusive

India can go ahead and attack Pakistan and fulfill the main objective of the Mumbai gunmen.

Posted by Bangash | Report as abusive

gaza is not a war!
its a act of terror against childrens!
there is no difference between 26/11, 9/11, or gaza!
so remember those little things before saying garbage!

Posted by najeeb | Report as abusive

It is a serious fallacy to assume simply because Pakistan has nuclear weapons, it can continue terrorism indefinitely. There are 2 premises behind Mumbai commando attack by Pak army:

(1) plausible deniability- confusing everyone and refusing to accept responsibility

(2) denying the opponent the ability to retaliate, under the cover of nuclear weapons.

#1 fell through this time. Pak army/ISI had gotten away so many times. Ajmal Amir Kasab who was caught alive turned out to be the weak link for the Pak army. He should not have been caught alive, he should not be talking. He has done both, thus defeating the whole operation. In panic, the terrorists also forgot to sink the boat they came in leaving the satellite phone, and other evidence.

#2 above is interesting. Humanity has not faced the Pakistan problem before. A rogue country, that sends in terrorists to a neighbouring country to mow down unarmed civilians at a commuter train station. Security establishments through out the world are shaken by Pakistani foolhardiness. Even the Chinese are having butterflies in their tummies.

Sane people, people with consecience throughout the world realize, the premise behind #2 cannot continue. Forget about taking sides, muslims vs non-muslims, etc…… the nuclear debri from the subcontinent if it blows,will blow from Saudi Arabia to Shanghai.

Behind Pakistani bluster lies a “country” with no instituitions, no nationhood, a brand name trashed (Pakistan= terrorism), no platform for future economic prospects. It is completely dependent on dole from the “crusaders” and the saudi sheiks. Despite the false Islamic pride displayed by Pakis, the arabs don’t take them seriously.

The fact all the 10 terrorists came from the Punjab province of “Pakistan” also reveals the operational realities of Pak army and ISI. The jihadi, terrorist enterprise is run by the Punjabi dominant army. thus this further undermines the internal cohesion of “Pakistan”.

Posted by Johnny | Report as abusive

Tunku Varadrajan, in Forbes is absolutely right in stating “Why India could not do a Gaza” , but the fact is India can no longer trust Paksitanis, like israel, India is also at war with Pak sponsored terrorists , so like Israel, we will have to prepare our security agencies and system to face these new challenges . Secondly Indo-Pak relations need a new consideration , whether it is necessary to snap all diplomatic ties or scale down our diplomatic relations with them , since Pakistan is not our great trade partner, India can afford to live without them, we must snap all kind trade and cultural relation with Pakistan.

Posted by Manish | Report as abusive

The most important question is “What if, another attack happens?”. Can we attack Pakistan, come what may?. This time, India may not even blame Pakistan to avoid embarassment. Pakistanis are ready for nukes. Are we ready?. No.

Bacause, we are dying to live but they are dying to die.Period.

Posted by R.Alamsha Karnan | Report as abusive

India maynot be able to conduct overt operations but what about covert operations and if they are caught then absolve themslves on the same patterns as Pakistanis, non-state actors, not Indian.

Posted by gc | Report as abusive

India will be attacked again,and all we can do is..live in frustration……………….

Posted by Rajeesh | Report as abusive

nuclear war is needed if pakistan attacks on India by nuclear bombs. but we cant see future, may terrorist got control over nuclear bombs and play with us in India. So am suggesting America should take control over terror atacks in this world, because they partly support terror attacks and acts like they are unaware of it.

Posted by Shalini | Report as abusive

Mr. All xpert,
Look, in my opinion, and also as explained by several times by our politician, Pakistan is a FAILED country.
No doubt.
And just remember Pakistan need the war because they have nothing to loose. We indians are growing fastly but but pakistan is stucked between terrors and some jehadis group. so they even the polotician of Pakistan is not in favour of Indians growth. They just want to push us in trouble.
And if we involve in the war then it will be a disastor and we will roll back 10 to 15 years.
So let the politician to handle all the situation accordingly because they are wise enough to handle the situation.

Posted by shwetank | Report as abusive

Yes I do agree with the authors openion infact the reasons given why india cannot repeat Isarel.

But The pakistan if other countries doesnot put a AXE on them a day is not so far that every muslim terrorist activity in anywhere in the world would be sponsered and planned on pakistani land. And then countries like Israel and US only will attack pakistan before india.

Infact cowward india is waiting for that only. Indian govt. dont have guts to take military actions against terrorist outfits dwelling in pakistan.

We dont need to get in to WAR with pakistan as nation but should get the right to attach terrorist in parts of pakistan with co ordination with US and pakistan governement.

Posted by pcockfast | Report as abusive

India should create 10-12 non-state influenced intelligence action squads independent of the army. They are given full power and resources to eliminate anybody in this world or space who is acting against india. It is not war. It will be searching and eliminating through snipers/ automatic weapons/ poisoning/ blackmailing and with all the negative actions which can be implemented. Start now and within 10 years South asia will be clear of the Anti-Indian terrorists.

Posted by bals | Report as abusive

Ali wrote ” There is also a plausible liklihood that in such conflict the fissures of indian separatist movement will get impetus and India fighting one war will get into 20 other wars. In a day dreaming only someone could think of attacking Pakistan. Remember, Soviet Union while fighting one war in Afghanistan cut itself into 16 pieces – now all independent countries. So take it easy and follow the dialogue course so that both countries could tackle terrorism in a meaningful way, solve outstanding territorial disputes and learn to live and let others live too.”

Ali , you pakis, should stop live in fantasy that india will be blown into pieces just because we have different cultures but also there is a commonality between us which is culture that is old for many millenia. so comparing with soviet union is mere fantasy taught in your newspapers or your madrasas . Talks to solve terrorism ? oh before mumbai attacks we have been talking and still attack happened so talks aint working. what pakistan needs to do to eliminate terrorism ? stop producing it. india has nothing to help pakistan quit its habit.

Posted by vivek | Report as abusive

And Ali you wrote live and let live ? Look who is talking people in your country are sending in mercenaries and not letting others live. probably you were advising your people there.

Posted by vivek | Report as abusive

truth wrote “It is rather irresponsible to bring up such a scenario for discussion. It is lifeline to extremists on booth sides. I ask all commentators showing their bravos to look at poverty in sub-continent. Present solutions rather than playing into hands of those who wants to harm all people of sub-continent.”

very funny. can you think of others when there is severe threat to your life ? are you afraid of such a thought of gaza fate for pakistan ? why do guys like you put pakistan together with india calling it together subcontinent. india is not bankrupt like pakistan.

Posted by Brendan | Report as abusive

Stop Playing Game And Show Your True Face To Peoples Of World – Mumbai Attacks are Preplan By Own Indian Gov To Make A Way To Attack In Pakistan, All Peoples Involve In Indian Attack are Indians Few Of Them Was Living In Pakistan Places From Long Time As a Muslims like one of them Ajmal Kasab, But what truth behind it , he is an Hindu and Indian Person, All peoples Terrors Killed In Mumbai Attack, Why Not This Arrested Person, Because he was having full support of Indian Gov to give him save way after killing peoples in Mumbai Where too much Muslims Die as well – Pakistan is Facing Big Terrorists Attacks within Pakistan If Same Like Indian Pakistani Gov Start Showing Proofs Of Indian Army Involves In Sawat , Balochistan , In Attack Of Islamabad Hotels , Killing Of Banazir Bhutto, Then indians will no way left to be hide. Remember It is Pakistan No Gaza, Remember the fight of 1961 and 1971 and the 1999 Siyacheen.

Your World Why India Can’t Do a Gaza On Pakistan.

Remember its pakistan, No Gaza, If you Attack In Pakistan and make involve in this attack Isrealies as well then remember The Old Fights And you will See what will be Next Happened In India. And Asham On Your Face too that how much those you bledy peoples are having happy in Gaza Attack , There are More Childs Killed, None of your Family Member there if were you better Understand thems.

Pakistan : Now and Always

Posted by Syed | Report as abusive

our politicians may be involved with terorists as they have no morale so they are delaying any action, after some time people will forget about the attack.AS we have to live with frustration and insecurity.
we should have bold and educated politicians like Bush and Obama only then something could be done against pakistan.

Posted by rajesh | Report as abusive

Rational number 2 assumes Pak govt. is not involved at some level in the Mumbai attacks. However, as the Indian PM alleges and the West seems to agree that an operation of this complexity could not have been carried out without some Pak government involvement or support.

Posted by Irfan Ahmed | Report as abusive

This post overlooks another important point: Gaza was firing rockets over a period of time, whereas the Mumbai attack was a one time deal. That gives Israel the added defense of fighting off and removing a continuous threat that India cannot use, since the 9 terrorists are already incapacitated.

Posted by drewbie | Report as abusive

I thinkn that most of the bloggers are representitives of terrorists as they speak their language. Sense should prevail and try to solve the baisc problems and there will be peace in the region, there are millions of people in pakistan who came from india and millions of people in india who migrated from pakistan , so both are the same, try to prevail peace and spread love.

Posted by Tufail Malik | Report as abusive

India indeed cannot launch an operation like the “Operation Cast Lead” by the Israel Defence Forces. First lets assume, Indian bombers cross the airspace to launch a strike on Pakistani airspace. The Pakistan Air Force can despatch formations of interceptors to shoot down the intruding air crafts. Counter strikes on Indian airbases can be ordered within minutes with combat aircraft scrambled all around. Ground forces could be mobilized for an offensive build-up. Nuclear warheads and misslies could be deployed in very shrt time. The whole thing will get messy, and dangerous. The response time will be slow, escalation will be horrific and quick. In Gaza conflict there is lot of time for diplomacy, but in an Indo-Pak conflict scenario, so much havoc can be caused with-in minutes, such destruction can be unleashed with in minutes.

Posted by Umair | Report as abusive

In a war btw the two, India would suffer broken bones and a very bloody nose. Pakistan however, would suffer that AND a permanent decapitation.

Posted by global watcher | Report as abusive

Indias Economy can be bought down to its knees , if foreign investors take their money out. (Who is going to pay for all the call centres ?) . Therefore India cannot afford to be brave.

Posted by JShan | Report as abusive

I believe Indian govt. does not have a political will to take care of this problem; they are corrupt & busy making money…. No country would be prosperous if its own citizens are not safe…this will keep happening and no one would do anything…. India should stop spending billions of dollars on military since it is of no use. They should put more money into border security forces, which would solve most of the intruders problem and other then that Indian Army is of no use, as they would never be used for any real war with anyone, they are just showpiece and eating all the money from our taxes…. Also who ever thinks Indian army is very sophisticated should check their sources, they are very corrupt and outdated, they have no strategic plans for any scenario… If 10 trained terrorists from Pakistan can create such a situation for 3 days, what would Indian Army do in a real war? Terrorists destroyed 2 buildings on 9/11, US destroyed Afghanistan and Iraq… this is real power… If India wants respect on global level, India should show what it got, otherwise just shut up and watch innocent people brutally killed by these evil followers….

Posted by HP | Report as abusive

The story of India planned an attack on its own soil is as true as the idiotic story of 72 virgins and a heaven, if there is any allah or god out there, he can send you only to hell for killing innocent people. And that hell is pakistan a failed and fallen state.

Only a madarsa educated fundamentalist can imagine this.

And why India cant do a gaza is quite clear, India dont have to do it, the radical islam is a frankastien monster which will eat its own creator one day. Pak is getting blows on its nose these days and getting disintegrated. Pakistan is going to kiss good bye to Balochistan and Waziristan soon.

Why should India care about this Pak sh*t ?

Posted by punjabiyaar | Report as abusive

Indian Governments have not been saints.

They have tried to break Pakistan and make it weak in 1971 war for Bangladesh they were successful and in the Baluchistan separation for the last two years.

Pakistan is also got full right and justification to help the separation of Jammu and Kashmir from India.UNO rsolution of 1948 for plebiciste has not been implemented by Indian Governments as promised by Nehru.

Oh I forgot UNO is just a dummy organization financed and implemeted by the imperialists’ countries for their own interests!!!

Its a two way traffic and not the biased western or Indian press is talking against Pakistan.

Posted by ratee | Report as abusive

Indian Governments have not been saints.

They have tried to break Pakistan and make it weak in 1971 war for Bangladesh they were successful and in the Baluchistan separation for the last two years.

Pakistan is also got full right and justification to help the separation of Jammu and Kashmir from India.UNO resolution of 1948 for plebiscite has not been implemented by Indian Governments as promised by Nehru.

Oh I forgot UNO is just a dummy organization financed and implemented by the imperialists’ countries for their own interests!!!

Its a two way traffic and not the biased western or Indian press is talking against Pakistan.

Posted by ratee | Report as abusive

‘such destruction can be unleashed with in minutes…’
—If you terrorist guys are so smart then why irritate the Great Indian Nation & call upon yourselves ‘Kayamat’ before time??? A global nuisance that’s what Pakistan is…

Posted by Anup | Report as abusive


you are another hatred fed typical pakistani who always wants foolproof evidence when some thing is against you, and you talk without evidence. not only talking, also spreading among the people of pak and feeding hatred among them against india with out any evidence. once hatred is fed sufficiently, then the can be tuned to another ajmal kasab or any other suicide attackers. your country wants this kind of people to spread havoc across the world and particularly india. that is the reason for feeding hatred.

Posted by venkat | Report as abusive

India at the moment cannot do gaza on pakistan because indian public has elected all old goats in the country to power.
Starting from mr.prime minister, defese chief, the home minister, minister of external affairs had a chance to lead india’s 1.1 billion people as leaders..but they all chose to be slaves of one italian lady.
what a shame !!!

Posted by Om | Report as abusive

India/she knows in each & every field Pakistan is ahead from her e.g. in Cricket have won more than India ODs & in Test, Hockey, Polo, Pakistan is even ahead in more explosion of Atomic Bombs. If you feel pride on M.Rafi & Lata, then we’ve M.Hassan & Nurjehan so every where Pakistani Flag is ahead with India, therefore she & her think tanks are too frieghtened to survive.

Posted by Adnan Arshad Mansoori | Report as abusive

If you throw stone in dirty swamp, the dirt will spill on self.

Posted by amar | Report as abusive

Pakistan is not Gaza, Iraq & Afganistan; and India is not USA. Indian should read Arundhaty Roy’s colums who is their own beloved writer. Indians must listen to her what she is saying. If any stupity done by Idian government then they must be ready to pay back. The response would be very destructve, an unimaginable and swift from Pakistan. That’s simple. If Indian thinks that they are at the same level where China is today and Pakistan is failed State, they are living in a fool’s World. PAKISTAN: NOW AND ALWAYS. Pakistan Zindabad.

Posted by M. Z. Mustafa | Report as abusive

The most important thing about India and Pakistan going to war is the destruction it will cause to their own people and economy.

What Pakistan needs to realise is that letting terrorists culminate in their own region is going to eat themselves up someday. The politicians of Pakistan should try to gain control on terrorit camps for their own good b’se it not going to make any good to their country. The camps are eating up their own young generation in the so called jihad. They need a wake up call. If their young generation slowly end their own life what will be the future of Pakistan.

And I agree on lot of points the writer has raised in this article.

Posted by Anu | Report as abusive

Recent Mumbai terrorist attacks could not have been executed with out the involvement of Paksitani army and ISI. It was a sophisticated commando style operation, which required lots of American Navy SEAL type of commando training, which must have been provided by Pakistani Navy.

So here you have a country with nuclear weapons, launching a terrorist attack on a neighboring country. The world is at a different place after Mumbai. Pakistan army is not/ has not been a genuine fighter against terrorism.

Pakistan would like to have Taliban take over Afghanistan. Pakistan army is the sustainer of the global jihadi terror.

America has shed precious blood of its soldiers and has given away billions of tax dollars to Pakistan for very little. All because Pakistan has been double dealing the US and international community.

Pakistan army has miscalculated on Mumbai. It is going to be a turning point.

Posted by Johnny | Report as abusive

M. Z. Mustafa
-‘Pakistan is not Gaza, Iraq & Afganistan;’
—You are right-Iraq & Afghanistan are ancient civilizations & proud nations, whereas what is called Pakistan is rightfully Indian territory, illegally under the control of barbarians, whom the modern world terms as terrorists…

Posted by Anup | Report as abusive

Pakistan should join hands with ekta kapoor…great stories,total U turns,lies,betrayal…. perfect mixure for some new soap!!!

Posted by garima singh | Report as abusive

India has many options short of frontal assault like gaza.

Pakistan is a failing state on the verge of collapse.

ECONOMIC FAILURE: Pakistan is bankrupt. Even all the loans from IMF, World Bank, Paris Club, London Club, overt and covert aid from US, and repeated refinancing of the debt have not worked.

MILITARY FAILURE: 4 wars have been lost by Pakistan. Bangladesh was freed in 4 days. The military is demoralized and cannot even control its own territory.

SOCIAL FAILURE: the miserable poverty and exploitation and treatment of women and minorities within Pakistan is shocking. The Honor killings and treatment of women is unacceptable.

POLITICAL FAILURE: The military coups, suspension of constitutional law, murders of Bhuttos (father and daughter) reveal no evidence of a modern political culture or democracy.

EDUCATIONAL FAILURE: The lack of modern schools and scientific education shows no potential for Pakistan to develop economically or politically in the future. The madrassas are where terrorists are openly bred.

CULTURAL FAILURE: A nation that looks the other way as terrorists and murders are being trained openly is morally bankrupt. Every Pakistani knows whats been going on in their country, and one must assume they approve of the violence in their heart.

It won’t take much for Pakistan to fragment into 4 ethnically based states – Sindhi, Punjabi, Baluchi, and Pashtun. Continued economic and military aid from US and Britain is delaying the inevitable.

Posted by Clearthinking | Report as abusive

Nice Article! But is it True……
Since mumbai incident, india and its people start barking on Pakistan and providing false evidences about involvement of Pakistan, whether state or non-state actors. Yesterday indian news channel “NDTV” showed the items recovered from boats supposedly used by so-called terrorist, in all items there was mention that “Made in Pakistan”, to my amaze they showes one pistol where it is written “Daimond.Made in Peshawar” What a funny story and they want world to believe that. Let suppose that mumbai attack was not planned by india, then do you expect such highly trained, professional and killing machines to do such things that they bring things which were all marked as “Made in Pakistan”.
What is really happening? – for india it is the right time to get away from Pakistan, the strongest and the only threat to india, not only in armed infrastructure but also in economic terms, Obama will soon start taking decision, so before he could learn about indian politics, india will go to him and beg for safety from Pakistan. Obama, being gentlemen, will have soft corner if india could prove that Pakistan is supporting terrorist activities. But india forgets that success lies only in truth and truth is that PAKISTAN is a peace loving, and a responsible country
1) Pakistan has world’s largest WiMAX network
2) Pakistan enjoys all weather in its environment
3) Pakistan has city called “Swoat”, its Snowfall is much better than Switzerlands’
4) Pakistan has the mountainous region, it has K-2, highest peak in the world,
5) Pakistan has Gas, Iron, Minerals and etc. resoviour in different parts
6) Pakistan has chain of five rivers
7) Pakistan has white dolphins
Pakistan has best sea shores for surfing and boating
9) Pakistan is the world best in surgical instruments, sports goods and wodden furntiture.
10) Pakistan has more than 5% area covered with natural forest.
11) Pakistan is a nuclear state and self sufficient in many things despite being not so priviledged by world
11) And many more….

All such things in a country called PAKISTAN annoyed india, russia, because only these two countries have problem with PAKISTAN…

So wake up and start thinking positively…
Long live and Prosperous Pakistan.

Posted by Peace | Report as abusive

Afuan Asshad Makhouri
It shows your frustration, but it just makes anyone laugh, you are making a comparison of indian film industry to urs? You guys are culprit for making pirated cd’s and exporting to rest of the world. Your industry survive on us. Pakistan cricket is almost over, you have not played any test cricket from almost an year. It just continues…don’t like to spend much time on this blog.

Posted by Navneet | Report as abusive


Get this into your head: Pakistan belongs to…the Pakistanis. Just like Kashmir belongs to…the Kashmiris.

Posted by Bangash Khan | Report as abusive