Is Indian “patience” paying off over Mumbai?

January 9, 2009

Shortly after the Mumbai attacks, I asked whether India faced a trial of patience in persuading Pakistan — with help from the United States — to take action against the Islamist militants it blamed for the assault on its financial capital. India’s approach of relying on American diplomacy rather than launching military action led to some  soul-searching among Indian analysts when it failed to deliver immediate results.  But is it finally beginning to bear fruit?

Former Indian diplomat M K Bhadrakumar writes in the Asia Times that diplomatic efforts over the Mumbai attacks are entering a crucial phase. “After having secured New Delhi’s assurance that India will not resort to a military strike against Pakistan, Washington is perceptibly stepping up pressure on Islamabad to act on the available evidence regarding the Mumbai attacks.”

Earlier this week, Pakistan admitted that the lone surviving Mumbai gunman, Mohammed Ajmal Kasab, was a Pakistani. The head of Pakistan’s powerful spy agency, the Inter-Services intelligence or ISI, also gave a conciliatory interview to German magazine Der Spiegel.  Lieutenant-General Ahmad Shuja Pasha ruled out the possibility of war with India. “We may be crazy in Pakistan, but not completely out of our minds. We know full well that terror is our enemy, not India,” Dawn newspaper quoted him as saying.

Indian newspapers have seen Pakistan’s acceptance of Kasab’s nationality as a step in the right direction, while recognising that further progress will be slow. “The admission by Pakistan is also an indicator for the establishment that the diplomatic pressure is finally getting some results,”  the Economic Times said. “But New Delhi is also aware that it will take a lot of time and effort to push Pakistan to take even small steps.”

So how is that going to play out in the context of a new administration taking over in Washington, a government in Delhi coming to the end of its term and facing elections due by May, and a civilian government in Pakistan still trying to find its feet after years of military rule?.

Bhadrakumar says that “the United States could be on the threshold of a big breakthrough in the geopolitics of the South Asian region” if it succeeds in convincing Pakistan to crack down on Islamist militants while also nudging India and Pakistan to work together to put their relationship on a sounder footing.

But that will require quick work by the incoming administration of President-elect Barack Obama, which according to the New York Times is likely to include the appointment of Richard Holbrooke as a special envoy for India and Pakistan, and a further trial of patience for the outgoing Congress-led government in Delhi.


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If you wait by the river long enough, the bodies of your enemies will float by. – Sun Tsu

Posted by belligerent | Report as abusive

if Pakistan can hang on for 1 month more, this story will be totally dead in the media by February. Since the Pakistani govt/state is innocent, that should not be too hard.

Posted by Bangash Khan | Report as abusive

It is unlikely to get something out of Pakistan by diplomatic means, if anybody thinks that American diplomatic pressure works or working,

Why do Americans have to do drone attacks on pakistan ?

Posted by Vivek | Report as abusive

so much pressure and so much patience just to make them admit that kasab is a pakistani. that too in a fumbled up way. where as their media already ran an interview of kasab’s father weeks ago.
anyway, i am still all in for peaceful diplomacy but if it doesn’t lead any conclusive end of terrorism (which it may) i am all for surgical strike.
it will not end terrorism but just to show that there is no impunity.

Posted by unknown indian | Report as abusive

Lets think India using diplomacy to make pakistan act ?? or Is US using diplomacy to contain India from a military affensive on pakistan ?? I think the later one is correct. if americans had thought diplomacy would work and they can trust pakistanis by their word..why would they conduct ground raid and drone attacks on pakistan ??
it is utter foolishness for anybody to think diplomacy/talks/negotiations would work with a terrorist state.
As much as i hate to say..i admit the ruling congress party is hiding behind the mask of diplomacy and patience to hide their lack of political will.

Posted by Om | Report as abusive

We are in the third generation now, post independence. If there is one person ever in India who believes that Pakistan will be even an iota truthful or it would ever act on terrorist, I bet there will be no war.

But I guarantee not a single person in India believes Pakistan’s integrity and whether their words will match actions.

I guess there will be a catastrophic war in the near future that may push India backwards by 25 years but Pakistan will cease to exist.

There is no peace in India or in rest of the world as long as Pakistan carries on this baggage of terror.

Posted by Gautham | Report as abusive

Myra,All parties are playing their cards for the new admin. putting up at washington, which very unamerican-like had spilled the beans before turn, this will not reach to any logical conclusion before end of March, that is a big if, or any mishandling may mess it up more…

Posted by anup | Report as abusive

I totally understand the dynamics of Pakistan’s weak civilian government and powerful military. True that all is needed by the Pakistani military and ISI to come back to power is a war, or may be a small battle, with India. They will be quick to cash in on the anti-Indian nationalistic sentiments of Pakistani population. So, the last thing the world wants is military and ISI coming back to power in Pakistan.
Keeping all these equations in mind and knowing that America itself can carry drone attacks on Pakistani soil and preach India to resolve through peaceful diplomacy, but at the end of it what message is India sending across the border- You can keep carrying proxy war tactics against us and bleed India cheaply, whenever and wherever you want, and all we will do is put diplomatic pressure on your good for nothing civilian government??
I think its time to do a little more than “peaceful diplomacy”. May be a good start will be to call back Indian envoy from Pakistan and stop all trade and economic deals with Pakistan.

Posted by Aman | Report as abusive

Hopefully, the diplomacy will expose and embarass the Pakistani government to the point where they will have to make changes in the way they do business over there.

If the diplomacy does not work. It is time for the USA to do a regime change in Islamabad. You do that, I guarantee you there will be no more terrorism. The US should decapitate the Pak government if there is one more terrorist attack on India. India should then send 500,000 troops to Afghanistan to help UnTalibanize Afghanistan and the USA should do its job to unTalibanize and set up a new government in Pakistan, friendly to all its neighbours.

Posted by Global Watcher | Report as abusive


You presented an interesting point. In my view, the US, simply buys its right to bomb Pakistan by giving cash, weapons and an assurance of not declaring Pakistan a terrorist state. I wonder how will the US reward India for managing to continue the charade of diplomacy directed towards Pakistan.


With the change of administration in Washington, Pakistan, most likely, will get away with its heinous crime. Diplomacy and joint investigations can only work with nations, which are responsible and sincere; not with Pakistan. The govt in Pakistan cannot reign in terrorist assets directed towards India, unless India takes some covert action against them, when deemed fit.

Posted by Nikhil | Report as abusive

–‘the ruling congress party is hiding behind the mask of diplomacy and patience…’
— Maybe & maybe not, but it’s better late than haste…& we also do not know which side the wind will blow with the incoming gov. at washington…

Posted by Anup | Report as abusive

We still don’t know for sure if Pak army discussed the Kargil incursion in 1999 with the then PM Nawaj Sahriff BEFORE launching the operation.
The question now is whether General Kayani share the plans for the Mumbai attack BEFORE 26/11 with anyone in the civilian government? Zardari seems not to be involved.

Posted by Victor | Report as abusive


Any administration in US only looks at its own interest and will not look beyond, history is proof for my statement. on the other hand India can very well make the wind blow in its favour with the new administration only if it plays its cards well..India is more or less the biggest customer for US defense deals in 2008(about 30 billion USD) and continues to make big deals recent one being the 10 billion missile defense shield. You see where am going..India can call off all deals with US if it does not stop making tight rope walks and should make US stop taking both sides. New US administration being sensitive to economic issues can be made to follow and forced to look beyong just US interests in Asia for the benifit or long lasting peace in the region.
This should work simply because..whats the point buying all those hi-tech costly weapons if we are not supported to use them for our self-defense ??

Posted by Om | Report as abusive

The world knows that Pakistan uses non-state-actors to enforce it’s foreign policy. As a result of this policy the US is is directly engaging Pakistan’s foreign policy arm by using drones. Don’t you see how effective it is? Every time a drone is used a major al Qaeda person dies. This all happens on Pakistan soil, do you really think that anyone believes that Pakistan can’t kick al Qaeda out. This policy will work for awhile but in the end Pakistan will be the loser.

Posted by Chuck | Report as abusive

I feel India missed a really opportune moment to teach the Pakistani establishment that if they have to live in the neighborhood, they have to behave. I feel this was the right moment to attack Pakistan since that country, to stay afloat, is begging around for global funds. They could not have a sustained a war campaign without completely destroying their economy. Ever heard Pak army / ISI chief say they dont want war? They want it, they just know they cannot afford it.

On the other side of the coin, Pakistan is already in a civil war, with its army killing its own people in FATA & NWFP. India by staying away, and using diplomacy has ensured that: 1) A lot of the terror mechanism is taken down by the Pakistani army 2) Not incurred war expenses and can divert much needed economic resources to areas of need 3) No inflicted any losses to its armed force personnel

Do not however forget that India is the largest democracy with a population that is simmering for 26/11 revenge. It would not be long before a politician is voted into power and fullfils peoples desire. If Pakistan does not understand diplomatic overtures and mends its ways, a war can be assured in 2009.

(On a seperate note: The concept of strategic depth that Pakistan always wanted, i.e. Afghanistan to be under Pakistani influence, is absolutely neutralized with FATA, NWFP and Baluchistan, all being out of Federal control! The Pakistan under Zardari’s administration is essentially Punjab & Sindh)

Posted by Jerry | Report as abusive

I think India’s largest Arms procurement is from Russia, America comes a fourth in the list, contrarily, if there is ‘peace’ in the region then why would we spend such a large chunk of our budget on self-defense?

Posted by Anup | Report as abusive

—but it aspires to be the Modern Caliphate…

Posted by Anup | Report as abusive

There was never any dearth of words from Pakistan. And their words have always followed charade.
Unless some concrete action are taken to stop growth and abetment of terrorism i cann’t say diplomacy has succeeded.

Posted by chirkut | Report as abusive

Anup is correct here I think. India’s biggest supplier is Russia and not US. And moreover, US don’t need India as a buyer as much as India need to get its hands on American technology. US sells a lot more to Pakistan than to India. But you’re also correct on saying any administration in US has always followed its interest through out the world (isn’t that what all governments do?) So, Obama’s will be no different. And as it looks right now, America’s interest in the region is only going to concentrate on Afghanistan. I think Washington will pretty much follow the same policy of telling India to restrain and itself keep carrying out attacks on Pakistani soil (According what Obama said during the campaign, he might go a step further and start ground operations in Pakistan.) But one thing is clear Washington would never want India to even have a couple of tropes extra on its borders with Pakistan because that would certainly give their military and ISI an excuse to pull troops away from western borders with Afghanistan.
The equation seems pretty complex and anything might happen in days or months to come. But if we have another congress lead government, India would never dare do anything more than “peaceful diplomacy” and follow the big boss’s orders.

Posted by Aman | Report as abusive

I usually only read the comments on the India/Pakistan blogs. But since the US seems to be a central thread in this debate, I will throw in my two cents.
Both sides of this argument seem to think the US must pick sides, and that is exactly what we are trying not to do. It is true that peace will further our efforts in Afghanistan, but can anyone really say that’s a bad thing? As for the US incursions on Pakistani soil, the ISI will be the first to admit those are lawless regions that even they cannot fully control.
Also, it takes a period of time for peace to sink in. Some people do not like change, even for peace. We see this same effect in the Israel/Palestine conflict. But in India and Pakistan, there is hope for a lasting peace. India is developing as an international power wonderfully, and are showing that maturity by not acting militarily on this issue. I personally believe that while Pakistan’s military may have had some knowledge of this, the civilian gov’t could not/would not be this stupid. Peace and only peace can hold Pakistan together, for time has proven that war has made it impossible for central gov’t to control.
Both sides have nukes. The two countries could really make a mess of SE Asia and the world if things go wrong to fast.

Posted by Patrick | Report as abusive

Let us not forget history.Any joint mechanisms would be the ground for deception and thus leads to fomenting internal strife,reorganizing Indian Muslims and ultimately grabbing large chunks of our country.Whenever I see our so called ‘intellectuals’ sitting along with Pakistanis,I am petrified.This was how our forefathers lost our country.Believing the wrong people at the cost of the nation.Please recall our Ambassador,cut off all trade and transport and tighten the security.We are strong enough,but we need good,smart,dedicated leadership.A lamb and a wolf can never make friendship.Don’t sacrifice more Indian lives.

Posted by Raj | Report as abusive

All these days , every top spot of power in Pakistan are contradicting each other and the pain it took for them to disclose the nationality of Kasab is no good news for India .Given that Pakistan may reluctantly agree to investigate India’s claims ,it’s still difficult for India to make Pakistan work for peace because the Government of Pakistan itself sympathize LeT and any action against LeT by Pakistan will again invoke huge unrest in Pakistan…

Posted by mitchell | Report as abusive

India and Pakistan are inching closer to cooperation on anti-terorism. The progress has been too slow but there is now definite progress. And I applaud India for its patience and restraint.

As far as I can ascertain, most Pakistanis do not support terrorism and that includes any terrorism against India. Yes, there are elements in Pakistan that find it difficult to fathom cooperation with India. But cooperation in most other fields have been accomplished so this aspect is bound to follow.

My abiding feeling is one of revulsion against the terrorists of the Mumbai massacre. But I am also saddened by the setback in relations between India and Pakistan.

Events before the terorist attack were going well between them and now the atmosphere has become a bit poisoned.

But I have faith that eventually the 2 countries will cooperate and realize the common cause that they must face together.

Hope this comes true.

Posted by Alethia | Report as abusive


You can take your feelings and hike it where it don’t shine.

We’ve seen enough from you smug Pakistanis offering commiserations even as you smirk and laugh at Pakistan being able to get away every time with sponsoring murder.

We’ve seen enough of you closet jihad supporters who offer general condemnations but turn defensive when mountains of evidence point back to Pakistan.

The fact that it took so long for Pakistan to even agree that one gunman is a Pakistani citizen shows how insincere Pakistan is. GeoTV and Dawn proved weeks ago that Kasab is a Pakistani and yet Zardari and others kept lying to the world.

In case we haven’t understood this before, Indians must understand that Pakistan will always use jihadis as policy tools and will keep using them unless an unbearable cost is imposed on the country.

Posted by Rajat | Report as abusive

Well, Rajat, you have made it very clear, in very rude language, what you think of my opinion on the reconciliation between India and Pakistan.

In that case, you may continue your soliloquy…

Posted by Alethia | Report as abusive


These are the sort of people we have to put with, war mongers, Hindu fanatic thinking, muderers its people like rajat n few others idiots who have no sense at all.

The only way to win out of this war against terrorism is through mutual co-operation. But whenever Pakistan have sincerely offered to resolve its disputes through a meaningful talks. India ruling elite have always took the offer of help as Pakistan being weak and therefore no need to sit on the table.

Isnt stoping water via dams on indian side of Kashmir a violation of Indus treaty? YES…and an act of agression!YES!

Not letting the pople of Kashmir decide to have a pebilicite in whole of kashmir so they can choose their own destiny. By not allowing that India not complying with Un resoulution..YES!

Being a democracy but, up till this day did not even bring the perpertators of Gujrat riots to justice or the babri mosque or the torcehrs of churches in orissa. The rapest soldeirs in Kashmir.

Meddling in internal affiars of other neighubring countries e.g. Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh and dont forget the Tamil tigers in Sri Lanka and now in Afghnistan..

I think if India sorts its own attitude and stops trying to be bully in the South Asia and works sincerly with its neighours not only will gain respect. But this would a BIG help in bringing the poors in the region to have finally a better standard of living.
Long live peace! Go to hell all idots n war mongers n morons!!!

Posted by Ali | Report as abusive

If India can help break Pakistan in two as it did 1971 and also provide all sort of help to the balochis then I totaly agree with this comment!

Pakistan is also got full right and justification to help the separation of Jammu and Kashmir from India.UNO resolution of 1948 for plebiscite has not been implemented by Indian Governments as promised by Nehru.

But UN is just a tool of the West, as Mr Bhutto once said in speech at the UN….”UN only purpose is to legalise occupation e.g. Palestine. Agression e.g. Iraq n Kashmir and legalise everyhting that was illegal, is legalised via the UN. I totaly agree with his views as would any person with being biased.

If you read some of the comments, you can sense that indians are enraged at Pakistan not for what hapenned in Bombay but why a Muslim land was carved out of Greater India. My answer to that is just look how you treat Muslims everytime there is bombing innocent Muslims are through into the cells. Even tho the fact is its the hindu fanatics that have a free hand to commit any crime without ever facing justice and clear example is gujrat.

I knwo some idiot will refer to the president being Muslim. by promoting couple of individual can not hide the true plightof the indians. Just have a look at the statistic and they will show how lierate the Muslim in India are and their general standard of living.

Muslims cant even buy land in bombay without geting death threats of hindu fanatics. The fact is muslim gave a lot of India but the unthankful indians are like snakes doesnt matter how much you feed it will always bite whenever it gets the chance.

I suggest all you idiots who have so much time topaki bash go and find the black sheeps in your own flock first. Hands off the Pakistan, and carry on barking as you would anyway!!! lol

Posted by Hussain | Report as abusive

–‘The fact is muslim gave a lot of India but the unthankful indians…’

—The ‘unthankful Indians’ would love to give back the Muslims whatever they have given them since centuries with interest & ‘thankfully’…

Posted by Anup | Report as abusive

Bottom line — Jinnah was the FOOL of Century and nobody else but Pakistanis only proved it.
Why I am saying this, let me support my position, Have you ever heard this saying ”Ek Taraf Kuan (well) aur dusri taraf Khai” Pakistan is in this classic situation.

On one side since it was formed (itself) on the principles of Islam, it can’t simply walk away from Arabs, Saudis and Islamic world which moderately doesn’t believe existence of Islamic terrorism and support Islamic Jihad as a way of Islam against non-believers.. Good example is what is happening in SWAT.

On the other hand, India was formed on the Principles (at least Principles) of Secularism and under main lead of Mr. M.K. Gandhi, widely accepted by western/New world Order philosophy (against Mr. Jinnah), so if Pakistan goes on this Philosophy now, as it Portrays to, the Islamic-Pro-Pakistanis & Moderates would not ask this question, why even Pakistan was created??

Posted by Prashant | Report as abusive

Since mumbai incident, india and its people start barking on Pakistan and providing false evidences about involvement of Pakistan, whether state or non-state actors. Yesterday indian news channel “NDTV” showed the items recovered from boats supposedly used by so-called terrorist, in all items there was mention that “Made in Pakistan”, to my amaze they showes one pistol where it is written “Daimond.Made in Peshawar” What a funny story and they want world to believe that. Let suppose that mumbai attack was not planned by india, then do you expect such highly trained, professional and killing machines to do such things that they bring things which were all marked as “Made in Pakistan”.
What is really happening? – for india it is the right time to get away from Pakistan, the strongest and the only threat to india, not only in armed infrastructure but also in economic terms, Obama will soon start taking decision, so before he could learn about indian politics, india will go to him and beg for safety from Pakistan. Obama, being gentlemen, will have soft corner if india could prove that Pakistan is supporting terrorist activities. But india forgets that success lies only in truth and truth is that PAKISTAN is a peace loving, and a responsible country
1) Pakistan has world’s largest WiMAX network
2) Pakistan enjoys all weather in its environment
3) Pakistan has city called “Swoat”, its Snowfall is much better than Switzerlands’
4) Pakistan has the mountainous region, it has K-2, highest peak in the world,
5) Pakistan has Gas, Iron, Minerals and etc. resoviour in different parts
6) Pakistan has chain of five rivers
7) Pakistan has white dolphins
Pakistan has best sea shores for surfing and boating
9) Pakistan is the world best in surgical instruments, sports goods and wodden furntiture.
10) Pakistan has more than 5% area covered with natural forest.
11) Pakistan is a nuclear state and self sufficient in many things despite being not so priviledged by world
11) And many more….

All such things in a country called PAKISTAN annoyed india, russia, because only these two countries have problem with PAKISTAN…

So wake up and start thinking positively…
Long live and Prosperous Pakistan.

Posted by Peace | Report as abusive

I am amazed that you could use the words, truth, peace loving and responsible in the same sentence with Pakistan. The world knows that all roads lead to Pakistan when it comes to terrorism. You make it sound like Pakistan is a great place to visit. Yes maybe if you are a Muslim but if you believe in a different religion you get killed. The country is 98% Muslim and has now tolerance for anyone of a different religion, for the rest of the world it is a dangerous place to visit. ALL civilized advanced countys in the rest of the world are diverse, tolerant and ruled by law, not by repression.
A good example is how Pakistan handled the ID of the only terrorist captured, they knew right away that he was Pak but refused to admit it. Mumbai was planed and launched from Pakistan, maybe the government had something to do with it maybe not. If the government was involved it makes since why they denied it but if they were not involved they should do everything they can to make sure it does not happen again. You forget India has five times the population and is much more advanced than Pakistan so you are playing with fire if they keep on poking a stick at India.

Posted by Chuckc | Report as abusive

1)Pakistan govt,ISI and Army are well involved in terror strikes in India for the last 20 years and Mumbai is just the new one.
2)Pakistan’s survival lies on Hate India propaganda.
3)What binds pakistanis is Hate and terrorism against India.
4)US just don’t worry about anyone but there interests.For 2 isralis death they allowed israel to kill 900 in Gaza,so US is only a selfish country.It can ruin iraq,afganistan and others in the name of freedom but not others.
5)Pakistan is a failed state and its high time to cease its china made nuclear weapons ASAP,that would be good for ppl of India.
6)Pakistan is source and epicenter of terrorism.
7)Its in India’s best interest to teach pakistan army ,govt,people and ISI a lesson to remember for decades.
8)India should not worried about western jokers and must punish pakistan hard.If west/US would be sensible,selfless and for peace then iraq,afganistan,gaza would have never happened.
9)Pakistan is a failed country,with no economy and respect, India shud brk it into pieces for its own good.

Posted by Amit | Report as abusive

OK lets take on first the issue of Pakistan being a muslim nation.The migrated muslims from India are still called mohajirs in pakistan & are treated as second rate citizens.Pakistan has all the mineral resources agreed but what it does with that.Hovering on the brink of bankruptcy for the past many decades proves this.These are the actual facts & instead of solving its own problems they waste money in nuclear arms capability.They should immediately stop not in principle but in practice the support to all terrorist outfit OR the so called jehadis.

Posted by rd | Report as abusive

Well, I have gone thru the comments posted against Indian Hindus and putting fingers on Indian muslims whenever any terror strikes happens in India.

If you go thru the records in all cases Muslims has been found. Terror on Mumbai could not been possible without help from Pakistan official. I am not sure what Pakistan is gaining by sponsring terror in India. They should have looked into there devlopment and strengthing the financials. If Pakistan feels by this they will seprate J&K from India then they are fool. Pakistan should not dream for what is not possible even in dream. Instead of that they should ensure the country grows.
There are good and bad people in every religion but it depends who is having more strength. In Pakistan few people floods there hatness over INDIA (only India) to gain sympathy by giving fake information and gain the sympahy of common people. This is quite natural as everybody love and can die for there country.
Suggestion will be Pakistan should provide country financial/education/growth information to common people so that they will understand where they are. Or ultimately one day one revolution will happen in Pakistan and that will be new era.

Posted by KK | Report as abusive

Hi Mr Peace….you were too right to boast about your nation Pakistan with many good things in the world.

Now….if you haven’t forgotten Pakistan was a piece of India not many years ago. Imagine…if a small part of India which got separated in 1947 had so many good things…huh huh…what do you think India would have…man we stand way too high than you can ever fathom…

Posted by Indian | Report as abusive


I am from Pakistan. But i still believe that India is right. we have so many things that needs to be change to come out of this situations.

Pakistan should focus on new growth and development. right now pak is spending 70-80% of its forign aid on miletry and terror activities…

They should stop that.

Posted by Rehman | Report as abusive

Pakistani’s should first understand that Mumbai is not India. Just because Muslims are not treated well in some place does not mean they not treated well overall. Yes one of our President is a Muslim and we are all proud of him. We are all proud of every muslim who lives in India and hates Pakistan for supporting Mumbai Attacks and trying to cover itself. I don’t understand one thing that you can list the best things of pakistan. We dont have to, as they are not countable and we have succeeded in every step we took. We have our own internal problems like any other country and let me tell you pakistani’s that it is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS. You might argue that Terrorism is one of your internal problems as well then keep it to yourself and kill among each other don’t send them in here. If this repeats, India will not sit quite and nor will any other country. You have the proof of what happened in Gaza. So you better get your story right and don’t get yourself kicked by India as you did in the last 3 wars. Now I realize what Musharaf meant when he said that he is not leaving the presidency for good of pakistan. I think he knew once you get democracy you guys will all go crazy and speak out all nonsense. You deserve to be under a dictator who can guide you all the time with a gun to your head only then you will listen or else you will blabber all nonsense like this.

Posted by Sunny | Report as abusive

I am an INDIAN,
And we want the POK back, then only we can solve the Kashmir Issue. Let our military operate and accupy POK. If they use nuclear power lets see, we Indians should be ready to face anything. Lets smash the enemy at one time. We cant give this same situation to our next generation. Let them leave in peace.
The pakisthani’s who are reading see my comment below,
Why do you think INDIA as your Enemy..? list the reasons then open all News papers of other countries(Except PAK and INDIA) and see the HISTORY who attacked first and why. Who is wrong. The reason is only that You want Kashmir, which is part of INDIA by any means of document or by History. Also, Pakistan was Part of INDIA, but you people think the other way. Why pak’s alwasy thinking from otherside, see the way how world is seeing. The wars are only for Land and Relegion, nothing is for people. If Islam is great, its ok guys.. you fallow it. Let others live in peace.
Thats the only way to live in peace world. Lets hope one fine day you guys will understand.

The convertions from one Relegion to Another should be stopped world wide, its the only way to solve each and every problem.

Posted by Lokesh | Report as abusive

Pakistan is teetering on the edge. Its in India’s hands whether to give it a nudge and send it into anarchy or help Pakistan and have a more stable and hopefully friendly neighbour in the future. It is in everyones interest that India chooses the latter. After all, not 60 years back, both Indians and Pakistanis were countrymen and were being oppressed in equal measure. Partition was a mistake, hopefully in time, we can correct that. But for now, we should settle for peace as India and Pakistan are culturally and historically linked and if it weren’t for Jinnah’s folly, things would have been different and maybe even worse and if it weren’t for the nukes, there would have been war. But if Pakistan does not cooperate, India must do all it can to destroy it and it’s people a la Cato and his “Ceterum censeo Carthaginem esse delendam”

Posted by Vortun | Report as abusive

Has any of the Pakis here heard about the invasion of Kashmir by Kabailis and Paki army in 1948 leading to accession of Kashmir into India. Has any Paki heard about Operation Gibralter by Ayub Khan into Kashmir (The original Kargil operation by Pakistan), which resulted in the 1965 war and later firmed up India’s resolve to teach Pakistan a lesson in 1971. So, my dear Paki chicken heads you are a race who loves to take on and then get kicked on your b**s. You are lucky to have India as your neighbour, any other country would have treated you long back and contineously since then as Isreal is treating Gaza now. You carry on with your murderous games and we Indians send you truck loads of food items, when there was food shortage in Pakistan (When I.K. Gujral was India’s PM). Come on, go to school, get educated, get some moral education, learn some humanity. 95% of you population does not get square meals a day, think about them. DO SOMETHING CONSTRUCTIVE THAN JUST BREED AND BREED TERRORISTS. MAY YOU HAVE GOOD SENSE THAN JUST TRYING TO COMPETE WITH INDIA MILITARILY. WE INDIANS WOULD LOVE TO LOSE TO YOU ECONOMICALLY. GOD BLESS YOU.

Posted by Debojit | Report as abusive

India needs to follow this path right from now

“Make war while in peace, Make peace while in war”

Master Tsun Tzu

Beasthood isnt any shameful charectrestic of a civilisation, it matter how they use it and for what objective?

Posted by Raj | Report as abusive

Who says Kashmir is India’s territory? Nehru & UN both said that plebiscite will be held in Kashmir, it will be solely kashirmi people who will decide their fate. why more than 60,000 kashmiris lost their life in Indian held Kashmir ? Pakistani do not want fight with India but if u wish we are ready to give u a befitting answer, beware! don’t underestimate us. Let me explain why Indian neighbors like poor Bhutan, Nepal, Srilanka and china and everybody in surrounding complaining about Indian hegemonic designs? What is Israel is doing in India? Who burnt Samjhota express? who attacked golden temple? who burnt Christian clergy alive in India?

Posted by salman khan | Report as abusive

India should send half million troops to Afganistan and kill all taleban terrorist so atleast half of the problems is fixed.

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Its karma baby! Pakistan tried to break Kashmir off from India and is today on the fringes of breaking up itself. As far as Kashmir, why not let the Baluchs and Pashtuns and Taliban carve out their own territory in Pakistan? Nehru made mistakes and one statement by one man has been repeated by Pakistanis over and over – the plebiscite one. Kashmir gets more concessions than any Indian state and still they are in poverty. Why? because of Pakistani sponsored terrorism. I didn’t know Israel was doing anything in India – I thought Israel was in the Middle East!. And about Indian neighbours complaining – the whole world is now looking at Pakistan as a migraine…n who slaughtered thousands of Kashmiri Pandits and uprooted them from their homes?

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Muslims should be last to complain of illtreatment. Muslims have been agressors all over the world. India has given land share to Muslims as “Pakistan” though retained its secular character in 1947. Nehru only through its generousity took the matter of Kashmir to UN in 1947, otherwise if left to Indian army (as what pakistan wants now) not a inch of kashmir would have been with pakistan. Anyway to India Pakistan not more than a tool which China and America use to sabotage India’s growth. See what pakistan has become in 60 years and where India has reached after independence.

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I wonder how you know so much about India have you ever been here. Or may be you also have lack of knowledge because pakistani media shows all such things so that they can make more terriosts in India. And how do you think hindus and sikhs are treated in Pakistan, We can atleaast say that our president was a muslim can you say the same about anyone hindu or sikh who is a minister there. I guess not. the thing is you only hear what you want to here but dont see the other side. why are you so concerned about india may because we are doing much better then you. that is why you want to blow our sensex or target big IT companies. you want to hit our economy, which effects people from all religion including Muslims in India, and when I talk to my muslim friends in India they to give gali to pakistanis because they are Indian first. And you talk so much about religion. Are you sure out of 180 people who died in Mumbai non of them were muslims, so which means you being a Muslim is killing muslims is that right????

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Umair wrote:
Few incidents of exchange of fire took place, few brave officers on the border did open fire on the Americans, the above article tells the rest of the story how the US underestimated Pakistan’s strength.
Ya right, we are so afraid of the Pakistan army that we don’t fly 200 drone missions a day in Pakistan territory and take care of Pakistan problems for them. I can’t think of a single other country that is so weak that it lets the US air force fly missions over it’s own boarders. Wait let me think Iran and India both cross Pakistan boarders to do the Pakistan army’s job for them. That is because your army is so weak that even its own citizens don’t respect them. You send 35,000 soldiers to Swat valley, a area about the size of Washington DC, and they still get their butts kicked by a army of about 1000. I am sure that other countries that border Pakistan have to cross into Pakistan just to keep law and order.

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Stupid Indian & Pakistanis .. Fighting each other off to please the Tyrant Americans. babbitts just Babbitts no more …

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