Afghanistan’s ground realities

January 14, 2009

There’s been much talk about the need for a new U.S. strategic approach to Afghanistan, that would combine a regional diplomatic initiative covering Iran, Russia, China, India and Pakistan with plans to send in thousands more troops.

The most recent in this vein came in an article in the Washington Post this week. It says President-elect Barack Obama intends to sign off on Pentagon plans to send up to 30,000 more U.S. troops to Afghanistan, but the incoming administration does not anticipate that the Iraq-like “surge” of forces will significantly change the direction of the conflict. 

“Instead, Obama’s national security team expects that the new deployments, which will nearly double the current U.S. force of 32,000 (alongside an equal number of non-U.S. NATO troops), will help buy enough time for the new administration to reappraise the entire Afghanistan war effort and develop a comprehensive new strategy for what Obama has called the ‘central front on terror’,” it says. “We have no strategic plan. We never had one,” it quoted a  senior U.S. military commander as saying of the Bush years.

But laying aside strategy for now, what about the ground realities of sending more troops into Afghanistan? (The Washington Post says “the military is as concerned about the mission of additional troops as it is about the size of the force and is looking for Obama to resolve critical internal debates, including the relative merits of conducting conventional combat vs targeted guerrilla war.”)

Joshua Foust at and  Herschel Smith at the Captain’s Journal both pick up on a McClatchy article  about how U.S. Marines are discovering that tactics that worked in Iraq are no use in Afghanistan.

“In Iraq, American forces could win over remote farmlands by swaying urban centers. In Afghanistan, there’s little connection between the farmlands and the mudhut villages that pass for towns,” the McClatchy report says. “In Iraq, armored vehicles could travel on both the roads and the desert. Here, the paved roads are mostly for outsiders – travelers, truckers and foreign troops; to reach the populace, American forces must find unmapped caravan routes that run through treacherous terrain, routes not designed for their modern military vehicles. In Iraq, a half-hour firefight was considered a long engagement; here, Marines have fought battles that have lasted as long as eight hours against an enemy whose attacking forces have grown from platoon-size to company-size.”

Joshua Foust, who argues that U.S. counter-insurgency (COIN) operations will work in Afghanistan only if the United States breaks up its large bases there and spreads out as much as possible into the villages, also pointed out to me the following article in Foreign Policy highlighting starkly how using this approach will lead to more casualties:

“The U.S. military, designed to inflict overwhelming and disproportionate losses on the enemy, tends to equate victory with very few body bags. So does the American public,” it says. “The new counterinsurgency doctrine upends this perceived immunity from casualties by demanding that manpower replace firepower. Soldiers in Afghanistan must get out among the people, building and staffing joint security stations with Afghan security forces. That is the only way to disconnect the enemy from the civilians. Persistent presence—living among the population in small groups, staying in villages overnight for months at a time—is dangerous, and it will mean more casualties, but it’s the only way to protect the population effectively. And it will make U.S. troops more secure in the long run.”

That’s the kind of detail that seems awfully far removed from the strategic thinking currently fashionable among some Washington think-tanks.  Can Obama pull it all together? And is he, along with European governments which might be pressed into sending more troops into Afghanistan, ready for more body bags?

And if that doesn’t make for enough grim reading, here’s a link to an article on TomDispatch arguing the United States had failed in its promises to bring reconstruction to Afghanistan.  Individual stories about the failure of reconstruction and development, writes Ann Jones, who was a humanitarian aid worker in Afghanistan, “are every bit as important as the debates about military strength and tactics and strategy in Afghanistan that dominate public discourse today. Those promises, made in our name, were once said to be why we fight; now — broken — they remind us that we’ve already lost.”

(Reuters photos by Bob Strong in Nuristan, Afghanistan)


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Joshua Fost is right about more casualties if men are beefed up in one area, they are simply much easier targets for fools who have nothing to loose..they would merily plan more human bombs so that one can take on many. That is what India has been saying for a long time..but US has not realized even after so many years there.
The solution to that problem would be have a mix…mix of different wings in small 2 tanks, 1 gunship chopper and hand full of men should be a team..and several such teams in co-ordination.
I dont think if Joshua Fost had to sit there in afghanistan with villagers to spend months together he would be advocating the idea of placing US soldiers in villages for months together with out returning to base camps..The serious draw back of this idea is the Taliban can storm in to a village in hundreds and kidnap a US/NATO soldier just like they do in pakistan. But in pakistan they release those men for Ed or in exchange of captured Taliban fighters..but if a western soldier is kidnapped..they would never settle for anything less than beheading.

Posted by Anitha | Report as abusive

Iraq “surge” will not work in Afghanistan period.
US need to change its strategy and begin working with afghan forces closely. Back in 80s one of the main reasons of Former Soviet Unions defeat in Afghanistan was the loss of trust among Afghans. They killed numerous afghan civilians, their cruelties were unbelievable and Afghans got fed up with it and stood against them. Today I see similar situation for US forces and bombing afghan civilians can only back fire in process of bringing peace in the region.
On the other hand Afghanistan need a full co-operation from all of her neighbors specially Pakistan since all the terrorist activity initiates from there, whether it’s an Al-Qaeda training camp or suicide bombers or ISI’s link to all these groups that are out there for only one objective Destroying peace and stability in Afghanistan.
There is a need for much more pressure on Pakistan from world and even if possible attacking Pakistan to prevent any cross border terrorist attacks in Afghanistan that results in killings of thousands of civilians as well as international forces in the country.

Will Afghanistan and India live in peace and harmony being Pakistan’s Neighbor???
It’s hard to even dream about it but one can only hope.

Posted by Afghan | Report as abusive

Afghan wrote
“There is a need for much more pressure on Pakistan from world and even if possible attacking Pakistan”
My Afghan friend, problem with Pakistan is it is a very strong country possessing nuclear weapons and is capable of dealing with any attack on it with massive retaliation and destructive force. With Pakistan, attack will not work rather diplomatic effort to engage with Pakistani leaders. Again, ISI is Pakistan’s first line of defence and a very powerful intelligence agency. Also, terrorist activity is not initiated inside Pakistan, that is why Pakistan is MNNA(Major non-NATO Ally) of the US. That is why Pakistan has excellent diplomatic relations with the world and despite recent attacks on Mumbai, Pakistan did not suffer from diplomatic isolation.
So my Afghan friend both Pakistan and Afghanistan need to unite against India and let India know only chance for peace in South Asia is due to cooperation between the three countries. Last but not least, I repeat for you to remember that if attacked Pakistan could retaliate with lethal force, I mean nuclear weapons if necessary.

Posted by Umair | Report as abusive

….both Pakistan and Afghanistan need to unite against India and let India know only chance for peace in South Asia is due to cooperation between the three countries….

You talk about peace & harmony, at the same time you’re provoking a threatening words against India. All looks contradictory. How can you leave China from this spree? Being a friendly ally of Pakistan doesn’t mean they will co-operate with Afghanistan?

If I assume Pakistan and China’s ally will become a threat to Afghanistan, then Afghanistan and India’s ally would be a counter effect to your Ally.
Therefore I somewhat agree with Afghan’s words…”Afghanistan need a full co-operation from all of her neighbors…” also we must also not forget that NATO is still there at the Borders, and it has US troops as well.

Talking about Nuclear Weapons and striking, it’s not a bullets or missiles to just drop-off on other territories, it has it’s own rules to use and not to use. Even though other countries have Nuclear weapons, but no one issued such a statements on nuking other country as Pakistan and people are issuing in recent times especially after the Mumbai attacks.

Lets not forget that Countries who owns a nuclear weapons also knows how to disarm them without the owner’s knowledge.

I want to know as why is the whole Pakistan Nation supporting the Terrorist Organizations at the stake of Pakistan Nation by talking about Nuclear bombing and War against India?

Posted by Jack | Report as abusive

Umair, Pakistan is a smoking gun. Today, nobody has courage to launch a nuclear weapon including US and Russia. Lets take case of Pakistan, if it does so, Pakistan would be not only isolated diplomatically but also finincially, militarily, and so on. Furthermore, It would be difficult to survive without cooperation in todays world. So donot consider Nuclear war at any time. Nuclear Weapons are only to show not to use practically.

Posted by vihang | Report as abusive

I think the NATO forces must try to involve Russians to fix this problem in Afghan, let’s not forget that its not Soviet Union anymore, and the World is not like before.

It’s all a US game plan to have Pakistan (non NATO) involved in helping NATO forces so that more insurgencies will happen within Pakistan, and US will stabilize Afghan Government, and can take more authoritative positions into South Asia and have a close watch on Iran and China.

Also we must not forget the Pakistan’s history of being greedy with US for funds, co-operations that has carried forward till now. This is the weakest point of Pakistan and US is simply encashing it for its goals in South Asia in the name of Afghanistan and Taliban.

Posted by Jack | Report as abusive

Indians truly understand your frustration with Pakistani terrorism. On the positive side, Pakistan’s chickens are coming home to the roost as you yourself have pointed out. Pakistan tried to hurt India and Afghanistan, and in the process has become much weaker in terms of internal cohesion, and Pak economy is crumbling. More importantly Pakistan is diplomatically isolated as never before.

We hope Pakistan’s terrorism will be tamed.


Posted by Victor | Report as abusive


several issues you brought up.

You are right, ISI is a very strong intelligent force but wait a few more years until US puts a Terrorist name behind it since its been involved in killing of thousands of civilians in India and Afghanistan and creating a disastrous situation.

Dealing with Pakistan diplomatically will not work because Pakistan so far been running after peace talks with Afghanistan and India while ISI planed attacks in Mumbai and Indian embassy in Kabul and all the cross border terrorism.

Pakistan is a US ally that is true but what kind of ally?
US is bombing Pakistan for the past 9 months and Pakistan is screaming not to bomb, has US ever cared what Pakistan says???

Afghanistan and India is sharing a historical friendship,
let me take you back in history,
in 1947 Afghanistan was one of the first countries to recognized Indian independent state while rejecting state of Pakistan.
we Afghans would never want to be friends with a country who exports terrorists and we will never let anything to hurt afghan Indo friendship.

Its foolish to say but I am compelled and have to say it.
Until Pakistan is on the face of earth, there will be no peace. Some thing for world leaders to consider getting rid of.

Posted by Afghan | Report as abusive

My Afghan friend wrote:
“Until Pakistan is on the face of earth, there will be no peace. Some thing for world leaders to consider getting rid of.”
My friend Pakistan is here to remain, 160 million strong country and a nuclear power. Pakistan is not going to be an easy game, ask Indians they have been fighting us for last 61 years and we gave them very hard time. Also, Indo-Afghan friendship is a myth, my friend Afghanistan is a landlocked country. You better make good friends with Pakistan as we already contro your country’s economy through ‘Afghan transit trade’. Friend, ISI has a seperate wing dealing with India and Afghanistan affairs. Your country provides Pakistan with ‘strategic depth’, while we give you much needed trade.
My friend you said you Afghans dont want to be friends with Pakistan because we export terrorism. Dont be offended, but Afghanistan is a manufacturer of terrorism, if Pakistan is exporter.
Lastly, I again say dont be friends with India, they are soon going to be destroyed during war because after Mumbai attack they are blaming Pakistan and asking for trouble. If India keeps up their arrogant attitude, then a war is imminent, one which will see them destroyed. Then you will be only left to make friendship with an even stronger Pakistan. So, please understand the rising power of Pakistan and be friends with us.


NOTE: Brother, please feel free to post your original name, though i know you are my Afghan brother. Afghanistan Pakistan brother brother.

Posted by Umair | Report as abusive

Perhaps Ann Jones, who is quoted in this article, knows more about the need of Afghan people than the US puppet, Karzai, or the U.S. Afghan-born Ambassador to the UN, Zalmay Khalilzad. On 21st December Khalilzad said in CNN that “Afghanistan is a very large country. It’s the size of Iraq. But the forces there are much smaller, the total of number. The Iraqis have 600,000 security forces.” This comes from a guy who was ambassador to both Afghanistan and Iraq yet he doesn’t know that the two countries are not the same size. Iraq has an area of 438,317 sq km and Afghanistan has an area over 647,500 sq km which makes Afghanistan larger by almost half of Iraq’s size. The size of the two countries should not be the issue for political or military success in Afghanistan but the terrain, ethnic composition and regional political players is crucial for successive military strategy. To a large extent, Khalilzad is responsible for the destruction of Afghanistan since the mid 1980s by feeding the US State Department with wrong information. Back then Afghanistan was hired to fight a proxy war for US that killed more than one million Afghans. For the past 7 years we’ve witnessed a different chapter where US sheriffs and puppets, warlords and the CIA men have taken the joystick and control of a few square kilometers in Kabul and some major cities. Ordinary Afghans are killed, oppressed and exploited under the rubber stamp of “terrorism” and “terror”. History has proven that Afghans might be poor and prone to invasions but they’ve never budge to invaders and at the end they won and repealed invaders. The best solution to the Afghan conflict is not military solution but diplomatic and the withdrawal of foreign forces from Afghanistan.

Posted by Popal | Report as abusive

its really amusing to see Umair touting paki nuclear weapons. It reminds me of a story in our Purans. The story is of a devil called Bhasmasur who became so intoxicated with his power that ultimately he destroyed himself with his own power.
Umair here is a tit-bit for you. Since Indians are not so irresponsible with their nuclear weapon no one told you about a grounding fact.In May 1998 india detonated 5 nuclear device. One of them was thermo-nuclear device. A thermo-nuclear device is a fusion device (Like Hydrogen Bomb) which is about 1000 times stronger than a conventional fission device. And Pak does not have a fusion device. Possibly such advanced science is not taught in your Paki Madarsa. Had it been, you would not be touting your dirty bombs so blatantly. There are many US defense experts who have tried to estimate the damage of a nuclear war between India and Pak. All paint a gory picture, a huge damage to India but a total annihilation of Pakistan. So wake up and be more sensible.

OK enough of Gyan
Coming back to topic. I agree that the ground realities in Afghanistan are very different from Iraq. In Afghanistan terrorism is financed by drugs and bred by Pakistan. In Iraq the terrorist never had any safe haven but in Afghanistan they can commit crime and run away to pakistan. Its a pity that Americans realized it so late but its good that finally they are taking the war to the terrorists and to their hide outs(read pakistan)
I think these 4 things need to be taken care of if America is serious about Afghanistan
1) Rebuilding Afghanistan and winning trust of Afghans
2) Eliminate illegal Drug trade
3) Destroy Terrorist hide-outs, training centers and ‘moral’ supporters
4) Ultimately a lasting peace in Afghanistan can only be ensured by a strong Afghanistan.

Posted by chirkut | Report as abusive

Umair wrote : “ask Indians they have been fighting us for last 61 years and we gave them very hard time”

Pakistan has given hard time to India but not in battlefield, Yes they have given us hard time in terrorist attacks. But what India has done in battlefield is NON REPAIRABLE DAMAGE in form of bangladesh. Well whatever is was its history now, so no hard feelings.

Anyways lets come to the point, Afghanistan is proving to be a hard nut for america which may give them the same results like vietnam. Its the terrian, which is on the sides of locals again.

But other factor playing here is our beloved (Grrrrrrrrrrr) pakistan. They had radicalized the afghan war against soviets, now more and more people are going on the path of jihad against america. Ultimately afghans are pushing america to the unrealistic point where they have to literally kill each afghan (And half of the pakistan) in order to win this battle. Any by the time they do it there will be iranians and saudis too in this battle. So its an endless battle they are fighing, no matter if they double the troops or triple them its not gonna work.

Posted by punjabiyaar | Report as abusive

Advance science is taught in Pakistani universities of science and tehnologies. The higher education commission send students abroad for degree on scholarships. Yet Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission employs thousands of scientists and researches who work on the nuclear program. Now i dont see why you seem to connect this to Madrassas, I myself went to a Madrassa in childhood to learn to read Quran and also went on to earn a undergraduate degree in Business.
Again, Pakistan’s nuclear weapons program and missile delivery system is more advanced than India. Pakistan had mastered the enrichment of Uranium early on which attributed to successful development of nuclear weapons.
You pointed out correctly, Indians are sure very responsible with their nuclear weapons. They have to be, there is no choice since Pakistan too is armed to teeth with weapons of mass destruction. Add to that, Pakistan has always expressed it will never hesitate to unleash destruction if its soverignity is threatened.

Posted by Umair Malik | Report as abusive


You sure do think you know a lot but next time you wish to give your side of the story, make sure you do some study about your topic.

First, Pakistan lost 3 major wars to India, in one particular Indian force drove Pakistani army almost to your capital.
It was your army chief who suggested a suicide attack on Indian army and that’s how Pakistani army retreated, isnt that an example of a suicide nation??

You talking about Pakistan’s Nuclear weapons, yes I agree with you but haven’t you heard about Afghans yet.
We defeated Alexander the great, we defeated the entire empire of Changez Khan of mangolia, and we defeated the British in august of 1919 when there was nothing called Pakistan. You sure know the power of Afghan people. We don’t need an army of million men, we don’t need a nuclear weapon, and if you mess with us you die.
Afghan Land is known as a conqueror. At last let me remind you that Pakistan named its nuclear weapon after an Afghan conqueror called, GHAZNAWE.

If a war breaks down today with Pakistan, Trust me, I would be the first to volunteer fighting you Pakistanis to free our country from Pakistani terrorism.

Pakistan history goes back to only 61 years, before that you people were slaves of Britain while we Afghans have thousand of years of history.

If it wasn’t for Mahatma Gandhi, Pakistan would still be part or British, instead of Mohammad ali Jinnah you should put Mahatma Gandhi’s pictures in your school, courts and your parliament because he created an independent state of India which you are part of it.

Afghans can never become brothers of those who kill innocent civilians in discriminately in the name of religion in order to achieve their own political agenda.

Wait few more years and you will find your country in chaos. Insha Allah

Posted by Afghan | Report as abusive

The problem with you Afghan is the hand that feeds you, like indians you bite it.

As you have said your country never recognised Pakistan so what does that Pakistan went off the map.

Personaly I think we should force all afghans to get their sweaty bums back to aghanistan and live there and work for your own country. Rather then bringing drugs. weapons and your terroists culture here.

To this day you live off Pakistan through sumggling all the wheat and most other essentials. So go and get a life even you lot with Indian cant do anything just bark and carry on…

Posted by Ali | Report as abusive

Afghan go a get a LIFE, go and tell your proud history to someone else. Its people like you who sold your country to the Russians with the help of cowrd indian. If it wasnt for the Pak ISI/USA your proud history would have been placed where sun dont shine.

So go and give these lessons to your puppet leader Karzar. unthankful jackal who lived in Pakistan but as soon as USA offered a carror he jumped on the opportunity and sold your country to the americans again.

Its wasnt Pakistan that detryed you infact you lot are your own worst enemies by killing each other. Anyway it was and is the proud Pashtuns that are fighting N cowrads like you from northern alliance are the slaves of the west and indians lol.

Good luck afghans!

Posted by Ali | Report as abusive


You need to read my comments above one more time before you get totally excited and anxious throwing your comments, lol very juvenile of you.

Talking about why Afghans hate the existence of Pakistan?
Very simple, Pakistan spread the word of hatred among the three major tribes and used the most uneducated Afghans to stand against each other after the soviet war ended. Reformed various different kinds of terrorist groups and send them to Afghanistan. Supported these terrorist groups financially, morally and politically.
The true and real Afghans that include Pashtons, Tajiks, Hazara etc. stood together and formed the Northern Alliance of Afghanistan who was Fighting Pakistani Taliban for years.

Calling upon Afghans bringing drugs to Pakistan, you need to educate yourself more about your own country and its law less NWFP and FATA region.
Drugs, Weapons and all kind of illegal products are being sold in Tribal region of Pakistan and you know it.
Afghanistan is fighting hard against drugs and statistics show a substantial decrees in opium growth.

You people (pakis) need to direct yourselves to a civilized world. Building more Madrasas, brainwashing your next generation against the west and non Muslims and nurturing more narrow minded generation will not take Pakistan to any where. Rather make it more isolated and hateful as it is.

Stop supporting terrorism and let others lives in peace.

Posted by Afghan | Report as abusive


—Karzai never ever lived in Pakistan, he was stationed in New Delhi & was recognized by India as the legal representative of Afghanistan during the horrible Taliban rule of Afghanistan, stop spreading your lies in the typical Pakistani fashion…

Posted by Anup | Report as abusive


—lately the Punjabi Taliban is forcefully getting their lecherous Punjabi terrorist cadres married to Pashtun girls, an attempt to defile & ultimately extinct the Pashtun tribes in Pakistan…

Posted by Anup | Report as abusive

oohh touched somebody’s nerve didnt I?

Anup was he staying at your house while your dad was busy raping the kashmiris womens and killing children and mr karzai was at your house I wonder doing what?

Yes he has a house in Quetta and lived there, lets say even if he was in india that just proves he is a puppet of the indians always was northern alliance and will be.

Afghan you need to go back to school sorry did the taliban bombed them out already oh ho surely the International community will help you lol. The only country that produces more drugs in the world is Afghnistan so shut your filthy mouth and stop finger wagging like your idiot masters.

Live like a independent people and feed your people first before you go back to 1800cetury lol. All afghans re unthankfull even tho to this day the only country took all the refugees gave you a place and we pakis donated so much money to feed you but what can i say you are just liike the indians bite the same hand that is trying to help you feed you.

Plz keep your history books to yourself you remind me of a jacklal like karzai. If you were true afghan you woudnt be saying this but then agian you might a cross breed betwen afghan and an idiot lol…

Posted by Ali | Report as abusive

I think Anup accompnied Mr Karzai all the way were you his PA. Stop spitting wrong information next time you see the jackal ask him and he will tell you the truth.

Quetta is where he lived and anway afghans plz at least get the Internationl community to build you a airport. Till when are you going to carry on landing in Islamabad and drive to aghanistan lol.

Surely the idiot masters could help you afghans lol. Remeber they are all there to look after their own intrest so about time you became men started to have bit of dignity in you and time to look at the future then remembering who they conqured those were true muslims not like you SOLD out jackals lol.

Posted by Ali | Report as abusive

I agree with you Ali all afghans are unthankful if you cant appriciate what the Pakistan nation has done for your people. You have NO right to critcise it and let me ask you it is ok for the indians or the russians to rule you, buy you so why should Pakistan have a poblem in using you?

You are there to buy jusy offer you bit of real viagra as the USA is doing and your tribals leaders fall in their feet. These were NOT the Afghans that fought the russians these are black sheeps trained and fed in India only for one purpose.

Indians you can try all you want and I wish you lot good luck too and the reason being in 60years your filthy idea never turned into reality NEITHER will they NOW or EVER. Long live Pakistan n the pakis!!!

Posted by Hussain | Report as abusive

—Are you born from anyone of those(imaginary) Kashmiri women you attribute to my Father…sorry ‘bro’…lol
& don’t you worry , very soon we will reclaim Quetta also , so no prob. Karzai will go down in history as having taken shelter in India…happy munna…

Posted by Anup | Report as abusive

The Pakistani media and the Pakistani education system has to be changed, where they teach only Heatred towards INDIA. :) where were you before 61 years lol
To the Intelligent minds of PAK, INDIA never initiated any WAR with you, why are always barking that INDIA needs keep peace. We are peace loving people.
The whole world says onething and you say the other.

ALI, Do you think There are no terrorist supporting org’s in PAK. If so, how does the PAK is agreeing that KASAB is PAK national.
Forget that you are a PAKISTANI, Think like a HUMAN being… then you will understand.

Posted by Loki | Report as abusive

@Hussain (whose sane)
…Indians you can try all you want and I wish you lot good luck too and the reason being in 60years your filthy idea never turned into reality NEITHER will they NOW or EVER. Long live Pakistan n the pakis!!!…

— from 60 years whole world is listening to Long live Pakistan… why are you guys afraid that Pakistan will be dead soon? So shouting this caption everywhere…
Talking about India’s ideas etc, well you non-secular don’t understand democracy ideas… so better think how you guys can stop Army coups….
Horrible nation, when Nawaz was coup by Mushraff, all hailed Mushraff’s name, and when he was ruling everyone wanted Democracy. Now there is a Democracy, you guys want Army.
Please first concentrate in your ideas, and then when you understand Democracy then think what India’s ideas are. Hopefully until then Pakistan lives…

Posted by Blogger | Report as abusive

Afghans happily took money and arms from all sorts of foreigners for 30 years and destroyed their country in civil wars. Now they blame Pakistan!

Posted by Bangash Khan | Report as abusive

“…Afghans happily took money and arms from all sorts of foreigners for 30 years and destroyed their country in civil wars. Now they blame Pakistan!…”

–Can you please tell us what did Pakistan do with US & China all these 60 years?
–Where is the IMF waiver Pakistan received last time, and it was boldly bartered with “War On Terror”?

Buddy, first look @ your home and then talk about neighbors.

Posted by Blogger | Report as abusive

To get more information about developments in Pakistan and in the region, please visit

Posted by Sikander Hayat | Report as abusive

Pakistan should never sell or lease agricultural land to Saudis or any other foreign governments or corporations or individuals as it will be very detrimental for our own future needs of food when our population is growing at such a fast pace.

Besides, we shall be able to export food to countries like Saudi Arab at higher prices in future. Let these Saudis & other other countries pay more petro dollars to us through buying food from us, instead of giving them opportunity to grow their own food on our land. They have been squeezing quite a lot from us from our petroleum imports at exorbitant rates & our labor working up there at miserable low incomes. It will be their pay back time in future. So don’t the government dare let this opportunity slip by our hands.

Posted by Yousaf | Report as abusive