Pakistani Taliban force girls’ schools to close

January 17, 2009

Taliban militants have banned female education in the northwest Pakistan valley of Swat, depriving more than 40,000 girls of schooling. Last month, the Taliban warned parents against sending their daughters to school, saying female education was “unIslamic”.  The warning was reiterated by a close aide to militant leader Mullah Fazlullah in a message broadcast through an illegal FM radio station on Friday night. Government schools have been shut down and some 300 private schools due to reopen next month after the winter break will probably remain closed, a senior official said.

The development highlights the extent to which the Taliban have extended their influence from the tribal regions on the border with Afghanistan into Pakistan itself, and their willingness to challenge Pakistanis’ way of life.

In the same vein, the blog All Things Pakistan, in a post headlined “Pakistan at War: No Women Allowed” runs a photo of a banner in Mingora, the main city in Swat, which it says reads: “Women are not allowed in the market.”  It says the Taliban has banned the entry of women in markets and ordered the killing of women who violate the ban. “From the picture, this is clearly a textile and cloth market — the type of market where, in Pakistan, you would expect most customers to be women,” it says. It also says that most shop owners have sold or shut down their business because of falling sales.

So what’s going on here? Is this only about the Taliban enforcing their religious views even at the risk of alienating the local population? Neither the parents whose daughters have been banned from school nor the shop owners appear to welcome the development.  Or is it more about them showing their power to intimidate as part of a longer-term strategy?

Other conservative Muslim countries do not have bans on female education — for example in Saudi Arabia female students make up a little over half of those enrolled in schools and universities, although they are strictly segregated. 

The Saudis and the Taliban come from different religious traditions. But according  to the website of the Saudi Arabian embassy in Washington, “education is a requirement for every Muslim, both male and female. The Holy Qur’an and the Hadith [teachings and practices of the Prophet Muhammad] repeatedly emphasize the importance of learning,” it says.

(Photo: Residents outside a damaged school in Qambar, in Swat valley)


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Education is the last priority for a country who had been under military rule most of its history. The security agencies will wake up once the strategic Karakoram highway will be controlled by the Taliban militants. I wonder if it require rocket science to jam FM radio broadcast. On the other hand there seems to be no propaganda war against the Taliban in Pakistan. My pashtun friends have no idea whether the pakistani Taliban are funded by foes or friends?

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The Pakistani Punjabi Taliban has also issued fatwas that the native Pashtuns must get their daughters married to their Punjabi cadres, & they are executing parents who defy their diktats, it’s an covert ISI operation of ethnically cleansing of the Pashtuns…

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Pakistan (And some people who comment on this blog) will be in state of denial as always. They have lost half or their country to fundamentalist and still they sing Pakistani is not a failed state.

Guys do you ever start to accept truth.

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Preventing women from attaining education is inhuman and marks the beginning of an evil. What is the Pakistani establishment doing all these days? It should encourage Parents either to migrate east or convince them to send girls to school by providing adequate security. If it is true that girls are debarred from educational institutions,then this is indeed the darkest era in the history of Pakistan. Authorities responsible for this fiasco should not forget that Pakistan was a country where a woman was once the head of the state,something that never happened in most of the developed countries including USA.

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The Moslems had come to India centuries ago as marauders and plunderers. They stayed evolved and thanks to the British got educated and modernised.
Partition of India was a tragedy. In any case they got a land of their own. They christened it Pak istan. The land of the Pure.
My elite friends in Pakistan,are you going to be ruled by the dictats of the residue amongst those marauders? The handful who still wish to live in the dark past?
If you do not rise now, you never will.
Rise and fight if you have any dignity left. It is worth it. Do it for the sake of your children. Do it for your own sake.
A compassionat friend from India.
Y. R. Palia.

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I am genuinely troubled after reading this article. This is a defining moment where civilization has falling down on its knees to these barbarians Taliban. My heart goes out to Pakistani girls of that area if they are permanently banned from learning. I do not know what Pakistanis are feeling about it. But these are real bad times and this thing can spread to other parts too. I hope much admired Pakistani Army/ISI does something about it. That’s why I said other day in my post to perhaps Hussain or Umar that instead of saying India is your biggest enemy, say that all these terrorists are your enemies. It is the time to set the priorities right—these terrorists are establishing their govts and controlling the areas. This particular news has taken Pakistan one century back. If not the Pakistani leaders, at least the common man must stand up against these whole set of terrorists.
Pakistani men/women: This is the right time and the right enemy to yell at and act against. Guys: Now is the time to show your machoism–do something before Taliban takes over Peshawar, as they have already claimed that they can do anytime.

I am more troubled because this area had a man who did exactly the opposite before partition. That man was Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan, also called Sarhadi (Frontier) Gandhi because of his close association with Mahatma Gandhi. He was pashthun from NWFP, currently in control of Taliban.

I am also copy/pasting the article and also sending a link also-this is worth reading.

Excerpts are: “Khan opened schools and brought women out of their homes to become a part of society. For over two decades Khan and his followers dominated the Northwest Frontier without resorting to violence as a means for independence.” “His life is heroic. He spent more than 25 years in British Indian and Pakistani jails.” “Adevout Muslim and committed ally of Gandhi, Ghaffar Khan worked in close collaboration with his inspirer for independence. For almost 80 long years, the Pashtun leader struggled incessantly for the rights of his people without ever raising arms. Like Gandhi, Ghaffar Khan honestly believed that the upliftment of his people was essential preparation for independence. Khan opened schools in the province, brought women into the mainstream of society, and encouraged his nonviolent soldiers to vow to do at least two hours of social work a day.”

Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan was promoting women education and had 100,000 Muslims lay down their arms and the army was called “Khudai Khimatgars” (“Servants of God”).

Sadly though Pak Army killed many “Khudai Khimatgars” and also imprisoned Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan after partition for a long time (I think nearly 2 decades) and tortured him. Ghaffar Khan strongly opposed the partition of India., but it happened. His last words to Gandhi and his erstwhile allies in the Congress party were: “You have thrown us to the wolves.”(i.e.Pakistan).

The events in the area must be making Frontier Gandhi very uneasy in heavens since he worked hard for raining the first ever non-violent Army and promoting the cause of women. But it is really a time for Pakistan to get its act together, if it can, and not play more games.
Read more on:  /2frontier.html

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India community looked hard to find a solution to solve the evils of Indian society (female infanticide, child marriage, over population, illiteracy, poverty etc etc)

The solution given by intellectuals and the foot soldiers on the ground was “educating and empowering women”. Since then a grater thrust was given to female education (free lunch program initiated by govt), banks started giving loans to women entrepreneurs in rural India.

In the India shining story the real heroes are not those who made it to the Forbes list but the women of India (a long way to go yet).

Allowing Pakistan to occupy Kashmir would be in the words of Frontier Gandhi (as pointed out by Rajeev) “throwing them to the wolves”.

It’s truly sad to see our neighbors go back to the dark ages while the world is ready to explore outer space.

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Had Pakistan remained under British colonial rule in 1947, today it would have been far prosperous than India.

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I’ve said it before and I will say it again ‘thank god for partition’.

But rest assured the pakis will dismiss this as western propoganda and ‘focus’ on jehad and shahadat in Kashmir.

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Shivraj Chauhan was an underdog during the state elections in M.P.(India), but surprisingly he won with a thumping majority-mainly because he had focused on the upliftment of women & implemented a scheme in which every Girl-Child born shall be assured sum of 100 thousand rupees on maturity & all their education costs will be borne by the state- the women voters showed their gratitude by re-electing him…

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Satyam fraudster Ramalinga Raju did good job to highlight India on international business scene. Together with Mumbai security failure, India’s reputation is ruined, Indians need not to worry and stress about girls schools in Swat.
Not being a banana republic, Pakistan is conducting security operation in Swat to restore law and order and reopen educational institutes. Good luck Pakistan!

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My dear bloggers in this section, I have seen almost all comments, its good that Indians are too much concerned with Pakistan when something is going on there. How strange it is that they have never seen their country. Let me go back to archives of news and present some facts.
In India there are a total of 50 separation movements in 14 states, 17 out of them are major movements. About 174 districts of India are under control of terrorists. Here I wish to remind that Indian PM in a Chief Ministers conference (few months back), confessed that India is under security threat of at least in five separation movements (off course not supported by Pakistan). In Assam, Nagaland, Behar, Andhra Pradesh and West Bengal, there are separation movements, they are not interested to join Pakistan nor they are being supported by Pakistan, rather they are doing so because they don’t feel comfortable in a country where the people of their own religion (shooders, lowest caste of Hinus) are not treated humanly (I am not saying equally, nor they claim so). Where people are oppressed for asking their rights.
Can someone tell me the definition of the following movements, their trends, demands, and their origin and their terrorist activities they did in recent days etc:
United Liberation Front of Assam (ULFA), National Democratic Front, Barcha Commando Force, United Liberation Militia, Gorkha Tiger Force, National Socialist Council of Nagaland, Khalistan National Army, and so on and so forth.
All these and many other separation/terrorist organizations are based in India and are being supported by Hindus of India. Who don’t know VHP, a Hindu terrorist organization, and his atrocities against Muslims?
In this very situation your concern in destabilization of Pakistan in not justified. First see your own country. I wish you best of luck to see the truth.
And now come to Mumbai incident, do you really think Pakistan is involved in that. If yes then if only a dozen Pakistanis (although I believe they are not at Pakistanis) can deceive your security forces, and hijack one of the biggest hotels in Mumbai, does such a weak India deserve existence in this world? Do the world wishes to invest in such a weak country that can’t defend his own business hub from a dozen people, if it was really a foreign based “attack”.
Be concerned to your own country before commenting Pakistan. We are doing what so ever is needful and you are just playing blame game.
Thanks for your concern any way.

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The whole society in Pakistan need to relook at the role of military, intelligence & religion in their life. The monster created and supported by them will one day surely make Pakistanis experience the same life Afghans experienced under Taliban rule. No TV, No entertainment, no music, no education for girls and women moving on streets like a herd of sheep.

Umair, Fraud by Ramalinga Raju may result in a damage to reputation of Hyderabad but not India. I work for an American Semiconductor firm in Bangalore as a Chip design engineer and i see the number of Americans visiting Bangalore office has increased since last Christmas, a sure sign of more jobs coming to India as they are resorting to cost cutting because of recession by laying off engineers in US and recruiting in India. You just put to rest any doubts you have regarding IT industry in India.

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Yaser Saleem,

Thank you for your insights.

A separatist movement (as you call it) stops being a separatist movement when its members (militants) start getting salaries and becomes a money making machine (ULFA, JKLF etc etc).

States like Bihar are in the middle of India and its ridiculous to say that they are fighting for separation. Being a resident of West Bengal I can safely say that this is the first time I have ever heard of a separatist movement from my state. Also kindly enlighten me what you mean when you say Hindu separatist movement???? (India is 82% Hindu, what do we separate from).

If Muslims were truly oppressed why do they continue to flourish in India? I wont start counting success of Muslim community it’s too numerous and as a Pakistani I am sure you have been watching Indian movies of the entire Khan brigade. Too bad Pakistan’s entertainment industry is still in its infancy and with the advent of Taliban very soon all you will hear will be the religious prayers!

Mumbai incident was a Indian security agency failure, just like London bombing was MI5 failure and 9/11 was CIA failure, you have evry right to claim all these are success for ISI and Pakistan. Congratulations!

Very pleased to see that though you take pride on the acts of the 10 misguided kids you still are in denial about their Pakistani roots and beliefs. This continued state of denial and ignorance is an ominous sign of things to come for Paksitan.

All said and done, we will always be concerned, sympathetic and disappointed with the state of affairs in Pakistan. If you are wondering why the answer is simple, the civilized world will always have empathy for fellow human beings irrespective of their religion and race, unlike the Islamic (radical only) community who has a two dimensional view of the world (Muslim and Kaffirs).

Peace be upon you and might I add sense be upon you too.

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Apparenlty in 1971, just until the surrender of Pakistan army in Dhaka, the print media and the radio were blaring triumphantly the huge success of Pakistan army trashing Indian army. When the news of surrender came, people were stunned how this is possible.

Your imagination of India and Pakistan are about the same, or India is about to collapse from separatist movments comes from reading propaganda material from Pakistan media/ ISI.

With the exception of the valley of Kashmir, there is no serious separatist movement anywhere else. Many you list have died out. There is tribal warfare going on north east, nowhere in India there is even remote possibility of anything like Swat valley to happen.

Ou security failure in Mumbai does not exculpate Pakistan. The super power USA, with most powerful army, technology, could not prevent or predict 9/11. Terrorists fail 99 times but when they are successful one time that’s all we know about and it appears they are always successful.

About Indians writing about SWAT-yes we weren’t thinking about Pakistan, until you launched the Mumabi terrorist attack. Probably Pakistan army was involved in the attack, and it probably gives satisfaction to Indians, if the Pak army is in trouble in SWAT.

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it looks pretty sad, after reading this article. what kind of impose they are trying to do, which has no significance in life. why they are trying to ruined their life and for what sake? Women are not a machine to produce child only, even they have life, they have heart to feel and think like a man.
Please for God sake change your views towards women.

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I forgot to answer one of your questions.

“a weak India deserve existence in this world? Do the world wishes to invest in such a weak country that can’t defend his own business hub from a dozen people?”

India’s economy is the 12th largest in the world currently and forth largest by purchasing power parity. The Indian army is the world’s second largest army, Indian Air force is world’s forth largest air force. India is one of the few countries who have made advancement in space technology. Indian nuclear program is indigenous and not stolen from Netherlands and nor is the founder of Indian nuclear research under house arrest or a wanted nuclear proliferator.

Pakistan had to plead with the world and finally go to IMF for a loan of $7.6 billion; India’s biggest industrial house’s networth is $63.2 billion.

Do you really want to ask that question when in your country the army surrenders before the enemy without even putting up a fight (No I am not talking about 1971), there have been numerous surrenders to the Taliban and recently the whole of elite Pakistani police force refused to go to SWAT.

I cannot and will not suggest that a weaker nation should stop existing in the world, but I can safely say that terrorist and their sympathizers do not have a place in this world and they will be eliminated.

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umair and salim

keep coming back and continue talking, you are lot more pariotic than the highly placed Pakistanis living in West. They are more shortsighted than you in everyway. You are the hope for your beleagured nation.Solve the problems of your country first, dont worry about muslims living are in clear and present danger than others. Even the Iraqis and Afghans are in safe hands of Americans, God knows what happens to them if the latter chose to leave those countries.A taliban, hamas,hezbolla and AlQaida take over perhaps? Its scary people. God Bless America.

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No need to argue with Pakistan/Pakistanis. They are in a state of denial. Their country is going down the drain.
Pakistani govt has no guts to take on terrorists/taliban. The fact is that govt and ISI is abetting these terrorists. Recently terrorists vowed to fight with Pakistani forces, against India. The way things are going on, it seems very soon pakistan shall be taken over by TAliban. I heard one Taliban leader on TV claiming to take over pakistan soon!

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Aaar Bee
Just when you think Pakistan is going down in the drain, Pakistan might well come back firing on full cylinders right on top of the world. You are better off not underestimating Pakistan.

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Umair and other Pakistani friends:

Anup wrote:
-”As far as India goes- these ‘thousand cuts’ by Pakistan is getting unbearable, – we are on the verge of a breakdown, every fortnight we go thru the so called trauma you are so waxing eloquently…”

Umair replied:
“Yes, wou will have to pay for 1971 war. As I said earlier, Pakistan has never surrendered. I hate to state this, but it is fact. Despite all Pakistan’s efforts to peacefully co-exist with India, it seems Pakistan’s existence was never accepted wholeheartedly by India.”

My question to Umair (and other Pakistanis):
I have some questions rather than play this game of trying to defend India and blame Pakistan and vice-versa. My effort is not to provoke you here but try to understand goals of the Pakistan people) really think. Let us forget leaders for a moment. I guess Pakistan society (you) do want peace, as much all Indians do? Am I right?
What makes you believe that Pakistan has made efforts to peacefully co-exist with India?
Irrespective of the answer, do you think that it is possible for India and Pakistan to co-exist?

So what is the real meaning “Yes, you will have to pay for 1971 war?”(so you do accept the proxy War by Paksitant against India–right?)
what is ultimate goal of bleeding India by “thousand cuts” approach?
Do you think Pakistan can ever achieve its goals? If yes, at what cost to Pakistan?

Gen Zia-ul-Haq, who fathered the concept inflicting wounds by ‘thousand cuts’ is dead nearly 2 decades ago. Since then times have changed, so are the weapons and the allies.If you are also getting equal number of cuts, it is the time to stop it. There is no teacher better than history. Indians (do not think HINDUs only, it includes all religions) strongly believe that Pakistan or any other nation cannot hurt India to an extent that India can implode. Waging a war that cannot be won is not a smart thing to do. India and Pakistan are not militarily disproportionate-which tells me that war will inflict heavy damage on either side. Talking about Nukes like fire crackers is childish—India and Pakistan are not even ready to protect the civilians in the case of nuclear holocaust. Yes we can shoot the nukes for sure. Covert operations can be started by any one, but the question is: would they be useful?

Neither a destable India is a good thing for Pakistan nor a destable Pakistan is good for India.
Monday January 15th was the b’day of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, an African-American leader of civil rights movement leader. He once said: “Violence begets violence; hate begets hate” It is the call of Indian and Pakistanis to break this cycle.

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I agree to what you stated, both Pakistan and India need to co-exist peacefully and put behind enmity of 61 years. In response to Anup, I stated yes, Pakistan might be following the policy of bleeding India with thousand cuts. This is because the role India played in 1971, and Pakistan was dismembered. Since then Pakistan has moved on and stands today as a nuclear power. It is also impossible for India to harm Pakistan in any way. Therefore, both sides need to tame extreme elements and incourage normalisation of relations.

Posted by Umair | Report as abusive

Friendly Fighting – Pakistan Army and Taliban?

Pakistan Army and ISI were friend of Talibans once upon a time. (Reference

They are fighting each other now. I heard about friendly test cricket match and friendly sports matches. Is it friendly fighting? Please let us know, if it is friedly fighting the whole world is ready to flush out all Terrorists even if they hide inside Pakistan.

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The paki army has shut down more schools in SWAT than Taliban, the paki army uses schools and other govt buildings as bases or military camps to fight militants..Taliban has issued a warning to stop sending children to schools and are systematically blowing up all schools in region both boys and girls schools.
This rule could have been a very well thought strategy to show who is in control of region, inforce islamic laws, as well as reducing camoing opportunities for paki army in the region.
It is definately not that Taliban is scared of educated females..if that was the case they would have issued the same warning to entire pakistan as they can bring down buildings anywhere and everywhere inside pakistan..isn’t it ??

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In your article you have mentioned 40,000 girls got deprived of schooling…please do not exagurate as even the total population of swat is not 40,000, so how come one school has 40,000 pupils. What is happening in SWAT, is not what is SWAT, believe it I had my honeymoon there and ofcourse me and my wife visited almost all places there including shopping for clothes, gems and other precious stones. Voilence in SWAT is a result of indian covert operation to harm Pakistan and its economy as SWAT and its nearby area is full of marbles and other precious stones. SWAT is called Switzerland of Pakistan, and heaven on earth, even Kashmir is not as beautifull as SWAT. “Malam Jabba”, “Saidu Shareef” and many other places in SWAT are the most beautiful places compare to any part of world… and is now become the battle ground on because of conspiracies from neibouring countries like india, afghanistan and injured russia.
However, Pakistan has always survived from indian conspircies as it did with recent false defamation of Pakistan where infact mumbai incidents were linked by indian government itself.

Posted by Peace | Report as abusive

Peace you are a living testament of the adage that stupidity has no limit.
India is fomenting trouble in SWAT?
Mumbai incident was a creation of India?
Give me a break!

Posted by chirkut | Report as abusive

@chirkut! call me stupid or whatever you like. but truth cannot be stayed hidden it pops up….tell me why picture of (so-called) terrorist was digitally processed to remove the wrist band (wear by almost 99% of indians I know)…these terrorist were called highly trained in Pakistan and by ISI, tell me why they were fool enough to bring all things on boat which are clearly marked as “Made in Pakistan”….tell me why india is reluctant to give evidences to world, why india is not handing over the arrested terrorist to PAKISTAN….tell me why mumbai incident result in arrest of two CBI officers from Srinagar….tell me why Mr. Milliband is being seriously critize over his remarks on KASHMIR and mumbai…tell me why parnab is going to US…..I’ll give you time because i know that making stories take time…..

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You are contradicting yourself in: “PAKISTAN MIGHT BE FOLLOWING THE POLICY OF BLEEDING INDIA WITH THOUSAND CUTS. This is because the role India played in 1971, and Pakistan was dismembered. SINCE THEN PAKISTAN HAS MOVED ON and stands today as a nuclear power. It is also impossible for India to harm Pakistan in any way. Therefore, both sides need to tame extreme elements and incourage normalisation of relations.”

If Pakistan is following the “thousand cut” policy, how can you say “PAKISTAN HAS MOVED ON”.
India understands well enough not to entertain terrorists any way”.India’s foreign policy is based upon friendly relations with all countries, the resolution of conflicts by peaceful means, the sovereign equality of all states, independence of thought and action. Essential it does not attack countries but is ready to respond to any threats to national security as it has shown since 1947. Thanks for pointing out that extreme elements should be tamed as you said. That’s what India has been asking Pakistan. India has suffered a lot by Pak covert operations/1000-cuts. But that should not make a Pakistani clap because the scenario is too bad for either side. Even if I imagine from Pak point of view, I see that this policy is hurting Pak a lot—look at the instability as a consequence. There is a golden rule which everyone forgets “the snake which you create does not bite the enemy alone, it starts getting used to the scent of blood and does not leave its creator also”. There are so many examples—in India it was Sikh terrorism for example, which you know very well. Fortunately it is history now. CIA and or ISI created Al-Qaida/Taliban, Let, JeM etc. These guys have hit USA (9/11), India (26/11) and Pakistan (9/26)—see the pattern. It is time to control these guys. The good doctrine of real “Jihad” is beyond their grasp. Today, I was reading a book—a report by USA bi-partisan committee post-9/11 on WMD-bioterrorism and nuclear proliferation and the worst fear is getting this stuff in the hands of terrorist. Osama-bin-Laden has already proclaimed it a “religious duty” for Muslim states to acquire nuclear, chemical and biological weapons to attack the West. The report had a special section on “Pakistan: Intersection of terrorism and nuclear weapons”. The real stories-the shipping of material, a Russian guy with enriched Uranium etc in a train on his way to sell the stuff-but luckily dumb enough to be caught-were there. I do not see these stories are cooked. These members were in Kuwait en route to Pakistan when they got the message that the hotel they were going to stay—Marriot – is blown. On reading the report, the threat looks real—the chances are high that in next 5 years the dirty bomb might be in terrorists hand. Links to Libya, N.Korea is another problem—Pak’s responsibility here has not been appreciated. Also, NGOs from 117 countries have done independent analysis and 74% of them said that terrorists might get the Nuclear Material from Pakistan. One can imagine the terrorists have set the bar of killing 3000 innocents one time (9/11) and they would be bored by killing just 200 or 300 people at one time. Understandably, they want to set a higher bar. But also undetstandably they must be neutralized before that happens. My idea is that radicals/terrorists have their own agenda, a part of that agenda is such that only a lunatic can agree to. My pots is just to point out and share the information.There is talk about NUKES in the blog here—like you are using nuclear as an adjective for Pakistan (we all now). In India, no one talks about Pakistan until a scene from “thousand cut” is played. But it is high time to stop this before Japan thinks how lucky they were to escape with what they got.

Here is an example if a 150 kiloton bomb constructed by terrorists is detonated in the heart of Manhattan, NY at the foot of the Empire State Building. The bomb goes off without warning at noon time. It’s a clear spring day with a breeze to the east. mple1.shtml

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Ask NSA chief-Durrani who was sacked after he could not live with the guility of lying day after day.
Also, when the investigation is done at this scale, it cannot be a conspiracy theory. Go look in the history you will find several examples where the investigation was not even started and those are the cases of consipracy theories. Recent example is Zardari’s wife assassinated and he is not investigating who did it. One more-Paki dictator Zia-ul-haq died in plane crash and investigation was not done-it was believed that CIA or KGB did that. CIA had spiked mangos with VX gas to eliminate Zia-one theory?
Stop these childish arguments of the wrist–yeah everyhing was perfect but oops they just forgot the band? And also how hard it is to get the band by the army of the pure!!!!!!”LeT/ISI.
REad the post I wrote to Umair and you will know why it is not in Pak’s best intererest to play soccer game with these state-less actors.

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I forgot to mention that the investigation was not carried out despite the fact the plane in which Zia-ul-Haq died also had several Pakistani army officers, including chairman of the Pakistani Joint Chiefs of Staff, US Ambassador to Pakistan Arnold Raphel and General Herbert M. Wassom, the head of the U.S. Military aid mission to Pakistan.

Posted by rajeev | Report as abusive

..tell me why picture of (so-called) terrorist was digitally processed to remove the wrist band (wear by almost 99% of indians I know)…

— This is the high stupidity of you and your intelligent nation.
If a man wears a Tazcat Cap and a women wears a burkha and kill few people in Pakistan or Kashmir, are we called Muslims? Have some sense.

…why india is not handing over the arrested terrorist to PAKISTAN…
— Pakistan seek Counselor Access to meet the Terrorist, why didn’t they came?
— Why didn’t Pakistan claimed the dead bodies of other 9 terrorists? Have some sense!

…I’ll give you time because i know that making stories take time……
— Thanks at least you had some sense to say this, however you must also take sometime to say such stories here.

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@rajeev…ok Pakistan failed to identify killers of Late Zia-ul-Haq, but i wonder if you could give me the name of person behind killing of Gandhi, i am willing to know the name of person who made Hindu Mahasabha and not the person who trigger the bullet.
And what about the person who planned the assasination of Rajeev Gandhi.

Posted by Peace | Report as abusive

when foreigners ran roudhgshod against their nationhood, they raise a hackle which is good.why let americans fire missiles across the border at afghanis and arabs and a cocktail of other nationalities in their border and infringe into their sovereignty? Very rightious indignation ha ha!(Hey! you americans, we dont need foreignners in our borders!But in the meantime, let the foreingners inside our borders go about burning our schools and dictate policies to our pakistani government)Wow!what a people!.

Posted by ahmad ibrahim | Report as abusive

Peace Wrote:
“i am willing to know the name of person who made Hindu Mahasabha and not the person who trigger the bullet.
And what about the person who planned the assasination of Rajeev Gandhi.”

Well both cases had an enquiry, killer of Ghandhi was a member of RSS but does this means RSS killed him?

Rajiv ghandhi was killed by LTTE everyone knows that.

There were enquiries in both cases, but what is stopping you to enquire murder of benazir and gen zia, pak says that they will probe into mumbai attacks, why cant they investigate murder of own leaders. Why you are rushing to UN for benazir investigation.

By the way do you have any idea why and who killed murtaza bhutto ? Goe News still show the clipping banazir saying “I think some ISI officers killed murtaza”

Posted by punjabiyaar | Report as abusive

truth is not what i say or you say. Truth is the deduction based on real evidences. Evidences point to elements based in pakistan (Miind it that not just Indian but US agencies are saying it). This has been shared with your govt and has been accepted by your govt. As per them they are doing the enquiry.Father of the captured terrorist has owned up his son. List is long. Use a good neutral reporting to learn more about it.

Don’t worry I will give you years to do so coz growing up and maturing takes years :-)

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@indians—-with the Obama’s inaugural speech it is clear that whose side USA is, despite indians effort to defame PAKISTAN the amount of aid against War on terrors has increase 50%, and we all know that US is not stupid enough to give more aid to a country which is not its ally and not help it against its war on terror. So stop making stories and come to reality, all your efforts to destroy Pakistans’ integrity have failed. Now your government have plan to gain some money through auction of things it purchased to show PAKISTAN involvement in mumbai incident.

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I have heard it all, but can someone tell me why as people who share a common history as us (India and Pakistan) have so much of hatred towards each other? I cant understand this quite. We would rather make friends with China and Russia or some other country far away. Enlighten me friends without abusing me.Please

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-Sowed a seed in hatred, Harvest abundance in hatred….

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Peace wrote:
with the Obama’s inaugural speech it is clear that whose side USA is…

Applause, Agreed you’re side….
poor chap, understand droning a region and aiding, next episode droned a nation aidless 😛

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Anitha, you have a short memory or a limited knowledge of recent history. When the Taliban came to power in Afghanistan in the 1990s one of the very first things they did was close all girls schools by force, throw women out of the paid workforce, and take away even the meagre rights women had previously had. They made women completely dependent on men, unable to move about freely,invisible,and basically imprisoned in their homes. As a result there is a whole generation of uneducated females. Of course the Taliban are terrified of educated and independent females, or they would not have done these things. They are mysogynist neanderthals of the first order who cannot comprehend even the most basic human rights for females, let alone equal human rights with men. So why are you trying to say they are not responsible for the current campaign of forcible closure of schools? It is a central tenet of their ideology.


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[…] long been deemed “un-Islamic” by the Taliban, women’s education was previously banned from […]

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