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religion, caste, creed & culture…

By: Anup Fri, 30 Jan 2009 16:45:37 +0000 Saf

—Constructive criticism is always welcome, what you construe as non-transparency, discrimination et al, are the inbuilt hazards of a democratic society, for not to be content is human, but that it can enjoy the freedom to express is a fundamental right of every human also…
Saf, India, is a role model worthy of being emulated by the world, there is no ‘Nationalism’ as such,yet doesn’t suffers from any identity crisis, it’s diversified, more than the whole of Europe put together – not divided,there are innumerable values to be imbibed from India, but doesn’t superimpose it’s worthiness,for that is indulged in by the superficial types…it’s not a religious country but spiritual, yes, and this holds true across the board irrespective of caste, creed & culture…

By: Saf Fri, 30 Jan 2009 11:54:26 +0000 “What to comment on this….you’ve gotta experience a thriving & vibrant democracy to understand it…”

I have. Nice to see you admitting and enjoying a foreign article pointing out your country’s flaw mentioned by an HRW group which sounds opposite to your ‘nobody’s business of what we do’ tirade, after initially labelling it a fabrication.

Yes, its nice to admire democratic principles however this is still unsatisfactory as in a true democracy charges would press ahead with transparency and new policies would be instated to avoid such harrassment and abuse of minorities and the grieviances of the communities would be addressed further where a protest would have been deemed unnecessary.

(One of the protest organisers, Maulana Amir Rashadi, said Muslim youths were being falsely targeted as terrorists.

The protesters arrived in Delhi carrying banners which said: “Let the truth prevail, bring the innocents out of jail” and “Give us security, not tears and blood”.)

(“We are hoping for justice. We are hoping for transparency.”)

Yea, I know how to copy and paste ‘words out of text’ too.

Anyways this isn’t to degrade India or mock its HR. I point this out to highlight the flaws that need to be addressed to create the model India can be for Asia, if not, the world. Of course you don’t deem it necessary for India to be a ‘role model’, so we’ll have to disagree with each other on that.

By: Anup Fri, 30 Jan 2009 11:34:51 +0000 Saf

—forgot to add- there were probably 2007 protesters, protesting for an incident(investigation into two bomb blasts) that happened 2007 miles away, in the year 2007… in 2009.

By: Anup Fri, 30 Jan 2009 11:17:40 +0000 Saf
“Indian Muslims are holding a mass demonstration in the capital,”

“The train travelled from ‘Azamgarh’ in northern Uttar Pradesh state and picked up more passengers en route to Delhi.”

“The BBC’s Joana Jolly in Delhi says more than ‘2,000’ people gathered at the protest at Jantar Mantar, a popular forum for demonstrations.”

“The Muslims here are proud to be patriotic, they have promoted the concept of peace here, they ‘live’ together ‘in harmony’,”

“In November, Human Rights Watch said police in the southern state of Andhra Pradesh should be prosecuted for torturing Muslims detained after bomb blasts last year.”
“The state government had admitted that 21 men had been tortured and would each receive $600 in compensation.”

—What to comment on this….you’ve gotta experience a thriving & vibrant democracy to understand it…

By: Saf Fri, 30 Jan 2009 07:29:43 +0000 Lovely sarcasm, Anup. 57468.stm
Fabricated, indeed.

By: Anup Thu, 29 Jan 2009 19:40:23 +0000 Saf
Hate you? No way buddy, I love your type,cunning ones, I love unmasking you’ll & expose the posturing, behind which lurk wily intentions…& hidden agendas & fabricated propagandas. (“There were new protests in India against the police in regards to torture of Muslims in custody and general harrassment.”)

By: Blogger Thu, 29 Jan 2009 17:20:34 +0000 Thanks Anup,
“we urge the United States to give us necessary resources — upgrading our equipment and providing the newest technology — so that we can fight the terrorists proactively on our terms, not reactively on their terms. Give us the tools, and we will get the job done.”

— Royal urging, and diplomatically begging… Zardari charisma.

How will China react or are they outing from the game?

By: Saf Thu, 29 Jan 2009 16:26:26 +0000 Whatever the reason is, lets just stay out of each other’s way on the newer blog posts. Thanks.

By: Saf Thu, 29 Jan 2009 16:24:05 +0000 if only I could have part 2 posted to stress the globalization point. *sigh*


You really really hate me, don’t you?

I’ve seen Slumdog and the criticisms pointed in the article are some of the criticisms I had pointed out to most of my peers. The ultra violence. The issue of using the word ‘slumdog’. However I’m not anti Slumdog as you may be. It is still a good critical movie, though perhaps with cultural bias, not totally inherently wrong as the abuses are real. I had heard similar critics of the Kite Runner as people thought Hollywood were exploiting the pains of the Hazaras. However if you read the book, that wasn’t the author’s intent, and neither was the movie really. What irks though is the hype its receiving which I think is probably more coinciding with the attacks in Mumbai, however its possible they would have garnered the same nominations whatever the situation. However despite the cons, I don’t see the movie as a ‘cultural debauchery’ as you may.

EXCUSE me, YOU did comment on the ‘WHITE’. You’re the one who brought it up, bro including slavery.I take offence to your racial stereotyping of me being a brown dude kissing up to a white dude. That’s rather racist. Or maybe you just hate brown dudes who like to live a Western life?

So I can’t mention ANYTHING nice or appreciate any good traits about any ‘white’ or ‘West’ country because that would dictate a mentality of white slavery? I guess since we’re both using a FINE (let me stress that in capitals because I’m such a suck up) service blog provided by REUTERS and typing in English, I must be a slave. Oh wait, aren’t you on Reuters too giving you’re opinions to a Western media audience?

You didn’t post an article from a writer, AB, because he/she’s brown? So you decided to give me a white writer’s article? Talk about prejudice.

Those young kids in the movie still live in crappy slums though are going to school now. There were new protests in India against the police in regards to toruture of Muslims in custody and general harrassment. Are you telling the HRW groups, NGOs and the concerned citizens to stick their nose out of any humanitarian issue that may arise? Not exactly a display of democratic principles. I didn’t realize you were working on creating an arrogant secretive communist society.

Look, clearly Anup you dislike me for whatever reason as I could tell with the ‘oppresser/oppressed’ comment you created in the other blog post.