Comments on: Musharraf planning to visit India Perspectives on Pakistan Thu, 01 Oct 2015 19:31:05 +0000 hourly 1 By: Saiyed Tahir Ali Fri, 24 Apr 2009 09:26:03 +0000 It saddens me when I read comments based on wrong facts. Every one of us should realize what impact these comments are going to make for the future of India and Pakistan. We should try to learn from Europeans whose history has been full of wars, victories and defeats, but all have formed a Union ( European Union ) giving free movement to all and right to work in any of the member states. In India and Pakistan, we already have many problems, we can not add on and should try to solve. Please think before you say any thing. We will get result on what we do today.

By: rajeev Thu, 02 Apr 2009 13:06:20 +0000 @Punjabiyaar,
Muslim kings defeated Hindu kings. Thats the way it was back in the day. Those defeats and 1,000 years of Muslim rule is part of the Indian inferiority complex till this day.
– Posted by Aamir Ali

–One major reason for a Muslim–whether in India or Pakistan-to look at the 1200yrs history objectively & without chest tumping is that you never know you are a converted. Aamir perhaps your ancestors were Hindu and who knows how they were (mis)treated that you are a Muslim today–there are several ways conversion can be done–first make sure of your ancestory before making claims. Just a suggestion.

Now about your point, we are not in denial-No denying that Muslims invaded India and ruled–perhaps that’s why we know the meaning of freedom more than a Paki does–we do not gift away the land to China, nor cede to Taliban. If I was a Paki I will say Indians ruled Muslims for >1000yrs! Any way, ASSUMING Mughals were great, what does that has to do with Pakistan’s improvement?, what is your contribution-ZERO? You can not even hold onto your country for 20yrs and broke into 2 pieces-remember 1971 Bangladesh and in 2009 SWAT is lost and the grip is losening and experts expect a total collapse in short time–But I wish you well. That is the hallmark of a loser–to live in the past–sadly you do not even know. Today. Pakistan in its entirety has zero contribution to itself, its neighbors and the whole world. You are living in the past which you do not even know. India was doing well in the past and is doing well now. We are in fine shape. In your message, I see between the lines the meaning that Pakistan is suffering from an inferiority complex because Mughals were kicked out by Brits.

By: Aamir Ali Thu, 02 Apr 2009 04:25:34 +0000 @Punjabiyaar

Muslim kings defeated Hindu kings. Thats the way it was back in the day. Those defeats and 1,000 years of Muslim rule is part of the Indian inferiority complex till this day.

By: shanky Fri, 06 Mar 2009 14:57:59 +0000 I really don’t understand what Mr. musharraf wants to prove now by takin part in the conclave in is such a funny act on his part that he would(probably) discuss India and pak relations now, when he is no more in power, wats the use?? if he would have cared then conditions would have been a alot better, failure of agra summit was due to his rigidity on kashmir issue.

all of the above the world knows that he was the principle man behind the kargil war, this fact now has been revealed by Mr. Nawaz Sharif himself, the then prime minister of pak. so wats the use of this man discussing a such a hot issue which demands total honesty and is only an act of getting attention back on him and this time when the environment between the two countries is hostile then he himself should have applied his brain by not coming to India…or to be specific he should not be allowed to enter India. Mr mush.. go and analyse yourself!!

By: Muhammad Rizwan Malik Mon, 02 Mar 2009 13:44:53 +0000 I wonder how the Indians will treat the ex-COAS of Pakistan Army after the mumbai attacks..

By: Ashok Fri, 13 Feb 2009 00:25:12 +0000 Mush is mohajir. Indians should welcome people disillusioned with Pakistan, wanting to visit land of their forefathers.
– Posted by MQM
We already make their(Pak) artists and cricketers rich, so we can not have reverse immigration here.
BTW The real issue is they will brainwash Indian muslims with their irreversible and contagious hatred of hindus.

By: rajeev Thu, 12 Feb 2009 21:03:52 +0000 Umair:
Gujrat was unfortunate for Muslims and Hindus both, without getting into who started. Would you please explain the depressing stats below about Hindus in Pakistan.
“””In August 1947, AT THE END OF BRITISH RAJ, THE POPULATION PERCENTAGE OF HINDUS IN WHAT IS TODAY IN PAKISTAN WAS PERHAPS AS HIGH AS 15-20%, but would drop to its current total of less than 2% in the years since independence. According to the 1998 PAKISTAN CENSUS, CASTE HINDUS CONSTITUTE ABOUT 1.6 PERCENT OF THE TOTAL POPULATION OF PAKISTAN and about 6.6% in province of Sindh.”””
Slow and persistant ethnic cleansing, right? Nothing as glamorous as Gujrat but systematic. Rapes, abductions and forced conversions of Hindu girls in Pakistan and forced marriages etc.
Last remaining Hindu temple in Lahore was demolished, right?
All minoroties are oppressed right. _of_Hindus

By: Blogger Thu, 12 Feb 2009 20:09:13 +0000 When Himachal being a hilly area is developing, why cant Kashmir be developed as a tourist place and there is lot of scope in industry as well there.

— Don’t say that, you’re hinting a survival to a seizing economy 😛
— Pakistan’s Swiss’land is Taliban Land so they will flood to India Swiss’land lol

By: Blogger Thu, 12 Feb 2009 20:06:25 +0000 @Umair,
Babri Mosque is in India right !

By: punjabiyaar Thu, 12 Feb 2009 19:15:34 +0000 Umair Wrote:
“I will take you back to 1992 when the historical Babri Mosque was demolished by violend hindu terrorists”

So you are trying to say that Muslim Mob burnt a train because of the 1992 Incident of Babri Masjit. Please man have a break, drink a cup of tea and then think. Do you believe that Muslims took revenge of 1992 after 10 years in 2002. There has been a thousand terrorist incidents since 1992. So you are suggesting that Hindus are free to take revenge because most of the Hindus were killed in these acts of terrorism.

You also said “This is precisely the reason why muslims wanted their seperate country and Pakistan came into being.”

Precisely there are more Muslims in India than Pakistan. You guys always happen to ignore this fact, If India was not good enough why they are living here. They feel good here thats why they are staying and developing with the country.

On the other hand why Baluchistanis are demanding a new country. Whats wrong with them, they must be idiots, isn’t it ?

Only If Pakistan stops terrorist activities in Kashmir, and we could focus on each fold development you will find that Kashmiris are developing too. Kashmiris are suffering because of Pakistan. When Himachal being a hilly area is developing, why cant Kashmir be developed as a tourist place and there is lot of scope in industry as well there.