Comments on: America’s Predators : fighting the Afghan war from Las Vegas Perspectives on Pakistan Thu, 01 Oct 2015 19:31:05 +0000 hourly 1 By: Nathuram Waghmare Tue, 17 Feb 2009 03:07:31 +0000 Obama and Holbrooke both know Kashmir is part of India itself. They don’t want to appear stupidly foolish by falling into the Pakistani trap and raise the Kashmir issue after Pakistani nationals murdered 172 civilians from 10 nations in Mumbai. The Americans would be rewarding Pakistanis and as much as Pakistan wants it, the Americans are not that stupid to follow “dick” Nixon’s 1971 stupidity to cross Indians and support Pakistani slaughter of Bangladeshis. Especially after Pakistan’s antisemetic terrorism in Mumbai.
Holbrooke is a much more intelligent diplomat than Pakistanis give him credit for. By sponsoring Mumbai attacks on civilians, Pakistanis have forever lost Indian good will and earned isolation, hate and scorn from all civilized nations. It is stop dreaming about hegymony and mind your on country’s problems. Kashmir is now off the table for good after Mumbai.

What is this nonsense I hear about “Pakistan being sovreign nation” and “No drones in FATA”??
Hon. President Barrack Hussein Obama, Commander-In-Chief of the the most powerful Superpower in the Universe is a paying customer of Pakistan (some $20 billion US taxpayers monies, most of which is and was used for nefarious puposes and stolen by your leaders), and as such he or his surrogates, the CIA have every right to bend Pakistan a little and penetrate from behind into Pakistan’s “hot-bed”, FATA, as many times a day as he pleases, as agreed upon by your leaders.
Before Pakistanis start to complain about drones, gets all sore and uncomfortable, consider this , your own leadership declares every day “we Pakistanis are victims of terrorism” and “US must invest in Pakistan so the hopeless youth stop getting recruited as terrorists”.
After what the terrorists did to your other leader Benazir Bhutto, Pakistanis ought to be thankful to Obama for hitting the bad guys, but instead you are ungrateful? With “allies” like you who needs enemies right?
If you want America to give you unlimited Dollars in aid, then play by Obama’s rules. Its not that hard to understand. How else is America going to trust Pakistan with nukes and all the F22s and F35s you want, when you fail such basic test? Instead you give America a reason for distrust and are backing off from your ‘front-line ally” status already by not standing with USA and fighting shoulder to shoulder. How? By torching USA’s 250 loaded military trucks in Karachi and Peshawar enroute to Afghanistan based US troops. Do you think this is a good way to extract favors or money out of a very kind friend and Superpower, USA? You guys are really getting stupid!
Even Pakistan’s “all weather” and BFF China backed off helping Pakistan after what you guys did in Mumbai, all the evidence as seen and verfified by the EU and USA to be Pakistani supported terror ativity.
Well I hope Almighty give Pakistani people the smarts to choose wisely to avoid disasters in their path, because their so called “leaders” will be enjoying wine with the Sheiks in Dubai when and if the US or one of Pakistan’s neigbor does throw a “game-changer” at Pakistan to alter history and geography of Pakistan forever.
I pray to God that day never comes – but as you know some times prayers do get unanswered.
Peace – Nathuram Waghmare

By: Jerry Fri, 13 Feb 2009 18:15:58 +0000 I would have sympathised with Pakistan if US was using the drones from outside the so called sovereign country: n%20Content%20Library/dawn/news/pakistan  /drone-attacks-emanate-from-pak-bases-u s-senator-yn

By: Anup Fri, 13 Feb 2009 17:31:10 +0000 Riaz Haq
“I hear the echoes of Indo-China in the words and actions of Obama in Afghanistan and Pakistan.”

— Sir, could you oblige by elaborating on your above cited statement, it would surely be interesting to view your perception…

By: naughtypakistani Fri, 13 Feb 2009 09:37:03 +0000 Anup, the party will be over for you also as they are swimming towards east :).

By: Riaz Haq Thu, 12 Feb 2009 20:55:39 +0000 High-tech or low-tech, all indications are that the US war in Afghanistan and Pakistan will escalate and intensify into a regional war under President Obama. I hear the echoes of Indo-China in the words and actions of Obama in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

By: rajeev Thu, 12 Feb 2009 20:41:38 +0000 Ali:
There is no compelling reason for India to be obsessed with Pakistan, as you have been told many times. India suffers from terrorism driven by Pakistan resulting in the death of thousands of innocents in several parts of India. It is not an opinion, but a fact. So that is the reason other than some temples which I might have liked to visit but demolished by Pakistan (last temple in Lahore; ask for reference).

@Your inteligence agencies has been involved in terrorist activaties in Pakistan, Balouchistan and elsewhere they get a chance.-posted by Ali
—-From above it seems that Balouchistan is a separate country from Pakistan. ?
@Lets hope is common sense pervails over finger wagging and war mogers in Delhi are held to some accountability for letting down the common man on the street of mumbai.
–Why only for Delhi? It would not have come to this if common had prevailed in Delhi 20 yrs ago. Yes the common man in Mumbai—the whole India—wants no terrorism from outside India’s borders. @War mongering?–India sparingly uses the word nuclear vs Islamabad irresponsibly and frequently uses “nuclear-armed Pakistan”. You don’t have to say nuclear 5-times a day—it does not scare anyone but makes one looks stupid.
@Once you got locals on the side of the securty forces we can hunt them down either capture them infact just kill them why waste time n money to prove they have commpited the crime.
—Bulls eye. That’s what India has been saying since 26/11 about the evidence it has produced. Indian evidence is not some non-sense—everyone has progressed beyond conspiracy theories. Indian evidence is the best you get in terrorism cases—common an alive terrorist, what more is needed—just the will power of Pakistan. Pak and India both know who actually did 26/11 (let us not talk now about other blasts), so why not take those guys out—the reason is known and it is waste of my time to repeat. Do you not think that Let, JeM etc.should be eliminated.
@Your own security forces has been harrasing the minorities in all parts of india never mind kashmir.
—Ali, as they say ‘Whose house is of glass, must not throw stones at another.’ WE have never shied away from accepting our faults. Some are true, many stories are one time for the magaizine cover and rest supported by propaganda and speculations. India has counter-mechanisms. Tell me about this: In Pak Hindus have been reduced from ~15% in 1947 to ~2% now. Ethnic cleansing? Rapes, abductions, forced marriages on Hindus and other minorities too. It will not be unfair to say that Pak state has political system oppressive against minorities and women (rapes, honor killings…..). In India, Muslim population ahs increased. India has a system that Muslims will not go from 14% to 2%. Quality too—look at what Indian Muslims have achieved. If you take a poll today, all minorities will like to stay with India bec. there are counter-mechanisms to take care of that. Kashmiris also want to stay with India, not independent, not with Pakistan—elections were encouraging sign. Independent Kashmir or merger with Pak is your wish, not Kasmiris’. Did you read Sohail’s post (from, Srinagar) who said that he wants to stay with India. I have heard that from multiple Indian Kashmiris. It has been about Pakistan, not for Kashmiris,–that’s the reason for this violence in Kashmir and in India.
@it is in the intrest of Pakistan more then India to have good relation with the big neighour. But then the countries who are selling big time weapons to both countries surely would go out of business so its not as simple as some think.
——Pakistan is dependent on the outside world, including China and the West. West is not what Pakistani citizens like but Pak cannot help due to survival. It needs to quit paranoia of India, spend money on development and try to become self-reliant if Islamabad wants to say No to whatever West or China want. Quiting India Paranoia and self reliance is in Pak’s interest in every way. Nuclear-armed Pak is great but a common man needs more than that. Getting out of this weapon-based economy loop will be easier.

By: punjabiyaar Thu, 12 Feb 2009 19:25:48 +0000 Ali Wrote:
“why would it –worst relation with India. It is a Lose Lose situation — in the intrest of Pakistan -to have good relation with the big neighour. But then the countries who are selling big time weapons to both countries surely would go out of business so its not as simple as some think.”

Ali, What happened to you, Usually Zardari spills these pearls when americans are around, But its surprising it came from you.

Anyways good thinking, But Pakistan has a lloonngg way ahead to prove this. I hope your govt. will take strict action against the captured culprits of 26/11, It was a positive one, its the first time you have admitted it. but better late then never.

Keep it up. I appreciate it.

By: Munna Bhai Thu, 12 Feb 2009 18:14:25 +0000 Despite what U.S has achieved, the Pakistanis are way ahead in robotic military applications. Pakistan has not only developed these robots decades ago but also used them in the field for the last thirty odd years beating U.S hands down in this area. Major Pakistani corporations that have excelled in this field are ‘Lashkar-e Toiba’, ‘Jaish-e-Mohammad’, “Sipah-e-Saheba’ to name a few, carving out a distinct brand image for themselves. Individual robot models go by the product code “Abu this” or “Abu that”. The chief characteristics of these robots are the low levels of programming required to prime them in their tasks. This feature is very helpful as it allows people of extremely limited intelligence to operate them viz. ISI and the Pakistani army. Moreover, these robots are impervious to the risk of obsolescence as they are primed to self-destruct if they are not used in designated conditions (India, Afghanistan etc.) as rising intensity of suicide bombings in Pakistan itself prove. Pakistan is not likely to give up its preeminence in this field anytime soon because of the intrinsic advantages it enjoys, chiefly the abysmal condition of education in the country, the bigotry preached by its mullahs, the stranglehold of the army and the readiness of majority of its people to accept any drivel handed down to it in the name of religion or national security.

By: Anup Thu, 12 Feb 2009 17:27:12 +0000 Ali
“why would it –worst relation with India. It is a Lose Lose situation — in the intrest of Pakistan -to have good relation with the big neighour. But then the countries who are selling big time weapons to both countries surely would go out of business so its not as simple as some think.”

Huh?Ali is that rrreallyy yo stating the above? what did you have for lunch? a pint of wisdom beer? or are you unwell? lol, well stated anyways…do sneak in such gems sometimes..

By: Anup Thu, 12 Feb 2009 17:14:53 +0000 naughtypakistaniThe people commenting here have absolutely no idea about pashtun tribal way of life. Armed conflicts and revenge is the main pillars of their culture. These drones attacks …. generate new millitants to seek revenge.”

—Yes, & the Pashtuns shall have their revenge by swimming in the blood of ‘naughty (dirty)pakistani’s…