Comments on: Afghanistan’s military challenge Perspectives on Pakistan Thu, 01 Oct 2015 19:31:05 +0000 hourly 1 By: Sadiq Tue, 17 Feb 2009 13:52:57 +0000 America faces the same tune evey where. Goes to help (not always, atleast not this time)and then people turn against her. Well it is the same old story. Help people but do not try to take over their house. Whether its Vietnam, Iraq or Afghanistan, its the same blunder repeated all over again. No change of plan. Exactly the same old plan. And when you stay in a place for ever, you get bored, people in States get fed up, and the people you have gone to help get fed up. Also by staying there for ever, you start taking sides. Like the corrupt regeime of President Karzai is being helped. His corrupt brother, who the media reports deals in opium,is also in power because of the Americans. So with so much corruption around, no wonder the Talibans are prospering.Same is the case with Pakistan. Billions went there to help the Army but instead it was spent on running a defaulting govt . Ofcourse the Americans knew about it. If not, then get hold of those dozens of CIA guys who roam about in Black bullet proof Toyota Landcruisers all over Islamabad and Peshawar.Quite a few got damaged in the Mariot Hotel blast. Hey but what the heck. America is a rich country. It can look after its blue eyed boys in a posh manner while its low paid boys and girls face the HEAT in Iraq and Afghanistan.

America, get serious now. Increase your troops presence in Afghanistan. Stop siding with the corrupt regeimes of Afghanistan and Pakistan. Fund them properly and monitor where the billions are going. Apprise your citizens and the world of what is the truth. No WMD (like in Iraq) mumbo jumbo.Remember, to claim that you are policing the world, you need to be honest and sincere in your goal. Half hearted attempt where you do not hold the high moral ground gets you nothing. Your monster (Taliban) is out of control. Remember, you created it to defeat the USSR and later abandoned Afghanistan and Pakistan.

By: Aamir Ali Mon, 16 Feb 2009 22:40:06 +0000 @chirkut:

If it were not for Pakistan, US/NATO would not have entered Afghanistan and dislodged them from power.

Pakistan may be accused of being a double-dealer but so is US/NATO, who fail in their efforts in Afghanistan and then just blame Pakistan instead.


You want NATO to enter Pakistan? Sure if NATO countries can cough up the troops for it. They don’t even want to send any more to Afghanistan.

By: chirkut Mon, 16 Feb 2009 01:33:00 +0000 I think the biggest mistake NATO/US made in afghanistan was that they moved in with very few friends.Pak is a ally allright, but a double dealer at the same time.

US/ NATO must win cooperation of other Afghan neighbors to win this war. Russia is a good beginning. I would also like Iran to be involved in Afghan development. Currently through Pakistan is the sole route to sea port. Opening up the Iraninan part for Afghanistan will remove that dependency. India is already building a road from Afghanistan to Iran. An alternate trade route will do a lot of good to Afghan farmers. India is and always been a big market for Afghan fruits and dry fruits and a alternate trade route will provide access to Afghans and Indian business without going through Pakistan. This would certainly help in resolving poppy problem.

Corruption is a malice everywhere. We can only minimize it but can never remove it. What we need is to provide development opportunities that surpass level of corruption. Removing Karzai will be a big mistake. His govt may be corrupt but does provide some sort of leadership to Afghans. His departure will be a kind of deja-vu of early 1990s.

By: chirkut Mon, 16 Feb 2009 01:21:20 +0000 @Amy

I am glad that you can see the background processes in Talib-Pak saga

By: Amy Sun, 15 Feb 2009 18:58:50 +0000 Just saw another news article – Chinese engineer was freed by Taliban. Good news definitely! But the background scares me! All this happened just before Mr Zardari visits China and begs for more aid. Seems like Pakistan just did whatever Taliban was asking for in return for the release. May be freeing 200-300 Talibans from jail or signing the surrender agreement!! Why were American (UN envoy) or Polish citizen not freed in similar deals? Is it because (a) UN or Poland doesn’t have similar access as China does to ISI, which controls Taliban or (b) UN or Poland doesn’t offer similar aid, arms and support like China or (c) Pakistan agreed to surrender to all Tailban demands to please Chinese before Mr Zardari visits China for more aid? Taliban never kidnaps someone, feeds and hides him for a year and releases him for nothing!!! Who in ISI decides who is to be freed and who is to be beheaded?

By: Amy Sun, 15 Feb 2009 18:23:08 +0000 Disgusting!!! Just saw the news that Pakistan army is surrendering to Taliban in SWAT. They call it ceasefire!!! How can the whole army surrender to few talibans. If they capture the top 10 guys, problem almost solved. But the army preferred to surrender. What next? – Peshawar, Karachi, Islamabad, Kabul, New Delhi? Where is the line drawn? How can we fight with Taliban in Afghanistan whereas neighboring Pakistan surrenders to Taliban and gives them legality!! Pakistan is taking US, IMF aid to fight Taliban and surrenders to Taliban. What good is the aid for? US ends up spending double in Afghanistan. Is there any better solution than NATO entering Pakistan?

By: Anup Sun, 15 Feb 2009 17:16:45 +0000 Nikhil

—You’re jumpin to conclusions – & the block could be tech. cause there’s no need for me to be abusive to you – but your mindset is telling…

By: Nikhil Sun, 15 Feb 2009 17:07:41 +0000 Anup,

If your reply was blocked there has to be a reason, isn’t it? I’m not interested in mud slinging matches on the blog which often turn in to plain abuse and one-upmanship.


By: Raghav Sun, 15 Feb 2009 16:50:35 +0000 I think if US comes out clear without any hidden agenda (oil/opium etc) and also probably US must not limit itself to NATO or Pakistan, instead if they keep all their differences aside and seek the help of all the
Nations’ with single agenda to ‘Eliminate Taliban’, then mostly we can see a successful elimination of Taliban roots.

However, whatever the outcome from the current situation in Afghanistan, be it a change in Kazrai Govt. or NATO forces, I don’t see the world will ever be terror free, there are lots of Osamas waiting for destruction.

This is not like one Hitler and many Nazis, this is one Osama many Talibans becoming the next Osama.

— People who talk about Kazrai, do they have a eminent leader to lead.
US does not want another Iraq to happen, therefore I think they are supporting Kazrai until they see some good results.

By: Anup Sun, 15 Feb 2009 07:10:28 +0000 Nikhil

—reply blocked – couldn’t post a befitting reply to your arbitrary comments.