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It is good you admit India trained terrorists in neighboring countries and used them for Indian political objectives. That means you have no right to accuse Pakistan of doing the same to you.

By: bulletfish Fri, 20 Feb 2009 21:50:59 +0000 To all bloggers,

There is a one perfect phrase for the Swat situation:

Raptus regaliter (translation: Royally Screwed)

from the LET US BUILD PAKISTAN website.

By: Mauryan Thu, 19 Feb 2009 22:46:22 +0000 Anitha, please read my words carefully. I said the Pakistani “Army” did not help the Sri Lankan army.I know that the Sri Lankan air force took training with Pakistani air force. Army operations are very different from air force operations. It is more involved and the jungle terrain inside Northern Sri Lanka makes it very hard for an army to penetrate and round up the enemy. India’s IPKF had a tough time by running battles on the ground. Had Sri Lanka allowed the Indian air force to go in or taken help, the IPKF would have nailed the LTTE. But there were many factors on the equation and therefore IPKF went literally blind folded there. Definitely between 1990 and now the weaponry has improved a lot with precision guided missiles and navigation systems. And Pakistani air force is of a high standard.

By: rajeev Thu, 19 Feb 2009 22:05:30 +0000 Anitha: The reuters article says “Pakistan also supplied the army small arms, multi-barrel rocket launchers and trained Sri Lankan air force in precision guided attacks against the rebels, strategic analysts said.”

This appears a long distance operation that is useful but with Taliban guerilla warfare tactics are needed which is a limitation of the Pakistani army. US is training them though (see link below). India is much better at it for fighting in North East and Kashmir. US soldiers are also training in India-Mizoram.

US soldiers to learn guerrilla warfare in Mizoram forest d-news/us-soldiers-to-learn-guerrilla-wa rfare-in-mizoram-forest_10076013.html

“US soldiers amazed by Indian anti-terror training” tegorized/us-soldiers-amazed-by-indian-a nti-terror-training_10082639.html

“US starts training Pak security forces to fight Taliban, al Qaeda” a-news/us-starts-training-pak-security-f orces-to-fight-taliban-al-qaeda_10011174 9.html

By: Anitha Thu, 19 Feb 2009 19:48:30 +0000 Mauryan, pak did train srilankan air force to fight LTTE..
Here take a look. INIndia-37728120090129

By: Mauryan Thu, 19 Feb 2009 04:50:46 +0000 Anitha writes: “I wonder how can srilankan army after getting special training from pakistan army could fight LTTE – which is more advanced than Taliban with air force and naval capabalities so efficiently but pakistan army itself cannot curb on taliban which is comparitively weak ??”

Pakistani army is not involved in training Sri Lankan military against the LTTE. If Sri Lanka is engaged in a war with India, then Pakistan would eagerly work with Sri Lanka. It is understandable. The Sri Lankan military has much better equipment compared to before. The LTTE split with a splinter group joining the Sri Lankan camp. That exposed most of their secrets and it was easy for the Lankan military to move in. India’s support is completely dried up from a military stand point. It has been so for almost 18 years. Huge sums of money is needed for these operations and being an ostracized militant unit, it was becoming difficult to get money and weapons for the LTTE. Plus the civil war has gone on for almost 25 years. The morale had begun to wane. The end result of all this is the loss of strongholds for the LTTE. I am glad it is all over.

By: Mauryan Thu, 19 Feb 2009 04:41:11 +0000 Aamir writes: “Your Indian invented the use of terrorism as state policy in our region, starting with Mukti Bahini, then Tamil Tigers, then Baluch separatists in Pakistan.

Yet you complain when Pakistan pays you back with the same coin ?”

India has learnt from its mistakes. It did support the LTTE and trained its cadres. Not only the LTTE, but also there were many other Tamil militant groups that the LTTE ate up. After Indian Peace Keeping Force was decimated by the LTTE and the Sri Lankans, India learnt its lesson. And after Rajeev Gandhi’s assassination, India left them to the dogs. Looks like peace is finally returning to Sri Lanka.

In the case of East Pakistan, India did not start the Mukti Bahini. This militant unit started its fight against the Pakistani military that engaged in genocide inside East Pakistan. The Mukti Bahini is a home grown outfit like the Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front. India had to deal with a flood of refugees from East Pakistan and no other country would show sympathy. It was the peak of the cold war period. Nixon wanted to nuke India. He hated Indira Gandhi from the bottom of his heart. India decided to perform a quick surgical action by using the Bengali resistance inside East Pakistan and detach it for good. For this it began to train the Mukti Bahini and this did not liberate Bangladesh. Yahya Khan decided to attack India and India went to war and liberated Bangladesh. Had Yahya showed some patience, India would have eventually attacked Pakistan and it would have brought in China and the US for their support. Since Pakistan attacked India first, they could not get involved.

You are right. India did train militant outfits inside Sri Lanka and East Pakistan.

But the terrorism that is mushrooming inside Pakistan is much more sinister. It is being fueled by religious zeal, which can turn ordinary people into monsters. The whole world has realized this. So what Pakistan is doing now is not confined to India alone. It has spread everywhere and that is why the Western powers are at your gate.

China is fueling insurgency inside India’s North Eastern region for decades. Big powers play this game. But Pakistan should know its limits and not try to play a big power. It is not. India has stopped investing its energy into these kinds of activities for almost two decades now.

Unfortunately, Pakistan is unable to give up its rage and has spent its entire resources on getting even with India. Six decades have gone by and this wasted effort is showing. And in the bargain, Pakistan itself is being swallowed up by what it created.

To run insurgencies, your economy and depth have to be large. Though India can afford that, it is not engaging in it anymore. Its focus has shifted. China is an economic and military power. Pakistan is a small country and its energy and resources have to be spent on survival. But it has chosen to play a global player. Without oil resources, no one cares for Pakistan’s stature in the international arena. The only attention it is getting is for bad reasons. You guys should think about it.

By: Gill Thu, 19 Feb 2009 00:24:25 +0000 come on pakistanis . if sharia is what the people wanted and the goernment was happy to provide . what was the fighting all about for the past 2 years . you should stop consoling yourself. come out of denial . wake up to the fact that taliban has CAPTURED an area of your country and you need to deal with it .
Call me pessimistic but i dont see any concrete action being taken against these people for sometime.
Pakistan will never destroy its main weapon for a proxy war against india.

By: Aamir Ali Wed, 18 Feb 2009 21:02:36 +0000 @Aaruni Upadhyay

Your Indian invented the use of terrorism as state policy in our region, starting with Mukti Bahini, then Tamil Tigers, then Baluch separatists in Pakistan.

Yet you complain when Pakistan pays you back with the same coin ?

By: Aamir Ali Wed, 18 Feb 2009 21:00:34 +0000 @David

NATO won’t send additional troops to Afghanistan and you are talking about NATO in Pakistan ? What fantasy world do you live in ?

Another question is how come the 1 million man Indian army took 20 years to put down an insurgency by few thousand mujahideen in Occupied Kashmir ?