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“there is an Indian in every Pakistani,”

—well maybe, care a damn – there’s nothin paki in indians-but it’s traitors like you who nuture a pakistani in their bosom that’s dangerous.

By: azaddp Tue, 03 Mar 2009 02:22:14 +0000 Vikram,
Re: Mauryan
This pusillanimous intellectual is spinning everything and suffocating the country he pretends he is defending on these international forums. I know for a fact, the lawmakers in west read these columns, especially the comments part. This joker reads and accepts Zardari as his mentor and, tomorrow he will side mushi urging him to take over India when that snake visits india later this month. Paks send Ak 47 wielding terrorists across, as they sure mean business; they don’t waste time debating/ writing on these columns. mmmmmmh … sure misses them, so much he started looking for them on pak blogs now. This masochist thinks he is an indian version of dalailama. Wake up, while you can Mauryan and have a life.

By: A Agarwal Tue, 03 Mar 2009 01:00:02 +0000 I feel Washington and US does a very superficial job of dealing with Kashmir. Modern Indians won’t want to read up about the freedom struggle and the harsh poverty endured by Indians. Hardened leaders of newly liberated India, used to spending a long prison time – for a movement spread over all of India, supposedly uniting all strands of religion, class and sects – would have been suitably appalled by the breakup of India and the level of violence that ensured. The self-serving interest of the Pakistanis would have been too much to bear!!

All the parts that remained in that entity are now blessed with rising posperity and democracy at national and state-level. At the onset of 1966 war, irregular Pakistani forces infiltrated Kashmir, with a view to win the hearts and minds of Kashmiri and set-off a local uprising. This was to be coupled with a military push to separate the “head” from the rest of India. But it failed when Kashmiri refused to back the Pakistanis and infact turned against them. This said a lot about where Kashmiris wanted to be.

In my view, Indian government has been very soft on the issue of repatriating the displaced Pandits – or their descendants – that had been push out due to discriminatory violence. In fact, GOI/ Kashmir state should encourage people to settle in Kashmir in much the same way that Kashmiri can settle in India.

Unfortunately, development in Himalayan states has been quite hazadous, as seen by the difficulty of linking rail from Jammu northwards. These areas are inaccesible in winter/ difficult terrain, and prone to seismic activity. However, they retain their natural beauty and have sustainable populations / abundant natural resources.

Pakistan has lost most of the advantages it had from the British Raj. (I read a recent Pakistani commentator – in dailytimes- saying since Pakistan had most of the irrigated land at Independence, it deserved most of the water flowing from India!!). Its divisive policies – based on religion, its shovanistic stance v-v India, Kashmir, Bangladesh, and its vehemence to cultivate China/US/ Arab has lead to it ruination. From an Indian prospective, Pakistan should mind its business and then good luck with Chinese/ US/ Arabic friends.

India needs to improve the lives of ALL of its people. It’s starting to do that via “National Projects” but there is too much to do here. It has to provide justice to the displaced people of Kashmir (sooner or later).

By: azaddp Tue, 03 Mar 2009 00:57:31 +0000 Mauryan Mustaq
I will fight both of them- ….. Mauryan writes

I did not want to respond to you directly these past couple of days, the reason-
I know well… indeed very well …the Indian history, as its my hobby to read it- as far back as Bhishmas India – and beyond.
The latter (Bhishma), the famous son of India (Bhumata), laid down his arms when Shikhandi showed up, that’s who you are Mauryan- *Shikhandi*.
My 2 cents buddy – Dont fight the both, instead, chose one; the kinder one, if you ask me.
I was almost a communist in college days, then I believed in congress till your * yuvraaz* surfaced, and, now I regret how immature I was.
Im happy to live in USA as I have an excuse- I cannot vote there anymore, to make a difference in your sonias India
Vedas and Gita didn’t preach hatred. But remember- Gita was sung, in a battlefield, encouraging elimination of evil .
Your mantra of inaction and infinite wait has outlived its will be a bitter oldman and alone. so, change, yes u can.

By: Mauryan Tue, 03 Mar 2009 00:16:19 +0000 Monkey brigade volunteer writes: “commies in their own stupid way are patriots like the ones you see in India, urge you – dont insult them calling them * mauryan*”

Dear clowns,

I know and understand that it is hard for you to follow things written for intelligent people. It is all right. Keep working on it and one day you will improve. Your writings equal in intensity and stupidity to that of Pakistanis themselves. When Zardari mentioned that there is an Indian in every Pakistani, he related that to your kind. You are no different from Umair, Amir Ali and other Pakistani zealots who comment on this forum. They are on one side of the fence and you are on the other. If the fence is lifted, one cannot tell the difference between you and them. I treat all of you with the same respect. Limited in knowledge and wisdom, and lacking in civil manners, your kind unfortunately makes up the majority in the sub-continent. Otherwise the place would have advanced long ago. But that is the way things are. India is unfortunately filled with filth like you and your fellow clowns. Keep throwing mud and it won’t make a difference to me.

By: azaddp Tue, 03 Mar 2009 00:04:33 +0000 Anup, Mustaq Mauryan


commies in their own stupid way are patriots like the ones you see in India, urge you – dont insult them calling them * mauryan*

mustaq has a mind twisted in so many knots, even radical surgey cannt fix him up.

on a Serious note: some measure of intervention is urgently needed to save buddism in Ladakh( mustaq please dont answer)

By: bulletfish Mon, 02 Mar 2009 13:37:49 +0000 At this very moment there is respite in Kashmir because of what is happening in Swat. No more Pakistani flag wavers because they do not want Kashmir to be like Swat. I find it hard to believe that Muslim-Kashmiris want to be part of Pakistan when Pakistan SOLD part of Kashmir to China (the so-called all weather friend). Plus, they recently conceded to the Taliban in Swat. So, Muslim-Kashmiris are remaining quiet until Pakistan can pull itself out of its own mess.

Jammu and Kashmir will NEVER be independent. If the Indian leave; the Pakistanis move in claiming victory followed by the Taliban mullahs and the Taliban.

If the Indians and Pakistanis leave the WHOLE region of POK and IOK. Therefore Jammu and Kashmir become independent then the Taliban mullahs and the Taliban will move in.

If Pakistan ever get Jammu & Kashmir then I know these Pakistan loving Kashmiris will be at the front of the crowd claiming VICTORY, VICTORY, VICTORY!!! Those people who wanted it to remain part of India will leave and take their businesses with them. India will close off the border, permanently. However, all the prime and pukka land will be taken by the so-called glorious Mullah leaders and Taliban and their heirs will inherit it and not even work for a living. They will put on wonderfully colourful shows to the world to show how peaceful they are and what great developments they have made. When most developments were already in placeand made by India (e.g. trains, roads and the airport). There will be supressions of freedoms that they did not expect. More people will leave Kashmir, but they cannot go to Pakistan because its no different and besides Kashmir will be a Pakistani state. They will be living in total regret. The whole territory will become a Jihadi play ground and safe haven for terrorists.

The Mullahs and Taliban will sit on their backsides and get fat boasting about their past glories with the odd trip to their Dubai luxury villa that built by some poor Kashmiri (Indian or Pakistani) on slave wages that he sends back to his wife and kids so they can buy winter fuel to stem the load shedding. The ordinary man on the street will not benefit from it at all. It may become another Swat. Kashmiris will start cursing the USA for not providing money to economically help Kashmir while they stand in line for work visas to the USA so they can earn money. However, it will never be enough because the government (and Mullahs) will take thier cuts (10%). Before you know it, they will be over 60 years old and sitting in a cafe in Rawalpindi telling stories of your past so-called glories with the same pride you had in your youth. No different to the old men who invaded Kashmir in 1947-1948.

A great man with the same name as you once said:

A man who views the world the same at fifty as he did at twenty has wasted thirty years of his life. (Mohammed Ali).

By: anup Mon, 02 Mar 2009 10:47:47 +0000 Mauryan
“voicing alternate opinions,”

—Dude, that’s hilarious, The one’s listed by you….you lack the basic reasoning to discriminate, anyways they are a lesser evil lot compared to your commie breed…

By: Mauryan Mon, 02 Mar 2009 02:03:51 +0000 Vikram,

I have no issues with anyone. What I do not like is absolute intolerance to alternate views and these guys start hurling mud right away if we do not agree with them. One of the clowns is calling me a Commie for everything I write now. Since this only a forum, I sometimes have to put them in perspective and show them how they treat others. No Pakistani ventures into this forum nowadays because they get shouted out by these guys. No country is perfect and there are lot of policy decisions which have resulted in more agony than solution. Everyone of us would have made decisions if we were in power and they may not be perfect solution either. But voices must be heard. These guys are assuming that everything I say is anti Indian. I do not need their certification stamp for my allegiance. Even Gandhi did not have full support in India. Many warped people believed he was pro-Muslim and tried to assassinate him on many occasions. Finally one of them succeeded. If these guys cannot stand alternative views on an electronic forum, I cannot imagine how these people will be in reality. Or the ordinary people who can be energized by such people.

Anyway, the insults on the internet are expected and itg is part of the game. But everyone must realize that what they throw at others comes back at them. That is fair game.

By: Vikram Sun, 01 Mar 2009 22:01:40 +0000 Mauryan, I have been reading this blog. Why your mind is so agitated? In response to a simple statement, you post a laundry list of ills in Indian system, most of which is true but is exteremenly irrelevant. This is perhaps the reason of you being questioned as an anti-Indian… which I don;t think you are, but you end being so. I am refering to your last few comments and also of others. It is all your choice how you deal and be defensive or over-defensive.

azzad dp: It will be nice if the person with different opinion is not labeled as a Pakistani or…..We never know who is who.

Sorry if I hurt someone.

My few cents…