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………The Madrasas must be destroyed and their preachers must be kept in jail. The US should go to the Saudis and say, “Are you with us? Or else we will bomb you back to stone age. Freeze all your funding to the Madrasas.”……….

YOU HAVE TO DESTRY SAUDI FIRST BEFORE ENTERTAINING THIS or at least turn up the heat on in saudi so that they will get busy putting out fire in their home. Lets go to the root cause of militant islam.Paks are living under fear of murderous islamists. Saudi infuence spreads to european Sarajevo turning it into a fundamentalist state now.

By: Mauryan Sat, 14 Mar 2009 02:46:57 +0000 Umair writes: “there is absolutely no uncertainty surrounding Pakistan. Pakistan has a bright future, billions of Pakistanis like me are living and working in Pakistan and looking forward to a good future.”

Most of us do not wish your country anything bad. It is just that to everyone knowledgeable in global politics, it has become obvious that Pakistan is sitting on top of a land mine that can explode any time. It will not only take Pakistan down with it, but also others in the vicinity. Do not feel safe about the nukes. Your country has many “non-state actors” now. And there are some elements inside your military and ISI as well. They have their own beliefs and agenda. They might do what they might think is the best for Pakistan and it may not coincide with what is expected.

I think Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal are in safe hands (not necessarily under Pakistan’s full control). I think either the US or China has its finger on the trigger. Do not under-estimate the CIA. They have their tentacles everywhere. There are even rumors that they staged Zia Ul Haq’s plane crash as he was not needed any further. Your democratic government itself is running because of the US insistence. And it can go any time if the US wishes. Zardari just now lifted the ban on Punjab politicians due to US pressure. Kayani might be itching to take over the country due to the political instability. But Holbrooke is holding his hands from behind. So the US is basically running your country. And guess how much time it will take for them to take over your nuclear command structure. Your military will soon be run by Holbrooke remotely. Your country’s economic status prevents it from wriggling out of this dead lock by the US. Musharraf managed to manipulate the US cleverly and survived. If he had persisted on continuing as President of Pakistan, the US would have finished him off, the way it did with general Zia. Pakistan has survived so far due to the US. If the US pulls the plug by means of economic sanctions and trade embargo, Pakistan will explode. That is when countries have to worry about nuclear fall out. I know you are talking with pride and I do not blame you for it. But the reality is very different.

By: Umair Fri, 13 Mar 2009 18:26:30 +0000 Mauryan wrote:
“If the Taliban refuses to make a deal with the US or does not honor it, trust me, your nukes will come under intense international scrutiny and I am sure there are think tanks in US/UK which are working on the worst case scenario in Pakistan and the actions to be taken.”

worst case scenario, you are talking about those 3000 US Marines stationed in Afghanistan specifically to move in to take over Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal in case of worst case scenario.

Here is the problem, no one from CIA, Mossad, RAW, KGB, MI5 or Pentagon or who ever can predict where has Pakistan concealed its nukes. With an advanced ballistic missile system, fighter jets modified to carry tactical nuclear device, a potent air force. The Army secretly guarding the nuclear arsenal, the SPD(Strategic Plans Division) headed by a Lt. Gen of Pakistan Army responsible to ensure the safety and availability of nuclear weapons in case of need. All these make Pakistan a formidable adversary. Think tanks in US/UK might have all the right in the world to keep on working for worst case scenarios, while the SPD in Pakistan keeps on consolidating Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal.

Also, there is absolutely no uncertainty surrounding Pakistan. Pakistan has a bright future, billions of Pakistanis like me are living and working in Pakistan and looking forward to a good future.

By: Be Pakistan Fri, 13 Mar 2009 17:15:38 +0000 Come out for a peaceful Long March only for the cause of free judiciary in Pakistan. If we think that we can contribute in the restoration of free judiciary in Pakistan, then NOW is the time to come out and be a part of Long March. Its not just the restoration of Justice Iftekhar Chowdhury, its restoration of a system. We don’t need to be political its just to support lawyer’s movement for free judiciary.

Also don’t let any one damage any Government property since violence any kind is not in favor our beloved country Pakistan.
Lets make the 16th march Long March “The Final March” Long Live Pakistan.

By: bulletfish Fri, 13 Mar 2009 15:13:46 +0000 I have read many online news headlines about South Asia and ALL that is standing out like a sore thumb; head & shoulders above all else are articles about Pak govt crackdown on this Long March.

Now, is this a long march as in people actually ‘marching’ OR is it referring to the month of March otherwise this topic is really becoming a drrrrrraaaaaag!

By: Global Watcher Fri, 13 Mar 2009 14:49:06 +0000 Please note typo. The previous posting should say Pakistan, not Iran.

By: Global Watcher Fri, 13 Mar 2009 14:47:51 +0000 @Mwaqar

There are and never were men in Pakistan who have integrity, honesty, character, a clean record, or anyone capable of running a country like Pakistan.

Pakistan can never become a decocracy, because at its roots, it is an Islamic Republic. Democracy and Islam don’t agree.

There are only 2 ways that Iran can function, either Totalitarian military rule, or Relgious Fundamentalist Totalitarian-ship.

As long as Pakistani’s are muslims before they are Pakistani’s, before they are human beings, a democratic Pakistan is a myth. If you reverse the order of the above, you can have a democracy.

By: pk Fri, 13 Mar 2009 13:44:08 +0000 @Mwaqar,
I don’t know whether I love or hate Nawaz. But what you are saying is not a nice thing to say-that he has links with osama and all :) .Its looks like you need a bomb blast in Sharif’s long march to prove he’s innocent.
Of course,I don’t like him bringing Lahore to a halt,but he has got a valid reason. Zardari is not doing what he promised-an independent judiciary. Why did we bring Musharraf down? To help militants,is it? Its because we dreamt of an independent judiciary,bro. But Zardari is just doing an another Musharraf with an extra addition-bad governance. I just hope Nawaz Sharif won’t add instabilty to our nation with his chaos.

By: Mwaqar Fri, 13 Mar 2009 12:13:05 +0000 NAWAZ HYPOCRITE
Nawaz Shariff loves to destabilize democracy and there is a long list of other politicians who share his fantasy of playing ugly role in failing Democracy. Nawaz Shariff is keep talking about Justice Iftikhar but he forgets that he was involved in attacking supreme court of Pakistan, on the other hand I think it will it be better for Justice Ifthikah to join PML(N) OR make his own political party because I am pretty sure that if Nawaz gets power, he will not reinstate him because Nawaz hands are not clean either. Nawaz Sharif is a big hypocrite. He had the Supreme Court physically attacked on 28th Nov 1997 but is now standing up for the independence of the judiciary just because he hates Musharraf. And another thing is that whatever these politicians want becomes the solution to everything. They wanted democracy, it was the “solution to everything”. Now they want judiciary, it is the “solution to everything”. Nawaz Sharif , talks of independence of judiciary but before doing that ,at least he should eliminate the culprits of Supreme court attack case from his party. A few months ago he categorically said the reinstatement of the judges is the most crucial issue facing the people of Pakistan. (Actually, I’m pretty sure the food and electricity crises are the most crucial issues facing the people of Pakistan. Then comes the threat of militancy and terrorism. You’ve got to put inflation in there too. Pakistani politicians have double standards, lets put it this way, Nawaz was after the daughter of chief justice Abdul Hameed Dogar but Nawaz forgets that Rules were bent in 1991 to admit Nawaz Sharif’s daughter Mariam Nawaz to King Edward Medical College in Lahore . According to reports Mariam was a grade-B student in matric and FSc and scored 580 out of 850, and 767 out of 1,100 in the two exams in 1989 and 1991 respectively , Clearly, she did not qualify for admission to the KEMC on open merit. She was admitted to the Army Medical College in Rawalpindi and was migrated after only a month to the KEMC, which she left without completing her degree it was ‘almost comical’ that having done something similar, the Sharifs were pointing fingers at the chief justice. PML-N leader Nawaz Sharif wants CJ Abdul Hameed Dogar to resign over allegation that his daughter received undue favor for admission in a private medical college, but he is yet to offer an apology for his own daughter Mariam actually receiving such favor for enrolment in a public sector medical college in 1991 ,I am not defending what DOGER done but all this corrupt Pakistani elite is in same boat. Its also interesting that Nawaz called Zardari worst then Musharaff but Nawaz forgets that his mentor (Dictaor Zia) was the worst dictator in Pakistan and he is no less than him. How will you promote the merit, Mr.Nawaz, you have yourself reached here on Zia’s lap .We are fool to expect you anything. Mr Nawaz Sharif, people of Pakistan beg you to please not to destabilize country. People know in any hour of trial, you have your Palace and business in Saudi Arabia and you will flee in minutes but Pakistanis do not have any other place to live. Please stop playing your heinous designs and let us save PAKISTAN . So called politicians likeNawaz Sharif ,survive in politics based on their wealth and fudel background, lets not forget that majority of these politicians forefathers betrayed their nation and helped ENGLISH masters to rule Indian subcontinent . When Nawaz was leaving for Saudia Arabia, where was his pain for people of Pakistan or even of people of his own party. He left them all in crisis to have holidays in Saudi Palaces. He has been financing so called Jihadis and took funds from OSAMA to run his election campaign. In fact his political father Zia has laid all seeds of religious fanaticism. ,Benazir has lost her life ,even Gen Musharaff narrowly escaped two life attempts, ANP leadership suffered, but Do you know any leader of PML(N) to whom militants have posed life threats? If now after his political summersault he begins to believe that the problem lies in our home, Why didn’t he join hands with Zardari to crush out the militants? An indeed example of hypocrisy Nawaz Sharif .

By: bulletfish Fri, 13 Mar 2009 09:00:57 +0000 Hi Guys,

I was reading comments on an article about the Long March from the NY Times when this comment caught my attention. Its from an American talking about his Pakistani friends. I refuse to believe what he has written. However, people tend to tell the truth MORE in anonymity.

I know some of my close pakistani friends who even don’t like to tell that they are from Pakistan because of what is going on in that country. They are ashamed of the behavior of it’s leaders.They call themselves they come from India reason being they are are so much embaresed of their country’s miserable condition.One even says to change Pakistan name to Satantan.