Guest contribution: Pakistan’s March trysts with destiny

March 21, 2009

The following is a guest contribution. Reuters is not responsible for the content and the views expressed are the author’s alone. Wajid Shamsul Hasan is the High Commissioner of Pakistan to Britain and a former adviser to the late Benazir Bhutto.

                     By Wajid Shamsul Hasan, Pakistan High Commissioner            

March is a landmark month for Pakistan. Notwithstanding the Shakespearean Ides of March, it became a historic month for us as a nation when under the leadership of Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah Muslim representatives from all over the subcontinent decided to seek, strive and achieve a separate homeland. On March 23, 1940, the Pakistan Resolution was adopted in Lahore and in seven years Pakistan was established through the power of the vote.

It was last year in this month – after having been waylaid for nearly a decade by a dictator -democracy was restored and a National Assembly went into operation with a unanimously elected Prime Minister. The road to democracy was strewn with the blood of martyred Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto. She had ended her self-exile and was forewarned of danger from those who had opposed her populist politics of empowerment of the people and who wanted her out of their way.

Writing in March last year while predicting tough times for the nation including a threat to its integrity, I had expressed apprehensions that many masquerading as champions of democracy would come out of their closet and under one pretext or the other – adopt a parochial and confrontationist line to shake the applecart of democracy.

Though March will be over soon and the controversial judicial issue settled to the satisfaction of the interested and affected parties, we can only look forward to a national turn-around if our leadership adopts singularity of purpose and devotes itself whole-heartedly to solving the problems faced by the common people and mobilises the nation to fight terrorism to save the country from being taken over by barbarians who are on the rampage to destroy Mr Jinnah’s Pakistan and convert it into a theocratic state.

The nation needs to be warned that these warring pagans are after our territory and want to destroy whatever progress we have achieved. They are in fact out there to destabilize Pakistan so that there is excuse good enough for them take over of our vital national assets.

The masses also need to distinguish between those leaders who are committed to the preservation of the federation for which Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and martyred Benazir Bhutto laid down their lives and those who do not get tired of pledging their lives for the country but only seek their survival through parochial slogans. Many similar slogans invoking Punjabi chauvinism were raised recently during the judicial crisis.

In this context what the nation needs to be cautious about is that the President who is the symbol of federal unity – ever since he ushered in an era of reconciliation and politics of consensus as part of the Benazir Bhutto legacy – has been singled out as a target for character-assassination through a media blitzkrieg.

Indeed, no one single political family in modern history has given so many lives to the cause of democracy and people of its country as did the Bhuttos. Indeed, only a woman and a mother as strong as Begum Nusrat Bhutto, though tragically ill, could have survived the judicial murder of her husband, the state-plotted killing of her two sons and cold bloodied  assassination of her most illustrious daughter-all in the prime of their lives.

Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, Begum Nusrat Bhutto and Benazir Bhutto were committed to reviving the Quaid’s secular, liberal and progressive Pakistan. Now her widower – President Asif Ali Zardari – too is committed to the same goal especially when forces of obscurantism are mortally threatening the very existence of the country. Mr Jinnah’s vision was regretfully distorted by the self-conceited power troika comprising of the military, civil and judicial bureaucracy in league with the clerics who had opposed Mr Jinnah and Pakistan. His liberal ideology was replaced with a so-called Nazaria Pakistan, something akin to making Pakistan a theocratic state. This is the objective of those now attacking our territorial sovereignty and integrity.

The task before the government is onerous. It will have to take certain decisions that shall make or mar Pakistan’s future. Immediately it will have to provide instant relief to the poor who cannot make their sustenance possible because of the past policies making the rich richer and poor poorer. And along with that, it will have to mobilise the nation to fight terrorism through a battle that would mostly require winning the hearts and minds of the people and making the people genuine stake-holders.

Politics is a game of uncertainty especially when egomaniacs are on the loose. Yesterday it was the judicial crisis, tomorrow they will come up with yet another to put the government on tenterhooks.

(The writer is High Commissioner of Pakistan to Britain and former adviser to the late Prime Minister Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto)

(Reuters file photo of Benazir Bhutto in 1998)


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it is not clear what is the intent and purpose of this article, is it written to glorify the dynastic politics of Pakistan which is dominated by few families including Bhutto family ? Is Wajid Shmasul Hasan trying to porject Bhutto family only savior of democracy in Pakistan ? Has he forgotten how Zulficar Ali Bhutto and later his daughter Benazir plundered Pakistan? How has he chosen to omit Benazir Bhutto hobnobbing with talibans and al -queda during her prime ministership ? How can Mr Hasan omit to mention in this article of presence of jehadi elements in security establishment and how Benazir Bhutto and her father chose not only to close their eyes while such jehadi elements were launching terror strikes in India and Afghanistan in connivance with jehadi elements led by laden, but gave them all the logistic and material support?

Mr Hasan, during last one year, your President Zardari who is also known as Mr 10% , has chosen to close his eyes while 12 Pakistanis were busy causing mayhem in the streets of Mumbai led to massacre of more than 200 innocent people including women and children in the name of islam?

No matter ,people like Hasan try to defend Pakistan and its dynastic politics, Pakistan is exposed before the international community as a state sponsor of terrorism , and presence of proliferators like A.Q.Khan pose greatest danger to the international activity for illegally selling nuclear technology to other rogue states, it is the matter of time before they find their way in the hands of terrorists , and hence it is incumbent upon the international community to take control of nuclear arsenals and prosecute Khan and his cronies for crimes against humanity .

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Seems like there is cometition between Musharraf, Zardari, Haqqani (Pak guy at US), and this fellow to write Op-Eds, Blogs and speeches. All of them just want clear the misconceptions about Non-state of Pakistan and build Pakistan’s global image.

This also shows how miserably Pak diplomacy has failed and how isolated are they today. They can’t find a single diplomat to talk to. So all of they turned en masse to writing Op-Eds, blogs. I have never seen Presidents and ambassadors of any other country writing so frequently and in en masse like Pakistan’s do.

So before I read / listen to rounds and rounds of tortuous history where all are villains and Pakistan is the victim story, I want to ask:

Where are Mr Bin Laden and his fellas??

Posted by Daivd | Report as abusive

Seems like diplomacy and writing Op-Eds didn’t work for Pakistani Presidents and ambassadors.

So now to blogging .:-)

Posted by David | Report as abusive

Seems like Zardari is so weakened, isolated and desperate to hang-on to the chair that he has resorted to blogging with his dead wife’s picture on the top.

When will these people leave her alone and own up their own mistakes? How long will they keep using her to grab on to chair?

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Haqqani (Ambassador to US) says Washington needs to understand that Islamabad is ‘fledgling’ democracy

Haqqani urges fast-track US aid for Pakistan

“I think the United States needs to understand that Pakistan has a fledgling democracy. Democracy needs for people to get some goods, public services, to feel good about the government.”

“The US has been very slow in delivering assistance.”

“The money hasn’t started flowing.”  ?page=2009319story_19-3-2009_pg7_14

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Why do they show her picture wherever they need sympathy?

How long will this picture help Pakistanis?

Posted by Amy | Report as abusive

“…seek their survival through parochial slogans. Many similar slogans invoking ‘Punjabi chauvinism’ were raised recently during the judicial crisis.”

—-Hmmmm…Imp. Point to make a note of…

“egomaniacs are on the loose.”

— Read Pakistani Punjabi’s & their rep. Nawaz Sharief…

Rest is the usual sycophancy waxed lyrical on expected lines although uncharacteristic unethical of a ‘Diplomat’ in office & the typical Jinnah sham –‘His liberal ideology’ – of a religious bigot.

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We are the victims on terrorism. See my wife’s photo see how good looking she was, see how I miss her.

Instead of trying to gain sympathy by showing her picture, zardari and TSP* should try to find her killers. Why the hell he is running to UN for an investigation of a murder which took place in TSP*

Probably he is afraid that if he points finger at ISI. They may sell the movie clips of intimate moments between him and benazir while he was in prison and benazir used to visit him.

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Ambassador Haqqani has written some interesting articles which certainly stand out from a the following..

The Ideologies of South Asian Jihadi Groups
by Husain Haqqani
Published on Thursday, May 19, 2005
………………………………… ……..The collaboration with the Pakistan army in what turned out to be a lost battle in what was then Eastern Pakistan helped Jamaat-e-Islami forge closer links with the Pakistani military and intelligence services. These links led to the organization’s close identi.cation with the Islamizing military regime of General Ziaul Haq (1977-1988). Jamaat-e-Islami Pakistan was directly involved in supporting the Afghan mujahideen operating out of Pakistan, maintaining close ties with Gulbeddin Hikmatyar’s Hizbe Islami (Islamic Party) and Burhanuddin Rabbani’s Jamiat-e-Islami (Islamic Society). Both of these Afghan Jihadi groups adopted the ideological precepts of Pakistan’s Jamaate-Islami, which influenced Hikmatyar’s anti-Western bent during and after the anti-Soviet struggle………………………… ………………………………… … rch/pubID.30/pub_detail.asp

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One Indian diplomat write a novel on a fictional slumboy and bags 12 Oscars.

Full army of Pakistan diplomats, ex-diplomats, presidents, ex-presidents write, speak and blog for fellow terrorists and aid but hardly anybody convinced!

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Pakistan’s High Commissioner to the UK, Wajid Shamsul Hasan:

“American raids on Taliban and Al-Qaeda targets in Pakistan could provoke terror attacks in London”

“There are one million Pakistanis in the diaspora here and resentment is mounting”  /wajid-shamsul-hasan/

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Pakistan: Mumbai attack not planned there
ISLAMABAD, Pakistan, Jan. 31 (UPI) — A Pakistani investigation has found that the Mumbai terrorist attack was not planned in Pakistan, the country’s high commissioner in London, Wajid Shamsul Hasan, said Friday. asan/

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The PPP under attack – By Wajid Shamsul Hasan

Is this guy High Commissioner of PPP (Zardari) to Britain or High Commissioner of Pakistan to Britain?

He shows / tells us about Bhuttos and then asks us to accept Zardari .:) r-attack-by-wajid-shamsul-hasan/

Posted by Amy | Report as abusive

This gentleman “Wajid Shamsul Hasan” was PPP’s spokesman before Zardari appointed him High Commissioner of Pakistan to Britain. He takes care of Zardari’s mansions in UK and Switzerland when Zardari lives in New York or Dubai or Pakistan.

We call it “Conflict of Interest”

He calls it “Job Security”.

Posted by Global Citizen | Report as abusive

Is it legal in Pakistan for serving High Commissioners to take part in politics?

Posted by Outsider | Report as abusive

Who is responsible for Pakistan’s problems?
Can please you put some names here?

Posted by Amy | Report as abusive

Pakistan had 16 years of democratic governments in its 60 years of history. Bhuttos were in power more than half of the 16 years. What did the Bhuttos do differently?

Was not Benazir trading nuke warheads with N. Koreans for missiles?

Was not Benazir supporting ISI in hiring terrorists for India?

Was not Taliban created by ISI when Benazir was in power?

Didn’t Benazir and Zardari always obliged and obeyed army/ISI? I don’t recalls Punjabis (Sharifs) doing that?

Can you tell me how many palaces Zardari/Benazir have outside Pakistan?

Did they have the palaces prior to 1988, when she came to power?

In last 30 years, how many years have you lived in Pakistan and how many in London?

Are you a Pakistani or British citizen?

You seem to have your job only when PPP is in power. Will you still have your job when Zardari goes back to Dubai?

Posted by Amy | Report as abusive

Are Punjabis not part of Pakistan? You don’t seem to like them or represent them? But they are 60% of Pakistan’s population and 80% of the military. What do you want them to do?

1. Send another High Commissioner of Pakistan (Punjab) to Britain to represent them?

2. Secede or expel Non-Pujabis of Pakistan. They are majority and control power.

Posted by Amy | Report as abusive

Too much is being made of a few judges coming back. The entire judicial system in Pakistan needs to be overhauled.


Ask the CIA where Bin Laden is, he is their target.

Posted by Aamir Ali | Report as abusive

Mr. High Commissioner,
Zardari is the only guy to push Pakistan’s applecart of democracy? And he doesn’t like anyone else shaking up his applecart of democracy? Are you sure it is democracy? Everywhere else it is called dictatorship.

And those who were raising slogans invoking Punjabi chauvinism were out in the streets with people, journalists and lawyers. Your master, Zardari was hiding behind 12 feet high 2 feet thick concrete walls, banning TV channels, house arresting journalists and lawyers. Do you think live TV pictures lie? Do you think Punjabis, journalists and lawyers are not supposed to be part of a democracy?

You were a journalist yourself. And now you blame the media for the character-assassination! Media is lying? Is your president mentally stable? His own doctor declared he has dementia, depression and post traumatic stress disorder in London court during his criminal proceedings. When he got elected to power, another doctor declared him mentally fit. He says one thing and immediately disowns it. He ganged up with Sharif (a Punjabi) to defeat Musharraf and Military. Then he signed a deal with Musharraf and Military to expel Sharif. He said he’ll bring back Justice Choudhury before elections but after winning elections, he deliberately forgot his promise. He even banned live TV channels. Do you think live images lie? Are these signs of federal unity, reconciliation and politics of consensus as part of the Benazir Bhutto legacy that you seem to argue? How is media responsible for all this?

You seem not to like Military. But your master had signed a deal with Military and Musharraf to save himself from corruption charges. Zardari frequently took orders from Military and Musharraf. He even house arrested lawyers and political leaders under Musharraf’s advice. Your complaints about military seem to differ from your master’s practices.

Looks like you are twisting, turning, spinning facts and history to suit your master’s needs. You are trying to push your master’s failures on to other’s shoulders. Even PPP leaders are saying Zardari is acting like a dictator and 2 ministers resigned in protest. Is this sane, going around blaming everyone else for one’s fallibles?

Are you mentally stable? You seem to have a job only when Zardari is in power.

Posted by John | Report as abusive

This white wash of the ‘great’ Bhutto family simply confirms that Pakistanis too thrive on pschophants.

If Zardari is all that this writer makes him out to be, why is the press calling him a most unpopular President and more importantly, why did Benazir herself moth ball her charming husband all these years and keep him out of politics? Surely she could have used his many talents for purposes other than minting money on the sly.

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Pakistan doesn’t like special envoys from West:

After the US, United Kingdom was the first to designate its special representative on Afghanistan and Pakistan who has also served as ambassador to Kabul.

Later, Japan, Germany, France, Italy and Sweden were quick to follow the US initiative to assign their representatives focusing on these two regions.

The European Union and Canada is also intending to appoint one and the EU has already communicated this to the Foreign Office. India has appointed a former national security adviser but restricted its mandate to Afghanistan. 168444

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1.Wajid Shamsul Hasan, is he the High Commissioner of Pakistan or is he the High Commissioner of Bhutto family?
2. Is Bhutto family ,the only family in Pakistan who care about Pakistan and its so called democracy?
3. There are lot of Pakistanis taking part in this debate, can anyone please tell what is the contribution of Bhutto family in the development of Pakistan?
4. Are Punjabis in Pakistan stumbling blocks in the growth of democracy in Pakistan?
5. If Bhutto family cares so much about democracy,why were they so silent when 3 million innocent people including women and children were massacred , raped and brutally murdered ? Neither Benazir nor her father or for this matter , none from Bhutto family ever raised their voice against this mayhem?
6. Erstwhile East Bengal , also had a majority muslim population , and among those killed majority were muslims , if Pakistanis care so much about muslim and islam, or self appointed custodians of islam,why more than 3 million innocent people were brutally massacred ?
7. If Bhutto family cared so much about democracy, why none of the Bhutto family members ever spoke when 12 Pakistanis were killing innocent women and children in Mumbai , among the people killed, may were muslims?
8. Wajid Hasan, your article praising Bhutto family smells of a rotten mind . By no imagination, Bhutto family ever was and will be the savior of democracy in Pakistan . Bhutto family, is also responsible for the current state of Pakistan .

Posted by anju2008 | Report as abusive

Wajid writes:

“March is a landmark month for Pakistan. Notwithstanding the Shakespearean Ides of March, it became a historic month for us as a nation when under the leadership of Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah Muslim representatives from all over the subcontinent decided to seek, strive and achieve a separate homeland. On March 23, 1940, the Pakistan Resolution was adopted in Lahore and in seven years Pakistan was established through the power of the vote.”

I would like to temper Wajid’s revisionist historical comment, be it in true pompous aristocratic British style, with a dose of some unlikeable but true and indisputatble facts that need to be reminded especially to young and upcoming Pakistani generation about the other aspects of the month of March.

Wajid, March is indeed a landmark month for Pakistan. It was on March 25, 1971, when Yahya Khan spoke the following words according to his top brass who were present as he launched “Operation Searchlight”:

“Kill 3 million of them (Bengalis) and the rest will eat out of our hands.”

A planned military pacification carried out by the Pakistan Army — codenamed Operation Searchlight — started on 25 March to curb the Bengali nationalist political movement by taking control of the major cities on 26 March, and then eliminating all opposition, political or military, within one month. Before the beginning of the operation, all foreign journalists were systematically deported from East Pakistan.

The main phase of Operation Searchlight ended with the fall of the last major town in Bengali hands in mid-May. The operation also began the 1971 Bangladesh atrocities. These systematic Genocide of Bengali Doctors, Engineers,
Lawyers, and Judges, both Muslims and Hindus, served only to enrage the Bengalis, which ultimately resulted in the secession of East Pakistan later in the same year. The international media and reference books in English have published casualty figures which vary greatly, from 5,000–35,000 in Dhaka, and 200,000–3,000,000 for Bangladesh as a whole. Although the violence focused on the provincial capital, Dhaka, it also affected all parts of East Pakistan. Residential halls of the University of Dhaka were particularly targeted. The only Hindu residential hall — the Jagannath Hall — was destroyed by the Pakistani armed forces, and an estimated 600 to 700 of its residents were murdered. The Pakistani army denies any cold blooded killings at the university, though the Hamood-ur-Rehman commission in Pakistan concluded that overwhelming force was used at the university. This fact and the massacre at Jagannath Hall and nearby student dormitories of Dhaka University are corroborated by a videotape secretly filmed by Prof. Nurul Ullah of the East Pakistan Engineering University, whose residence was directly opposite the student dormitories.
Hindu areas suffered particularly heavy blows. By midnight, Dhaka was literally burning, especially the Hindu dominated eastern part of the city. Time magazine reported on 2 August 1971, “The Hindus, who account for three-fourths of the refugees and a majority of the dead, have borne the brunt of the Pakistani military hatred.”

Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was arrested by the Pakistani Army. Yahya Khan appointed Brigadier (later General) Rahimuddin Khan to preside over a special tribunal prosecuting Mujib with multiple charges. The tribunal sentenced Mujib to death, but Yahya caused the verdict to be held in abeyance. Other Awami League leaders were arrested as well, while a few fled Dhaka to avoid arrest. The Awami League was banned by General Yahya Khan.

Wajid, in some significant ways, West Pakistan walked all over the dreams of Mr. Jinnah (a Gujarathi Khoja who himself educated and hailed from Gujarat, India) of having an vibrant Islamic democracy, where law, ethnic harmony, justice and respect for all, would be iconic and examplary for the world to witness. Instead in March, Wajid, Pakistan decided to launch a holocaust upon their poorer, less fortunate Muslim and Hindu brothers and sisters in East Pakistan.
Wajid, south asian people, especially advisers and the vulnerable youth of Pakistan can not afford to forget or ignore the past mistakes and their dire consequences, in some cases still punishing all of us today.

Posted by Nathuram Waghmare | Report as abusive

The real Zardari, whom Wajid is goldplating:

“Our name ‘Zardari,’” he explained to me, “means ‘people with wealth’”

“Once, he allegedly attached a bomb to a businessman’s leg and ordered him to withdraw his money from the bank”

“He didn’t know what to do,” recalls Stephen Cohen, a Pakistan expert at the Brookings Institution who attended a dinner with Bhutto and Zardari during this visit. “She told [Zardari] to ‘Go stand over there,’ and he did. … He looked totally out of his element.”

“Beyond co-opting the media, Zardari has surrounded himself with jailhouse pals, business partners, and former exiles”

“Zardari has demoted some of Bhutto’s former top aides to make space for his prison buddies”

Wajid, are you Zardari’s jail buddy or goodtime buddy? 03/18/our-not-so-strongman-in-pakistan/

Posted by David | Report as abusive

Would you please enlighten us about PPP/Bhutto’s contributions to”

1. Talibanism and Terrorism
2. Nuke proliferation

Both activities apparently started when PPP/Bhutto was in power. How many times Benazir traveled to N Korea and what was she doing there? Spreading partnership?

Please don’t ignore us. Say something!

Posted by David | Report as abusive

The guys who attacked Mumbai were terrorists and were from Pakistan. Do you still dispute that?

Immediately after the attack and still today, Zardari, Husain Haqqani (Ambassador to US) and you deliberately, repeatedly and sequentially tried to deny, disown and subvert the truth or hide the truth. This pattern continued even when CIA, FBI, MI6 and evidences pointed to Pakistanis.

Those who aid, abet, shelter or hide terrorists are also called terrorists and judged so by law.

Would it be unfair to call you, Zardari and Husain Haqqani terrorists? 87518.stm

Posted by David | Report as abusive

How can you and Zardari hide, shiled terrorists and defend them?

Any average sane civil person or Government would immediately distance itself from terrorists and inform police voluntarily. But you and your Government have actively unsuccessfully tried to hide terrorists and subvert the investigations. Still today, FBI, MI6 or CBI doesn’t have access to the Mumbai masterminds in Pakistan. Your Government is fighting terrorism by sending multiple choice questions to India and delaying the investigations as much possible. All these games to hide and shield terrorists?

Would it be unfair to call your Government a terrorist regime? How do terrorists regimes differ?

Posted by David | Report as abusive

Wajid Shamsul Hasan, Pakistan’s High Commissioner to UK:

“One official at my embassy, Mohammed Saleem, was accused of proliferation of WMDs”

“I called up the ISI guys and asked them: ‘What are you doing?’ They told me to keep my nose out of it. Khan was not acting alone. He never acted alone. He was trading, using the ISI and the military. Both were untouchable”

Accoring to your own confession, you and your Governemnt knew about WMD and nuclear proliferation activities of army/ISI since 1996. But instead of confronting and prosecuting them, your successive Governments actively supported, shielded them. Scapegoated AQ khan and bailed out real culprits, army and ISI.

What actions did you and your Governments take to confront army/ISI?

Are you and your Governments not culpable along with army/ISI for trading and spreading WMDs, nukes to N Koreans, Libyans, Iranians and others?

Actions and activities of your Government made world a very dangerous place.

How is your Government any less guilty that Saddam Hussains’s government?

Is this crime pardonable?  ?entity=wajid_shamsul_hasan_1

Posted by Amy | Report as abusive

Ahhh.. FIRST time some Pakistani official confirmed army/ISI/Government involvement in nuke/WMD Walmart.

Why were they lying so far?

Thanks Amy.

Posted by Global Citizen | Report as abusive

Sir Wajid
Thank you for writing and highlighting the success of democracy in Pakistan. We are proud of being Pakistanis and can say today that Pakistan is a democratic and free nation, with an independent judicial system and vibrant media. Every ordinary citizen needs to highlight Pakistan’s achievements and every diplomat has to work to build Pakistan’s international image.

Yours Sincerely
Umair Malik

Posted by Umair | Report as abusive

“ save the country from being taken over by barbarians who are on the rampage to destroy Mr Jinnah’s Pakistan and convert it into a theocratic state.”

i wish u were writing this with genuine concern for the future of pakistan. but i sense u are doing this to get more aid to build more mansions and fill up more foreign accounts

“Politics is a game of uncertainty especially when egomaniacs are on the loose. Yesterday it was the judicial crisis, tomorrow they will come up with yet another to put the government on tenterhooks.”

excuse me but didn’t President Zardari make SIGNED agreements to bring back the judges??!!????????? crises after crises will continue to haunt the PPP government until it fulfills the promises made to the people and other politicians. the ironic bit is the PPP seems to be least concerned about finding and bringing to justice Benazir’s killers.

“Now her widower – President Asif Ali Zardari – too is committed to the same goal especially when forces of obscurantism are mortally threatening the very existence of the country.”

zardari is the last person who can bring stability to pakistan. i have a question, is Zardari a corrupt politician or is he suffering from dementia (at least one of these has to be true, apparently Wajid Shamsul Hasan thinks the man has made a full recovery: rld/asia/article4614860.ece

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Devil’s advocate

Posted by Peter | Report as abusive