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By: rajeev Tue, 14 Jul 2009 22:35:40 +0000 Mohammed Anjum
@How many Buddhist monasteries were destroyed or converted to Hindu temples in your glorious country?”

–Taliban chief Mullah Omar, Pakistan’s friend, intentionally dynamited and destroyed the Buddhist statues in 2001 after the Taliban government declared that they were “idols” ( forbidden under Sharia law).Did Pakistan say a word or kept quiet due to some alliance? After all they are on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Site.

By: mohammed Anjum Tue, 14 Jul 2009 21:17:29 +0000 Also read up about the Thuggee cult in India that killed millions of people in the name of Kali. Read works by William Sleeman. So much for a glorious past.

By: OM Tue, 14 Jul 2009 16:52:53 +0000 @Global Watcher and Keith
Fate of Pakistan will be decided By us not you. we are a great nation and we will prove it.
Mr umair is very correct in pointing out the exit strategy. First Great Britain then soviet union and (now U.S.A).!!! i hope my American Brothers understand sooner then latter that Afghanistan is graveyard of super powers..!!!

By: Daniel Harris Tue, 14 Jul 2009 16:49:27 +0000 A nuclear armed 170 million strong Pakistan is a far cry for you guys. Pakistan too is reaching limits, we know it is official American policy to prop up India as a strategic ally in the region. Pakistan too will not run out of options ever.
– Posted by Umair

I understand that you’re a Pakistani because like most of your comrades (my humble observation), you seem to be low on facts & reality and high on worthless octane & meaningless rah rah. If you think that we’re incapable of cleaning up the mess in your terror-infested rogue/failed country, you’re truly delusional & ignorant. If we really want to, we can reduce Pakistan to ashes within no time but the truth is that we don’t wanna get our hands dirty at this time so we’ve hired your army to do it for us. Besides, we don’t need to act militarily. All we have to do is cut off your life-support (aid), impose severe sanctions & trade embargoes & officially declare you a terror-sponsoring ‘rogue nation’ (which is no secret) & then you will see your nation of 170 million radicalized, uneducated, uncivilized, unemployed & impoverished people slit each others throats & choke to death. I really don’t think you guys wanna be in the situation. All you have to show for in your 60 years of existence is: Chinese nukes made from stolen technology & that is all that most of you Pakistanis keep chest thumping about. No progress, no economy, no literacy, no other positive achievement to speak of. Just those stupid nukes, that’s all.
As far as India is concerned, it is our natural ally. A progressive & rapidly developing country with genuine democratic & secular credentials. We don’t need to prop India up because it’s taking it’s rightful place in the world on it’s own merit. If you Pakistanis really wanna do something positive for your country, change your belligerent attitude & befriend India because you guys surely cal learn a lot from your neighbor.
(PS: Pakistanis, please don’t bother responding cuz I don’t have the time to waste by engaging in you ignorant & senseless rhetoric. thanks)

By: mohammed Anjum Tue, 14 Jul 2009 16:46:22 +0000 Mr. Singh: “You asked “How many Buddhist monasteries were destroyed or converted to Hindu temples in your glorious country?”

Answer is NONE. Hinduism is not forced on anyone.If you have data present it. Otherwise Please shut.”

Here is a reference: adas_Proves_Tirupati_Temple_As_A_Buddhis t_Shrine.htm

Religions simply do not disappear like that. Conversions happen both by peaceful and violent means. Kings and emperors play a huge role in it. I am giving just one example since this discussion is changing its course. Just because history has been cleaned out, it does not mean that things did not happen. Again all you Indians act as though everything was golden in your country and try to make others like cruel monsters. First dig up and learn your history first. I have been following a lot of things inside India from one end to another and I do not see anything that will show you guys in great light. You are just as ordinary as anyone else.

By: OM Tue, 14 Jul 2009 15:10:21 +0000 well i can tell one thing i don’t like fact-less discussions.if u like India is better than Pakistan..its fine, i respect your opinion.
“Time is the master of all judges,it divulge only truth “.
few things i like to make very clear here. A.Q khan is no thief, Why? because he didn’t stole centrifuges. if he stole them then why he was not caught, interrogated or blamed in 70’s when he supposedly done it.WHY after 20 years…..the answer is simple he didn’t do it. And even in 2000 he was blamed for giving the technology to other, which even he regrets.
all who read my post Pakistan is a reality and we are here going to stay here for a while. we have a same enemy(Osama-tons, i didn’t use Taliban because Taliban means “students”, Unfortunately some of them are misguided). your behavior is making it difficult for us to support you. when you say it Pakistan’s fault you are just making more osama’s. if u think by tell us to do more will win you a war then stop dreaming. do you have any idea how many muslims has died over the last decade????

By: Umair Tue, 14 Jul 2009 13:06:59 +0000 Keith:
“You should be hoping that the when the west leaves there’s a stable and strong Afghanistan in place. And you should be praying that your government and security services are actually helping to bring that outcome about and are not hopefully not undermining those who are actually trying to do good work there.”

-Keith, DG ISPR Maj. Gen Athar Abbas in a recent interview with CNN clearly said the situation in Baluchistan is due to some one working out of Kabul. NATO and US are harboring the enemies of Pakistan right under their noses in Kabul then it is expected from Pakistan to cooperate. Remember ISI is the veteran of Soveit-Afghan war, history could repeat itself yet again. Pushtuns must be given representation in national matters in Afghanistan, kick out the Indians from Afghanistan. Again propaganda against Pakistan’s nuclear program is surfacing, mercaneries are being trained to attack Pakistan’s nuclear sites. All sorts of propaganda and criticism is being labeled against Pakistan. So much talk of Pakistan being a rouge state and you guys are still so dependent on Pakistan Army and ISI. If you dont stop harboring the enemies of Pakistan in Kabul, Islamabad can also make some dangerous plans against you.

and it is Gen. Abbas clearly said there is limit to the extent Pakistan can support the mission in Afghanistan. Believe me today the success of US/Canada and NATO in Afghanistan pretty much depends on Pakistan support. That is why you always make Pakistan an escape goat for coalition faliures in Afghanistan and then lecture us to accept India as a regional policeman. First get your priorities straight, decide if you are true ally of Pakistan and than ask for Pakistan’s cooperation. Decide who is your greater friend, India or Pakistan. India is a big market for economic gain, but if you want security you want good relations with Pakistan too. If you realize Pakistan as an ally we will willingly help you, otherwise we know how to deal with anti-Pakistan mercaneries in Kabul.

By: wooferswitch Tue, 14 Jul 2009 09:30:54 +0000 “Umair bhai,

I sincerely appreciate your service to our country. You have handled all the Indians on this forum so well. It takes just one intelligent Pakistani to handle many imbeciles.

Like you have said, it is time we got out of our dependency on the US and its allies. We have China as the emerging regional power and our staunchest ally. Our nation should look forward. We need to build a strong Islamic alliance with all Central Asian countries and Iran. Pakistan can provide the necessary military training and technology. Islamic nations should stick together and form an economic and military alliance. We can help each other better. Leave the Americans to belly dance with Indians.”

Wow Anjum, you started showing your hidden pakistani and jihadi colours. “Imbeciles”??? How low can you get? You get out of your dependancy on US and its allies and your begging bowl is gonna be as clean as a slate.

Islamic alliance with Iran? Are you joking? Your people massacred them just because they were from a different sect. I think Iran is closer to India than you guys.

And you are talking about china? Dont forget your beloved Zardari came back with the empty bowl the last time he went there. He dint even get to meet the high command.

You form an islamic alliance of what not… people don’t care as long as you don’t blow up their backyards using jihad. Of course the Americans can belly dance with the Indians, at least they have something in common which is alien to you. Democracy.

Look like you people are deluded and fed your madrassa education to such an extent that you have stopped thinking logically. Wish common sense prevails upon ordinary pakistanis unlike you people, for the good of south asian region and for the entire world.

By: indian1127 Tue, 14 Jul 2009 07:28:49 +0000 Just do not assume that your land has a glorious history. Do not look into history because it has enough records to expose your ugly side as well. In the case of Pakistan most of the minorities either converted to Islam for practical reasons or moved out of the country. No one was slaughtered or forced as you are conveying.

– Posted by mohammed Anjum

Mr Anjam

Unlike a typical pakistani I dont live in the past, future is where we are focussed. The persecution of Buddists that you talk about has happened in the period between 400 CE and 1000 CE. I dont see how you attribute those acts to the current generation of Indians just because its suits your purpose?

You also conviniently chose to overlook the revival of Buddhists in India in RECENT TIMES. file/ChangingDemographyofBuddhistPopulat ioninI.pdf

Stop using history as an excuse, its your country current mindset and behaviour that I abhor. Minorities in your country are being persecuted for thier faith, such behaviour in the 21 century is unacceptable.

Even today there are secratarin conflicts in Khurram agency between Shia and Sunii and it has been carrying on for the last 60+ years.

For some reason your people believe that your religion and your sub-sect is superior to everyone elses and you wont stop untill everyone accepts your faith by whatever means necessary(I refer to pakistan’s version of Islam we are lucky to have sensible Indian muslims).

Despite all the rehtoric you have shown absolutely nothing to substantiate your claims of superiority and infact provided evidence to the contrary (in the past and in RECENT TIMES).

Can explain what you mean when you say “Pakistan most of the minorities either converted to Islam for practical reasons or moved out of the country.”

What are those practical reasons???(saving ones life is a practical reason too) Why did they feel the need to move out??

Refer to this website for gleeful news of how minorities are treated in pakistan in RECENT TIMES

Also I specifically mentioned not to respond in snippets, if you are unable to answer all the questions by yourself, then by all means ask others to help you form a group think about it together for as long as it takes and try and answer the questions honestly.

If you by any chance miraculously realise that you are on the wrong side of the argument, then by all means feel free to mend your ways and join the rest of the civilized world.

Its the FUTURE that holds promise of growth, peace and presperity.