From Kashmir to Kabul, and then down the Indus

July 15, 2009


With India and Pakistan trying to reach a rapprochement on the sidelines of a summit in Egypt, it’s worth reading this summary by the Council on Foreign Relations – based on interviews with five South Asia experts – on why it matters across the region as far as Afghanistan.

The tensions between India and Pakistan have a powerful impact on stability in Afghanistan. They prevent the Pakistan Army from focusing fully on taking on the Taliban and other militant groups; the two countries are rivals for influence in Afghanistan itself; and both remain vulnerable to a fresh flare-up should Pakistan-based militants launch another Mumbai-style attack on India.

“Thus, the long-standing dispute over Kashmir is one part of a wider regional dynamic that has direct implications for Washington’s ability to support a stable Afghan state and to address the threat posed by terrorist groups in South Asia,” CFR quotes its own South Asia specialist Daniel Markey as saying.

“And until a settlement is reached, there will be no dearth of “spoilers” eager for opportunities to inflame India-Pakistan relations,” it quotes Georgetown University’s Howard Shaffer as saying.

The five experts concur that the United States’ ability to influence relations between India and Pakistan is limited — India has always rejected outside mediation in the Kashmir dispute — but suggest Washington might be able to nudge the process along discreetly from the sidelines. And with the death toll rising among foreign troops in Afghanistan, the United States is likely to be trying to do everything it can to encourage stability in the region. (U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton visits India this week.) 

The five experts are less specific about how they expect India and Pakistan to reach agreement, although as discussed in an earlier post, there is much talk about whether the two countries can build on a draft roadmap for peace established two years ago. If the U.S. administration of President Barack Obama can convince the Pakistan Army to end support for militant groups, and help Pakistan’s civilian government win control of national security policy from the military, says Indian analyst C. Raja Mohan, “Obama will find it no problem at all to convince Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to sign off on the Kashmir deal that he has already negotiated.”


Another must read this week is this article on the growing row between India and Pakistan over water supplies. It provides the best background I’ve read on the tensions between India and Pakistan over the rivers — including the Indus — which start in the Himalayan mountains and then flow through the Indian side of the former kingdom of Jammu and Kashmir before reaching Pakistani territory.

Until now, the two countries have been able to manage their shared rivers through the Indus Waters Treaty (pdf document), which after being agreed in 1960 under the auspices of the World Bank has survived two full-scale wars and many spikes in tensions. But as the glaciers which provide the source of the rivers recede, while demands for water for power and irrigation rise, the treaty is beginning to look increasingly frayed at the edges. Given all the other causes of instability in the region, the last thing South Asia needs are water wars.

(Photos: British soldier in Helmand; Secretary of State Clinton and President Obama; the source of the Nubra river in Siachen)


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Myra,Kashmir is only an excuse and has been used as an excuse to explain away tensions and terrorism directed at India. I hope when you say “resolve” Kashmir, you don’t mean that India had it over, that is not going to happen. It is sovereign Indian land.As I remember it was not that long ago that Aboriginal Americans in the 70’s were trying to get back their land from the U.S.A, well, the U.S. crushed the native Americans who resisted, to assert their authority and sovereignty. Within the context of that, do you think that India has not right over Kashmir?Before partition, some of the terrorist groups, their leaders, claim that that they became radicalized to want to kill Indians, during sectarian violence that they saw as children, this has nothing to do with Kashmir. Kashmir has been politicized and brainwashed most of Pakistani’s to believe that Kashmir is the problem.Lastly, the Council on Foreign Relations is an American thinktank, which always pushes and lobbies for political positions, which are favorable to the U.S. and everybody else is considered lower on the list. So I would be careful, quoting the CFR as a credible think tank, with regards to Kashmir.The U.S. and Americans and to some extent yourself Myra, do not respect nor appreciate the grande scale of suffering the Indians have suffered over the last few centuries and that is most unfortunately very sad. India used to extend upto modern day Iran, or Persia as they called it. In simple terms, since then, it has been partioned, many times with its land being constantly clawed away, starting with the Mughals, the British Raj and then Pakistan and Bengal and Sri Lanka.Despite the ravage and unfair treatment of Indians since the last hundreds of years, we have, you cannot deny, arisen as a credible superpower in waiting, one that democratic, secular, plural, with dozens of languages and relgions co-existing and to top that off, with extremely bright and talented brainpower, from which the U.S. has benefitted immensly, in fact, unmeasurably, I don’t even know where to start. I don’t believe that Pakistan can even claim to be in the same boat as India, with regards, to how much India has contributed to the U.S. technological might and the rest of the world.Indians became peaceful, pursued spiritual means and development of the mind and spirit instead of maintaining their war-like societies, in the long run, they became soft and weakened to Mughal Invaders then the British.Where should Indians draw the line? Should we keep conceding land, which was originally Indian? To be the devil’s advocate here, why does not Russia autonomize Chechnya? Why does Indonesia not autonomize Bali? Why does the U.S. not just autonomize Hawaii and give it back to the Hawaiians?Should religion be a political basis for separating land from others? Where does this end? There is a large muslim population in Michigan, in the US, what if they want Sharia, and eventually want to self rule? What is the U.S. going to do then? Why this double standard with India?The CFR and U.S. should not fail again as they have in past and this time, to truly recognize India and Indians as strategic and economic assets to the U.S., NATO and the rest of the World.This is the time for the U.S. to call for reigning in of all the Proxy Armys such as the LeT, JuD, Hum. etc. While they exist, there cannot be any discussion on Kashmir. While Pakistan makes nxkes with IMF and U.S. taxpayer money, there cannot be discussion on Kashmir. While the Afghan mission still exists, there cannot be a discussion on Kashmir.The way a body guard enables a celebrity to do drugs, in a parallel manner, by not being tough enough on Pakistan, the U.S. is still enabling Pakistan the option in indulging in bad behavior. Will it take another 911 or something much worse for the U.S., before it gets its act together? The proxy armies in Pakistan have the potential to be extremely dangerous, outside of the context of Kashmir, why are we enabling them, by not doing anything? With things in the current state, Pakistan is an enabler of the LeT and the U.S. is partially an enabler, by not applying enough pressure.If the U.S. mission is too bogged down in Afghanistan, the U.S. should ask India for boots on the ground. If Afghanistan is fixed, then Kashmir will soon follow. If Hamid Karzai invites the Indians there, I don’t think that they would refuse. The U.S. is not realizing the potential they have with the Indians as their full-fledged allies. Although I really do like and respect president Obama, I think he is too soft on terrorists and those that “enable” them, much too soft fo their own good as he talks a tough game, but no necessarily willing to walk the talk.With regards to the water issue, that is too complicated to be discussed here by non-scientific and non-technical people in these blogs.

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The largest group -India’s 1.2 billion people- affected by the Kashmir conflict have been under represented with just one member in this CFR panel. However, he said the right thing- the short answer on what US should do? Nothing.Some metathinking is over due for these “experts” especially the western “experts”.”Kashmir problem” is a manifesatation of the Pakistan problem, the later defined as a country run by, owned by army with the main goal of war mongering, revising borders, etc rather than education and economic development.Taiwan and China hve disputes, but you don’t hear them talking about impending war every day. In South Asia it is not so because of Pakistan’s militarism and use of terrorism as an instrument of state policy.About water issues, yes it is going to be tough. But the people who demand dams, and feel affected by the treaty are Kashmiri people not Indians living in Delhi and Mumbai.

Posted by Raj | Report as abusive

Maybe the existential threat from climate change will finally overcome the apparent threat from India for Pakistanis…..

Posted by Keith | Report as abusive

Unfortunately all five miss the fundamental point which Pakistani journalist Arif Jamal details in his remarkable book “The Untold Story of Jihad in Kashmir”. If there is a single worthwhile take away from his book it is that the Jihad in Kashmir was planned by senior elements in the Pakistani army and government almost immediately after partition in 1947. The obvious inference is that talk with any regimen ruled by the army (and all have been at various points with varying degrees of control by the men in uniform) is an exercise in futility. It is particularly disappointing when normally insightful and otherwise scholarly analysts like Daniel Markey and C Raja Mohan fail to pick up on it.For instance, Markey tosses up an absurd non-sequitur in suggesting that the US should devote greater attention to the specific group that masterminded last November’s Mumbai attack. Just how anyone could go about that without active help from the Pakistani army is beyond my ken. Raja Mohan is only marginally better – he rightly suggests progress happens only when the US “neglects” that part of the world but incorrectly offers the period during 2003-07 as evidence when in fact it was the run up to 9/11 when most progress was made with Musharraf genuinely looking for a settlement on Kashmir. That the process was choked off by Advani is another

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A Kashmir moment for Pakistan ..Pakistan will boycott 2011 Cricket world cup s-newspaper-daily-english-online/Sports/ 16-Jul-2009/Pakistan-may-boycott-2011-Wo rld-CupAndPakistan will teach cricket to Chinese women  ?option=com_content&task=view&id=81545& Itemid=2

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In India there is genuine anger over the way Obama has allowed Pakistan to get away with this and a whole list of crimes against the rest of the world. The USA had an enormous opportunity to acquire a enormous, fast growing and democratic ally and enormously improve business ties with what will soon be the worlds fastest growing major economy. India is one of the few countries in the world where the United States consistently polls highly and has some respect. Now, the new administration in its infinite wisdom has chosen to support in every way possible, Pakistan, a failed state who’s only credible export is terrorists, whose people hate the USA, who believe and propagate the most outlandish conspiracy theories and yet take an inordinate amount of interest in the issues of other countries. Our new administration even tries to equate the two countries… as if they should somehow be treated equally. Pakistan has done nothing in its existence to show it should be treated like a sovereign state, much less its neighbor!I took this comment from Ian Blackwell off the NY Times, July 15, 2009 from Video of Mumbai Attacker’s ‘Confession’

Posted by bulletfish | Report as abusive

Hey Paul, you missed this one:No special envoy on Kashmir: US (The Nation, 16/07/2009)Looks like Pakistan cannot say that helping the USA with the war on terror is going to make the USA push India to the table. Least we all forget, the Taliban that Pakistan and the NATO troops in Afghanistan are fighting was ‘created and nurtured’ by Pakistan to fight proxy wars against India and contain Afghanistan. Pity the Taliban decided to host Al Qaeda.Pakistan cannot demand peace talks as if the Mumbai attacks never happened and at the same time reserve the right to instigate proxy wars via LeT, JuD and other alphabet groups.

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The Pakistani elite – which is largely the military – don’t seem to care that their country’s health metrics are among the worst in the world. Living cossetted in cantonments with all the conveniences of the first world and some, they have everything to lose with the transparency and accountability that comes with the democratic process. Witness this report on CNN about a man must choose between selling kidney or child ( cf/07/16/pakistan.organ.selling/ ml?iref=mpstoryview) that is typical of the apathy of the governing elite.

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Pakistan has successfully managed the military operation against terrorists in the North West and the rehabilitation of internal refugees have begun by their return to theri homes. Pakistan Army remains engaged in counterinsurgency operations, country’s nuclear arsenal is as secure as it has been since 1998. Despite all economic woes Pakistan keeps going. Now is the time for leadership, now is the time to build an independent foreign policy, normalize relations with India.But surely, one thing is both heartbreaking and angers me is that some people in the world feel it an honour to say Pakistan is a rogue and failed state blaming all the problems in the region on Pakistan. Lets not forget Pakistan was used in order to fight a war for America against the Soviets.If India will rise and be accepted in the international community, be an economic power. Pakistanis too will fix things and no one can discredit Pakistan. So far what ever we have tried to achieve we have achieved. We are a nation of achievers, we might be outnumbered, we might have meagre resources but the desire to build is there. Surely we need less corrupt politicians and genuine leadership. Surely there are certain things messed up in this country like any other country has its share of problems. My advice to dogs barking against Pakistan is…keep barking, no one will loose sleep.As with Indo-Pak tensions, well it has been said time and again that Kashmir is a DISPUTE. Unless Kashmir is resolved, no progress will be made. The question is will India realize this. It is a race against time, will India wait until it gets very strong (as these days it keeps ranting it wants to be next super power in Asia) or will it feel necessary to resolve Kashmir dispute and normalize relations with Pakistan. this will determine the future of South Asia.

Posted by Umair | Report as abusive

Some more metathinking…for the Western commentators and also for Indians (no offence to those who knew these things already!)Let me clarify at the outset, like overwhelming majority of Indians I cherish the idea of India that belongs to people of all religions, languages, and ethnic groups. Indian Muslims have diverged from Pakistan, even though Paks love to believe they are the champions of muslims living everywhere else except those living in Pakistan.See… when Jinnah& company asked for separate homeland for muslims in India it was based on supremacist mindset. Pre-1947, the British laughed at the idea of viability of India as one country. Muslim separatists led by Jinnah (whose grandfather was a Hindu) thought the same way and felt poor Hindus will not stay together and will not survive as a country.Even assuming the muslims had disputes or grievances with Hindus, there was no reason, historical basis to believe Muslims will be oppressed BECAUSE it was the muslims who were ruling most parts of India until the British came.They also thought with fertile land of Punjab, and strategic location, they wil be a much more powerful conuntry economically and militarily. Alas, things have not turned out the way they imagined.Why is this relevant now? Read the “charter” the Pakistani PM has come up with when you think about how bad economically, internally his country is doing. All b.s.India, a country much larger in size and economy, a country that patiently worked to build instituitions, democratic, educational and economic infrastructure for 62 years should be treated as an “equal” to “Pakistan” a country which spent spent 62 years doing none of the above. If India gets 100 planes, Pakistan also should get 100 planes! THE WORLD IS OBLIGATED TO PLACATE THEM OTHERWISE THERE WILL BE NUCLEAR WAR.This is what Paks mean when they say Indian hegemony, Indian aggression, etc.When there are a million things falling apart in the current territory they have, claiming Kashmir “dispute” is the reason for tensions!We can live peacefully with current borders we have and work on improving the livelihoods of the poor people.

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If India is a strong nation, it should stand firm and declare its interests. At the same time India as a proud democratic nation should also stand for the human rights of its citizens – including conflict-ridden places like Kashmir and Chattisgarh .It is sad to see India making concessions to Pakistan. Hindsight is 20/20 – and we have seen that Pakistan *has been* a rogue nation.First September 11th and then multiple attacks in India. Will Pakistan continue to be a failed, rogue terrorist-state? Based on its past record, its hard to say “No”.

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“And until a settlement is reached, there will be no dearth of “spoilers” eager for opportunities to inflame India-Pakistan relations,” it quotes Georgetown University’s Howard Shaffer as sad to note that even after all these years Americans have a simplistic attitude . do you think if Kashmir issue is settled Pakistan `s woes over India will be settled. suddenly Pakistan will reform itself and be a new country? read the stated objectives of lashkar e toiba. do you think after Kashmir issue is settled they will wind up, and go back to whatever they were doing before? they know nothing but waging war. they have no skill other than waging mischief. please understand the way these fundamentalists view the world. its darul salam and darul harab. the first is where Islam rules the other is for non believers, and they will fight the darul harab until it is Islamic…

Posted by sanjith menon | Report as abusive

Too many Pakistani’s casually dismiss Pakistani terrorism and say “all countries have problems”.The scale of problems in other countries, are on the other end of the scale, my friend.Pakistan, it citizens, all we here is the following talk:”we will progress”, “we will advance” “we will get past this”, “we are a peaceful nation”, “we are a country of champions”…..blah blah blah…yap yap yap. All talk no action. Well…show us, show the world that you are truly responsible and worthy of respect. Talk is cheap, actions please not words, earn our respect, impress us, make us say “WOW, Pakistan really has changed”, that is what we want to see.Please don’t let your personal ego and feelings clear your judgement about your country, Pakistan truly is extremely dysfunctional, you must admit that to your self, as in any self-therapy program, one must admit that they have a problem, there is nothing wrong with being optimisic and forward looking, but actions and effort must show to demonstrate sincerity.I envision the day when all proxy armies are gone, there is good trade, exchanges between India and free travel and Pak and Indian Generals get together a couple of times a year to play some golf, that may be a stretch, but it is a noble vision to have. Hopefully one day, good will built may lead to reconciliation, in the best case scenario.For Pakistan to be an equal partner in peace, its institutions MUST reform to match those of India. Pakistan MUST secularize, MUST democratize, MUST have rule of law and MUST have religious and human equality for all religions and peoples in Pakistan, constitutionally speaking. In short, Pakistan was founded on relgious separation, now to survive and become a respectable nation, equal to India, it must abandon those ideals of relgious hate, religious exclusivity, relgious supremacy and sectarian supremacy.As Pakistani’s you cannot deny that since the last 60 years, India has outpaced, out shined and blasted them selves far beyond the progress in Pakistan.Pakistan needs to emulate what India is and what India has done to progress itself, you can keep your nukes, but YOU must change your behavior towards us and stop hating everyone and everything and blaming the Indians, Jews and Americans and outsiders for all your problems first.Stop the blame and take responsibility for your own actions first and outside of a religious context, ask yourself, what did I do today to improve myself, my country and the world?Pakistani’s cannot deny that religion is a great thing for the individual and on some levels the country itself, but the POLITICS of religion is downright destructive and has not proven to be a productive and effective tool for progression of Pakistan, it is a detriment, the politics of religion and will make or break Pakistan, that is the real deal, so that must be faced, the politics of religion in Pakistan.Religion and politics never mix well, they are like oil and water.

Posted by Global Watcher | Report as abusive

Typo correction in CAPS, please note:POLITICS of religion is downright destructive and has not proven to be a UNPRODUCTIVE and INEFFECTIVE tool for progression of Pakistan, it is a detriment, the politics of religion and will make or break Pakistan, that is the real deal, so that must be faced, the politics of religion in Pakistan.

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Another drama in Pakistan pNews/idINIndia-41123120090717″ISLAMABAD  (Reuters) – The U.N. team conducting an inquiry into the assassination of former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto will not seek to name culprits, the commission’s head said on Friday, lowering expectations from the outset.”Whats the use of an inquiry when Culprits are not named and prosecuted. Pakistan claims that India is not providing enough evidence against LeT, this sham inquiry shows clearly how much Pakistan is committed to remove terrorist and its handlers along with terror infrastructure from its country.

Posted by singh | Report as abusive

Umair says: “My advice to dogs barking against Pakistan is…keep barking, no one will loose sleep. “What did the poor dogs do that you have to bring them into this human ‘blogosphere’. And regarding barking, dogs bark as they are good at identifying thieves and rogues.By the way, as per the article  /world/asia/12baluchistan.html,Quote:”S choolchildren still refuse to sing the national anthem at assemblies, instead breaking into a nationalist Baluch song championing the armed struggle for independence…”Are they barking as well?

Posted by Sunny | Report as abusive

Umair writes—–> “As with Indo-Pak tensions, well it has been said time and again that Kashmir is a DISPUTE. Unless Kashmir is resolved, no progress will be made”.CAN YOU CLARIFY??? NO PROGRESS WILL BE MADE ON WHAT? I assume you are saying you will sponsor terrorist shootings and bombings in India. We’ll see.Umair writes——-> “The question is will India realize this. It is a race against time, will India wait until it gets very strong (as these days it keeps ranting it wants to be next super power in Asia) or will it feel necessary to resolve Kashmir dispute and normalize relations with Pakistan”TRANSLATION- India should hand over Kashmir on a platter, until then I will bark (no offence to the dogs)Setting aside the historical, moral, legal positions of India on Kashmir, the security interests dictate that Jammu Kashmir state will remain an integral part of India. In 1947-48 messy affairs in Kashmir, India’s actions were half-hearted and confused. In the year 2009 we are very clear headed on Kashmir and the answer is NO revision of borders, no question of India diluting sovereignty on any territory that constitutes the current Indian Union.Your war mongering and terrorist behavior in 62 years has absolutely strengthened Indian resolve on Kashmir.Umair writes——-> “this will determine the future of South Asia”.NO. Your behavior will determine the future of “Pakistan” if there is going to be one.Cheers. I did not intend to offend you or the dogs with the above comments.

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Many Americans now are waking up and realizing and saying it louder and louder, “we should not have attacked Iraq after 911, we should have attacked Pakistan”.Since 911, British Subway bombing, 26/11 all occured being planned from Pakistan or Pakistani soil, how many of you out there feel that way, should Bush have attacked Pakistan before Iraq? Let’s be clear, the American votership was polarized at this point, they all wanted revenge for 911.Since Iraq was the wrong place, should the U.S. exact justice on Pakistan for 911 and on those who in Pakistani state agencies who directly or indirectly aided, abetted, supported, armed and trained those Al-Qaeda Islamic Militants, should the Pakistani establishment be put on trial by the U.S. for the death of those 3,000 innocent American citizens slaughtered on 9/11?

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Pakistanis too will fix things and no one can discredit Pakistan. So far what ever we have tried to achieve we have achieved. We are a nation of achievers.- Posted by UmairAnd what exactly is it, that you have achieved?Becoming the Center & HQ of global terrorism and the biggest exporter or terror in the world?Becoming a failed, rogue & dysfunctional state which is looked upon as an international migrane, by the world?Assembling Chinese nukes made from stolen European technology & then selling them to North Korea, Iran & possible even Al Qaeda?A sham democracy controlled by Generals & no valid institutions to speak of?Rapidly rising poverty (over 40%), unemployment & illiteracy (below 18%)?Begging bowl diplomacy, whereby your leaders beg all around the world, while demanding that their previous debt be canceled?If this is what you guys had set out to achieve, then I congratulate you for your achievements.

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I don’t think that Pakistan’s influence is necessary to keep the Kashmir issue alive. The people who live in Kashmir will do that. That is only one reason why India should address the problem.There have been human rights violations, rapes, murders and disappearances of civilians. In addition, there have been the mass migration of Kashmiri Pandits from the area due to the actions of terrorists. Their situation is equally as abysmal as other Kashmiris.Arundhati Roy, the Indian journalist, has documented much of the suffering of the Kashmiri people. News stories continue to abound with human rights violations by the Indian troops in Kashmir.India is a great country, but India should come to grips with Kashmir. It is pulling India down.A song made popular in the 1950’s by the group Peter, Paul and Mary comes to mind and in it,it says:”How many times can a man turn his head and pretend that he just doesn’t see?”

Posted by Alethia | Report as abusive

Just to clarify my above comment, I do not think the U.S. should attack Pakistan for 911, but they should be forced to rid all forms of terrorism from their soil, including ALL proxy army assets.

Posted by Global Watcher | Report as abusive

Here is an interesting column on the topic: lumn_kashmiris-chase-a-mirage_1274327Kas hmiris chase a mirageEXCERPT:”They naively believe that once azadi comes, they can revert to a composite Kashmiriyat. This is precisely what Jinnah believed could be done with an independent Pakistan, but the mullahs had other ideas.No pandit or Ladakhi or any of the other ethnic populations of Jammu & Kashmir will ever want to stay in this place. No secular humanist can support an azadi project that is rooted in exclusivism when the world is talking inclusivism.”

Posted by Raj | Report as abusive

Alethia,The Kashmir issue is burning primarily because of the notoriety of Pakistan since independence. India has successfully addressed territorial insurgencies with the exception of Kashmir. Please read the work of Pakistani scholar, Arif Jamal, before you pour your borrowed lines of poetry and half-baked wisdom.Link, Story-Kashmir/dp/193363359XThe Kashmir issue is layered and too complex for India alone to be held responsible. If the solution was under India’s control, Pakistan can tomorrow accept the LoC as a de jure boundary and move on. Clearly, there are disagreements on how to solve the issue with three parties on the table.Besides, why be selective in joining the cries of the dodgy Kashmiris while ignoring the plight of the Balochis? Baluchistan vehemently opposes Pak rule and it continues to burn for freedom for last 6 decades. The Balochis are trampled by the Pak army with fighter jets and helicopter gunships. Should the popular song by Paul and Mary not be sung for the Balochis?

Posted by Nikhil | Report as abusive

@“How many times can a man turn his head and pretend that he just doesn’t see?”- Posted by Alethia-Does this not actually fit Pakistan more than it does India. As an outsider, that’s the least you can do.@I don’t think that Pakistan’s influence is necessary to keep the Kashmir issue alive. The people who live in Kashmir will do that. That is only one reason why India should address the problem.”-You have quite a good knack of appeasing the terrorists and worse terrorsm. Perhaps it looks all play until it hits home.

Posted by rajeev | Report as abusive

If only Pakistanis and our all knowing western experts realise that Kashmir is NOT the source of conflict.Obsession of Pakistan with Kashmir and India has made one thing equal with India in exporting to the world- IT.For Indians it is Information TechnologyFor Pakistani it is International Terrorism!

Posted by Nithin | Report as abusive

Myra:@Given all the other causes of instability in theregion, the last thing South Asia needs are water wars.”–If Pakistan openly supports anti-India terrorists in the name of Kashmir freedom, is it not fair that India starts to use water as a tool to hit pakistan. It is better than pakistan’s pro-terror policy and the onus will be on Pakistan to cut Jihadi BS to get water from India.

Posted by rajeev | Report as abusive

Here is a link for my Indian friends that shows evidence of Indian involvement in terror operations inside Pakistan. So kindly do not assume that your country is all full of innocence. nnect/dawn-content-library/dawn/news/pak istan/12-proof+of+raw+involvement+in+ter ror+acts+given+to+india–bi-08

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mohammad Anjum,Why is this the ONLY article on this subject? Why is the subject of this article not in any other international papers?You really think you can high-light one article to make yourself look all pure, righteous and true?Here are 3 for you to read and think about:-Pakistan Objects to U.S. Expansion in Afghan War. (International Herald Tribune, 21/07/2009)-No let-up in US drone attacks in Pakistan.(Gulf Times, 21/07/2009)-Swat valley refugees reluctant to return home.(13/07/2009, Times(UK))

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Mr. Bulletfish: “Why is this the ONLY article on this subject? Why is the subject of this article not in any other international papers?You really think you can high-light one article to make yourself look all pure, righteous and true?”Western media relies on sensational news that suits their emotions. If any news fits what they are projecting, it gets vast attention. Right now any news that is favorable to Pakistan does not sell. As simple as that. Dawn is a very respectable news paper. But our Prime Minister has handed the evidence to your Prime Minister officially instead of going to the press and creating the sensation that is prevalent today.If Dawn reports something, there sure is a large element of truth in it. So wait and see. The US might be playing a role here to hush things up. It wants to project India as a benign and benevolent nation. Image is a big thing in the US. They always do things for an image. Indian involvement in clandestine sabotage can never be ruled out. After all RAW is an intelligence and covert operations agency. And one can expect them to do such things.

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Mr. AnjumWould you like to comment on massacre and rape of millions (number varies but definietly is high) in East Pakistan by Pakistan Army that takes pride in being an Islamic republic? Bangladesh is waiting for an apoplogy. But I guess Pakistanis worry about Taliban not LeT, Palestine/Kashmir not banglasdesh, Balochistan. Is it that have grown up on a history examplified by your text books that teach you that India invaded Pakistan and Pakistan won the war? I pity you.

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I suppose ISI ‘creating and nurturing’ the Taliban that has bitten Pakistan, hard, is not sensationalist enough. The same Taliban who put Afghanistan under their own sharia, but was too much for the emotions of Pakistanis to handle when it reached Swat and neighbouring regions. However, the ‘images’ of atrocities from these regions did the image of Pakistan a world of wonders.It was the ‘image’ of Pakistan that your Mushy boy was afraid would get tarnished when the GANG RAPE victim, Muktar Mai was prevented from travelling abroad to tell her story.You wish to talk of benevolence, then let us do so. Pakistan created the Taliban that hosted Al Qaeda in Afghanistan. They tortured and murdered many people based on race and religion. After the US forces and Northern Alliance reached Kabul, many of those Taliban had fled and some people had taken the law into their own hands and killed those Taliban who stayed.India has 4 consulates in Afghanistan and not 10-15! Don’t they teach you maths (that wonderful Arabic invention) in your madrassas? India with permission from the elected government of Afghanistan got contracts to build infastructure. India has also built hospitals where FREE check-ups and treatments are offered to the Afghans.Why did you Pakistanis not build roads and hospitals in Afghanistan? Were you waiting for hand outs from USA or Saudi Arabia?

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Mr. AnjumWhile there is a debate about RAW involvement inside Pakistan thesedays, but let us talk about what is already certain. That certainity is the the role of LeT, grown and nurtured on pakistani soil, in Mumbai 26/11, admitted by Pakistan and now confessesed by Kasab himself. Are you ready to call LeT as terrorist organization and wish that each and every single terrorist of this org is wiped out. Your answers and attitude reset the mind of Indian populace and this extends to the level if Indian govt since the leaders are born out of you and me.

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The Western effort in Afghanistan has been under-resourced since 2001. In addition the Afghan govt and state are pathetic and Karzai is an ineffectual leader. These are the reasons for soaring violence in Afghanistan, it has very little to do with Kashmir.

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[…] From Kashmir to Kabul, and then down the Indus | Analysis … […]

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