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Pakistan relies on no one except ALLAH for existaence, and so who protects whom n who is the friend
of whom least bothers Pakistan. Machines and men are not there because they protect, they are just obedience to the command of preparation, to protect however is only Allah,and any one who aims to devide Pakistan is mistaken, Pakistanis are like those kids who run to lap of their mother, even she is beating them hard.

By: rajeev Thu, 03 Sep 2009 13:34:57 +0000 @Courtesy USA, China is needed to be isolated from all these resources. Pakistan is a threat to Israel not India.
Long Live Pakistan. Long Live Pakistan Nukes.
– Posted by WikkiKhan

-WikkiKhan: My head is spinning from your post and I could not get any clear information from your post. Would you like to elaborate?

One point that I got from your post is “Pakistan is a threat to Israel.”—Can you explain what will happen to Pakistan if Pakistan let us say fire a Nuke at Isreal. Isreal also has the same toy. Will USA sit silently and and clap or nuke Pak. Attacking Israel will be like attacking USA. Essence of USA-Isreal relationship is well described by a Jewish friend of mine who says that USA protects Isreal like a dog.

India is always pakistan’s friend as you know.

By: WikkiKhan Tue, 01 Sep 2009 15:12:52 +0000 Pakistan is not a threat to India. Why would Pakistan nuke India. Pakistan is a threat to Israel. Pakistan is an old ally to China. West and North of Pakistan is a most suitable route for China to reach out into Middle East and Gulf. China is needed huge energy resources for next century and future energy pipe lines and cargo lines from North & East Africa, Middle East and Central Asian States would be converged into Persian Gulf and Gulf of Aden. Israel would be the main beneficiary to these new energy lines. Courtesy USA, China is needed to be isolated from all these resources. Pakistan is a threat to Israel not India.
Long Live Pakistan. Long Live Pakistan Nukes.

By: rajeev Mon, 24 Aug 2009 20:37:08 +0000 Azad:
You are right in your last post. My fault. Thanks. Point is well-received.

By: Azad Sat, 22 Aug 2009 22:17:50 +0000 Global watcher and Rajeev
(Ref: August 21st, 2009 5:07 pm GMT, August 22nd, 2009 6:19 am GMT)
Object your description of your backgrounds, is disappointing, indeed.
One needs to be conservative in ones description of background. The statement ought to have stopped with Iam a Punjabi hindu and not add anymore further categorization in this 21st century we live in. I say Im Andhra Hindu and stop there. Is nt it the greatness of our Hinduism, it always encouraged reforms and shed older practices that were hurting society/ religion and our religion went on embracing more liberalism, that in turn provided all humanity with exceptional scriptures like Upanishads, Vedas and Gita. Sage Valmiki and sage vyasa were from lesser privileged sections and Krishna was raised by cow herders. Both Rama and Krishna were of darker skin color. The vedic scholars, millennia ago had envisioned it all that every minor detail was not missed right from the beginning.

(Im not lecturing you, I admire you guys, hence the outpouring.) Read the smear campaign going on in the western world.

Exlore the weblinks including comments. Cheers. We are hindus the most tolerant and most inclusive.

By: Mortal Sat, 22 Aug 2009 15:52:46 +0000 Global watcher & Rajeev:

It’s no secret that since 1971, propelled by blind vengeance & hatred, Pakistanis have lusted at the prospect of breaking India. To further their agenda, they’ve tried to alienate Indian Sikhs & Muslims but neither did it work with the sikhs in the 80’s nor has it or will it ever work with the muslims. Pakistanis (on this blog & elsewhere), often cite the 1984 sikh riots & Gujarat incidents etc. to point fingers at India’s secularism & I always tell them that yes, I agree that shameful events have happened in our past & we are far from being perfect but such forgettable events are a part of the secularization & evolutionary process of every secular democracy, including the US, where blacks were segregated till the 60’s (& believe it or not, are systematically segregated even today, in some parts).

I grew up partially in India & partly in America. I was born in Bombay & grew up amongst Hindus, Muslims, Christians & Parsees & here in America, I have white, black, hispanic, asian friends etc. My point is that I have the first hand experience to say that besides America, India is the only country, which can boast of having truly secularist credentials. Yes, it’s far from perfect but as the country progresses & the populace becomes more literate, tolerant & aware, sooner or later, it’ll get there. I travel to India every year & I see the changes there.

As for the Pakistanis, you need not worry about Indian sikhs or muslims because we are all one & united. You should worry about the Balochs, Sindhis & Pashtoons, against whom atrocities & injustices are being committed every day. The compassion that you guys seem to show for Kasmiris (on online blogs etc), even if you reserve 10% of that for your brethren in Pakistan, all your problems will be solved.

By: rajeev Sat, 22 Aug 2009 06:19:13 +0000 @As a Punjabi Speaking Brahmin Hindu, we are extremely very proud of our Sikh leaders, and the successful Sikh community diaspora at large around the world, which is progressive and an integral part of the larger Indian family. If it was not for the brave Sikhs, who defended Indian land, India would be a different map today.”
-Global watcher

-Global watcher and Mortal: I agree; I am a Punjabi-speaking non-Brahmin Hindu. Ranjit Singh ruled for nearly half a century the current pakistan, most of Indian Punjab, Kashmir. He had Durbar in Lahore. Very secular administrator–having Hindus, Muslims and even many Europians as part of the civil/military administration. British did not step in untill his death so much was his strength recognized. And yes who will forget Hari Singh Nalwa, the legendary General of Ranjit Singh.

Reminds me Sikh war cry that perhaps many times echoed in Khyber:
“Sri Wah-e-Guru Ji Da Khalsa Sri, Wah-e-Guru Ji Di Fateh”

By: Global Watcher Fri, 21 Aug 2009 22:18:51 +0000 Pad Good says:

“pakistan is a great country.Indians have 4 times bigger military than pakistan 10 times bigger economy than pakistan and inspite of all this indians have not been able to finish pakistan for over 6 decades.It is because indians have tried their best but have failed to finish a country many times smaller.And as far as pakistani nukes are concerned some stone age barbarians cant steal them.If getting pakistani nukes would be so easy india and even US would have done it long time ago.LONG LIVE PAKISTAN”

–>India is a peaceful nation my dear Pak friend. India does not even need an army to finish Pakistan. Pakistan is already finished by being kept on life support by the IMF and U.S. and other charitable nations who have been duped or held hostage to give beggar bowl money to Pakistan. Be grateful and thankful to God that it is India that is next door to you. If Pakistan were next door to China, Russia or the U.S., they would not have stood by the last three wars as India did and let you survive, they would have dismembered Pakistan swiftly and mercilessly, especially the Chinese. Don’t kid yourself, Pakistan is sitting on the edge of a cliff, held only by its shirt collars by the U.S. and a hand few of World Bankers who are ready for you to mortgage all your Pakistani land for the next 500 generations.

India has not even tried to touch Pakistan, let alone finish it. If India wanted to finish Pakistan, it would not take more than a few weeks, despite your dud Chinese nukes.

Pakistani’s are obsessed being in a state of enmity with India and reason itself, while the rest of the world focuses on productive endeavors.

Everday before you have your meals, you should thank the U.S. taxpayers, so that you can still put food on the table. Your all-weather friend China did not even give a bowl of rice, despite their Billions of Trade surplus with the world, but I am sure that they will give you weapons to kill Indians.

By: Aamir Ali Fri, 21 Aug 2009 19:46:10 +0000 What a silly article. Nukes are not grenades that someone can grab in a raid and then use the next day.

By: Global Watcher Fri, 21 Aug 2009 17:07:46 +0000 @Mortal, you said:

““happy indepedence day to sikhishtan 16august,2009 we want our own sikhistan(sikh land) khalistan tahreek
proud to be a sikh”
– Posted by singh is king

LMAO, Nice try Pakistani! If you’re gonna disguise yourself as a Sikh, at least make the effort to become more believable. Your Pakistaniness is quite apparent & blatant. I’m an actual Sikh/Singh & I don’t know of any Sikh in his right mind in India or elsewhere, who wants Khalistan. You Pakistanis need to stop living in the 80’s. India Zindabad!”

–>Mortal (Sasri Akal Singh!) I am also tired of Pakistani’s using Sikhs in this manner. Sikhs are a proud people, with an advanced religious philosophy that is peaceful and progressive. As a Punjabi Speaking Brahmin Hindu, we are extremely very proud of our Sikh leaders, and the successful Sikh community diaspora at large around the world, which is progressive and an integral part of the larger Indian family. If it was not for the brave Sikhs, who defended Indian land, India would be a different map today. I ask our Pak friends not to put down the potential of our Sikh brothers and sisters and keep crying about them not having Khalistan, when they can rule all of India, just like Mr. Manhoman Singh is, the #1 Sikh. Sikh nation potential is much greater than a small village of Khalistan, it is global, progressive, peaceful, prosperous and not on the side of Pakistani terrorists.

Khalistan is a Pakistani project to dismember Indian potential and it is for bottom feeders who advocate terrorism, war, theft and lying.

I commend you Mortal for being much bigger, grander and larger than just Khalistan. Raj Karayga Khalsa!