Pakistan’s ISI chief attends Indian iftar

September 11, 2009

Following the slow-moving peace process between India and Pakistan can be a bit like watching paint dry.  So the decision by the head of Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) spy agency to attend an iftar hosted by the Indian High Commission in Islamabad this week has generated much excitement.

“Lieutenant-General Shuja Pasha was among the earliest guests to arrive at the maximum-security five-star Serena hotel. He stayed nearly 45 minutes, chit-chatting with guests,” wrote Nirupama Subramanian, correspondent for The Hindu in Islamabad. “This was the first time that a serving military official, let alone the head of the country’s most important intelligence agency with a well-known dislike for India, has attended an Indian event here.”

Everyone agreed it was a positive development, she wrote. “It’s a huge gesture by him,” she quoted the former ISI Director-General, Lt.-Gen. (retd.) Asad Durrani as saying. “A very positive development.” Another former soldier, Lt.-Gen. (retd.) Talat Masood, said it was an indication that India-Pakistan relations were not as bad they looked. “It is very symbolic. It means things are improving between the two countries, and there are people who want it to improve in spite of all the tough talk going on.”

“A thaw,” said Pakistan People’s Party politician Aitzaz Ahsan.

Pakistan’s Daily Times called it “a rare gesture of goodwill”. The News described it as “a milestone in India-Pakistan relations”.

Even B. Raman, formerly from India’s Research and Analysis Wing (R&AW), welcomed the move.  Arguing in favour of a dialogue between Indian intellgence agencies and the ISI, he writes: “Whether Lt.Gen.Pasha responded to an invitation personally addressed to him or whether he represented (Pakistan Army chief General Ashfaq) Kayani, who himself did not want to come, the presence of the ISI chief at the iftar reception is a significant gesture by the government of (Pakistan President Asif Ali) Zardari and has to be recognised as such. ”

“Even if a formal liaison relationship between the ISI and an appropriate Indian agency has not yet been established, India should not hesitate to take the initiative in suggesting it. An intelligence liaison relationship between two countries with an adversarial relationship can be a double-edged sword. It can be beneficial sometimes. It can also harm the national interests under certain circumstances. It is a risk well worth taking. Informal discussions between the intelligence chiefs of the two countries could produce better results than discussions between the two foreign secretaries on the issue of terrorism.”

The foreign secretaries, or top diplomats, of India and Pakistan are due to meet this month on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly, ahead of a meeting between the two countries’ foreign ministers.

No breakthrough is expected in those talks in New York. India is insisting that Pakistan take tougher action against Pakistan-based militants suspected of involvement in last year’s Mumbai attacks before it resumes a formal peace process. And both countries have many in their domestic constituencies who would resist, or even sabotage, any moves towards peace.

But in the paint drying category, the presence of the ISI head at the iftar dinner was a step forward.

(Then again, here are a couple of stories which suggest more trouble ahead, on which more later:

India protests China-assisted dam in Pakistani Kashmir:

Pakistan to take up Kashmir, Afghanistan issue before UN:

(Reuters pictures: The Taj Mahal in Agra and mosque in Lahore)


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Then why is there increased infilteration bid in Kashmir? Everyday, Indian soldiers are killing 5-6 infilterators.Some people never change!

Posted by Soman | Report as abusive

1st litmus test is Hafeez Sayeed and other mumbai attack terrorists. Pakistan has to prosecute these people. Still now Pakistan is playing games with Mumbai terrorists and their dead bodies in Mumbai.Does it matter whether ISI chief attended Indian iftar?

Posted by Raj | Report as abusive

Pakistan has always bent over backwards to make peace with its neighbour, this is the latest example of that. Intransigence & entrenched attitudes on the other sides make this task impossible. It has been like this since before Partition…Jaswant Singh would agree!!

Posted by Qasim | Report as abusive

That’s what they always do. Talk in the day and send terrorists in the night and pretend like nothing happened.From Afghanistan to USA, everybody is suffering because of this deceptive and terrorist country!

Posted by Aaron | Report as abusive

The 10 terrorists who attacked Mumbai and their 15 mentors (including an army officer) took commando training in 15 different locations in Pakistan (both land and water) over a period of 6 months to 1 yr.And this ISI dude doesn’t know anything?And he can’t jail anyone either! UN, US, Interpol banned terrorists are walking free and inciting more attacks against India and US!

Posted by Ramin | Report as abusive

Bangladesh uncovers ISI’s role in Arming India’s North-East rebelshttp://rethinkingislam-sultanshahi rs-pakistans-role-in.htmlISI-SPONSORED ATTACK ON INDIAN EMBASSY IN KABUL 008/09/isi-sponsored-attack-on-indian-em bassy.htmlSo how much is this guy involved with these terrorists?

Posted by Andy | Report as abusive

OK, I get it!Pakistanis want a little bit of Iftar, little bit of terrorism, little bit of talk, little bit of UN, little bit of water, little bit of Kashmir.Do they know which one they like most?

Posted by Arunai | Report as abusive

Lying, deception at the highest levels!India given dossier on its hand in Pak attacks: Gilani t/dawn-content-library/dawn/the-newspape r/front-page/proof-of-raw-involvement-in -terror-acts-given-to-india-279After 2 months ..No dossier on Balochistan handed to India: Qureshi -news-newspaper-daily-english-online/Pol itics/12-Sep-2009/No-dossier-on-Balochis tan-handed-to-India-Qureshi

Posted by Patrick | Report as abusive

Does that mean he’ll give up terrorism and be a nice boy now! What about the terrorists he is hiding all over Pakistan?

Posted by Sammy | Report as abusive

Pakistan has always bent over backwards to make peace with its neighbour, this is the latest example of that.- Posted by QasimThen why is the ISI protected Haqqani network and Talibans are trying to kill people in Afghanistan?

Posted by Mahmoud | Report as abusive

Myra,Me and my fellow Indians want action from Pakistan. And this should start with punishing 26/11 planners and abettors. All other are immaterial.

Posted by chirkut | Report as abusive

[…] friend Myra MacDonald is talking about a thaw in relations between India and Pakistan (and also here).  Myra follows […]

Posted by The Captain’s Journal » Weekend Reading #2 | Report as abusive

Pakistan rejects US ‘AfPak’ policy: Zardari 6-9e6a-11de-b0aa-00144feabdc0.htmlYeah right! After eating half of US aid and IMF aid, he thinks he has a choice!

Posted by Peter | Report as abusive

One line is missing from the above article: “After the Iftar dinner, Lt.Gen. Pasha went out for some coffee with his best buddy Hafiz Saeed” LMAO!

Posted by Mortal | Report as abusive

dear friends dont forget, everything action has reaction… there is tit for tat… indian authorities are involved in insurgency taking place in Balochistan and to an extent swat ! so do indian makes such claim and might if not all some of them might be truewe shall understand there is an evil on both sides, there is absolute lack of trust and sincerity ! but believe me if we 2 countries live in peace and facilitate trade with each other and spend more on our people rather defense budget this sub-continent region of our will be the most progressive places in country !i wish we 2 countries live in peace, shall have more respect for each other “its in our mutual interest !”God bless u all, my country Pakistan and so do yours :)

Posted by Hozefa | Report as abusive

The current Congressi government is agent of mecca and rome. That is why this guy is here. I sincerely hope that Congressis are not actually involved in creating a Taliban like outfit in India, using the expertize of ISI (Islamic Services Intelligence) with stamp of ISI (Indian Standards Institute). And why does government use Bharatwais hard earned money to throw such lavish greasy non veg party is another thing I don’t understand. I never saw Congressis throwing a party to poor Bharatwasis on Deepawali. I hope Congressis are not serving beef to please Pasha.

Posted by Rohit | Report as abusive

i wish we 2 countries live in peace, shall have more respect for each other “its in our mutual interest !”God bless u all, my country Pakistan and so do yours- Posted by HozefaBut your actions are 180 degrees opposite to your words. Since 2000, there have more than 20 major Pakistani rooted terrorist attacks in India with more than 1500 deaths.And the terrorists (including the ones banned by US, UN, Interpol) are free people in Pakistan. Some are protected by ISI and some are above the law. Everyday, these people are inciting more hatred and planning more attacks.

Posted by Ramin | Report as abusive

He comes .. he eats .. then he bombsThree rockets were fired into India from Pakistan overnight s/ap/article/ALeqM5gAlTPb6yjhLKTzMXNY589 ZMr35jAD9ALKRJ81Guess he didn’t like the food!

Posted by Andy | Report as abusive

I really believe Pakistan should give up asking India for talks. Pakistan has a few friends in the neighborhood and look at India, enemies on every side. There is something wrong with this country, nobody likes them.

Posted by babag | Report as abusive

It’s surprising that experienced journalists fall for such theatrics but then, these empty gestures are meant for their consumption. For years, India and Pakistan are stuck with cbms (confidence-building measures) that lead no where and get derailed each time there’s escalation of violence (Mumabi attack being the latest example). Pakistani politicians and diplomats keep talking of buses and mangoes but there’s little change on the ground. Last words of wisdom: the army is Pakistan’s most dominant institution and can’t allow for normalizing relations with India since it would then lose the very raison de etre for its existence.

Posted by vik | Report as abusive

Hozefa,Your comments seem well-intentioned & I appreciate your positive attitude. I agree that there’s evil on both sides but the problem is that the evil on the Indian side is powerless & toothless, while on the Pakistani side, it dictates your country & makes good people like you believe that the evil on the other side is out to destroy you, so that it can justify it’s own existence.You (like many Pakistanis) made a reference to the ‘Indian hand’ in the insurgencies in Baluchistan & Swat. I urge you to think as to why is it that every neutral/international agency/Govt/source has, to this date, strongly refuted this claim made by the Pakistan?Secondly, If India really wanted to foment trouble in Baluchistan, it has the means & the resources to arm every Baloch male with a machine gun & arm the BLA to the teeth with the most sophisticated weaponry in the world. Do you see that in Baluchistan?These are some questions which you should ask without being influenced by the propaganda machinery in your country. I know it’s hard to do so but it absolutely needs to be done for your own good. Coming across people like you, I feel that there’s still some hope for good relations between India & Pakistan.

Posted by Mortal | Report as abusive

Who cares if ISI attends a party? India needs concrete action. Have not we passed beoyong using ISI chief attending an Indian iftarhis as some kind of barometer about peace process and thaw. Chief should collect the terrorists and put them on conveyer belts and roll them through roller teath and I will love this guy whether he attends Indian iftarhis or not.

Posted by rajeev | Report as abusive

@And why does government use Bharatwais hard earned money to throw such lavish greasy non veg party is another thing I don’t understand. I never saw Congressis throwing a party to poor Bharatwasis on Deepawali. I hope Congressis are not serving beef to please Pasha.- Posted by RohitRohit: Giving food to poor is Indian tradition. agreed on Pasah thing. My only thing is the I do not trust this person (ISI Taliban A-Q LeT JeM Hum are synonyms) and he should have been strip searched—how do I believe he is not hafeez saeed, OBL, jawahiri or someother terrorist.

Posted by rajeev | Report as abusive

Pakistan rejects US ‘AfPak’ policy: Zardari- Posted by PeterI think, he is saying: “I need money and I need it NOW with my comission!”Pakistan again demands release of $1.6 billion US aid 9/frontpagenews/pakisatnagain.htmGilani opposes US aid disbursement through NGOs poses-us-aid-disbursement-through-ngos-1 61640/

Posted by Sam | Report as abusive

Qasim,You said: “Pakistan has always bent over backwards to make peace with its neighbour”.- I wonder what you are smoking. Pakistan signs peace deals, makes hollow commitments and then its army sabotages to tear the peace deals to pieces.

Posted by Nikhil | Report as abusive

Pakistan will never resolve anything with India even if conditions are suitable. It will threaten their very existence and justification for having a nation for Muslims. All this Iftar visits and cricket match visits mean nothing. Zia Ul Haq used to visit India to watch cricket matches between India and Pakistan while his trained terrorists would engage the Indian security forces in Kashmir and Punjab. India, being a democracy and a respected nation, has to deal even with rogue states like these through dialogue and other means before seeking the ultimate solution. I see reports of infiltration by militants in Kashmir again. I read about a car bomb explosion there yesterday. And across Rajasthan border, Indian troops returned fire after a missile attack from the other side. Dawn magazine washed it off nicely by saying Indian troops mistook something for a missile attack and engaged in rifle battle. Chinese troops made incursions into Indian territory last week and China is now accusing India was blatantly lying. Something is brewing in the background. I think Pakistan badly wants out of this engagement with its own Taliban and it is not able to control the Balochistan situation. It has refused to work with India in curtailing JUD and delayed the Mumbai attacks investigation as long as it could. On top of that, it has refused to do anything to the criminal Saeed. Once in a while it captures militants that the US wants in return for alms and arms. Now there is drought staring at both India and Pakistan. 2009 is going to be much worse than before and Pakistan will soon engage in some act that will bring war to this region. It might disappear as a result, but the destruction will be immense. Expect car bombs to go off in various places inside India. The plan will be to set off backlash against innocent Indian Muslims. I am sure there are moles inside the Indian establishment who work with Pakistan for gains. India will have to be bold this time and go after Pakistan if another set of terrorist strikes happen. Diplomacy will not work with countries like these.

Posted by kp singh | Report as abusive

Rohit,Your remarks are really too outrageous, to comment on. I guess when Pakistanis talk about the extreme right Hindu nationalist Indians, they are referring to people like yourself. Your attitude makes you no different from a radical & extremist Pakistani.

Posted by Mortal | Report as abusive

Isnt he the same guy who asked Indian authorities to hold separate talks with him for discussing peace initiatives?He wanted to be a visible stakeholder in Pakistani power play.With Kayani being a reluctant leader I belive Pasha will play a more active role in the next military coup in pakistan.

Posted by indian1127 | Report as abusive

Sources said that afterwards ISI chief complained of stomach-ache of a particular kind. Doctors who examined him said: Wow, where did you swallow so many bugs? There is a whole colony in your belly!

Posted by kapil | Report as abusive

Grand SWAT swindleISI/Army negotiated a peace deal and the Taliban leaders went into hide. After months of drama, Friends of Pakistan will pay $2 billion, so that ISI can divert funds fore new weapons from China!!!Secret peace talks on between Swat Taliban and Pak Army south-asia/secret-peace-talks-on-between -swat-taliban-and-pak-army_100245935.htm lPakistan Seeks $2 Billion From Friends to Help Rebuild Swat id=20601091&sid=aeQONXcWLcvA

Posted by Sameer | Report as abusive

Proof that ISI runs the country and Govt is helpless!Harassing Americans will hurt Pakistan: Haqqani .asp?id=86936

Posted by Ramin | Report as abusive

Rohit,Your remarks are really too outrageous, to comment on. I guess when Pakistanis talk about the extreme right Hindu nationalist Indians, they are referring to people like yourself. Your attitude makes you no different from a radical & extremist Pakistani.- Posted by MortalRohit raises few valid points:1. Why is India spending millions to feed ISI chief in a five-star hotel? Can anybody count how many Indian has he killed by terrorism? ISI fingerprints are on every major terrorist attack or plane hijacking.2. If we want to feed some Pakistanis, we can feed the Kashmiris in PoK, who are still living under tents in harsh winter conditions four years after the earthquake. We kan feed some Kasabs in Lahore, who might be planning their next move out of poverty and starvation.3. Why keep inviting Musharraf to India, who has admitted he did Kargil and killed 400 Indian soldiers.4. Are there not hungry people in India? Why we keep feeding terrorists who don’t even want to give up terrorism?5. As a nation, are we ever going to make some strong policy and follow through it? It is our policy mistakes of last 60 years that countries like Pakistan and China keep threatening us. Look what he did withing 12 hours of dinner: he bombed Punjab!

Posted by Soman | Report as abusive

Al-Qaeda allies (ISI/Army) build huge Pakistan base dnews/asia/pakistan/6180118/Al-Qaeda-all ies-build-huge-Pakistan-base.html”The terrorist group was reputedly formed with help from Pakistan’s ISI military spy agency as a weapon to be used against their arch-enemy India, and the two organisations are understood to remain close””The new facility is known to the regional administration and, with a hefty army cantonment in Bahawalpur, the military would also be aware”Ambitions:”On the inside walls, there are painted jihadist inscriptions, including a warning to “Hindus and Jews”, with a picture of Delhi’s historic Red Fort, suggesting they will conquer the city”Should we invite the ISI dude for another dinner?

Posted by Andy | Report as abusive

Musharraf confesses that Army/ISI have been swindling US aid for last 30 years.justified his actions by saying he had “acted in the best interest of Pakistan”http://timesofindia.indiatimes. com/news/world/pakistan/US-funds-were-di verted-to-strengthen-defence-against-Ind ia-Musharraf/articleshow/5006340.cms

Posted by Pooja | Report as abusive

Very good gesture indeed; it is time to cut the rhetoric and act positive. India has much at stake. The negotiated resolution of all issues is the way forward.India has territorial disputes not just with Pakistan but most of its neighbors. There is a policy deficit in the direction of negotiated resolutions. There are issues with Bangladesh and Myanmar in the east. It has much larger disputes with China in the North. Those issues don’t get publicized as Kashmir issue but they do affect the relations in the region.Siri Lanka and Nepal does not feel very easy with Indian relations either. Bhutan is the only country in the neighborhood that does not have any territorial dispute with India. Making peace with Pakistan will have tremendous effect on South Asia, both politically and economically.

Posted by AAfromUSA | Report as abusive

Lt. Gen Ahmed Shuja Pasha is a pro-American and anti-Taliban guy, and an experienced officer. ad_Shuja_PashaThe iftar meeting and Gen. Pasha’s attendance is certainly significant aimed at easing Indian fears. But who knows the real motives, ISI monitors every move of the Indian highcommission and its diplomats in Islamabad anyways. That said, the post of Director General Inter-Services Intelligence is very sensitive. The US cannot afford an independent, highly capable and patriotic officer at this post like Lt.Gen Mehmood Ahmed or Lt. Gen Javed Nasir. Gen. Pasha is Washington’s man, its the lower ranks in ISI that may have independent thinking and seething anger against things like CIA drone war, Indian support for Baluch sepratists etc. For India this is an opportunity, the Pakistan government, ISI, Pakistan Army all are signalling for peace with India while the ‘non-state actors’ are being brought under control. After this the ball is India’s court, whatever happens next very much depends if India can make the right decisions or just gets bogged down with non-issues.

Posted by Umair | Report as abusive

Did someone ask him about his upcoming India/Afghanistan projects?

Posted by Javed | Report as abusive

Rohit:The Taliban in India by Congress statement of your is unwarranted.India needs to really take care of its real talibans—the Senas. I will stop here.

Posted by rajeev | Report as abusive

To Mortal,What I have said was in lighter vein but it does convey the message and nothing I said is wrong. It is up to you how you read it and how you interpret it. I can put in my views in a more structured way provided you are open to think applying common sense. It is so sad that you guys didn’t appreciate the humor content.

Posted by Rohit | Report as abusive

none of u all on this blog reach to the point, who controls the fate and who orders reconcillations or retaliations???

Posted by shakeel | Report as abusive

Pakistanis need to realize that this whole pakistani ‘interest’ in kashmir is nothing but hogwash. Well if you are so interested in kashmir, how about trying to administer the NWFP, tribal areas? How about solving the Baloch and ‘pashtunistan’ problem? Like a pakistani politician during a previous nawaz sharif regime said, pakistan can live without water, but not without kashmir.This whole rhetoric is created to mask the failure to address basic public needs. You will see a similarity in the american war on terror in iraq and afghanistan… the contractors and weapons manufacturers are making money, young americans are dying and they are still willing to continue the war because of the ‘threat’ coming from these regions.

Posted by Syd | Report as abusive

AS long as we keep looking backward, we will NEVER see what’s ahead.

Posted by TARIQ | Report as abusive

Rohit,When I read a comment, I don’t try to interpret or figure out the mood of the blogger. I just take the words on their face value, so I don’t know whether you are being funny, serious, sarcastic or angry. Although, you do make some valid points, I don’t find your choice of presentation, very amusing.

Posted by Mortal | Report as abusive

@Kp Singh,”Expect car bombs to go off in various places inside India. The plan will be to set off backlash against innocent Indian Muslims. I am sure there are moles inside the Indian establishment who work with Pakistan for gains. India will have to be bold this time and go after Pakistan if another set of terrorist strikes happen. Diplomacy will not work with countries like these.”–>Mr. Singh, first let me salute the Brave Sikhs, who defended the culture of India and the splendour of its culture from Oppression, from outside invaders.I completely agree with you, the state or non-state actors from Pakistan don’t care if they kill Indian muslims, so much for Ummah?!? They will try anything to start another war with India. The problem is, now, Pakistani’s may not realize it, but they are running out of time, running out of people to blame and running out of places to hide.Obama is no meek man, mark my words, he will corner and school Pakistan in proper etiquette and will force Pakistan to behave and comply with its responsibility to fight terrorism, in all its forms, be it Mumbai type terrorism, Taliban or Kashmir proxy armies.If Pak does not comply, you can expect a deeper and broader military co-operation between India and the U.S., Israel and Russia.The excuses from the Pak establishment are becoming to sound creatively cheesier and flakier, as they continue to dodge, lie, hide and make excuses, blame others and ignore the questions that come at them.They are running out of excuses and the U.S. mission, if it fails, the U.S. will lose its patience. Pakistan will bear the brunt of an angry U.S. public voter-ship, which will have one thing on its mind: justice and a bone to pick with Pakistan and the U.S. will not lose.

Posted by Global Watcher | Report as abusive

Tariq, you said:”AS long as we keep looking backward, we will NEVER see what’s ahead.- Posted by TARIQ “–>You are right Tariq, but one for second, realize also, that if you do not learn from history, you are doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past as well.What do you do with a group of people who never learn from their mistakes and keep blaming others for their mistakes, do they to, will never be able to look ahead, is that the reason why Pakistan is not progressing on any front, besides military??

Posted by Global Watcher | Report as abusive

hello sir i join the ISI

Posted by umersaleem | Report as abusive

Welcome umersaleem! Money Penny shall call you in no time once drones locate you.Regards,BOSS of CIA, IB, RAW, MOSSAD, MI 5 etcThe Name Bond The Code 007

Posted by Rohit | Report as abusive

i love isi ……

Posted by arij | Report as abusive

The situation in india is not better than Pakistan india should solve there problems and stop trying to creat problems for Pakistan as far as kashmir is concerned i would saykehte hai yaran-e-jaha kashmir hai jannatjannat na kisi kafir ko mili hai na mili geKashmiris people will be successfull in their freedom movment like once we were.INSALLAH

Posted by Jinnah | Report as abusive

“Kashmiris people will be successfull in their freedom movment like once we were.INSALLAH”- Posted by JinnahJihadis like you can keep ranting about Kashmir all you want but you’ll never get an inch of it. While radical hallucinogenics like you keep fixated on Kashmir, your country is being sold in bits & pieces to China, Saudi etc & bombed by US drones. You don’t even own Pakistan & you keep dreaming about Kasmir, that’s quite funny & pathetic at the same time. Talking about your ‘successful freedom movement’, yeah the whole world can see what you guys have made out of that freedom; A Failed, Bankrupt & Terrorist Nation!

Posted by brewer | Report as abusive

Hey Brewer you forgot to end your post properly so I need to add Insha Allah!

Posted by Rohit | Report as abusive

Jinnah:“dil ke khush rakhne ko … Ghalib ye khayaal achha hai ….”(It is a good way to console your heart!)Perhaps you should start singing this one:“ye na thee hamaaree qismat ke wisaal-e-yaar hotaagar aur jeete rehte yahee intezaar hota”(This was not our fate that I could meet my lover and I would still be waiting even if I lived longer!)

Posted by rajeev | Report as abusive

i think the peace process is in the hands of indian government wheather they claim or they come and work together to demolish terrorism

Posted by Amir | Report as abusive

I think the process is in hands of United States. If India gives some base to United Sates to set up and operate full fledged military bases on Pakistan Border, China Border, Bangladesh Border then everything would be fine. To make it more humane, Israel and Russia should also be invited. AfPak would disappear you know!

Posted by Rohit | Report as abusive

the world’s number 1 terrorists are Indian intelligence agency RAW and Israeli intelligence agency MOSSAD both are terrorizing the world and specially they are working against Pakistan through Afghanistan.indians and Israelis only threat to the worldso Indians and Israelis are terrorist in the world they are funding to the Talibans and AlQaeda they wanted to make Pakistan weaker .

Posted by amjad | Report as abusive

Salam to every one .india usa and israil are our enemy and as a pakistani i want to destroy them because thay want to destroy graet pakistan but thay cant because our allah and our isi is with us.Long live isi long live isi.i want to see u number one in every field.pakistan zindabad isi zindabad forever

Posted by Muhammed Aleem Akhtar | Report as abusive

salam .isi is best forever insahallah one day pakistan will be super power insahallah and no one can destroy pakistan.isi zinda bad forever

Posted by aleem akhtar | Report as abusive