India, Pakistan and Afghanistan: the impossible triangle

September 25, 2009

A single paragraph in General Stanley McChrystal’s leaked assessment of the war in Afghanistan has generated much interest, particularly in Pakistan.

“Indian political and economic influence is increasing in Afghanistan, including significant development efforts and financial investment,” it says. “In addition the current Afghan government is perceived by Islamabad to be pro-Indian. While Indian activities largely benefit the Afghan people, increasing Indian influence in Afghanistan is likely to exacerbate regional tensions and encourage Pakistani counter-measures in Afghanistan or India.”

He did not say anything that anybody did not already know. Pakistan has long been wary of India’s growing influence in Afghanistan since the fall of the Taliban in 2001 and is seen as reluctant to turn against the Afghan Taliban and other insurgent groups as long as it believes it might need them to counter India. The fact that he said it all suggested a renewed focus on the relationship between India and Pakistan, whose confrontation to the east spilled long ago into rivalry over Afghanistan to the west.

Pakistan’s Daily Times said in an editorial the rivalry between India and Pakistan in Afghanistan highlighted the need for peace talks between the two nuclear-armed neighbours, which have fought three full-scale wars since independence in 1947, two of them over Kashmir.

“One must be clear in one’s mind that in many ways the mess in Afghanistan is actually a spillover of the Indo-Pak conflict in the region of South Asia,” it said. “Pakistan’s policy of “strategic depth”, which reached a climax with the hijacking of an Indian airliner to Kandahar in 1999, was in reaction to the unresolved dispute over Kashmir which created the “threat of India” that Pakistan felt “from the east”. Even today, as Pakistan struggles against the Taliban, 80 percent of its army is stationed on the Indian border.

Dawn newspaper said McChrystal’s words on India were ”perhaps as significant as any other in the report”.  The Americans appeared to have finally understood, it said, that the war in Afghanistan could not be won without help from Pakistan. “But that means gaining Pakistan’s full cooperation, which in turn means alleviating the national security establishment’s concerns vis-à-vis India.”

However, as discussed in this analysis, India is in little mood to move rapidly towards peace talks with Pakistan until it takes greater action against militants it blames for last year’s attack on Mumbai, although the two countries have been taking incremental steps towards repairing relations. Many argue that the powerful Pakistan Army would be unlikely to turn against militant groups it once cultivated to fight India in Kashmir, without a comprehensive peace settlement with India. (For an understanding of how complicated all this is, read this book reviewby Pakistani strategic analyst Ayesha Siddiqa.)

So, to win the war in Afghanistan, the United States needs help from Pakistan, which Pakistan in turn is reluctant to provide so long as it believes it is threatened by India to both the west and east.  From Washington’s point of view, it needs to nudge Islamabad and New Delhi towards the negotiating table, by leaning on Pakistan to act against militant groups and putting pressure on India to resume peace talks. 

Here is another catch. Although the relationship between the United States and India blossomed under former President George W. Bush, there is far less warmth in New Delhi towards the Obama administration. The relationship started on the wrong foot with India concerned about increasing U.S. economic dependence on its rival China.

Now India and the United States are at loggerheads over President Barack Obama’s nuclear non-proliferation drive.  India has never signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. That row, in turn, complicates efforts by Washington to persuade India to talk to Pakistan.

(Reuters file photos: Obama with Karzai and Biden; a British soldier in Afghanistan; hijacked Indian Airlines plane in Kandahar)


India is casting a bigger shadow and accordingly needs to be respected. Now, with a greater role India does have a responsibility to negociate reasonably with Pakistan and show sensitivty to regional issues. More on India’s moves on the international stage is at

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Pashtoon dominance based on the relative numbers in Afghan society was the bedrock of the Afghan state since its foundation. A Tajik dominated government installed by the US is a sure recipe for failure. Karzai as the Pashtoon face of this Tajik government will never find acceptance to this ethnic group, and in turn India’s opportunate investment will ultimately go to waste. Pakistan’s General Talat Masood one of the better defence analysts has analyzed it well when he says the US in not going to be here forever, but Pakistan is going to be here forever.
When the time is ripe Pakistan will find the right balance to engage and moderate the groups neccessary to bring this war to an end, but this will also see the eviction of Indian influence as a prerequisite to the return of a Pashtoon dominated governement to its rightful place in Afghan society.

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whereas India is pumping in a miniscule developmental aid into Afghanistan, a poor country, the way it does to Nepal, Myanmaar, Bhutan and Palestine, USA on the other hand is pumping billions into a rogue nation that spends precious aid money to buy expensive weapons.

Time US senators realized their historic flaw. Not to mention how the weapons are sold in black market- Iran presumably is buying american equipment via Pakistan. The Paks are capable of these shady deals, one needs no reminders about such behaviour. It was US that faced the worst terror strike to date, lessons are to be learned and use them to keep bad countries militarily weak, for, one never knows when there will be a 180degree turn that transforms a friend into a foe.


So McChrystal will decide the foreign policies of India and Afghanistan?

That’s his strategy to fight talibans?

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You Pakistani’s don’t own Afghanistan. Perhaps your people should learn to treat Afghani’s not as rodents or cockroaches, rather than equal human beings. Pakistan society is extremely supremacist and racist towards Afghans. Is it any wonder why Pakistan will not let any positive development happen there.

Where India is giving civilian aid to Afghanistan, Pakistan sees that as a military threat. Pakistan has a vested interest to see Afghanistan remain as a backwards, tribal, warlike stomping ground, from where their Army can indulge in the Opium trade and recruit jihadi militants to attack at India. The will continue to do this, even if Kashmir issue is settled in the future, that is a certainty.

Pakistan has no intention of ever allowing Afghanistan to be a functional democratic society with strong institutions.

A fragile weak and backwards Talibanized Afghanistan is lucrative for Pak Army and other Pak parasites who need it for their own ends and means.

Pakistan never wants Afghanistan to become a functioning, educated society with a democratic voice.

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With regards to Af-Pak, it is time that the U.S. quits dancing around the bush with Pakistan and speaks bluntly and with force and accept no Pakistani conditions on on the war on terror and militants. The U.S. should demand utmost full co-operation and draw down of Pak Army on the Eastern flank with India, to use those soldiers to wipeout militant training camps and the Taliban.

There is no reason for the U.S. to remain in a blackmailed and fooled state by Pakistan. The U.S. has a hallmark opportunity to wipe militant-ism from Pakistan and Afghanistan for a very long time.

Pak state sponsored militant-ism will always be there, regardless of Kashmir.

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You can get a good paid job for Indian lobbyists in Washington.

Having said, Pakistan’s role will only increase in near future with US failure imminent in Afghanistan, Pakistan will be called in for damage control and rescue.

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Zazi-Pakistan link: Are terror training camps alive and well? 7-wosc.html

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Pakistani General dined with Hafiz Saeed rix/archives/2009/09/pakistani_general_d ined_with_h.php

This is how Pakistan army/ISI are fighting with talibans?

Did US aid pay for the dinner?

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Pakistan wants India/NATO/US out of Afghanistan and ISI in ..

Talibans want Italy/UK/Germany/US/NATO out and Talibans in ..

What’s the difference? Looks like both Pakistan and Taliban are one and same .. just different clothing depending on occasion ..

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You said:

“Pakistani General dined with Hafiz Saeed rix/archives/2009/09/pakistani_general_d ined_with_h.php

This is how Pakistan army/ISI are fighting with talibans?

Did US aid pay for the dinner?
- Posted by Ronny ”

–> I am sure that RAW, CIA and MOSSAID nexus forced the Pak Army by gunpoint to dine with their friend Hafiz Saeed.

@Pak Blogger:

“Having said, Pakistan’s role will only increase in near future with US failure imminent in Afghanistan, Pakistan will be called in for damage control and rescue.”

–>It is true, that Pakistan is eager to see the U.S. fail in Afghanistan. Despite the fact that Zardari calls U.S. a friend. With friends like Pakistan, who needs an enemy.

Pakistan should keep its paws off Afghanistan and just get out of the way or get rolled over if it chooses to stop progress.

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Glad you posted that link with the video. But what is going on here?

I’ve eaten at 10 Corps (lunch), but not because the Pakistan Army thinks of me as one of its own.

That TV report makes it all sound so simple, when we all know it is not. This is not to make a comment on Hafiz Saeed. But at the same time, watching that video, do people actually believe that’s the way it is?


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Why things look so complex to you? A branded terrorist (accused of killing 170 people and more) is sought by UN, US, India, Interpol. But Pakistan army general dines with him and Pakistani politicians listen to his hateful lectures. If I were a Pakistani, I’d abandon that city or country wherever Hafiz Saeed lives!

And you don’t have any clue what’s going on? What more proof need more proof? Pictures and videos don’t lie!

Taliban Widen Afghan Attacks From Base in Pakistan asia/24military.html?_r=3&hp

US accuses ISI of supporting Taliban ‘shadow govt.’ 084&sectionid=351020401

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..US failure imminent in Afghanistan, Pakistan will be called in for damage control and rescue.
- Posted by Umair

You make me laugh again!

Pakistan was in total and sole control of Afghanistan for nearly 20 years (1990-2001). There was no India or US or NATO in Afghanistan during that period. Can you name a single thing that Pakistan/ISI has built or created for Afghans (other than Taliban) in that period?

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Please see the link below, as Zazi, Afghan national is arrested. or.probe.afghan/index.html

To all Pak blogger naysayyers, this IS the reason, why the Afghan Mission can, must and WILL succeed. U.S. lives are constantly at risk from this tribal region between Afghanistan and Pakistan.

There is still the real threat of terrorism against U.S. Citizens in the Continental U.S. That is why they are there in Afghanistan. Any Pak bloggers telling the U.S. to leave Afghanistan are advocating or enabling terrorism against the U.S. citizens. It is time that Pakistan chooses to be on the right side of Af-Pak, in every meaning of the word.

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IF US/NATO can’t do the job, they should leave and Indian army will finish the job.

Indian Army did build 250 Kms road, Parliament, hospitals and schools under consistent attack from ISI/Talibans. Indian army will finish the job the 12-24 months. There is no point in blaming others for Obama’s indecision.

Obama is more interested if safeguarding the human rights of terrorists! Talibans has only got worse under Obama!

Obama’s Befuddling Afghan Policy 052970204488304574426812788385256.html?m od=googlenews_wsj

U.S. scrambling to come up with new Afghanistan plan? fghanistan.strategy/

Afghanistan Analysis Paralysis

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Terrorists are learning new skills in Pakistan (Video) 276007.stm

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Everyone knows Pak’s ISI created the militants in the first place. What more reasons do one need to push pakistan for eradicating these militant parasites ?

Its foolish to compare pakistan (a small country) with India interms of economy, education, military or anything else. I strongly disagree that the Afghan issue is due to the so-called “Indo-Pak” conflict. Every other country has some or other issues with its neighbours. Only in India-Pak case, the issue is a lot bigger due to the presence of militants created by Pakistan.

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Both pakistan and India need to realize this fact that Afghan people are no fan to any one of them nor a single afghan bears to a slightest ratio any involment in their affairs. The history had proved it to them they should not to rely on karzi or either talibans afghanistan belongs to Afghans and the world know it since long.Afghanistan and the pakistan side of tribal region problems only can be solved by the prople who belongs to this land not by any super power or india and pakistan.
The pakistan side of pashthoons (Afghans) on every occasion proved thier loyality to their land on either side of durand line pakistanis need to respect their support against India since and before its creation in 1947. what else pakistan need of the afghans.


It’s a well known fact (as acknowledged by the the author) that the Indian aid & influence in Afghanistan is for the betterment of the Afghan people & the overall development of Afghanistan whereas the Pakistani influence in Afghanistan is intended towards keeping the Afghan people backward & Afghanistan as a colony controlled by the generals in Pakistan. Pakistan controlled Afghanistan (through Taliban) till 2001 and it can be argued that 9/11 happened because of the Pakistani influence in Afghanistan. Knowing the above, why in the world should the US care about Pakistan’s feelings vis-a-vis India’s influence in Afghanistan? It’s about time that we stop caring about what the rogue & sleazy generals of Pakistan think. They need to be told to stop demanding & start cooperating or else let’s redeploy the troops form Iraq to Pakistan & clean up the mess ourselves, once & for all. If it is indeed our policy of not giving in to the demands of terrorists, let’s not give in to the demands of the terrorists in uniforms i.e. Pak Generals.

As a side note, over the years, I’ve come across a lot of Afghans here in NY as many of them are cofee & food cart vendors & cab drivers. I usually strike a conversation with them & within minutes, they all usually say the same thing “Pakistan has destroyed our country & we hope India can help us build it”.

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you missed the point!
Not everyone who eats lunch or dinner at Pakistan army is a terrorist! Some are for sure!

But everyone who eats lunch or dinner with Hafiz Saeed is a terrorist for sure! No doubts!

Ronny’s link just proves how deep are terrorists embedded in Pakistan army/ISI. Would you consider hanging out with this guy? mad_Saeed

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India is an extremely under developed country, which has millions of impoverished and uneducated people, it has the awfully deficient infrastructure for its own population; it needs a lot to do on its own turf then to afford a luxury of squandering its resources in a foreign land. It is obvious India wouldn’t be wasting its resources there, if they were not on its defense (offense) budget. It is a pure strategic move under pretence of developmental help and that’s how it is detrimental, not only to the regional peace but also to Afghanistan itself, since there will never be a peace in that country if it becomes a bed of regional cold war.

If it were to help-your-neighbor spirit, there is much solemn need for it within its own borders. Instead of building Delaram-Zaranj highway in Afghanistan; it would be building highways in its own country to provide corridors to landlocked states of subcontinent. The Nepal, Bhutan and Bangladesh have requested India for years to establish such corridors for commerce and trade which had always been turned down by India. The Indian influence in Afghanistan has nothing to do with Afghan people or their development; it’s a pure ante-Pakistan move.

For Pakistan, it’s especially tormenting because its economy has suffered immensely over three decades of Afghan situation. It has borne a brunt of more than three to five million refugees crossing over its borders. Such an influx of population can be a fatal blow on a developing economy however, Pakistan has survived through it. The international support that Pakistan has received over the years is not even a fraction of what it has lost in monetary terms due to international interference in Afghanistan.

Above all the social cost of crowding in Pakistani cities and villages as a result of spread and resettlement of these refugees along with a continued war on the border that spills over, is impossible to quantify in monetary terms. Now suddenly India comes along and starts spending money to create political sympathies in Afghanistan is no-brainer.

In fact, this strategic move goes beyond ushering political sympathies in Afghanistan, it is more likely to inflict an under-the-belt blow to Pakistan’s security by sponsoring anti state activities inside Pakistan from behind. Pakistan’s western borders are transitional and almost impossible to monitor, this allow undeterred access to inland which otherwise not that easy for India from the east.

India has to realize that instead of resolving outstanding issues with Pakistan, expanding its conflict across the region it is opening a new era of cold war. It will have adverse effects not only to both countries involved but to the country being used. This will be detrimental to the regional peace.

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I wonder if the US bothered to verify the legitimacy of Pakistan’s threat perception on the border with India.
Clearly, the US is impatient to get out of Afghanistan. India should restart the back-channel dialog with Pakistan on Kashmir. Pakistan is not going to stop supporting terrorism, its bread & butter, and Kashmir will not be resolved on Obama’s timetable. Knowing this, India has nothing to loose. In return for the bold gesture, Indians can charge a steep price from the hapless Americans; may be clean waiver at the NPT?

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Did you ever write something without India, Pakistan and Kashmir in it?

Seems like you are deliberately trying to blame India for all the AF-Pak mess and bailout Pakistan/ISI/Taliban in spite of the all the terrorism and killing?

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But at the same time, watching that video, do people actually believe that’s the way it is?
– Myra

Would you have the same comments if I show you evidence of UBL having dinner with the ISI general?

Saeed is India’s UBL. Why this patronizing?

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This McChrystal guy was asked to fight, not find excuses. is he gonna fight or run?

Seems like all want to run away! Pakistan army prefers to have dinner with Talibans and hide them after dinner. UK, Germany, Canada, Italy want to run away cuz Talian is not their problem. Obama wants to bribe Pakistan army generals and cut and run. McChrystal wants to blame India and run?

Is anybody serious about fighting Taliban?

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Its American and European forces messing in Afghanistan.Its time for Asians to raise concern and kick them out of the region.Longer they’ll stay more damage they’ll cause for the subcontinent.These Americans are responsible for rise and spread of terrorism.They are rewarding terrorist countries(Pakistan) for harbouring terror and exporting throught world.9/11 was direct consequences of all evil American govt has done in the past.

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The resolution of a problem is always impossible if a problem is crosslinked with a stake. The elimination of taliban or a temporary defeat cant make us win a war in Afghanistan unless pakistan takes on directly the responsibility of fighting taliban.So inturn Pakistan needs a bigger incentive for taking on taliban than just dollars or military assistance.the resolution of Kashmir can be a BAIT to that by America. SO THE SOLUTION TO THIS TRIANGLE IS THE RESOLUTION OF KASHMIR PROBLEM WHICXH INTURN WILL BRING PEACE TO SOUTH-ASIA TOO.


Unless the Kashmir issue is resolved neither America can defeat Taliban nor India can sleep in solace. The Americans will face the same fate as they faced in Vietnam unless they gain the real sympathy of Pakistan and moderate muslim world.In SouthAsia America has very less time to make a turnaround of loosing the war in Afghansitan.They have no other option left except helping Pakistan in resolving kashmir issue,that will boost the Pak-American understanding,help Pakistan to concentrate on Afghan border to check in and outflow of taliban and help the Pakistan to counter those who use Americans as synonym to antimuslim force.

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India will give up Kashmir when Britain gives up the Falkland Islands or when the US gives up Hawaii ans Puerto Rico.

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Afghanistan should again become neutral territory as it was pre-1978 during the Cold War. It has close cultural ties with Pakistan and also with India to some extent and those can be maintained.

But this heavy rivalry between India and Pakistan in Afghanistan is very destructive to all parties concerned.

A lighter touch by all should be the order of the day.

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Lets assume .. Pakistan gets Kashmir and Afghanistan and Indian Punjab .. and anything else on the wish list!

Is the problem solved? War over? What happens to the thousands of Talibans and AQ inPakistan? Will they convert to monks? Will US still give AID to ISI? Will ISI give up dinner buddies (Talibans)? Will ISI/army/generals learn to live in 1/100 th budget?

War is the only choice. ANy other discussion is only empowering the Taliban.

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“We all love you” but go to the World Bank for money!

FoDP dumps expected billions into WB basket il.asp?Id=24703

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It is not India’s problem that Afghans love India! Can someone tell the Afghans to love Talibans and forget India! 009/09/2009926101231313412.html

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In stead of investing in Talibans and AQ, why can’t the Pakistan army invest in roads, schools, hospitals in Afghanistan and compete with India in something constructive and gain Afghan influence?

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India wants business and repeatedly asks Pak to trade rather than fret about Kashmir. India gave Most Favored Nation status to Pak over a decade ago. India requests Pak to buy, say, tea from India rather than from Kenya. Big saving in transport cost, etc. Made in Pak goods enter India without tax, the favor has not been returned. India built hydro-electric plants for Bhutan with a buy back garantee for the power generated, it has planted orchards in Nepal again with buy back guarantees, it has given hundreds of scholarships to Sri Lanka. May be it is hard to understand that India prefers trade and Afghanistan has American money. Pak could do the same, trade rather than worry about ‘Indian influence’ and stop supporting nonsense like burkhas and illiteracy for women. As for refugees, from Bangladesh alone, India has millions. Afghans, Iranis, Iraqis, too trickle in.

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India wants business and repeatedly asks Pak to trade rather than fret about Kashmir. India gave Most Favored Nation status to Pak over a decade ago. India requests Pak to buy, say, tea from India rather than from Kenya. Big saving in transport cost, etc. Made in Pak goods enter India without tax, the favor has not been returned. India built hydro-electric plants for Bhutan with a buy back guarantee for the power generated, it has planted orchards in Nepal again with buy back guarantees, it has given hundreds of scholarships to Sri Lanka. May be it is hard to understand that India prefers trade and Afghanistan has American money. Pak could do the same, trade rather than worry about ‘Indian influence’ and stop supporting nonsense like burkhas and illiteracy for women. As for refugees, from Bangladesh alone, India has millions. Afghans, Iranis, Iraqis, too trickle in.

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Myra, this Af_Pak strategy should be used once and for all to root out all terrorism in the region. As far as the Entire Pakistani-ISI-Pak Army establishment, there should be an aggressive witchhunt against Pakistan to root out, arrest, try and imprison all state actors, that propagate terrorism against ANYBODY.

Kashmir is not a bonafied, moral or legal excuse to propagate terrorism against a sovereign, democratic nation of India, especially in this civilized world.

Afghan’s need freedom from Pakistani oppression and subjugation, India is providing much needed rebuilding efforts. Af_Pak mission needs to be used to corner all terrorism and terrorists from Pakistan, bar none.

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AAfromUSA, Afghans refugee didn’t cross to Pakistan. They crossed to their own land that was stolen from them by the Brits in 1893. Afghans don’t recognize the fake boarder of Durand. Pakistan is cancer tumor created by the West in the hub of central Asia and the sooner it is divided and chopped into different parts, the sooner we will see peace in the region.

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Mike Harvy,

Kashmir is the symptom not the cause of unrest in South Asia. However, if Pakistan is blackmailing the US to solve its problems in return for co-operation in Afghanistan what would India get from the US in return for its cooperation? What price is the US willing to pay for dragging India in to this mess? I’d like to read that somewhere.

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Saudi Arabia and China, had stayed away from the latest Friends of Pakistan forum summit in the US  ?page=20099\26\story_26-9-2009_pg7_42

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A nation of Beggars!

“Not once in our sixty-two year existence have we survived without the assistance of foreign governments”

“In our sixty-second year, perhaps it’s time we came to terms with the reality that we are and have always been a nation of beggars”  ?page=20099\26\story_26-9-2009_pg3_2

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So the root cause of all evil in this world is the stalemate in resolving the Kashmir issue! That is why Pakistan became a terrorist sponsoring state, lost Bangladesh, got involved in the war against the Soviets, created the Taliban, threw out all the democratically elected leaders, became a military ruled country etc..

The US wanted to avenge for Vietnam. So the CIA and the Pakistan set up a bear trap in Afghanistan. The Soviet union fell for it and the war led to its collapse. The original reason was the Kashmir problem was unresolved, therefore Pakistan and the US decided to bring down the Soviet Union first so that all the following events would lead to a point where there would be no way other than resolving the Kashmir issue. And the US decided to turn a blind eye when AQ Khan stole centrifuge technology and built his nukes. Without resolving the Kashmir issue, Pakistanis will starve and disappear from the face of the planet.

All these years no US general or diplomat ever considered Kashmir as the core reason for all the problems in the region. Now that they are running out of ideas, they have decided to try something that never was connected to the problem all these years. Now they want to combine Kashmir into the solution and make a complete mess of it. Haven’t the US and Pakistan messed up Afghanistan enough already?

Kashmir is a part of India and will remain one. We do not want the US or anyone else telling us which state we must give up so that the bearded lunatics in Islamabad can be made to give up their addiction to guns and bombs. Leave India out of your mess and clean up what you created as a part of the cold war strategy.

Pakistanis are creating confusion by their wily methods and the Americans are falling for it again. If India’s developmental projects in Afghanistan are making Pakistanis uncomfortable, then let them sever their ties with China completely. What is China doing inside Pakistan? Should the US tell China to get out of Pakistan and stop all its “projects” there? India is a sovereign nation. Afghanistan deserves to be one. India and Afghanistan have had long history of friendship before Pakistan put the Taliban in power there.

Do not create a mess in order to solve another mess. The US should have the boldness to confront the truth. Pakistan is not their ally. They are the root cause of all the problems related to Islamic terrorism in this world. Najibullah Zazi went to Pakistan to get trained on his terrorist plans. Kashmir is not the problem here. Pakistan is. Let the US go directly into a war with Pakistan as it did with Iraq. Let them clear out the nukes from there that have been developed by illegal means anyway. India’s wanted criminals are state guests in Pakistan.

Until America does the right thing, there will be no solution in Afghanistan. The right thing is not to take on Afghanistan or Iraq, but Pakistan. They are your enemies uncle Sam! Do not blind fold yourself and waste your energy on others. Leave India out of the picture.


US aid bill carries strings:
* Seeks access to N-proliferators
* Brings army/ISI under civilian govt. control
* Parliament to debate defense budget
* Prevents AQ, Taliban and associated terrorist groups, such as LeT and JeM from operating in Pakistan. And ISI/army to stay away from supporting such groups.
* Army can’t depose judges or PMs -content-library/dawn/news/world/11-us-a id-bill-carries-strings–seeks-access-to- n-proliferators—il–10

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No lies, no spins! It’s be bad for national interest!

“Transparency International Pakistan (TIP) about corruption in Pakistan has said the report is against our national interests” -content-library/dawn/news/pakistan/04-t ransparency-pakistan-corruption-report-f ouzia-qs-02

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Those who say that Pakistan will continue to support militants even after the resolution of Kashmir issue, are incorrect. They are not in touch with Pakistani people at large. There is no reason why Pakistan would want to have rivalry with India when opposit of it will boast its economy and society?

Evidence suggest that Pakistan has four neighbors. Before the Afghan mess was created by international interference; there had never been a single incidence of violence there. The borders in the west were transitional and no visa was required by authorities on both sides. In the north, everyone knows Sino-Pakistan relations. What is wrong with the east then?

Only with India Pakistan has a violent history and any sane mind can understand why. It’s a Kashmir issue, denying of which is simply ignoring the hard reality, it will continue to haunt.

It is not the people of Pakistan who are holding grudge against Indian existence, any one who speak with Pakistanis at home or abroad knows well. They love Indian culture and want friendship. Every time borders open up thousands of Pakistanis travel to India.

However, it is not the same on the Indian side. There is still a huge mindset that continues to attack Pakistan’s sovereignty by constantly wining about the partition. They are full of vengeance for destroying their dream of “Bharat Versha” with partition. Why Pakistan’s existence is still a bitter pill to swallow for many in India even after sixty years?

Being said that, true that the terror is an outshoot of continued militant struggle in Kashmir. But one should realize that there had been millions of Kashmiris who escaped their homeland and settled in Pakistan. Their two generations have grown up in Pakistan but their torment never subside. These so called Pakistanis can never be convinced to give up their stance on Kashmir. How could they when majority Indians who never been to Kashmir would n’t do it either.

When Indian plane was hijacked, the terrorists were escorted to Kandahar, and released to save a few lives. What India has to realize that Pakistan may also have similar compulsion for not going after these militants (who may have grown up in Pakistan but are Kashmiris by heart). Pakistan risks a lot more lives then a few passengers of the plane if it turns its back on militants without a justification.

The Justification can be provided by the resolution of Kashmir issue. If not, there could be more 26/11, and neither India nor Pakistan could do anything about it. History teaches lessons, after 9/11 US (the worlds lone super power, established not just an aspiring one) went after terrorists and invaded two countries, after eight years what we got? We have cut the terrorists loose all over the globe.

The pragmatic resolve is to eliminate the emotional supply of blood to terror, by eliminationg the issues that ignite sentiments and host terrorist. The only way forward is to resolve the Kashmir issue for the sake of development. God forbid one more 26/11 and all foreign investment in India will go packing.

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What Pakistanis fail to understand is that US failure in Afghanistan will mean that the Kashmir issue will never be solved or at least won’t be resolved in their favour.

If the Americans fail in Afghanistan, they aren’t just going to pack up and go home, to let AQ regroup. Drone attacks will accelerate. They will stop co-operating with Pakistan. They will start backing India. And they will throw some serious cash behind the Afghan security forces (something they haven’t really done until very recently).

And there is no way the Americans or the rest of the world for that matter will recognize any Taliban puppet government installed in Kabul by Pakistan. And should Pakistan choose to recognize such a government, they would become international pariahs as well.

All in all, US failure in Afghanistan would have dire diplomatic consequences for Pakistan. And that’s not even worse than the security consequences of having a failed state with no stabilizing force right on your borders. With the Americans gone, the Taliban is sure to set its sights on Pakistan next.

All those Pakistanis wishing and praying for the US to fail in Afghanistan and for it to become another Vietnam (anybody who makes that comparison is obviously ignorant about history) should be careful what they wish for. The West’s failure in Afghanistan could very well be the first step of the end of Pakistan.

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Hello Myra,

“I’ve eaten at 10 Corps (lunch), but not because the Pakistan Army thinks of me as one of its own.”

Your analogy is not appropriate.

You are dined and feted by the Pakistani army because of your job description. You are part of the press corps and they want you to write good about the Pakistan army.
The Paki army is doing their job.

Do you believe the Pakistan army is doing their job wining and dining Saeed?

Can you clarify the following?

“That TV report makes it all sound so simple, when we all know it is not. This is not to make a comment on Hafiz Saeed. But at the same time, watching that video, do people actually believe that’s the way it is?”

The commentator draws an inference from the video.
You apparently disagree ? Can you clarify what you meant by your comment?



Why India is taking a step towards Pakistan? It is the pressure from USA only. Our leaders has already surrendered to USA for the sake of Power. One should not be surprised one day whole of India is taken over by pakistan and China under the leadership of USA.

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Myra Says:
“I’ve eaten at 10 Corps (lunch), but not because the Pakistan Army thinks of me as one of its own”

I bet you have never written anything against ISI or Talibans! Please show me a pointer if you ever did. Because, if you ever write against ISI/Taliban, you will be against the national interest of Pakistan.

ISI will blacklist you, harass you and may not allow you to reenter. The fact that you had lunch with them means you are in their good books because you always write favorable to them and Talibans look innocent cute lil boys!

Pakistan blacklists US journalists and NGOs ge=article&id_article=8268&lang=en

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