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With all due respect, I think you are being highly immature here. Bringing up the Samjhauta express in every one of your posts is not helping your case. Samjhauta express is still being investigated and there have been many speculations. On one hand There is the Hindu extremism angle to it. But on the other hand there are also reports coming out (even from the USA, which has named some Pakistanis such as Arif Qasmani, affiliated with LeT), that there may be a Pakistani/Muslim extremist angle to it. Let the investigation proceed, and if it is proven that Indians are behind it, then we’ll talk.

People like you claim that Hindu extremists are behind the Samjhauta express attack, and that the Indian government is trying to hide it. Well I’d like to remind you that many Indians and Hindus were killed in that attack. Also, the Godhra incident. Hindus claim that Muslims burnt a train carrying Hindu Pilgrims (which then led to post-Godhra Riots), and there are many eye witnesses which claim the same. However the Indian government hasn’t done anything about it. Should Hindus start saying that the government is protecting Muslim extremists?

That being said, there is no denying that Hindu extremism exists in India. Of course it does, just like extremists (white supremists) also exist in USA. However that is not the debate here, as the Hindu extremists are not tearing the country apart. Moreover, the Hindu extremists in India have never attacked India, whereas the Jihadis in Pakistan have vowed to bleed India to death.

SO lets stop talking about Samjhauta express, ok?

The problem is in Pakistan. Pakistan has been supporting terrorists since the beginning of its existence. And THAT is why India hates Pakistan, and THAT is why India got itself involved in 1971 (another reason would be that huge number of refugees were pouring into India thanks to the genocide being carried out by Pakistan army).

Operation Gibraltar, for example, in the 1960s was done by Pakistan to create anti-India sentiment in Indian Kashmir. However, it failed. But Pakistan kept at it, created violence in Kashmir, carried out terror attacks, etc. For this reason we went to war in the 1960s. After this Pak learned that they cannot beat India, so they even established jihadi elements in East Pakistan (Bangladesh) to weaken India from both sides and create terror throughout India. For this reason India found it beneficial to use 1971 to break off east Pakistan, and thus try to get rid of the jihadi threat from there (this plan was only partially successful, as many jihadi groups with links to ISI still exist in Bangladesh).

India doesn’t hate Pakistan because of partition. It’s because ever since 1947, you guys have been creating trouble in our country. It was you guys who initially invaded Kashmir in 1947. India only came into the picture after the Maharaja and Abdullah asked India for help.

Personally speaking, I would be glad if India was helping Balochi separatists. Give Pakistan a taste of its own medicine, and it would probably help take Pakistan’s mind off of Kashmir.

But I know India wouldn’t get itself into that mess; it is too busy trying to become a superpower and contain Chinese aggression.

But it’s ok. The way things are going, Pakistan will destroy itself. It needs no external enemies. It’s enemies are within. And all of those who do not recognize that their real enemies are within (practically all Pakistanis) are all responsible for Pakistan’s self destruction.

So you can put false accusations on India all you want. Its not effecting us. It’s you guys who are suffering from this ignorance.

By: Jennifer Khan. Tue, 10 Nov 2009 00:26:28 +0000 Can anyone of you change what prevails within each country by arguing over forums? You can’t change anything unless you change yourselves. Stop blaming each other for the past. There is no right or wrong. Both countries made mistakes in the past.
Look within yourself. You,you demand peace? I think,not. The present and the future is made up of people like yourselves. Think intelligent and think wise. As democrats you can have an opinion,but to practically impose it you need to act rather than throw blames back and forth over public forums. Act like realistic men/women and fight for your defense in the real world.

By: AHR Mon, 02 Nov 2009 23:37:11 +0000 Let’s face it, we are at war. The ridiculous arguments about the terrorists only targeting government establishments, or it is the West’s war, it’s a Jihad against infidels, etc, were blown to smithereens last Wednesday afternoon in Peshawar’s Meena Bazaar. The powerful car bomb, which ripped through the thickly-congested market place — a favourite shopping area of lower and middle class families in particular — showed that it is a war with terrorists standing on one side of the blood line, and we the people on the other. e-must-declare-state-of-war/

By: Riz Mon, 02 Nov 2009 18:00:00 +0000 Rajeev:
Whatever you say, you never answered my only one question to you and all Indians participating in this discussion and that question is about SAMJHOTA TRAIN burnt down brutly by some Hindu extremists involving even some ARMY people and one of those was actually caught by ATS chief which was killed in Mumbai attacks?
Dont tell me how to do my homework as you yourself never do yours completely by giving my answers.
Nothign else I havve to say……..

By: rex minor Sun, 01 Nov 2009 17:25:36 +0000 can some one tell me why individuals from pakistan and india argue with each other in internet, news papers and tv takshows etc. and give the impression that they are best of friends. and this is inspite of the fact that india has humiliated pakistan in the battle ground several times and as yet there is no peace agreement between the countries. is it something to do with the leaders of the respective countries whereas the people probably want peace and friendship.

By: rajeev Fri, 30 Oct 2009 18:38:08 +0000 Riz:

Cool down, I have actually addressed all your points.

@because you damn care if PAKISTANIS die…
–That is what you think and what you think here is wrong. Blowing away innocents is inhuman—anywhere of any nationality.period

I can envision how many lives change by each death that takes place in terrorist attacks. But I cannot shove it down your throat to convince you.

@Airhijacking: This airhijacking was an international issue at that time that contributed greatly in pushing Pakistan almost being declared a terrorist-sponsor by Clinton Admn. That is the same airhijacking where JeM Chief Azhar Mahmood was released (plus 2 more) who ended up killing many in Kashmir, then parliamnent attack, then cutting the head of an American journalist, and now given a kid-friendly facility in South Punjab. All media including Pakistani knows these facts except you pethaps. So much for Pakistan’s anti-terrorism stance!

But from you posts, I gather you are bit behind and need an update. Perhaps it is your teenage–which I think is the issue here. Read more since I am not doing your homework for you.

A thing I missed in last post was that I heard that RAW was involved until 199?, but RAW operations were officially and openly shut down by ex-PM Gujral which coincided with eradication of terrorism in Indian Punjab. I am very receptive to know of anything more/artcile etc if you have anything other than the official statements to offer here for India/RAW involvement in Pakistan.

We have discussed it quite a bit and suggest getting back to the topic “Pak’s war within” unless you want posts trashed away.

By: Riz Fri, 30 Oct 2009 15:00:58 +0000 Rajeev:
Wow look who is stalking here and what he is talking.
When you dont have anything to say then you call it “Irrelevant issue”
Yo really know names and cities of people invilved in Hijacking of Indian plane but you dont have MUCH information about Train burning….Let me tell you why not much info because all names are of INDIAN RAW or ARMY people involved in that incident…..Yes a handfull of Indians got killed in that incident and you really feel sad about it…whereas 99% PAKISTANI DEAD BODIES or burnt bodies are not visible to you…….You people are hopeless because you would never accept your weaknesses or your crimes…Yes you know everything else EXCEPT what INDIA does and then call it IRRELEVANT…… justification…isn’t it?

And all those so called PROOFS you are providing here….all are INDIAN organization blogs or news web sites…do you think they are really fair? They are main cause due to which you guys dont know the reality….

And by the way why INDIA needs so called 4 consulates in one country? And also those which you people dont know about…….?
Yes whatever INDIA does its negative and lie…whatever PAKISTAN does not do its still truth………..come on Rajeev its just the wrong info which your media shove down to your throats….accept it……and if you are so very true then provide info about Train burning involvement names just like you provided names of PAKISTANIS involved in INDIAN plane hijacking…but why you need to do that because you damn care if PAKISTANIS die…you would only care if INDIAN casualities are there that is why neither your media provide any info nor you try to get some…………

By: rajeev Thu, 29 Oct 2009 19:52:48 +0000 correction:

“I am NOT responding to irrelevant issues here.”

By: rajeev Thu, 29 Oct 2009 19:51:55 +0000 Riz:
I am responding to irrelevant issues here.

Having said that,
1. The burden to provide proof of India’s involvement lies with Pakistan. It is not for India to prove its innocence since there is no way that the negative can be proved. I hope you understand this much.

2. India’s role in Pakistan (Baluchistan or Taliban support) is addressed by Manmohan Singh.
Here you go:  /PM-denies-India-is-linked-to-Taliban/a rticleshow/5175833.cms

3. There are 4 Indian consulates in Afghanistan:
Mazare-Sharif, Jalalabad, Herat and Kabul–not 5 or more.

4. Pakistani involvement to support terrorism in India is endless and to mention some (in addition to Mumbai case), the hijackers of the Indian Airlines aircraft in 1999 were all from Pakistan (in which Azhar Mahmood and others were released and same Azhar now given a facility in S.Punjab). The identity of the hijackers is: 1. Ibrahim Athar, Bahawalpur; 2. Shahid Akhtar Sayed, Gulshan Iqbal, Karachi; 3. Sunny Ahmed Qazi, Defence Area, Karachi; 4. Mistri Zahoor Ibrahim, Akhtar Colony, Karachi; 5. Shakir, Sukkur City. Their photographs are on Indian embassy: ackers_id.htm

5. You should keep in mind that Samjhauta Express express bomb blast also killed Indian security personals and Indian citizens along with Pakistan citizens. There were some doubts both on Indians and Pakistani elements. CBI investigation is still underway and the probe is still going on (last week they questioned some from a political party) and no one has been proven guilty so far. I hope that satisfies you.

Personally, I am for zero tolerance for each single terrorist group (TTP or LeT) whether against Pak, India, Afghanistan. “Your terrorist is my freedom fighter” theory (Umair is a silent proponent of this theory) is the major reason terrorists have succeeded this much in this region. Selective compassion for pakistani innocents without compassion for Indians or vice-versa is inhuman to say the least. I personally lived through Indian Punjab terrorism and I know how much unpredictable life becomes and the scars it leaves even after terrorism is eradicated. Indians and Afghans have faced these barbarians much before Pakistanis had any clue about terrorism. Pakistan exported terrorism–east and West–while Pakistanis were safe at home. In my view, all these military operations are not enough as long a common man does not develop a zero tolerance policy without selectivity against terrorism/religious fundamentalism, someone in this region will always suffer—may be Afghans, Pakistanis or Indians. Terrorism survives with peoples support and will die without their support.

By: Riz Thu, 29 Oct 2009 14:00:23 +0000 Well Well Well
As I said in all my posts, NO INDIAN in this forum has replied to my questions on Burnt Train full of Pakistanis and still is the same case……….You guys dont have courage to accept that you also have black sheep…..I do agree we have which are making PAKISTAN’s name bad…..but I just want you guys also to accept it and is there anyone single Indian in this forum has any answers to my quetions about Burnt Train? No one would ever reply to these because you want to close your eyes on this major issue…..
Mr. KP Singh :
If you are so annoyed of Kasab’s demands of Biryani then why dont you hang him? Now dont tell me so called Humanitarian care protection organizations stories due which INDIAN government is not hanging him…….
And what kind of proofs you have about Dawood to be in PAKISTAN? Every single person knows he is in DUBAI…..
Mr. GW:
I am agreed on what you are saying that we have enemies within our own nation…..You are absolutely right that Mullas are using uneducated youth of Pakistan by brain washing them on so called Jihad against their own country men….but tell me what Mullas can do alone? They need money, weapons to carry on their so called Freedom fight against PAKISTANIS and who is providing them all this aid? INDIA…….Because INDIA has double game going on here….I know they are developing way ahead of Pakistan but there is a dedicated group who always thinks about doing something in PAKISTAN to make use of the situation and getting it worst to destablize it….We are weak nation but who is taking advantage of such things? INDIA because they from day 1 after 1947 feel PAKISTAN something irritating in their eyes…That is why they helped in making consiperacies in 1971 to cut eastern part of Pakistan in to Bangladesh….Come on guys nobody in this world is Angel….you are doing good way better than lot lot countries of this world but still you are not cleaned 100%……
Mr. Mortal:
You keep on asking proofs of everything just like you are some kind of Head of Interpol…Mr answer me of Burnt train question? Do you have it?
Now how army handles situation its their headache…sometimes you have to shake hands with your enemy keeping an eye on the situation and when time comes just do what is right…so you dont worry how PAKISTAN army is handling inside situation and try to have a glimpse within your own country…..

So guys get back with your counter attacks…….