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“I assure you that the Clinton option is not off the table.”

–The best thing will be Pakistan resets its foreign policy so as not to invite US’s wrath. On 1971 blog, there was this feeling from your and Myra’s personal interactions that Pakistani retired army generals feel that terrorism was a bad decision but PA is suspected to continue this even now and Musharraf is well known for his army officers running terrorist camps (some report I saw recently). I hope Kayani reverses this failed foreign policy (or Pak leaders) and rather than saying goody-goody stuff after retirement, he does something about it while in uniform.

By: Keith Thu, 05 Nov 2009 19:05:58 +0000 Rajeev,

I assure you that the Clinton option is not off the table. There have long been whispers in the hallways of buildings that matter that this is a good option for dealing with Pakistan. And I am willing to bet good money that if the mission in Afghanistan fails, the American attitude towards Pakistan will change overnight (well maybe a few nights till the last western soldier leaves the region). The frank talk from Hilary Clinton was a warning that the US is reaching its breaking point.

Pakistan is quickly reaching a decision point. They can make a sincere effort in the war on terror. And I mean sincere, not the selective war that they fight with some insurgent groups while letting the others go, or they can risk causing NATO’s failure in Afghanistan and becoming a pariah state on par with Ahmadinejad led Iran.

By: Mauryan Thu, 05 Nov 2009 17:15:20 +0000 Sai writes: “Time to start bombing the eastern borders with Indian drones to eliminate the terrorist camps inside pakistan.Give it under the control of RAW let them fire at will as it is Pakistan is as incapable as it has been through out its history to confront India directly in a war.If they provoke this is the last time they’ll fight,because there’ll be no one alive in pakistan to fight next time.”

This is exactly what Pakistani army wants now. India will be their biggest savior. The US is slowly exposing their hidden face. At a time like this, a war with India will unite all of Pakistan, cause a nuclear war, drive of the US and its allies from this region. They Pakistan will cease to exist. But they will be happy to see that India too won’t exist. It is allright for them to to lose both eyes. But they want India to lose at least one of its eyes. This is the time to show maximum restraint and not fall into the trap they have been laying for us. They have tried with Mumbai attacks and it did not get the desired response from India. So there will be more coming. But India should hold back somehow and resist any temptation to step into the bear trap. If India gets into a war, it will cause so much confusion that Pakistan will use it to manipulate its way out of it. So allow them to fight their own people and self destruct. Do not be tempted to jump in and get a bloody face.

By: Sai Thu, 05 Nov 2009 09:03:04 +0000 Time to start bombing the eastern borders with Indian drones to eliminate the terrorist camps inside pakistan.Give it under the control of RAW let them fire at will as it is Pakistan is as incapable as it has been through out its history to confront India directly in a war.If they provoke this is the last time they’ll fight,because there’ll be no one alive in pakistan to fight next time.

By: Rohit Thu, 05 Nov 2009 07:51:51 +0000 Anyone who has objections to drone attacks ought to come up with better solution also. Drones are doing a good job. I have a solution… Unilateral declaration for people not willing to fight and live peacefully gather in specially created camps and then free drone bombing all over places other than camps. Those who then oppose drone attacks should go and try to stop drone missiles in designated free drone bombing areas

By: rajeev Wed, 04 Nov 2009 22:18:47 +0000 @With the amount of collateral damage from drone hits, hiring Blackwater is probably starting to look like a good option. Longer term, if the west has to pull out of the region before there’s peace, there’s always the Clinton option: declare Pakistan a state sponsor of terror and slap on the most draconian sanctions legally possible. The PA would drop off Bin Laden in gitmo in a week.
– Posted by Keith

Keith: This option will work only if US is ready to be serious. What you suggested is more like an across the table talk with pakistani establishment than begging them to pick gun against terrorists. Well 8 yrs is a longtime to learn what Pakistan really wants. What is US waiting for? I doubt US has the stomach to do so. It never could and never will because US has the habit of forgiving the criminals. Even if US has to leave in near future without finishing the business, it will come up with a story how Pakistanis have become good boys.

UN is inefficient and US has conflict of interest to honestly take care of the business. What big proof you want than the fact that while the world was supporting US in afghanistan, Bush Inc was thinking about Iraq within a week a after 9/11. Stupids took off to the deserts of Iraq. This gives pakistanis a valid reason to doubt US motives. The end game will tell how serious is Obama admn on this.

Hillary suspects A-Q leadership in pakistan and Pakistan knowing about it. How hard it is to arm twist them to get OBL/Mullah Omar/Jawahiri gang in Gitmo?

By: GW Wed, 04 Nov 2009 17:08:34 +0000 With regards to my previos post, if the Afghanistan mission does not succeed, then the UN should declare all NWFP and areas outside of Punjab as war zones, including Balochistan.

As a war zone, the U.S. can greatly increase its reach to destroy actionable targets, without needing permission or red tape.

After the war zones are cleared, it may be time to look at disintegrating these “war zones” away from Pakistan – Punjabistan, so that the U.S. and other western nations can effectively police these areas and the only way to do it is to annex them from Pakistan.

By: Michel Wed, 04 Nov 2009 16:30:38 +0000 bulletfish,

the fighters will change. the ignorant mentality won’t.. and killing ignorant people doesn’t work and never will..

you want to change people, get them an education.. it won’t work now, but will work in the next 30 years.. read the Book “Three Cups of Tea” and you will see how one man has changed entire societies in Pakistan.

By: Mauryan Wed, 04 Nov 2009 14:05:51 +0000 Mortal writes: “it’ll be a tough task to undo the damage done by decades of radicalization & widespread propaganda and to get the Pakistani people to see the true face of their military establishment. Without the support of the Pakistani people, it’ll be difficult to bring about the needed change.”

I think you have not understood the Pakistani mindset. These people have lived at the cross roads where big powers clashed. They have survived those horrendous years by switching their colors to match with those of the victors. Betrayal or backstabbing is the only way to survive there. All are descendants of victims of such conflicts in the past. Shock and awe will really work in their case. Most Pakistanis coming from the non-Pashtun regions are very different in nature. They are used to living off repeating a lie a thousand times. Right now they are reciting the mantra taught by their military because they know where the power is. If Taliban were to take them over entirely, you will find them switch side on the flick of a finger and support Islamic edicts, quick justice etc. If the American fire power decimates their military, you will see them blame that military for all its ills. These are very emotional people and have a tendency to fall apart very quickly if shaken hard. They are way far different from those who make up the FATA and NWFP regions where life has been hard all along. And those people are used to raiding the regions which make up the rest of Pakistan today. If the US and its allies bomb the Pakistani military into submission, trust me they will switch sides immediately. That is the way of survival in that region. They thump their chests loud. But if whacked, they will be singing your favorite songs. It is possible to reset this region.

By: bulletfish Wed, 04 Nov 2009 13:34:26 +0000 Michael,

The last Soviet tanks left Afghanistan in 1989. Are you telling us that the Taliban today are the same ‘holy warriors’ who claimed to have brought down the USSR 20 years ago?

So men who were fit to fight in 1989 are still physically fit to fight 10 to 20 years later?

If these holy warriors could boot out the Red Army then why could they not collectively ask the USA to help rebuild the country?