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I am very curious (in the litteral sense of the phrase, not the ironic one) about the last paragraph of your article in which you say

“A while back, many analysts argued that the road to peace in Afghanistan ran through Kashmir. The quickening timeframe for the Afghan war suggests there is no longer the time for such a lengthy detour. Now it runs through Kabul.”

I am currently doing research for my Masters dissertation on the balance of power between Afghanistan, Pakistan and India and I found your comment very interesting (as is the rest of your blog may I add). Could you develop what you mean by your last paragraph further, why and how does it run through Kabul now?

Many thanks in advance and bonne continutation.


By: RajeevK Tue, 02 Mar 2010 00:10:55 +0000 Myra:

I am in the USA and did not watch the TV. I also have no idea what went except tidbit of statements in the media. Not a big deal about who invited whom and what was Indian reasons. What I feel is that the Rao and Bashir appear to give different message, which is much like what Indian and Pakistan’s rhetoric statements normally do. I saw analysis by a Kashmiri on Pakistan website splitting hair—the author-not happy with Bashir overall. w_what_forum.asp?GroupID=5&Group_title=P akistan&ArticleID=9407

Do you know what went in Kashmir with Bashir’s meetings with Separatists? Do Indians know?

Separately, here is a video of Kashmiris from across the border who surrendered Arms under the Indian government’s offer of amnesty without fear of persecution in India. 010/02/201022412918622868.html


I can make my cat fights with the shadow of my hand when I feel. No offense to my cat or Pakistani leaders, but Pakistani leaders fight with Indian shadow and will never allow the Indians talking to Baluchi leaders.

By: DaraIndia Mon, 01 Mar 2010 06:13:31 +0000 Myra,

I did not see any part of the press conference, so I cannot comment on that. All I do know is that the Times of India the next day, didn’t think it necessary to put it on the center space on the first page but in the right hand column.

I think the main reason really for the coldness, is that people in India are now wondering just what their government is upto – behind their backs. Just a few days earlier we were being fed the no talk buzz. What is irking most is why can’t the govt discuss this openly and say we are going to talk and these are our reasons. Manmohan Singh later, after the meet, said “We have no choice but to talk”. Considering all the earlier waffle on the subject, people are now getting fed up with this on again off again Pak chummy not chummy deal. I know I am. I also want my government to spell out its policy in black and white, we are not ready to accept bombastic statements.

I din’t know it was India’s turn to go to Pakistan. But India, as far as I know, did not “insist” they come. I think they invited them. I am also not aware of Pakistan saying they would rather have the Indians visiting. Didn’t know this was an issue at all.

The real message to my mind is really just this. We are fed up of Pakistan’s antics and double speak. I said this earlier too, 26/11 was a public opinion changer in India and there has been no closure. Saeed is now talking as if he is Pakistan’s Defence and Foreign minister, the rial of those charged with 26/11 in Pakistan is being run on the basis of adjournments and the whole thing is being seen here as an eyewash. I am afraid the mood in India, except for the Wagah candle lighters, is one of lets just get on and handle whatever comes our way. We can expect more 26/11s, lets just prepare for that and get on with our lives. Talks or no talks, Pakistan is not going to lift its little finger to either stop cross border terror, or try those involved. All we get are excuses and pious rejoinders of being victims too.

I have never seen such fatigue, disgust and disinterest in the general public over India Pakistan relations before. Believe me I have seen plenty.

By: DaraIndia Mon, 01 Mar 2010 05:55:30 +0000 Rajeev,

As far as I know it is the thing to do. Pakistanis come here, meet the Hurriyat first, I don’t ever remember them having any meetings with mainstream politicians, by the way. This is a sort of tacit understanding; India says we know you support them and fund them and are their mentors. Pakistan says hey we provide diplomatic and moral support, and the Hurriyat says we are the ones whom the Pakistanis listen to before they talk here. I have no idea why this circus takes place every time, but it does.

I wonder what would happen now if Nirupama Rao says I want to meet Baloch leaders or someone else who is taking potshots at the Pakistanis in Pakistan. I am sure the Pakistanis will lay out a red carpet!!! Any bets?

By: Myra.MacDonald Sun, 28 Feb 2010 22:16:40 +0000 @Dara,Rajeev,

If we put aside the bigger picture for now and focus on the foreign secretaries’ meeting itself, and particularly on Salman Bashir’s press conference, can I ask you three questions:

1) Have you watched the entire press conference? I watched it live on television, and I don’t recognise many of the descriptions I’ve seen of it in the Indian media

2) It was, as far as I can remember, India’s turn to go to Islamabad for talks. Instead India insisted that Bashir come to Delhi. Why then is there so much anger about him giving Pakistan’s position in Delhi?

3) Is the real issue not so much about what happened between Bashir and Rao — they are both incredibly experienced diplomats who would know how to handle these negotiations — but about “managing the message” afterwards to domestic constituencies?

This is the argument made here by the Business Standard: ews/managingmessage/387134/


By: RajeevK Sun, 28 Feb 2010 21:27:18 +0000 Dara:

Thanks for the reference of MJ Akbar’s Sunday Times article.

I do not understand why India allowed Salman Bashir to meet separatists in Kashmir. Is it something to have with Indian offer sometime ago (I think so) to separatists to have talks but separatists wanted Islamabad involved. Is this some step in that direction? While I can understand MJ Akbar raising the issue that Salman had the last word, but meeting with Separatists is hard to explain except that it is calculated step. But if that is the case, India should make it clear.

All these talks are just for the sake to say India and Pak are on talking terms.

By: manishindia Sun, 28 Feb 2010 18:33:02 +0000 Myra,

Why do we need Pakistan ? Pakistan has been very hostile neighbour for us , ever since its creation, Pakistan has done everything with in its might, to hurt Indian interest , be it Pakistan sponsored terror , killing of innocent people in the name of islam . Why should we need Pakistan as our ally or friend? As far the outstanding issues are concerned, Pakistan must show us its intentions to act against terrorists .

Pakistan has been recognised internationally as principal sponsor of terrorism , and existence of nuclear weapons pose a greater danger to entire world, international community should immediately take possession to prevent any catastrophe .

By: G-W Sun, 28 Feb 2010 17:24:28 +0000 @Magic786,

You got me wrong bhai-sab. I am Hindu Moyhal Brahmin. We are about as tough as punjabis are made. My lineage lived among the Pathans and other muslims in Afghanistan and Punjabi Lahore area and my descendents were loyal and fierce protectors of Sikhs and Hindus and on my mother’s side, they are Maratha and you know much about Maratha, if you know about King Shivaji of Maratha, who was a bastion and a fort of resistance against Islamic occupiers and invaders. We are not vegetarian, except on certain days, but the fierce brand of brahmins that are hardened and fierce warriors, many of my clan hold key positions in the Indian army, generals, pilots, etc.

BTW..I do not have any sisters, only brothers. My entire lineage and family are highly educated and we are extremists of any kind. We have family that are extremely successful working in Tata, and many working in Silicon valley.

Culturally, we are more Punjabi Sikh than Hindu. should know that you have too many racist stereotypes in your mind of Hindus and Sikhs.

Sikhs are the lions of India and the best that India has to offer. Please do not lay any insult.

We should not negotiate with those who conduct terror. You people want to negotiate peace for the sole purpose of buying time and show your people…”hey…they are begging to talk to us…but we can still keep stabbing the worthless kaffirs in the back”…that is the intention of Pakistan to buy time to plan more havoc and waste upon India and more lies and more terrorism.

All that is fine…within 20-50 years, India will be so much more advanced and ahead in every manner than Pakistan.

Just ask any European, canadian or american whether they prefer Indians or Pakistani’s….the answer will be Indians.

Suck it up with the fact that you just plain ole suck, in every way possible.

On the nuke issue….don’t even bother bringing it up again…if Pakistan ever foolish launched one, pre-emptively…Pakistan would be finished completely in one day and not be a recoverable society.

Talk about something productive and watch that trash talking mouth of yours…it is evident that whatever you lack in intelligence…you more than makeup in tale tales, a dirty mouth and hateful outlook. Every time you open your “Bootha” the stench of fecal matter permeates.

By: DaraIndia Sun, 28 Feb 2010 12:00:37 +0000 Saw an interesting review by MJ Akbar in the Sunday Times this morning. I tend to agree with most of what Mr Akbar opines there, and also that India has made a mess of these talks.

By: RajeevK Sun, 28 Feb 2010 01:09:35 +0000 I think the “commercial break” is getting bit long.