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Why would India not agree to an outside mediator on Kashmir: specially when it thinks its case is based on internationally recognized principles?
Posted by Uddin

Uddin: Fair question.

1)It is the case of Kashmir, not of India
2)It is UN-based and asking 3rd party does not mean the same.

UNSCR has asked both Pakistan and India to resolve issues peacefully and withdrawal of forces—overt and covert by either side is a natural first step that Pakistan ignores. It will be naive to expect that 3rd party will solve anything. 3rd party interference anywhere is beginning of irreversible new problems without solving the old ones. I am sure you understand that you will not talk to your neighbor for peace if he comes with a gun. It is a reasonable expectation to drop violence before peace can be discussed.

Magic786: I am going to ignore you until you answer my questions on Kashmir (12th reminder to you).

By: Magic786 Sun, 14 Mar 2010 14:50:44 +0000 Simply they dont have any grounds to argue front of international observers…why Kashmir is part of India?

So its best and suits idiots not have someone who can see who wants peace who does not. All their negative tactics exposed but than they go running to saudis to put some kind of pressure on Pakistan… bit of contradiction on one side they dont want except for billateral talks but than when they feel Pakistan not budging till we move from “lets talk about talks”. They have to go and beg in saudi to ask their close friend to stop.

By: Uddin Sat, 13 Mar 2010 23:09:48 +0000 A simple question for my friends in India:
Why would India not agree to an outside mediator on Kashmir: specially when it thinks its case is based on internationally recognized principles?

By: RajeevK Thu, 11 Mar 2010 19:24:05 +0000 Once again, those who pretend to fight for Kashmiri cause and those who worry religious fundamentalism in India and the hypocrisy have vanished into thin air!!!

By: chirkutpappu Thu, 11 Mar 2010 03:38:53 +0000 slightly off topic

Another lie perpetuated by Pakis busted by their own newspaper. India is not stealing Paki water. Og

By: RajeevK Wed, 10 Mar 2010 17:05:52 +0000 @Do not hide behind curtain come out in open, don’t be a liar hypocrite with double standards.”

After getting detailed responses to your call to come out in open, where are you now: under the couch or in the bunker….lol

By: Mortal1 Wed, 10 Mar 2010 05:24:57 +0000 @Umair: I’ll just respond to one of your statements since other’s have responded to your comments & I don’t wanna be redundant.

@”Its only Indians calling LeT being supported by Pakistani state”

I’ll just refer LeT’s, wikipedia page, for your reading pleasure. Hopefully, that’ll clarify what the world thinks of LeT (not just Indians):

“It was formed in 1990 with the blessings and design of the then Pakistani Army chief General Mirza Aslam Baig and the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. The newly formed organization was assured supply of arms as well as veterans left over from the anti-Soviet Afghan War of the 1980s, as well as access to the training camps which were used to train the Afghan Mujahideen in the 1980s.

Most of these training camps were located in North-West Frontier Province (NWFP) and many were shifted to Azad Kashmir for the sole purpose of training volunteers for the Kashmir Jihad. From 1991 onwards, militancy surged in Indian Kashmir, as many Lashkar-e-Taiba volunteers, mostly village youth from Pakistan’s Punjab province, were infiltrated into Indian Kashmir from the Azad Kashmir with the help of the Pakistan Army and ISI. For many years it was no secret that Lashkar-e-Taiba’s second headquarters were at the HQ of the 12th Infantry Division of the Pakistan Army, which was based in Azad Kashmir.

U.S. intelligence officials believe that Pakistan’s main intelligence agency, the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), continues to give LeT intelligence help and protection.[11]”

By: RajeevK Tue, 09 Mar 2010 14:19:16 +0000 @LeT is no different than RSS, VHP Sangh pariwar, Shiv Sena, all these are different sides of the same cion. Do not hide behind curtain come out in open, don’t be a liar hypocrite with double standards.”

Umair: Let us come out in open. I condemn all Hindu radical groups including the ones which you do not even know and nor their agendas. Shiv Sena targets people like me from North India, just to add to your knowledge. You already know how much I love LeT!!!!

What is your stand. Want to come out in open without ifs and buts. I can give you a lot ifs and buts for Hindu radicals if you get into these games. Let us see you practicing the verse you cited.

I heard you admire LeT as equal to Nelsen Mandela and then also said LeT is no different than RSS, VHP Sangh pariwar, Shiv Sena.

It appears you are saying all these Indian groups are also like Mandela. Good we have a tiny fraction of people like you in India who support these radical groups.

By: DaraIndia Tue, 09 Mar 2010 08:36:22 +0000 “Dara the fact is they dont need to as they have enought targets in India. Once they have achieved there local objectives only than they will enhance there operation speheres.”

If you have read my comment in context you would have also read what I said there “Most, the vast majority of the population of India condemns their activities most vehemently, and you know it. Now lets hear you say that about your own fundamentalists – state or non sate.”
That is the issue. Not that Indian fundamentalists are innocent angels but that they are openly condemned by the vast majority of Indians and the government. No one takes refuge in calling them state and non-state actors.That is what was being discussed with Umair. Have you heard even one Indian here talk in support of these people? How many Pakistanis here condemn militant activities without giving out pompous excuses of non state actors and the like?

Are you even willing to admit that Islamic militants and their organisations in Pakistan are guilty of the same crimes that you accuse Indian fundamntalists of? Let’s hear you Magic786.

By: G-W Tue, 09 Mar 2010 05:21:03 +0000 If a plebescite is to be given to Kashmiris, then a precedent should be set, a Plebescite should also be given to Balochis and the Pashto Pathan Nation as well.

After all, fair is fair. Pakistani’s should be careful what they ask for, they may get more than they bargained for, Plebescite on Kashmir may precipate disintegration of Pakistan.