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–Thanks for the heads up!

By: pakistan Sun, 11 Jul 2010 10:16:11 +0000 @GW
you should also be aware that Pakistan military has plans to walk into Sirinagar and simaltaneously cross the border into Punjab and go for Delhi with the use of strategic weapomry, come what may. The majority in the military leadership is still holding this planned action as a last resort, which could trigger off automatically from the Indian military provocation. This plan is not a secret and known to the Indian military. The civilian Govt. of Pakistan has been trying to resolve the dispute with the Indian Govt. to the best of their ability as in previous decades. They have no influence on the military decisions and strategies, similar to the routines established in Turkey. Most of the Generals receive their strategic military education in Turkish staff colleges. The question is;For how long the military is going to wait for the civilian Govt. to resolve the disputes with India?
Rex Minor

By: pakistan Sun, 11 Jul 2010 10:01:58 +0000 The Pashtoons(talibans) have never negotiated in their history, they make very basic and simple demands and if they are met the deal is made. No spins or distracrion tactics developed by the Think Tank are likely to work with them permanently. This stance is not very different from the European Germans who are equally prepared to cancel the treaties if they are negotiated under pressure and deceit. The Pakistan and Afghan Govts. have no valid role to speak for Talibans, the Saudis yes.
Rex Minor

By: Seth09 Sun, 04 Jul 2010 06:42:09 +0000 A relevant article: 10/07/02/hiding_in_plain_sight

By: Shuqaib.Bhutto Sun, 04 Jul 2010 05:48:37 +0000 @ Shakir
LOL. Good one bro.

By: tupak_shakir Sat, 03 Jul 2010 23:59:15 +0000 GW,

I did not read your post. too long.

By: G-W Sat, 03 Jul 2010 17:05:17 +0000 @Shakir,

You Pakistani’s have lost the position to dictate terms on anything, you must accept that you are actually on the butt end of the stick, internationally speaking. The economic hitmen have already privatized many of the resources and land in your country to pay for the debt. You own billions to the IMF and have little in terms of fuel resources to sustain a drawn out military conflict with any country. Such a lack of reserve power is only backed up your national obsession that your nxkes will somehow protect you, but they won’t, they have actually led to the great instability and radicalization of your country.

With regards to kashmir, what do you Pakistani’s really care about Kashmir anyway? You Paks care damn about Kashmiri’s, the same way you Paks cared damn about Bengali’s and Afghans, you just want the land from Kashmir in the greater struggle for Islamicization and hopefully longer term goals of re-imposing Islam and occupation upon India. The reason I say this, this was general niazi’s goal and Indians have seen the maps created by the Militants in Pakistan, where the entire northern India is swallowed up and joined with Bangladesh. Those same goals have not changed, but just undergone change in how they are being implemented, via proxy wars upon India in Kashmir.

We all know what the pre-occupation with Kashmir really is, if it was not Kashmir, it would be Gujarat, if it was not Gujarat, there would be another politically fictitious war started on India about the plight of muslims in India being victims of the evil Hindus there…it does not end. There is a cabal in Pakistan that is not resting until it claws away land from India and that is the goal, at the end of the day to work through any means to keep clawing away land…keep on creating new fictitious religious struggles….keep creating more anti-India movements to keep fragmenting and stealing land.

Kashmir belongs to Kashmiri’s, so if you want India out, Pakistan should get out as well, lock stock and barrel, no double standards are needed. It is my personal understanding that if India ever left Kashmir on its own, thinking that Indians are somehow weak and intimidate-able, this would embolden your Army and militants to keep using proxy terrorism for the purpose of grabbing more land, all under the guise of the fictitiously created perception that muslims are somehow being suppressed and victimized by non-muslims, and this is completely false.

This is not some sort of hysteria, this is a dream by many in Pakistan, especially the militants and some of those in uniform that train mentor and support them. Your education system, peoples perceptions there, the militants and your military, all in one way or another support this view.

You Punjabi’s cannot have Kashmir, it is not yours, you cannot have Afghanistan, it is not yours, it belongs to the Pathans.

The more Pakistan keeps sending militants into Indian Kashmir, the more the security situation deteriorates, prompting exacting measures from the Indian Army and then Pakistan using this response as a fingerpointing moment to pressure India about Kashmir.

India the duty to maintain territorial integrity and security of its citizens. If India ever just walks out of Kashmir, a new Hindu genocide and ethnic cleansing will begin in Indian Kashmir and the PA will continue this same proxy terrorism into Himachal Pradesh, Punjab and even Uttar Pradesh in the long run.

So do you see Shakir, Indians are well aware of the long terms goals in mind, therefore Indian citizens will never approve conceding Kashmir to Pakistan, our very safety and integrity as a country is at stake, because Pakistan is complicit with militants and terrorism and so-called state agents use militant groups to do their dirty work.

Kashmir will never be solved, unless these nefarious plans are exposed, militantism completely stopped, all terror training camps in Pakistan closed and your education system is changed and the political landscape in your country modernizes towards true democracy. Until then, your Army will keep playing cheap tricks, lying double dealing and leaving poor Kashmiri’s stuck in the middle, getting caught up in the quagmire created by your state owned Proxy militants.

As long as Pakistan keeps playing militant games, the status quo will remain.

By: Seth09 Fri, 02 Jul 2010 20:22:07 +0000 re: “Hand over Modi”

Lalit Modi? :)

PS: As for rest of your posting, “get well soon”! admin/assets/images/Get_Well_Soon_Bouque t.19390654.jpg

By: tupak_shakir Fri, 02 Jul 2010 19:54:01 +0000 1) We accept the existence of Pakistan

you have no choice.

2) We want Pakistan to moderate and become a friendly neighbour

Friendly neighbor like india?

3) We think Pakistani’s do not like non-muslims, or feel them inferior.

can’t help with your complex.

4) We ask that you commit no more terrorism against Indians, or your own people and minorities

we ask the same for kashmiris.

5) We ask that you redefine pakistani constitution and redefine basic human value, outside of religion.

like hinduvta?

6) We ask you to stop and cease all terrorist activities against anybody and everbody by destroying all terrorist camps.

we ask that your 500,000 terrorists leave kashmir.

7) We do not agree with your madrasa system that perverts and corrupts a child’s understanding and education from childhood

we don’t agree with RSS schools and textbooks.

8) We believe that you do not want peace, but in fact want to use every opportunity to hurt us.

resolve kashmir.

9) We believe that you cannot handle our success and feel that you have the right to deny us, because you are unable to fix your own house and would like to take India down, if your country sinks, even though we have done NOTHING to you Pakistani.s


10) We believe you Pakistani’s are choosing to be ignorant and blind to the chaos unfolding around you and are not taking responsibility for your country, but would still rather blame some unknown outside forces for all of your troubles.


11) We ask that you, leave everybody alone, leave Afghans and Indians alone. What ever you want to believe, or do……..KEEP IT IN YOUR OWN BACK YARD.

leave kashmir, sri lanka, nepal, bangladesh, pakistan alone.

12) We feel that you are incapable of ever choosing to tell the truth.


13) It also feels that any peace initiatives are insincere on Pakistan’s part, since a new terrorist attack keeps originating from the terror camps it refuses to destroy, arranged by the same terrorist leaders it refuses to not arrest and jail.


14) We feel that Pakistan keeps hiding behind using excuses of no-extradition treaties and “let the law do its job” to never arrest or jail known criminals, terrorists and dons on Pakistani soil.

Hand over Modi

By: pakistan Fri, 02 Jul 2010 18:34:08 +0000 What a farce to see both India and Pakistan being destabilised and its citizens are bickering about each other. The Pashtoons are really having fun receiving money from the foreign army commanders for logistics all the way from Peshawar to Kabul and beyond. And their special forces are keeping the US and Nato troops engaged with their IED’s and limited snipers. Pakistan military is now responsible for the roads in Pakistan to allow the supplies through and simaltaneously allowing the so called talabans to explode the convoys every now and then. Every body is happy like in good old days in the eighteenth century. Be careful the new miliary boss from the USA is carrying a heavy metal on his chest and sometimes faints away. The Pashtoons must be in a dilemma now to have such a weak commander. The former sacked commander was at least fit and healthy living ion one meal and no medicine.
Rex Minor not Pakistan