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Are you ret_ard or something? It was posted by some Johnvoxx. I did not believe it hence inquired to confirm it since there is a possibility. If you did not get a chance to read the that chusman, he was a total nut-case and brought the entire blog down last week before he was span_ked by keystrokes by people like you and me and then moderators.

As for that Johnvoxx guy – unless he confirms himself, his claim would be ruled out. Can’t you even see that?

By: Shuqaib.Bhutto Mon, 05 Jul 2010 18:06:13 +0000 The voluntary resignation of our politicians is very refreshing…but also a bit unnerving. Keep in mind the total number that are under investigation. If a significant number of resignations occur (forced or voluntary), then we might be headed towards more than just a mini-midterm. I wonder if we can really afford this kind of political instability right now?

” Military and Politician Billionaires – Your wealth is obviously ill-gotten so 95% lump tax on all assets..”

I think this will give a collective heart attack to all our ‘lotas’ . All the more reason to do it perhaps :)

Speaking of lotas, the ‘king lota’ gives his two cents. il.asp?Id=29772
I wonder what the punishment under Hudood law is for being as stupid as this guy.

By: tupak_shakir Mon, 05 Jul 2010 17:31:12 +0000 Seth,

Are you really so lacking in friendship and hobbies, purpose and recreation, companionship or romance, that you dream up delusional conspiracies about a pakistani having a conversation with himself about electoral laws in a subversive attempt to undermine India?

Are you people seriously insane?

By: Seth09 Mon, 05 Jul 2010 16:27:40 +0000 @Johnvoxx

You said:

“Somebody is suffering from multiple personality syndrome:

Shuqaib.Bhutto + tupak_shakir = mirzausman

(IP address check)”

I’m still curious to find out if it comes from a moderator?

By: tupak_shakir Mon, 05 Jul 2010 14:12:47 +0000 Shuqaib. vs.

Minorities as part of the women allotment is an excellent idea. a nation is judged by how it treats its weakest and we have a very long way to go. Here, we could learn from the west on how they treat their disabled. If we don’t want to look at the west, we need not go further than Islam. Where are our bearded-ones to propose progressive laws per Islamic spirit on protecting the weak? They are too busy with scales measuring beards.

Here is a Tax Schedule proposal:

Military and Politician Billionaires – Your wealth is obviously ill-gotten so 95% lump tax on all assets..

‘Halal’ Entrepreneurs (textile), self-made businessmen – 40% income tax

Oligarchs – 50% income tax

Rich – 30% income tax. 5% property tax.

Middle & Lower Class – No further taxes, How about social services for a change?

I am shocked that are politicians are resigning. I never thought there would come a day when our politicians would resign voluntarily. This is refreshing.

By: Shuqaib.Bhutto Mon, 05 Jul 2010 08:43:00 +0000 Six MNAs and eleven MPAs have so far resigned. This could get very ugly considering the fact that close to 260 members are being scrutinized. sp?id=249005

By: Shuqaib.Bhutto Mon, 05 Jul 2010 05:23:37 +0000 continued…

Regrding the mullahs, democracy is to them what a good antiseptic is to germs. The only time they do well at the ballot box is when the main parties are sidelined by our latest tinpot saviour.

They do not offer any practical solutions, they know jack about economics and governance, and they interpret our religion in the most regressive ways imaginable.

When Musharaf appointed Jamali as our PM, their only criticism of this move was that Jamali saheb’s beard was not long enough. I think that says everything about the mentality of these folks.

By: Shuqaib.Bhutto Mon, 05 Jul 2010 04:45:05 +0000 @ Shakir. Salaam.

What you wrote about increasing the allotement for minorities is practical. Another approach would be to take 10 or 20 seats from the women’s allotments and reserve them specifically for women from the minorities? That would increase minority representation without sacrificing the women’s allotments. What do you think?

What you wrote about our system running its course is spot on. Democracy is definitely a journey, not a destination. The longer we stay on the road, the better our system will become over time.

Judicial independence is but one step. Unless our police are reformed and empowered to do their jobs, until then our system will flounder.

Taxation too is a mess. Remember the Ridda wars. The main purpose behind the Ridda wars was maintain taxation as well as policing powers.

By: Seth09 Mon, 05 Jul 2010 04:03:41 +0000 Hijackers with no life, eh? I also enjoyed that brother-brother salutations. :) I don’t think western minds can notice the irony behind it.

No wonder some factions in your country are so opposed to democracy. Well! So should we expect PakReuters after PakBook now?

PS: Who is johnvoxx? One of the Reuters moderator? If yes, thank you!

By: johnvoxx Mon, 05 Jul 2010 03:32:48 +0000 Somebody is suffering from multiple personality syndrome:

Shuqaib.Bhutto + tupak_shakir = mirzausman

(IP address check)