Comments on: Towards a settlement in Afghanistan; on terms and timing Perspectives on Pakistan Thu, 01 Oct 2015 19:31:05 +0000 hourly 1 By: pakistan Wed, 21 Jul 2010 15:43:49 +0000 gentlemen, Let me state a joke of the day. The USA and the Nato would train Afghan army to defende their country. A pashtoon is taught to shoot at the age of three, and he is known to be the best in defending his land. They are exempt from the conscription.
Rex Minor

PS It would be better if they are taught to fly the fighter planes.

By: pakistan Wed, 21 Jul 2010 15:26:32 +0000 @RajeevK
I have the impression that you are simply kow towing the propaganda of the American, Israeli and the Indian Govts. Sorry, using this philosaphy successfully used by George W, particularly with the former Pakistan govt., namely either you are for me or against me, would mean that you need to have allies first and then the collective response against the so called *enemies’. India would very much like Pakistan to become its ally against the Kashmiris Well, you are joking ofcourse. Both India and Pakistan of course are staunch enemies and more than once India has demonstrated this act. Or do you believe that the Indian military intrusion in former East Pakistan was to give moral support to the Pakistan military. Pakistan military should hve struck India when indian military was suppressing its sikh population, no the Pakistan Govt. played by the rule. Pakistan could have pretended Indian aggression in Pakistan after the momby attack and entered into the Indian territory, but no the clever Delhi born incompetent General and self appointed head of state was sleeping. no sir, Pakistan military have lost many opportunities, the Indian military on the other hand have never lost a single opportunity and waiting still for a pretext to enter into the territory of Pakistan to save the Pashtoons or the Baluchis. Like one American General once said( the name does not matter) Pakistan has got very professional officers but at a general level they lack much.We in the west are witnessing the display of a Pkistani general to be the spokesman for their operations in the tribal territory and a load of retirees now looking for jobs with the cable networks as experts on politics in pakistan. What a shame. I would send every senior officer beyond the battalion command to a compulsary retirement in Pakistan, introduce compulsary military service for a period of eighteen months as soon as the person reaches the age of eighteen years. This army would then be the national army and could then confront any enemy regardless of the weaponry. There is a very easy course for the Indian govt. to stop military adventure in Kashmir or any other province for that matter, there will be no home grown terrorists using the sea route or the land route or the air corridors. Otherwise, all the countries who are accustomed to force are sooner or later going to meet the liittle people. they can not have the cake and eat it too. Have a nice day.
Rex Minor
It is always wise to listen to the people and not talk over their heads. We, and I mean you too,are not fools.

By: RajeevK Tue, 20 Jul 2010 21:00:09 +0000 RexMinor:

@We have got our master degrees and Phd’s of a much higher standard than those granted to fools like George W in the USA and the afro american constitutional law expert, calling himself the commander in Chief!!”

-I will call you Dr. Minor then. But tell me who are “We” above?

By: RajeevK Tue, 20 Jul 2010 20:53:11 +0000 @ Is Pakistan military responsible for the security of the USA or India? Definitely not!!:

–No, but it is expected that they do not train terrorists and send to India.

What you said is very similar to many common Pakistanis who were saying the same after Mumbai 26/11 attack by Pakistani terrorists—–that Pakistan is not responsible for Indian security and it is the fault of Indian security apparatus.

By: pakistan Sat, 17 Jul 2010 08:32:35 +0000 @brian
Well said, I would add the use of deadly force to meet your political aims.In my opinion I do not of any political groups which are using today the terrorist acts to achieve their political aims in a democratic environament. I do not want to name any resistance group in this category, who have resorted to violence against their occupiers. The Bader meinhof group in Germany and the Ira in northern Ireland were the last serious groups operating in a democracy. I would not place ETA in the same category.
Rex Minor

By: brian_decree Sat, 17 Jul 2010 02:52:45 +0000 Pakistan:

The word Terrorist is functional not descriptive. The function (speaking of fallacies..) is to evoke description by the use of the word ‘terror’. It’s a false implication that marries the title “terrorist” to the feeling of terror, the desired result.. and that is why it’s been so useful in the modern world.
The ACTUAL definition is simply ‘to coerce one through force or fear’, which is a very common thing in this world..
Though the true strength of the word is in it’s non-descriptive ambiguity, in how one uses it. Like the use of the word ‘communist’ in apartheid South Africa..
Since 911 there has been no public definition of the word “terrorist”, only an implication that it involves ‘the targeting of the civilians of a MORE POWERFUL country’.
This is not what the word means at all..

Think about it.. what is it that we hate most about “terrorism” ? What gives it it’s meaning?

The use of deadly force to get your way.

No matter who this force is used on, you can bet on one thing.

The countries using this word the most are the same countries most forcing their power on others to get what they want..

By: pakistan Fri, 16 Jul 2010 21:33:18 +0000 In all honesty I have no intention to upset any of the people on this forum. You guys get sometimes so personal that I wonder. I have said it earier, there are no terrorists in our world. why do#nt you call them the resistance fightersinstead of terrorists? What difference would this make if you accept that like the French, the poles and many other Europeans resistance against German occupation of their land was genuine and so is the palastinians, the Kashmiris, the Pashtoons, the chechenians and many other groups who are resisting with violence the occupation of their land. it would be ideal if they were to practice Gandhian non violence resistance and aiming at military targets only. But things are as they are, why give them names which the colonialists have always used against rebels. You do not agree with my analysis then I am not disturbed. Let us talk about the State terrorism, Israel embargo against Gaza and looting of the Palestinian houses and target killings. You do not call this terrorism, it is o’k with me. You obviously do not consider Indian and pakistan military operations against their own citizens as a genuine police action against criminal lot. It is o’k with me. You probably believe that the american military adventure in vietnam, korea, several latin countries, Iraq and Afghanistan were not terrorist acts, it is o’k with me. But let us use our common sense and follow the golden sentence of hillary, the great diplomat of our times, there will be consequences!! Now I guess you are not happy with the consequences of the State terrorism. Well, I am sorry, you should have guessed it, the worst possible consequences! They are usually very ugly. Something for your thoughts. As a neutral man I would propose that to avioid further extreme consequences both India and Pakistan undertake a highly technical joint project to bring their best scientests together and this could go a long way towards allevating the mistrust and solving together the common social and economical problems. Playing cricket is not enough. The european story is a good example for them, no territorial greed. Do you guys have any concrete proposal in this direction instead of talking about the territory exchange and the talk about the terrorist groups. Look towards east and not west, only fools would demand of Pakistan to hand over the terrorist suspects to the USA or India, after having occupied Afghanistan for a decade and Indian military adventure in the Kashmir valley. Is Pakistan military responsible for the security of the USA or India? Definitely not!!
The lady is a fool to demand this and the Indian leader is nuts to ask for this. Ö’h sorry, you guys agree with these demands and are prepared to quote the state department fatwas on this subject. What is the difference in your view about the fatwas of muslim clergy, the late khomeni and the USA state department. Jehad is resistance not holy war. Though shall not kill, this is the commandment of God almighty and no muslim clergy is in a position to deviate from this. Khomeni or otherwise. let us not kid ourselves and consider the silent people of the world as fools.
We have got our master degrees and Phd’s of a much higher standard than those granted to fools like George W in the USA and the afro american constitutional law expert, calling himself the commander in Chief!! If you guys do not follow my way of thinking then you need to refresh your studies and do not abuse the post.
I am not an expert either and do not understand some of your jibberish and short words, but do not criticise you and try to consult american and english dictionaries, sometimes without success. And I I do not regard you idiots or ana logues species living on hormone rich american and canadian food.
Rex Minor

By: RajeevK Fri, 16 Jul 2010 17:42:19 +0000 RexMInor:

@The NY times and Washington Post would not tell you their source of info. I am not going to tell you eaither, You would not believe it anyway. There is so much propaganda, lies and crap coming from the USA that it is hard to even believe in one’s existance.”
—Stop making presumptions and start arguing the points.

And this one was in response to my question to u to tell me the source of ur info that PA will walk into India. You are worse than American talk show hosts who if they want can talk for hours without making any sense.

You only threw more crap and more questions and lots of assumptions that I am reading NY or Washington Times. Garnish with Iraq, Isreal and N. Korea (landmines for the posters,,,lol) and serve it.

Did I sing a song about the USA. Who the hell cares about the USA in context of my last post. Damn! so hard to get something sensible and specific out of you.

Put my point up there (like…@XXXXXXXXXXXXX) and respond/ Nuff of generic crap that one gets no where. I will respond to your points. Now can we begin and u already have list of questions/points. If not go fish!

PS: we can talk philosophy too. this is not the place and no time for this.

By: Mortal1 Fri, 16 Jul 2010 15:49:32 +0000 @”who is the new messiha in reality occupying the post in the white house, a son of a kenyan and irish mother, a muslim who was baptised by his father at birth as a muslim, or a christian vising the chicago church or an imposter who is something of every thing but nothing”
Posted by pakistan

oooh, you are really starting to spin my head now lol!
BTW, Obama was never baptised by his father as a muslim. In fact, the only time he met his father in his life was at an airport for 30 mins when obama was 10 yrs old and his mother Ann Dunham wasn’t Irish but American of english descent. As always, thanks for the entertainment.

By: pakistan Fri, 16 Jul 2010 11:21:34 +0000 @GW
I guess I have said it earlier in my post. I would never trust a Pashtoon!! A Pushtoon never negotiates, they have demands and they are usually minimal and are not negotiatable. The Nato has no business in Afghanistan, nor do the USA? If they do not cut and run a train of commondos would accompany them to their homeland. For the time being most of the tribes along the route from Peshawar to kabul and Qandhar are receiving cash payments to allow a free passage. The problem is now from Karachi to Peshawar and Pakistan military is cashing the money so this should be under attack.
Mr Karzai is a Pashtoon and I would not be surprised if he orders a free pass for killing all foreigners in Kabul. This has happened in the past and his forefathers took part in it.
Rex Minor