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“Change, positive change will come, slowly, gradually, surely and painfully. It is a price we will ultimately have to pay for a better Pakistan. Still a lot of great people call this country their home and proud of it. ”

Very good to hear this from you that all hope is not lost.

And I think you gave a good answer regarding minority and majority of Pakistan if it was not a mere lip service (I say this because in past u have had flip flop kind of opinions; but if ur answer is honest then accept my humble apology for doubting). As far as US betraying goes I assume you want to say that despite of Pakistan helping US, US is not favouring Pakistan by not putting pressure on India to hand over its side of Kashmir to Pakistan on platter…Am I correct? But what I fail to understand is that isn’t Pakistani majority sick of spending so much on kashmir and not on development? Your governments spend so heavily on defence when all that money could be used for development work inside Pakistan. Is the majority in Pakistan not sick of minority who is killing all non-sunni muslims? Why can’t you people live and let others live peacefully? Why do public not demonstrate on roads even without so called leaders when there is a bomb blast inside Pakistan? Why the hell after all the sins of minority does the majority support it? I am baffled but lets just hope that positive change comes to Pakistan as described by you.

By: Mortal1 Thu, 14 Oct 2010 21:51:11 +0000 @”Remember one thing, Pakistan and US have a longstanding history of relations which are seen as one sided. Pakistan always sacrificing for protecting regional American interests. US always betraying in return” Posted by Umairpk

If you’re really interested in transforming your country, first of all, you need to get out of this false victim-hood mentality, which has become a staple of your national rhetoric. The notion that “poor & innocent Pakistan became a sacrificial lamb of the big bad Yankee wolf”, is quite erroneous & ridiculous. The only reson, you guys are in the mess that you are, is the greed of your generals, who have rented out your country, time & again, for the fulfillment of their own bind ambitions. Nobody put a gun to your heads to participate in the Afghan-Soviet war. Your generals did it for the billions of $$$ & weapons which they recieved from the US and with the prospect of using those mujahadeen & weapons against India, after the war. So, if you want to avoid repeating similar mistakes in the future, you need to get your history right, first.

By: G-W Thu, 14 Oct 2010 19:50:40 +0000 @Umair,

As long as Pakistan does not secularize AND democratize, Pakistani’s will continue to suffer from religious extremism, poor education and corruption.

Yes, it is the minority that commits violence in the name of religion, but you have to admit that the majority, while they do not actually get involved in violence, against minorities, India or Afghanistan, politically and religiously ascribe and sympathize with Sunni extremists.

yes there is a clear distinction between the two, when it comes to carrying acts of violence against the state or any other non-sunni kaffir type, but the core political and religious doctrine against minorities in Pakistan paints the entire country with the same brush, it is this unified core doctrine, which actually gives rise to these extremist groups.

So, this stands to reason, that the people of Pakistan, while they have suffered, are downtrodden, should try to moderate their core doctrines and find something positive about secularizing, democratizing and following a path that has brought prosperity to other nations, like India, Turkey, Jordan to name a few.

While, yes, the FATA is being pounded and droned by NATO and they are seen as the aggressor, then what would you call the Pakistani Army, the creator, mentor and supporter of these Haqqani’s and Hekmatayr groups, what would you call them?

The U.S. would not be in Pakistan and Afghanistan had 911 not happened. Your PA and ISI agencies continued the weaponization of Islamic militants for the sake of “national interests”, not fully contemplating the repercussions and ramifications of creating a pandora’s box of militant culture in Pakistan that threatens everybody’s existence from Afghanistan to India and all in between.

I still do not like it, but still believe that the PA is the most organized and professional entity in Pakistan, despite the double dealing and things, it still has the ability to turn the course of history here and make peace with India and use that huge army to stamp out frankenstein.

The PA should make peace with India, sign-off a formal peace agreement and make the LOC as the defacto border and agree to visit Kashmir and its liberation at a time, when Pakistan politically stablizes and rids itself of militancy.

In the mean time, much can be done to mutually benefit all of Pakistan and India and other satellite nations, that being the South Asian Union. Just imagine Umair, how many more computers you could sell to everybody there, if they all had jobs and your army was spending all that cash on infrastructure development, education, industry creation, rather than F-16’s and munitions.

Yes, there are some in India, the hardliners, that would see Pakistan bled dry, by using the forward motion of your short sighted army to spend, spend, spend to counter India. This fallacy of India as army, while historically partially accurate is completely false today. India was never the agressor in any of the wars, Pakistan was the one that always started them.

In any case, India is not about to start any wars with Pakistan, especially because you got nxkes, even when you didn’t have them, we were never the ones who started the wars, pakistan always did that.

Therefore I say again, its time to stop buying F-16’s and more outdated military junk because you won’t need to protect yourself from a country that you make peace with. You can actually spend the money on your people, where it belongs and build them up.

Pakistanis deserve more than being told that India is their enemy. The status quo is not filling their bellie and spirits at night.

Fauji’s can keep their cash, but need to quit squandering national revenue to feed their own military complex, with hundreds of thousands of dead wood military brass, it is administratively dead wood and not needed.

As an emerging power, India has been upgrading to keep some level of Parity against China, because the Chinese are working hard to encircle India and their biggest fear is a united South Asia. Let me repeat, the Chinese their biggest fear is a united south asia, because it stands to threaten their manufacturing business niche.

If it means we can make peace and profit at the same time and lift our people, is that not something to aspire to?

By: Umairpk Thu, 14 Oct 2010 17:35:47 +0000 777″So if Indians can tell their leaders to shut up on religious bigotry and talk and do progress and development then why can’t common man of Pakistan do the same. Beats me!!”

-The common man in Pakistan is downtrodden, suffering and unable to stand for his rights. Middle class is also struggling and torn between different directions, however inside there is a seething anger against politicians. Even a strong sentiment against the Army that is why Pakistan Army is very sensitive to public opinion and its image. I can tell you, things are changing, media is getting bold, civil society is vocal, judiciary is ever more independent and taking steps to curb corruption. Change, positive change will come, slowly, gradually, surely and painfully. It is a price we will ultimately have to pay for a better Pakistan. Still a lot of great people call this country their home and proud of it.

“By the way I am still awaiting answer from Umair on the question that I asked above as, Who is ‘minority with extreme views’ and who is ‘majority whose emotions are manipulated’ in Pakistan as stated by Myra in her final sentence of the article above. Umair??”

-Remember one thing, Pakistan and US have a longstanding history of relations which are seen as one sided. Pakistan always sacrificing for protecting regional American interests. US always betraying in return. Wider issues of Palestine, US support of Israel etc. Kashmir does’nt make things better. The small minority could be conservatives, extremists, people inclined to resort to violence and intolerant, they lack proper education. It takes time to change and bring education in the society, it is about awareness and setting the right priority. Masses in large Pakistani provinces are illetrate, lack a vision, vulnerable to exploitation by these so-called religious extremists. Guess what drone attacks, reckless policies makes the job of extremists easier. In FATA all pushtoons look at US as an aggressor.
While majority of Pakistanis, who vote, pay (some) taxes, go to work, earn a living, payy off bills, etc professionals, white collar people majority is moderate, and vote for moderate political parties like PPP, PML(N) (though PML would be termed as bit conservative).Just regular folks getting along with life. They are the one’s with no voice, nowhere to vent their anger and frustrations of daily lives, of having to bribe their way in government offices, going through hell to get a child admitted in school, or apply for an electricity connection etc. And the extremist minority exploits this sentiment by turining US into a villain. Persoanlly, I do not blame US for anything, I think surely Pakistanis must become masters of their own destiny. Take charge of the situtaion, ownership of their problems, work their way out of the mess they find themselves in. And I am convinced, Pakistani people have the ability to overcome any challenge.

hope my answer is coherent enough for you and it makes sense.

By: 777xxx777 Thu, 14 Oct 2010 16:28:11 +0000 @G-W
It is a mixed kind of news…bad that again there is a attempt on life of a govt head and good that it was thwarted by security forces. Pakistani common man really needs to wake up n shake up the governments to stop the religious bigotry, ORDER PA to end this so called Jihadi actions against India, make friends with India and continue to develop the nation. Pakistan right now needs a revolution and there will be a revolution but only thing left to see is that will it be a religious revolution or a development revolution.

By: G-W Thu, 14 Oct 2010 15:31:40 +0000 LeJ Frankenstein, stopped again, read article. cle/ALeqM5hkiMxbHNH0BqgpWA2ZG6VD6wVTmAD9 IRGU6O3?docId=D9IRGU6O3

By: pakistan Thu, 14 Oct 2010 13:54:17 +0000 @Gentlemen
I have nothing more to add on the subject. @Myra, very good article on street rage and secterian strife.
Rex Minor

By: 777xxx777 Thu, 14 Oct 2010 12:56:13 +0000 @Rex
“the major task is to feed the people”

Only sensible comment I ever read from you and would agree to it. But conflict in opinions is the method needed to be adopted to achieve this ultimate goal. But if we can achieve it our way then outsiders should not pass stupid comments.

In India till date poor remained poor despite that rich paid hefty income taxes and despite that govts. released quite large amounts of money for the relief of poor. All money got sucked up by bureaucratic corruption. Now to take a dig at that govt of India has started the ambitious UID project wherein every single citizen will have a UID and will be accounted for. Now every poor guy can have a bank account linked to his UID and then every penny of relief and aid from central govt will go directly into UID linked bank account of the poor chap
and he/she can access that money from the ATM next door and bureaucracy will get removed to a large extent from this process and transparency will increase tremendously. Increased use of technology will definitely lead us Indians to a better future. And to keep UID project itself free of corruption the whole of UID database is centralised and the head of UID project is one of the most respected persons of Indian IT industry Mr. Nandan Nilekani. So India is progressing on goal of feeding its people.

Lets just hope Pakistan ‘listens’ to Parcha (and not to Taliban worshipping people like you) and tries to reinvent itself.

By: 777xxx777 Thu, 14 Oct 2010 12:37:45 +0000 @Rex
“I have no definite views about the identity issue, but do believe that the loyalty needs to be clearly defined in a country.”

From your commentary of past and present it seems that for you loyalty means country being full of ‘Yes Men’. Anyone who tells the majority of countrymen to do away with ills and adopt goods then he is a 5th columnist. And anyone who is not agreeing with your ‘perceptions’ of the world affairs is either a war monger or kaafir or hopeless or something like that. And your telling people that anyone who does not agree with you should ignore your comments is again significant of your arrogance that you consider yourself outright perfect and anyone who does not agree with this can go away because you are (or at least you consider yourself) ‘always’ correct.

I just hope majority of Pakistan does not agree with majority of your stupid notions.

By: 777xxx777 Thu, 14 Oct 2010 12:23:01 +0000 @rex
Let me make the correction” The Chinese are not, repeat not going to revalue their curreny as repeatedly requested by the Obama administration”.
Now all your intelligent commentry should be sent to the treasury Department so that they can understand the reasons for China to adopt this course. The Chinese Premier was reluctant to explain your analysis to the Americans. Sorry, for the missing word”NOT” in my comments. Thanks for the correction.”

I already ‘assumed’ u wanted to say the word NOT in there as its not only u who track the international business scenario. You blamed me for underestimating your knowledge and now you yourself is underestimating my knowledge on something so naive as China’s currency policy. And what I said was directed to second part of your sentence: “they are going to slowly but gradually suffocate the casino economy of the USA”. I tried to explain you that China in short term is NOT allowing its currency to rise because of above reasons but in long terms it will hurt China itself. Ever wondered why China has pegged Yuan to Dollar. But your reply above does show your bitterness towards US and probably your frustration as well and it seems you didn’t get a word of what I said (had you understood it you would not have replied to tell the correction but would have found that I was telling ill effects of China’s currency policy on China itself). So cool off…and keep concentrating on your favourite subject ‘Taliban’ and hence keep supplying us with laughter!!!!