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“But one thing I must say, it does not matter where you were educated, try to make less use of rude words in your english and avoid personal attacks”

Look who’s saying this. You call people by all names in the rudest forms as fools, war mongers, hopeless, confused and what not. Why did you add comments on my education above? Is it some form of sweet wording or is that not a personal attack? And now when someone calls you a dumb head for misinterpreting an abbreviation then your ego is hurt so much. Calm down and come down.

“no one in the world would think of using AQ for an entity which is not an entity but an ideology!”

Well then how come G-W and KP (or anyone else) did not misinterpret the abbreviation just like you? Are you proposing that you represent the whole world?

By the way it is much easier to type ‘@777′ than ‘@three 7′ but I am sure there is nothing personal in it…correct?

By: pakistan Sun, 17 Oct 2010 14:07:44 +0000 @three 7
O’k, your english is very good and you are equally good at connecting the dots…,in your own Indian style and it is o’k with me. I am not here to give lectures on your analytical methodology. But one thing I must say, it does not matter where you were educated, try to make less use of rude words in your english and avoid personal attacks. Your use of abbreviation is very typical as well, no one in the world would think of using AQ for an entity which is not an entity but an ideology!
rex Minor

By: 777xxx777 Sun, 17 Oct 2010 02:24:35 +0000 @Rex
When Pakistan parliament passed law that Ahmadis are not muslims then it became very easy for criminals to commit human crimes against Ahmadis in name of Islam. Ahmadis became victims of sectarian violence instigated by whoever you want to blame. Had Ahmadis not been ‘declared’ non-muslims then I believe the they would have been spared from sectarian violence. And now you cannot claim that CIA/Mossad/KGB forced Pakistan parliament to declare Ahmadis as non-muslims. So do you see the relation now between declaring Ahmadis as non-muslims and sectarian violence against them.

Anyway it is you who has very little understanding of English and not me and Rehmat. So no wonder our answers go over your head. And I can’t and will not change my writing style just to make u understand. If dumb head like you doesn’t understand its your problem. See my reply to you in another article: “Taliban talks: “an iffy, high-level treaty”” and check yourself who has got bad bad English.

By: pakistan Sat, 16 Oct 2010 20:03:44 +0000 @three7
u are a strange guy with strange unrelated questions. CIA by own admission of the USA engaged in what is regarded to be illegal activities in most countries. The USA is not prepared to accept the international criminal court jurisdictions against the American citizens. The torture practiced against foreign citizens, setting up special prisons outside their country borders etc. Does it surprise you when people suspect number one in the world happens to be the C I A, and perhaps it must also surprise you when the Mossad name is mentioned, a criminal organisation involved in the assasination of the Palestinians within and outside Palestine, or for that matter even the KGB who still go after the disloyal Russian citizens living outside Russia. You guys appear to be too much occupied with the activities of the Pakistan ISI against India. To your question now,
Mr Bhutto was the great leader of Pakistan who took over the role of the pope in Islam and in his naive way tried to protect the ahmedis by this act. This in my view, and I repeat my view, is the red line one should not dare to cross in Islam. He was later murdered by his fellow country men.
The roles of Popes in Christianity is recognised officialy, whereas, the roles of popes in Islam is not recognised! and if you do not understand this sentence, then I can not clarify further. Neither the saudis nor the iranians are the popes of Sunnis and shias for muslims. The dark forces which use religion as an instrument to influence and mobilise the masses for their political aims are present all over the world and in every community. I am sure the subject article was talking about the secterian strifes. I still believe that these strifes are caused by the Americans(CIA) who are professionaly engaged in destabilisation process, first in Sudan, then in Afghanistan followed by Iraq,Iran, Somalia, Yemen, Pakistan and so on. I am sure you do not agree with this thesis. So let us agree to disagree, you re apparently too much involed with Pakistan ISI activities against india.
Rex Minor

By: 777xxx777 Sat, 16 Oct 2010 13:40:55 +0000 All these news about Pakistan internal disturbances and all these discussions of Pakistan are just so repetitive and nothing new or positive is happening inside Pakistan. Just the negative news pouring in every now and then. Even the opinions expressed in these blogs are becoming so repetitive, right or wrong though is a different matter. Only reason I log in is to c Umair’s comments, I like his innocent opinions (however sometimes it does get very weird like “Kashmir banega Pakistan”) and his hopes for a better and sensible and more friendlier (yes once he even said that in his opinion India should not give Kashmir to Pakistan on a platter just like that) future of Pakistan. Lets just hope that his hopes for a better future does come true and Pakistan learns formulae of co-existence and love for all (including so called Kaafirs) just like Turkey.

By: 777xxx777 Sat, 16 Oct 2010 13:25:28 +0000 @Rex
Since the dark side of Islamic world came to front so u start blaming so called saffron brigade (u watch too much of idiot box). And showing your back to difficult questions put up by G-W and me only signifies your frustration and denial of reality. And as a matter of fact neither of us questioned Islam but instead the Islamic world (meaning followers of Islam). Only thing I said about religion was that religions are great tools to divide innocent people for fulfilling mean and selfish political goals of some because often there are vast number of interpretations of same text in religion and hence large number of sects inside every religion.

By the way was it CIA that forced Pakistan parliament to formally declare Ahmadis as non-muslims??

By: pakistan Sat, 16 Oct 2010 11:14:28 +0000 PS
I am sure the experienced journalist Myra Mcdonald did not post this article to invite the members of the saffron Brigade for subjective commentry?
Rex Minr

By: pakistan Sat, 16 Oct 2010 11:11:08 +0000 @Myra
Perhaps you need to remove this article from the Blog.
Rex Minor

By: 777xxx777 Sat, 16 Oct 2010 03:23:46 +0000 Rex said: “What we are witnessing in Pakistan is the destabilisation within the civil society instigated by no other than the CIA”

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
So what was, in your words, highly professional ISI who has double agents in CIA, again your words, doing when CIA planned all this. Sleeping (professionally)???

Islam is as divided as it could be or for that fact any religion on earth is as divided as it can be. Because religions are great tools to divide innocent people for fulfilling mean and selfish political goals of some. So stop fooling around in name of Islam. Shia vs Sunni is an open truth and no one has forced Muslims to be thirsty for other sect’s blood. Muslims leaders have been as sinister as those representing any other religion. Nothing new in it. Umair, Rehmat, or any other Muslim from either side of the border, can you guys please confirm how many sects are there in Islamic world?

But it has become a habit of Pakistan to blame outsiders for every single ill and evil in their society. Until and unless someone accepts his/her/its faults and flaws, he/she/it cannot improve. To find solution one has to understand the problem. To do improvement one has to ACCEPT faults. But fault acceptance is a hush hush thing in Pakistan because it is very convenient to blame outsiders rather than look inside. All religions teach us to conquer oneself before trying to conquer others. Self realisation is the greatest spiritual achievement on can achieve. But ALAS stress of late has been to DO the religion rather than LIVE the religion. And that is why we are filled with “superficially-religious” people all around us. God help us all out of this mess. As we say in India, “sabko sanmati de bhagwaan”. (May god give everyone good sense).

By: G-W Fri, 15 Oct 2010 20:37:06 +0000 “whose Pope has been protecting the Priests who abused the minors and the women until now.
Islam has lived and overcame the divide within their midsts and overcame same centuries ago. What we are witnessing in Pakistan is the destabilisation within the civil society instigated by no other than the CIA.
Rex Minor”

@rex minor,

Religious zealots in every religious institution have always abused minors in every religion, in this regards, most organized religions, the formal institutional make up of them, that is the people who run it, are as godless as ever, many of them.

Just look in Saudi, a top cleric was advocating a marital union between old men and girls who are pre-teen or just teen agers, in the west, we call this pedophilia, you may call it otherwise, but I just wanted to point this out, since you are making some points, all are guilty in this account.

Islam is as divided as ever, don’t kid yourself. Sunnis hate Shias, because they recognize lineage as being the legitimate link to the prophet mohammed and what about the murders against the Shia’s and Ahmadiya,s did the CIA make those sunni militants make those devices to kill innocent shias? Quit blaming outside sources for sectarian infighting in Islam, there is so much heretical anger within Islam against Ismaili’s Ahmadiya, other Sunni Sects and the greater Shiite world at large.

If the fiery sermons given in the Sunni world against Shias by firebrand Sunni Clerics is any indicator of the love for Shias, then the butchering of Shia’s and non-muslim minorities obviously follows instructions carried out by followers of the wahhabi and deobandi groups.

So please quit showering the CIA/RAW/MoSSAID nexus, they really don’t need the flattery. It is thick skulled short mindedness like yours, unwilling to look within and face the internal rot that propagates this behavior.

Oh…BTW….pakistan was already destabilized by Pakistani Army itself. The continued relentless consumption of national funds to fight a fictitious boogeyman next door and rampant corruption and the complacent media in pakistan are all guilty of the death on minorities.

So, in your own admission, you actually wiped the blood off your hands and cleaned the knife off on the clothes of outsiders. Your extremists are homemade and purifying your country for wahhabi-deobandi sunni empire expansion.

We all read and are quite aware of this and this little fact is going to evade the light anymore.

Nice try, but you can’t blame anybody on outsiders but the deobandi and wahhabi’s, nobody put the gun in their hand and made them pull the trigger. These men are far from saints, in the way they tyrannically deal with women, non-muslims and other islamic sects. Their loving and gentle nature is duely noted.

The sad thing is, since there is a god, and I believe there is, I don’t think God had this plan in mind where people would be endlessly butchering each other to compete for his love, I don’t think it was supposed to be this way.