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Time and again I have said that I am not a Pakistani. I am also not a devout muslim as you call me. Yes, I believe in the scriptures which describe God’s commandments for the humans. The human specie is a complete product gifted with senses,intelligence and spirtuality, superior to that of others in the universe. I am humble and greatful to the one God whom I fear and try to live like millions of others in the world.
I have never come across the devil or been cheated or robbed by monsters. People throughout the world have been kindto me.
I am a citizen of Europe,one of the five hundred millionswho are now trying to live in peace with each other per the Lissabon treaty.
I believe that the will of the individul can change the course of the history, equally the will of two or three can create a process with astonishing results. When I said that the Indian people and the Pakistani people do not want peace, it was not meant to belittle or criticise an act. No sir, I genuinely believe that both people in the Indian subcontinent do not desire peace and that is why they do not have it.
Now we all have been going around and around all sorts of reasons blaming every one and this has not helped. Do I have a recipe for the people with centuries of established culture and languages. I have a problem even in communicating with you guys.
I do believe in a dialogue and some pre-requisitesfor peace in the region. Both countries should solve their domestic problems, India in Kashmir and Pakistan with the self created bogey Talibans(aliens from the mars) and the continued secterian violence.
This should take the two govts. a very long time to find practical solutions, not military
I can forecast the possible consquences during this period, namely further attacks from the kashmiri resistance on the Indian soil or its facilities abroad, and further violence and attacks from Pashtoons throughout Pakistan to revenge for any deaths in the family. Pakistan must also quit love hate relationship with the United States and the NATO. Their presence is like showing the red to the Bull and is manifested in the instability Pakistan is experiencingand India could ecperience infuture. The leaders of both countries must take steps to win the hearts and minds of the population and not use force and talk about radicals, extremists , insurgents and terrorists. Both countries have the choice, either use force calling every resistance as terrorists without peace or have a dialogue with opposition as equals and influence the radicals to have peace. mind you Gandhi was not born in Europe or Africa and there was more violence and terrorism in the history of India before them.
Rex Minor
Rex Minor

By: G-W Tue, 19 Oct 2010 19:39:16 +0000 @Rex,

Let me apologize, I really don’t know who you are and am merely critizing your words, not you personally.

If you admire something about pashtoons, that is your business, but you have not provided one good reason to back up people who are retrograde and 7th century.

I also take exception to your assertion that Indians don’t want peace with Pakistan. That is completely false. Indians actually move on pretty quickly and go abou their busines, even after the numerous terrorist attacks that happen on them.

The could have turfed the camps in Kashmir, but did chose the path of eternal goody two shoes restraint, much to the surprise of most nations, that would not have done the same, especially somebody like China or the U.S.

Indians do want peace, but Pakistani’s keep destroying it by lying, lying and more lying. I don’t know how many times Musharaff, AQ Khan, Nawaz Sharif and others have switched their stories over and over and over and over again, just to suit their political needs in light of Mumbai and other situations like it.

There is no depth to the incoherent babbling liars in Pindi, Islamabad and elsewhere, they all hate each other’s guts and but collectively hate India even more. How can Indians make peace with fools who can’t even agree and get along with each other, let along with India?

As a devout muslim, you should recognize that telling the truth is compulsory. As a Pakistani, you know that all your leaders, from the top down to the bottom, all they do is lie, from the army to the civilians and everything in between. Yes Indian ones lie too, but not nearly to the exponential amount that Pakistani ones do.

Tell me, what can India do to make peace with a country like Pakistan, please tell me what India should do and what Pakistan is willing to do. Please provide a 50-50 list of things each can do.

By: pakistan Tue, 19 Oct 2010 17:26:16 +0000 @GW
Did Nato/cnn provide the address and warned the guy to leave the area otherwise the USA are going to send the Drone or killer commandos? I guess not otherwise the Reuters journalists could google his location and visit him for an exclusive interview.
Rex Minor

By: Mortal1 Tue, 19 Oct 2010 17:03:53 +0000 @GW: “Your affeminate man crush on AQ-Taliban-Pashtoon, or anything 7th century is quite intriging”

There’s nothing to be intrigued here. It’s quite evident that Rex Minor/Pakistan is a closet Pashtun. So, in essence, he’s not doing anything else here, except toot his own horn. Nothing different from what we’re accustomed to seeing from Umair vis-a-vis Pak army etc.

By: pakistan Tue, 19 Oct 2010 14:51:47 +0000 @GW
Why do you think nasty things about people, I do not? Neither me nor any muslim has indignant feelings about non muslims. I am practically sorrounded by non muslims. Any one who fits into your imagination of being a pashtoon or muslim is certainly none of the sort! Are you happy now? It is not worthy of any to throw accusations at people that you do not know about? I was told that George W was an alkohaliker and then was reformed. We are told that the american marines have done cruel things and that the so called talibans have also committed cruel things. The Venezualen President says that the american colonialists have always made up lies before they invade a country and still do. Some of these allegations we believe in and some we do not. Is it our fault if we do not believe certain horrible things being said about the Pashtoons, Pakistanis and by the way Indians as well.
Rex Minor

By: pakistan Tue, 19 Oct 2010 14:28:11 +0000 @GW
I was not serious about Indian people marching into Pakistan peacefully, because in my view the Indian people have no such deep feelings for peace with Pakistan, nor do the Pakistani want any peace with India. The morrocans did it, since they were peaceful.

The people of Europe are fed up with wars and wanted peace and we have peace now.
The Durand line is not recognised by Afghanistan as of this day. Nor does it have any relevance for the Pashtoons! The so called border is no different than the irrelevant borders within Europe. The Pashtoons are divided into tribes and the borders of these tribes are very much relevant.
Perhaps one day the borders between India and Pakistan would become irrelevant, and all the provinces would act more or less independent of the central Govts. This is the recipe of solidarity, cooperation and progress. The allied powers wanted to prevent the rebirth of a strong germany with a strong central Govt and therefore created the federal system of Govt. To day this is the model for the whole of Europe, Let us hope that your leaders would think in a similar way but this effort could take centuries. Your complaints about the Talibans and others would disappear.
Rex Minor

By: G-W Tue, 19 Oct 2010 14:07:17 +0000 @Rex Minor, Umair, 777, Singh, others,

Forget Afghanistan for a second. There is some sort of huge movement here. OBL’s location was just alleged to be in Pakistan. One-two days later, the U.S. issues 2B USD aid package for Pakistan to take fight into N.Waziristan.

On CNN, the news anchors have stated that “there are no more excuses left for Pakistan, they have all them money the need now…..”

I suspect Pakistan state agencies are being cornered now and all legitimate means of leverage against them has now come out in the form of financial aid, and they have stated that. Now the U.S. machine expect results or severe consequences may follow.

If Pakistan does not comply, they will in fact bring war on Pakistan, in the form of a 2012 loss by Obama and the new republican Neo-cons will be far worse than what anybody has seen and these neocons will be out to make a style statement on Pakistan, the kid gloves will come off.

By: pakistan Tue, 19 Oct 2010 13:54:53 +0000 @KP Singh
Your post has always been of a interest to me because of the history lines you provide. The problem is the absence of the time limit.
The Brits were in India for more than two hundred odd years and in the Pashtoon territory for one hundred years. They lost two Afghan wars and could never defeat the Pashtoons in any combat. Their armiy units were practically butchered. They were successful in bringing the entire Pashtoon family becoming their enemy. Several books have been published to record the events. At the end a certain peace was achieved with the Pashtoons who live in today’s Pakistan. The Brits were allowed to have some military posts on the Border with Afghanistan( the so called durand line, not recognised by the Afghans to this day)to keep watch for any Russian’s intrusion. The brits also appointed a co-ordinator in their Govt. with the title of the Political Agent. His task was to coordinate political arrangements with the tribal chiefs and to make sure that they regularly receive the agreed fee for the roads which were laid in the Pashtoon territory. These arrangements arte still intact and the Pakistan Govt. have upheld the written contract since partition. Now some of your commentry does not make any headway if you do not accept the aforesaid basic facts. Where the Brits have failed and the one before them, you are of the opinion that the Pakistan Govt. (now controlled by the Pashtoons) could make any headway with such a strategy. On the other hand it is a common knowledge that mr Karzai has been secretly in contact with the so called Tlaiban leaders and have been following their orders, while at the same time playing a typical “pashtoon game” with both the Bush and the Obama administrations. No one in the USA knows about the power of the Pashtoons more than the good old George W himself. The Taliban leaders were regular visitors to Texas. He underestimated them when he demanded the handover of mr Bin laden, who also happened to be the son in law of the Taliban leader.
The USA military has been decidedly defeated on the battle ground of their own choosing. But the show is still on until the exit.
General macChrystal did not want to become the CAVAGNARI, the British rep. in Afghanistan who was killed in the streets of Kabul, and Holbrooke is too smart to become the American victim of the 21st century. Though I did at one time suspected that he was on the cards, when he asked Mr karzai to speak in english to the Press.
Rex Minor

By: Mortal1 Tue, 19 Oct 2010 04:57:00 +0000 @Umair

You cringe when Pakistan is called a terrorist country. We’re not talking about ‘non-state actors’ here but a state agency of Pakistan. So, what do you have to say about this now?

‘ISI was behind Mumbai attacks’ – Guardian
(Not that anyone is surprised!)  /18/pakistan-isi-mumbai-terror-attacks

By: 777xxx777 Tue, 19 Oct 2010 03:08:44 +0000 @Rex
“Has anybody ever thought of the Indian majority peaceful walk into the neighbouring territories of Pakistan and Afghanistan, enabling India to take over the countries without firing a bullet?”

That is just your fantasy. India would never want to take responsibility of highly unstable lands with people who are only good at fighting and nothing else. By the way is it not another confusing statement from you. On one hand you said Pashtuns will destroy power centres in South Asia in 50 years and now you say India would take over Af-Pak. And at the end you call others confused.

Your idea of dividing Pakistan to create a bigger Afghanistan can work but the risk is that it may result in more chaos in Afghanistan. Pashtuns are only good at fighting and have absolutely no brains for anything else. And moreover US can never divide Pakistan because of its already huge unpopularity in Pakistan and China would never help US in weakening Pakistan. So I would not agree with your idea by and large.

Come on man stop thinking about things that never happened. If brits had 50 years, if Obama came to power in 2001, all these are silly talks. Its like If cat was belled then mouse will be safe. Instead of talking about IF in past lets talk of IF about future. And for past always talk of what happened. Pashtuns are not invincible because in past first Ashoka conquered and Mauryans ruled Pashtun land for almost 200 years or so because Ashoka was so cruel that he would just kill every single soul on enemy lands and then it was Attila who f****d pashtuns hard because he would burn down everything in his way. So yes Pashtuns are not invincible but do you honestly think these Americans/NATO can really match brutality of Ashoka or Attila. I don’t think so. That’s why I said that US needs to rope in China to tackle Pashtuns. Even now I would say its kind of mini-Vietnam going on. All the ammunition and weaponry is being ‘illegally’ sold to Taliban and party by no other than China. China is a very big player in illegal arms trade and that is no hidden fact. So if US can pursue China to at least not sell arms to Taliban then may be something can improve for them. But that is all fantasy. IF US still wants to win this war then they will have to first throw the Geneva convention out of the window and then fight Taliban. Any living soul on Afghan land who is NOT from Afghan/NATO security forces and still carries any weapon should be shot at sight without any questioning or mercy. That is the kind of cruelty that is needed. But US soldiers are not built that way.

Perfectly correct. CNN is just meant to spread US’ international agenda nothing else. Right now focus of Obama admin is to just get out and on way out just take away nukes of Pakistan and once out then impose sanctions on nuclear fuel trade with Pakistan. CNN is all false and rubbish at best.