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I do not expect anything concrete from you. So don’t sweat.
Have fun!

By: pakistan Sun, 14 Nov 2010 17:18:13 +0000 @Rehmat
You should consider your rhetorical commentry of Nov. 13, and try to shorten the list of your questions, without misinterpretting my comments with your feelings. A straight question will receive a straight answer. But please, let the kashmiris and talibans and the Pakistan military answer the questions you have for them. I do not know, repeat do ot know what their responses would be. I can only observe the development of the situations and based on history, make a prognosis for the future. you may be an optimist and do not agree with it and probably things would remain static, but I do not.
Rex Minor

By: pakistan Sun, 14 Nov 2010 16:48:09 +0000 PS

I would very much like to live and see the great leader or a military General, or even a genious magician, who is able to defeat or disarm the sixty odd million Pashtoons with klashnikovs.
I am afraid that the way it looks and reading Nostra Damus, unless there is a move towards peace, the destabilazation process is going toengulf the entire subcontinent. The clash of civilisation would then be unavoidable and rule of force would come back from the ancient days.

Rex Minor

By: pakistan Sun, 14 Nov 2010 16:35:46 +0000 @GW
Let the USA, NATO and Pakistan army take on all militants to a dead end.

Let us see first What India and the Kashmiri leaders can achieve, ofcouse with cooperation of third party regional actors and even UNO actors and the UNO support. Do not start with preconditions otherwise the project ain’t going to fly. Let the Kashmiris have the say and let the Indians and Pakistan support it.

The region requires stability!!

Rex Minor

By: G-W Sun, 14 Nov 2010 15:06:45 +0000 Serious discussions on a peaceful resolution to Kashmir can take place and azadi for Kashmiri’s once Pakistan takes on all militants forces all of them to a dead end.

7th largest army in the world, must be good for something.

By: G-W Sun, 14 Nov 2010 15:04:33 +0000 “Rex Minor

I still believe that the next Indian leader to be should have a dialogue with the number 1 kashmiri leader from across the border and the leaders of Indian Occupied kashmir to find a democratic solution. GW’s has a sound proposal.”

–>You forgot to add, under third party supervision, and don’t forget to include Pakistani Army and Civilian Leaders of Pakistan. We do not want any more “larifari” from Army.

Do not forget, one of the biggest things to be done is to de-weaponize the region of Militantism, pro-actively, conclusively and with a vengeance, no apologies shall be given. In this regard, Pakistan MUST take a zero tolerance approach to all frankensteins it created.

By: pakistan Sun, 14 Nov 2010 14:18:44 +0000 @Rehmat

My sincere advise to you, please do not misinterpret. ‘CONSIDER’ was the key word.
Your feel of the english can’t be that bad.

This was also not my wish.

The so called taliban Pashtoons now control most of the terrain in the whole of Pakistan, specificaly the Islamabad and the main port of Karachi.
The Taliban Pashtoons have their share of Harward, Yale, Oxford and Cambridge and even Texas background(thanks to George W). During their rule they were the regular visitors to George w, until the time of divorce when George W demanded of them the return of their Guest. This is the red line, no Pashtoon dare cross. incidently this is no different in europe, Sweden and switzerland are more strict than others. Those who seek asylums in Europe and are then granted are not handed over willy nilly to the USA on demand

Do not worry about the schools in the Pashtoon territory, you have a lot to do in your terrain, particularly for your over populated country with inadequate institutions and discriminations.
NGO’s from Germany have been involved in schools constructions for several years and are usually prevented from the presence of the foreign military, the rest is nothing but a propaganda.
Pashtoons are a litle bit more concerned with Kashmir because of history and now the porus borders as well as Pakistan military intrusions into their holy land. Let us not forget the Ummahs spirit which Omair mentioned.

Rex Minor

PS Give serious attention to GW and 777, they have a lot to contribute for peace in their own style.

By: pakistan Sun, 14 Nov 2010 13:29:59 +0000 PS

I said chechenians incase the Kashmiri resistance is now taking a conflict of international dimension, i.e, the involvement of Ummah from the world.

By: pakistan Sun, 14 Nov 2010 13:24:33 +0000 @777
as long as you have considered the possibility about Pashtoons tribes entering into India, i have no problem with it. They have done it before! This is neither my wish nor my feat, so no credit for me and therefore no chest thumping.

You should support GW’s vision or the idea for Kashmiris, let them decide their future, both Indian and Pakistan military should quit the Kashmir land.

At times you have misinterpretted my post or perhaps I was not very clear. Rehmat pretends to a clever one like a fox and sometimes manuplates ‘words’.
In kashmir the police force were apparently unable to control the disturbances and the civil disobedience so the Indian military was sent to control it. This has resulted in full blown rebellion and loss of life, atleast this is what is being reported. Kashmir is now out of control and as an occupier, India is obliged under the international law to restore peace and order avoiding further deterioration and possible foreign intervention. Indian leaders are now responding to this situation, and here comes the great Rehmat saying military out and police in. This is absolute anarchy so my comments to which you now object were “very kind of you”. I have no problem with it, but if the police is now sent and military withdrawn, the civilian crowds would massacre the police.
A dialogue with the Kashmiris was GW’s proposal to resolve the crisis. You attention is centred on borders, but the problems are in the cities. Are you of the opinion that kashmiris from across the border are causing rebellion, you might be right if the border is porus and I would not be surprised if the chechenians along with the kashmiri resistance have also entered.

Rex Minor

I still believe that the next Indian leader to be should have a dialogue with the number 1 kashmiri leader from across the border and the leaders of Indian Occupied kashmir to find a democratic solution. GW’s has a sound proposal.

By: rehmat Sun, 14 Nov 2010 12:15:20 +0000 “Neither the Indian leaders nor you guys have considered the possibility that the so called talibans are capable of reaching india in a days time and take out the Indian nukes. India must protect its nuclear wealth”

***This is an example of wishing something using some character. The character is Taliban here. How peaceful!

Taliban is not going to grant this wish. Their strength is the terrain they live in. No wonder they stopped before they could reach Islamabad which goes to their credit since they fight within their limitations. Let them first face Pakistan Army in any case.

Perhaps Taliban should first learn to read if they want to move out on such missions. They should not have burnt the schools like this.