Wikileaks on Pakistan

November 28, 2010

iran pakistanIn the State Department cables released by Wikileaks and so far reported, the most eye-catching as far as Pakistan is concerned is a row with Washington over nuclear fuel.

According to the New York Times, the cables show:

“A dangerous standoff with Pakistan over nuclear fuel: Since 2007, the United States has mounted a highly secret effort, so far unsuccessful, to remove from a Pakistani research reactor highly enriched uranium that American officials fear could be diverted for use in an illicit nuclear device. In May 2009, Ambassador Anne W. Patterson reported that Pakistan was refusing to schedule a visit by American technical experts because, as a Pakistani official said, “if the local media got word of the fuel removal, ‘they certainly would portray it as the United States taking Pakistan’s nuclear weapons,’ he argued.”

The Pakistan Army is deeply sensitive about any questions on the safety of its nuclear weapons.  The country is also often awash with conspiracy theories accusing the Americans of harbouring secret plans to dismantle the nuclear weapons.

That said, the row reported by the NYT appeared to have been about HEU at a nuclear research reactor rather than the weapons themselves, so it may turn out to be less dramatic than it appears.  Pakistan’s nuclear weapons are considered to be well-guarded although analysts have cited a risk of militants trying to seize nuclear material which they might use to make a dirty bomb. (For a factbox on Pakistan’s nuclear weapons, see here).

Of potentially huge significance for Pakistan are cables, reported in The Guardian, saying that Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah has repeatedly urged the United States to attack Iran to destroy its nuclear programme.

“The Saudi king was recorded as having ‘frequently exhorted the US to attack Iran to put an end to its nuclear weapons programme’, one cable stated. ‘He told you [Americans] to cut off the head of the snake,’ the Saudi ambassador to Washington, Adel al-Jubeir said, according to a report on Abdullah’s meeting with the US general David Petraeus in April 2008.” The Guardian reported.

Pakistan has traditionally had a very close relationship with Saudi Arabia.  But it has also been building bridges with Iran, whose cooperation it needs to secure a settlement in Afghanistan.

Rival India earned Tehran’s opprobrium by voting against it at the International Atomic Energy Agency over its nuclear programme. Though India has since been trying to repair the damage it does not seem to have got very far, since Iran has started speaking out publicly about Kashmir – angering New Delhi, which dislikes outside interference in Kashmir as much as Pakistan welcomes it.  India has meanwhile been trying to improve its own relationship with Saudi Arabia.

Well worth watching how Pakistan and India handle their relationships with Saudi Arabia and Iran in the event of heightening tension between the two.

The New York Times also quoted cables showing King Abdullah speaking scathingly about President Asif Ali Zardari.

The king called President Asif Ali Zardari of Pakistan the greatest obstacle to that country’s progress. ‘When the head is rotten,” it quoted the him as saying  “‘it affects the whole body.'” 

Meanwhile there might be more later in the details on U.S. distrust of Pakistan. But that is hardly new.

(File photo of the presidents of Afghanistan, Iran and Pakistan)


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It seems the whole world is being run by liers, cheaters, hypocrites, fraudters and conartists so you guys are really doing a fantastic job exposing them. Plz keep up the good work

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Everything had been an open secret, hope the next batch of revelations has something “Secret”

Posted by praveenp | Report as abusive

Thanks to Bradley Manning, these treasure of leaked documents are available to general public, otherwise such documents are usually part of history. Though there is nothing highly classified in it, still it has the potential to damage US foreign relations.
If these leaks can create a public uproar that can result in short-term policy changes. It should now be clear to Pakistan Army and government that protection of Pakistan’s nuclear capability is extremely vital. These leaks will provide outside nations a unique perspective as to how the American diplomats percieve them and what is their standing in Washington. US has been unsuccessful to stop Pakistan from acquiring nuclear capability in first place, it is no wonder US again failed despite trying for three consecutive years since 2007 to remove HEU-Highly Enriched Uranium. And without doubt, ISI continues to be vigilant to thwart any such attempt by even covert means. The US cannot enforce any unilateral measures upon Pakistan either covertly or publicly as far as Pakistan’s nuclear programme is concerned. And so far the Military and Intelligence service have done a good job to protect the nuclear capability from all types of threats.
On wikileaks, this time Pakistan has nothing to worry about so far.

Posted by Umairpk | Report as abusive

there are no secrets..only an unwillingness to accept the truth..

Posted by gramps | Report as abusive

Umairpk: “US has been unsuccessful to stop Pakistan from acquiring nuclear capability in first place, it is no wonder US again failed despite trying for three consecutive years since 2007 to remove HEU-Highly Enriched Uranium.”

Actually during the war against the Soviets in the 1980s, the US decided to turn a blind eye to Pakistan’s clandestine nuclear enrichment and bomb making attempts. The State Department and the CIA thwarted all attempts by the smaller officials in stopping Pakistan from importing classified and critical material from the US and Western Europe. RAW and Mossad were blocked from taking action by the US. Ronald Reagan continued to lie to Congress that Pakistan had no nuclear capability in order to get funding going for the Mujahideen. Pakistan’s nukes were not directed at the US. Therefore they did not care in those days. India was on the other side of the fence at that time. There was no inkling in those days that a new menace would develop from Af-Pak region that will come to haunt the US. Now they are worried about dirty nukes and what not. The US is now paying the price for supporting Pakistan in those days.

Posted by KPSingh01 | Report as abusive

China is ready to abandon N Korea: to-abandon-north-korea-leak-20101130-18e gr.html

Pakistanis should take note. China can do the same to its all weather friend Pakistan is interests change.

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Wikileaks  /17851.htm
by Cameron Muntor
US Ambassador to Islamabad, Pakistan

“Pakistan is an important strategic partner of the United States. Of course, even a solid relationship will have its ups and downs. We have seen that in the past few days, when documents purportedly downloaded from U.S. Defense Department computers became the subject of reports in the media.”

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Here is the reaction from Germany: any/0,1518,731907,00.html

Berlin Goes into Damage-Control Mode on Unflattering Cables

” The Berlin political establishment is mainly worried about the impact on Germany’s friendship with the US. The contents of the secret cables have done more than superficial damage to the supposedly robust trans-Atlantic relationship.”

Posted by Umairpk | Report as abusive

When is wikileak going to really leak and try to obtain the cables that foreign diplomats sent to their bosses in European countries. This should be a real entertaining spectacle, when such cables reveal the words like bad tempered X, and stupid Y, unqualified Z, and untrustworthy clowns etc. I wonder what sort of comments they make about the grand master Obama?

To reveal the so called classified cables of the German Ambassador to his boss in washington, is relatively harmless. This info was in the public domain already since members of Govt. in Europe are usualy the elected members of the parliament as well.

Rex Minor

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From Pakistan, Diplomats Wrote About a Vexing Ally asia/01wikileaks-pakistan.html?_r=1&hp

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Now then, why should USA wish to take over Pakistan nuke facility. Not a word about India developing nukes, yet everyone from UK to USA do not sleep at night. Pakistan’s nuclear ownership hurts like stones in their eyes at night.
The reason is simple. The USA and the Zionists who virtually run USA and one percent of UK population of zionists has 30% power in running the government and their policy and non can bear to see a muslim country strong enough to stand for itself
There were no WMD in Iraq. Besides reasons now open for attacking Iraq one thing which gnawed day and night at the heart of the above mentioned was the possibility of an other muslim country aquiring nuke capabality.
Now, they are making up 1000 tales from the arabian nights about Pakistan and its nuclear assets.
Pakistan has been surrounded since its creation by poweful enemies. India which has never in reality accepted its existence and dreams on joining it back to the greater India of past and the old Soviet union, who if had been successful in Afganistan had their eyes on Pakistan and the Indians had a long defence pact with them too.
Pakistan therefore has every right to defend itself by all means possible and if Pakistani forces are capable of teaching India a lesson more than once, when they attacked Pakistan, then Pakistan forces are more than capable of securing and guarding their life their nuclear assets.
Pakistan must stand firm and must stop begging for aid and trusting those whom the Pakistani leaders take as their masters.

Posted by aloola | Report as abusive

The title of this article ” the three museqetears” would have had more genuine comments than the nonsense contained in the diplomats letters. The bad news about the Big Brother is that Hillary Clinton is now accused by the wikieleak boss, who is under hiding” that she has ordered their diplomats at the UNO to spy on the secretay General. This is a serious charge!

Rex Minor

It was confirmed on BBC program “hard talk” that wikileak documents are now with several newspapers and even if the Wikeleak Boss is arrested, the publication of the documents is to continue.

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There is something behind the curtains, we all are unaware of that. There would be some goals to release these documents. I have found this link full might be for all of you also. rld/politics/why-wiki-leaks-embarrass-pa kistan-and-not-israel-paul-wolf.html

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Wikileak documents are being edited by several hundred journalists who decide which of the info is useful for the public. Media people are also humans, they are biased as we all are?

Rex Minor

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The WikiLeaks’ disclosures continue to wreak havoc across the globe and Pakistan is among the badly affected countries. Even though the disclosures are unauthorized, unauthenticated and illegal, our media, particularly the electronic media, is presenting the WikiLeaks’ publication as if they were scriptures from some holy book. They do not care that our national interests are at stake and continue to malign all by misusing ‘freedom of expression’. WikiLeaks have revealed many things, which are diverting our leaders and politicians’ attention away from terrorism, the core issue confronting us today. It is important for the citizens of Pakistan to realize what the priorities of the country are. This is not the time to cry over spilt milk and contemplate over the mistakes that have been made in the past. Rather, this is the time to revive the image of Pakistan in the international arena. We should take the WikiLeaks’ revelations optimistically because it has helped us in identifying the ‘undercover’ terrorist organisations that operate in the country.

Posted by Sumaira | Report as abusive

And pray, may I ask who the so called ‘undercover’ terrorist organisations are that operate in the country?

Rex Minor

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BY GM Katishovi
All information leaked by Wikileaks are just base on perceptions of Western media and intelligence agencies. The purpose of leaking such documents is to divide all Muslim countries so that the west, especially America can achieve its dream of depriving Muslim countries from unity. Iran, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia are the key player among Muslim nations. If these three countries start joint venture to boast up their economies then a day will come when America will talk with Muslim countries with mutual respect. On the other hand America is trying to deprive Iran and Pakistan from economic and nuclear fields. Iran has been under tough economic sanctions for 30 years because of helping innocent people of Gaza who have been under siege for more than three years by Israeli government. These people are denied to have sufficient food and medicine. Instead of helping Palestinian, America still equipping Israel with heavy weaponry and also justifying Israeli war crimes in Gaza and Lebanon.
So once again America tried to create divisions among Muslim countries, especially Iran and Saudi Arabia through some website just like Wikileaks. But Iran and Saudi Arabia have been enjoying good relations for a decade, so the west wants to fulfill their war mongering objectives such as starting new war with Iran, snatching Pakistan’s nuclear weapons and stopping China from development. America wants domination in the whole world especially in Middle East in order to fulfill her dirty objectives.

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