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By: pakistan Sun, 09 Jan 2011 21:52:04 +0000 @KINGFISHER
Well said, though I take the liberty to deviate from your closing sentence. History tells us about the great civilisation which came from the Persians or Iran it is now called, to India also brought destruction for the so called Indian Gods and its worshippers, many of whom are today’s muslims in India and Pakistan. India today is a hindu majority country with a sizable muslim and sikh minority but its psyche has never come to terms to live in peace and harmony with its mulim neighbour or even its own muslim citizens. This is not a healthy factor for any power to be in partnership with the muslim world for control of Arabian waters in the 21st century. Indian leadership has not been able to make a nation of their country similar to Pakistan and this falls short of sharing its power with any muslim country. India is more aligned with Israel strategy to use and the drop its mentor when things are rough. Indians like the chinese were always best in trade and commerce in the Asian continent and now on their way to become the super economies and this should benefit the world as a whole.

Rex Minor

By: KINGFISHER Sun, 09 Jan 2011 20:19:40 +0000 It was very interesting going through the article and the comments of my learned commenter friends. Having assimilated the issue under consideration, I feel my friend Daraindia has stated the facts bluntly and rightly, though his contention of the relationship with Myanmar for reason is far apart from that of Iran.

However, US diplomatic circle runs far wide and strong and would not take much time to verify the reason of cool air blowing over Iran-India and to find out how strong it is to last long. However, under the circumstances of the changing world and fall outs of Weakileaks revelations US has been hit badly enough to be relied upon by even close friend though overtly all seem to be as before but in fact it is not covertly.

All will come out in the open when the time is ripe and is not dwindling between who ultimately comes at the top to be the lone superpower. India’s link with US is but new and recent that too because of trade and fear of China’s down ward thrust. Nevertheless, its long developed relationship of regional, economic, and commercial connection with any country would not be snapped for US pressure and relationship. So also India’s link with Russia’s relationship will not be snapped for any reason

US has friends all over the world but how many are long lasting none even Israel. The day if US are down graded permanently among supper power, Israel will be the first to abandon US friendship, then many more countries will follow suit and India of course will be one of the many. This is what is the fact. It is because US makes friendship with countries for one time use as is people use toilet papers. The world know it that no country other than Israel is considered by US as permanent reliable friend and the best ally.

Therefore, Relationship with Saudi Arabia with another Muslim country will not become that bad that will enable Israel to butt in their internal affairs. Israel- Turkey relationship should serve as a sample as to how Muslim countries unite on Humanitarian causes.

US will need to enhance its effort further to understand the politics and diplomacy of the Arab countries. This is possible only by learning the language, and honoring promises, avoiding making Islam controversial under all circumstance, and permanent solution of Israel – Palestine dispute.

Iran will not bow to pressure, as principle Muslim countries may break but will not bow to pressure. This is because they consider faith in GOD Almighty is more important than life.

The example is set by fighting modern arsenals with sacrificing self for decades. Until to day, they have not bowed but have not broken down too.

India being a regional country and having been under Muslim rule for centuries knows the fact, therefore expecting a breakdown or souring of relationship between India and Iran is a wishful thinking for ever.

Both India and Iran together with Pakistan is the custodian of Arabian and Indian sea in case of emergency may be African countries will also join in..

By: DaraIndia Thu, 06 Jan 2011 14:36:10 +0000 I think just too much is being read into this break in the oil payment pattern to Iran. I am even more surprised that no one seems to have made mention of why the payments have been suspended. It is somehow being seen as a see-saw between Indo-US and Indo-Iran relationships.

It has already been clarified that this temporary suspension is because of UN stipulations post sanctions against Iran. Not to be taken as an indicator that it “was pretty much in line with that trajectory of slowly deteriorating relations.” That is wishful thinking. of The Govt has also said that it is looking at alternate modes of payments and today there is a report that India has proposed the payments be done in Dirhams.

Isn’t it strange that when it suits some, India is wrongly accused of not implementing UN resolutions and when it suits them it is accused of cowing to pressure when it follows UN guidelines. India, for some, cannot ever do anything right or independently and can only be always at fault!

I think it is kite flying to presume that India and Iran are going downhill and fast. There have always been ups and downs and will continue. Both play games. India has neither buckled to pressure nor will it jeopardise its relationship with Iran to earn brownies from the others. We don’t need them. If it was just buckling to pressure how come it has resisted even greater pressure from the US regarding its relationship with Myanmar?

Those hoping for a rupture between India and Iran will be disappointed.

By: rehmat Thu, 06 Jan 2011 05:18:15 +0000 Rex

“You are by nature a cynic, who looks for faults and weaknesses”
*** Instead of giving me this garbage, have something to say on the issue.

Let me help you. Read this: ion=0&article=127258&d=11&m=10&y=2009 ry.php?newsid=61844 adh-favours-observer-status-for-india-at -oic-1.222639

“I am sorry to say your arguements do not hold any weight for Indian membership or even an observer status.”

***Then whey did you say “India could ask for the status of the observer and for participation in discussuios about the welfare of muslim citizens” Your line tells you are 5year behind. India has already asked for it. Your love for Pakistan is preventing you to understand that it is politics (by Pakistan) that is keeping India out of OIC.

Given your understanding of the issue, I am not surprised what you say. Glad you know it is OIC, not IOC.

I have made a point that Israel is not an issue for OIC consideration. Remember cause and effect I told you! Also Indian historical stand on Palestine is no different from Arab states. The real reason given is Kashmir, as I said earlier. If India was a member of OIC, it would have been easier to influence India about Kashmir.

“if you have time, please read the conditions of membership.”
***Why don’t you put it up here? As far as I know there is nothing that could originally prevent India to be part of OIC. With time new reasons have been given but that is all politics.

By: 777xxx777 Thu, 06 Jan 2011 03:39:04 +0000 @Rex
“You are rude, and I do not believe we have any more to exchange.”

My supposed rudeness is nothing as compared to your rudeness towards Indians and on top of that you justify your rudeness as required. You believe you can go on calling anyone with any names and they should not react. Wake up. Thanks for leaving.

By: pakistan Thu, 06 Jan 2011 03:15:07 +0000 @Ganesh Prasad
Thank you for the offer. There are no mobs in germany, at least for the time being. Germany has taken many asylum seekers from India, who were persecuted or at least their families at the hands of your super military, so they say. People are afraid of muslims in Germany and get frightened by the day, so many mosques with minarets going up. I spend summers in France in the south which was under occupation of muslims centuries ago. I feel at home there as well. People are friendlier than the parisians and they do not fear me. Their current leader Bona Part is afraid of the muslims too, since most of the muslims in France are of algerian and morrocan origin as well as the fact his father is a hungarian immigrant whose family suffered at the hands of the Turks, once the rulers of Hungary.

Rex Minor

By: pakistan Thu, 06 Jan 2011 02:37:16 +0000 @rehmat
I am sorry to say your arguements do not hold any weight for Indian membership or even an observer status. if you have time, please read the conditions of membership. I have provided some suggestions for the observer status but Indian Govt. is unlikely to follow them. I mentioned Israel since this is mentioned in the charter and I doubt if India would demand of Israel to end the occupation which even the USA refuses to follow? Once again you state things but I doubt if you are able to speak for India. In my opinion You are by nature a cynic, who looks for faults and weaknesses. In any case this is your right and your business. Abu Musa, the secretary general of the organisation is a very reasonable person, try to contact him. Turkey is a muslim state and meets the criteria for membership. Indian muslims are a minority in a country which has the hindu majority. I am not here to exchange arguments with you or any one else, unless I decide its usefulness.
I have also stated in my post that both India and Pakistan have got themselves in the Babylonian prison and there is nothing much the other parties can do.

Rex Minor

By: rehmat Wed, 05 Jan 2011 23:54:01 +0000 “What happened in Egypt against the christians is as shabby as Bharat military persecution of sikhs in Punjab and muslim kashmiri citizens.”

***Or perhaps, “Salladin came to unite the believers into one force and defeat the dark forces of the crusaders.” Sounds familiar?

By: rehmat Wed, 05 Jan 2011 23:40:01 +0000 Ganesh/Rex: sorry for jumping in earlier. I did not know you two were having one to one discussion. It is a common practice in blogs that anyone who has anything useful to say on a point is welcomed to jump in without sabotaging the discussion. I could not resist since I saw facts being distorted and left unaddressed.


I read your long post to me. All the rude words you felt have been used for you by Indians are not from me. If you do feel the rudeness from me, you would notice the point I am making. My post to you was all about OIC, nothing else. Do you have any counter argument to what I said. I am not getting into your German word explanation etc.

“Perhaps one day when you have improved your education level you would learn not to underestimate the knowledge, education and the intelligence of others.”

***Sir, now would you get out of this “I am a victim” attitude. You placed a false statement (not talking about opinion) and I corrected gave you the hard facts. That;s about it. You have done that one too many. I am not underestimating your knowledge. It may sound rude to you, Rex it is not possible for one person to talk on every subject.

“For me it is a hindu country, hindustan and Jai hind. You want to use any other vocabulary then this is your business. You can give us also a new interpretation of the word secular and secularism.”
***You sound like a former citizen of Pakistan, “a nation built for Muslims of the subcontinent”. So to many Pakistanis, India is everything opposite–the Hindu Nation. Interesting to note how you spell “Ghandi”. That indicates a lot.

“Now tell me why do you think India should become a member of the IOC? Your rude words for the IOC dignitories is not going to help.”
***Because India has more muslims than most of the 57 members of OIC, nearly as many Muslims as Pakistan.

“is India interested at all to join this club whose aims are to end the occupation of Palestine by the jews? I thought India has entered into alliance with Israel to offset the loss of Turkey alliance with israel?”
***Sorry for interrupting Rex-Ganesh discussion once again. Rex, have you heard of cause and effect? India-Israel relationship started in 1994 while Indian support to Palestine cause started in 50s and continues until today. India was the first non-Arab state to recognize PLO to represent Palestine. India was prevented to join OIC before India started any relationship with Israel. So Israel is not a factor. Let us assume it is factor, then Turkey should be out who has military alliance with Israel and has relationship with Israel much before India did. Now I won’t make fun of your education; for your analysis I do.