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There is only one soul which could tell you whether you are a moron r plain born dumb, and that is you and only you. And if the answer is in negative then we have nothing more to exchange.

Rex Minor

By: 777xxx777 Mon, 07 Feb 2011 04:06:49 +0000 @Rex
Google on “racist german” produces 3,010,000 results
Google on “islamic terrorism” produces 6,610,000 results
Google on “terrorist muslim” produces 18,700,000 results

Now apply your great intelligence on these results and let us have the benefit of your conclusions. I can go on and on with google. Dumb head Moron do you have any idea how google search engine actually works and operates. Often only first 50 or so results are actually useful. And if those 50 say something about caste system then please read again what I said that some people in power in ancient times wanted to keep it and same is happening now that some in power want caste system so as to achieve their mean political goals but religion DOES NOT sanction any kind of discrimination. When it comes to Islam all media is Jew controlled and when it comes to other religions then Google records all of a sudden become a measure of things. You really are a real dumb head. Never seen such a narrow minded fool in my life.

Yes close the subject because you anyway don’t even try to understand other person’s point of view.

By: 777xxx777 Mon, 07 Feb 2011 03:56:37 +0000 @Rex
Google on “racist german” produced 3010000 results
Google on “islamic terrorism” produced 6,610,000 results
Google on “terrorist muslim” produced 6,610,000 results

Now apply your great intelligence on these results.

By: prasadgc Mon, 07 Feb 2011 03:21:09 +0000 Rex Minor,

Stop being intellectually dishonest. I asked you to Google specific terms which would tell you the progress made in India in the area of caste relations:

Before you talk about caste again, I expect you to do some research (not from stomach or guts please) on the following terms:

DK and DMK

You refuse to read these items, and insist on pointing to articles that reinforce your existing point of view. This is dishonest of you (now don’t call that “foul language”).

Ganesh Prasad

By: pakistan Mon, 07 Feb 2011 01:26:03 +0000 @777
Almost 700,000 records spring up with a google click and you are accusing me of poking hindus with a caste system. My read of some of the articles written by hindus was not very pleasant! This reminds me of John Mccain who produced a 100 page of medical history during election time and said that he has a clean bill of health. Let us close the subject, if you do’nt mind.

Rex Minor

By: KPSingh01 Sun, 06 Feb 2011 03:35:34 +0000 777xxx777: “You are the one who does it most consistently by keep on poking Hindus with caste system evil. For last time Mr Moron, engrave this in your dumb head that caste system has got nothing to do with religion and is an old Indian practise which is gradually losing its place in new India.”

I think these guys have grown up with little or no exposure to other religions. They have been brought up with a mentality that it is a great taboo to learn about other cultures and religions. With that limited knowledge, they see everything defined exactly the same way as their religion. It will be difficult for them to look at a pluralistic religious system which is not based on one founder or one God or one religious book. It is incomprehensible to them. So they end up mixing everything as one religion that is against theirs. They cannot differentiate between social issues and religious issues. Caste system is like racial prejudice in European cultures. It is social with religious sanction twisted to accommodate it. Anyway, you are massaging a corpse here.

By: 777xxx777 Sun, 06 Feb 2011 03:00:27 +0000 @Rex
“tell us simply if the caste system has been deleted from Hinduis”

Hinduism like Christianity has been a very progressive religion and has kept pace with changing times. Caste system anyway was not preached by religion itself but was practised by old Indian culture. And religion was used as a tool to further this evil. And since cultures also change with time so is caste system getting eradicated in our times. May be at a slow pace to your taste (to mine as well) but things are moving in right direction. As for religion Lord Krishna says “I am everywhere and in everyone.” So when same God is everywhere and resides in everyone then how religion can preach to discriminate between any two humans. Nowhere in Hinduism is it ‘written’ to practice caste system it has just been an old cultural ritual where high kings used to create divisions among ordinary people to gain their political goals. Unification of India under Brits (and NOT your favourite Persian rulers, they made it worst in fact) galvanised whole of India and later strong anti-discriminatory laws of independent India along with a modern education led to further reduction in discrimination on basis of caste. Come to India and talk to any educated 20 year old and then you would know if future of India has any place for caste system. Period.

“Try not to put faith and culture as one entity! I know there are some who do and this makes me feel very uncomfortable”

You are the one who does it most consistently by keep on poking Hindus with caste system evil. For last time Mr Moron, engrave this in your dumb head that caste system has got nothing to do with religion and is an old Indian practise which is gradually losing its place in new India.

By: rehmat Sun, 06 Feb 2011 02:42:50 +0000 @Rex

Call me advocate devil’s advocate, I do not care. I agree I do not have a chemistry woth you. But then I am not trying to have an affair here that I worry about “chemistry”, right? If you write something which I feel I should respond, I will. I am not trying to attach a carboxyl group on your tail bone that I need a good chemistry.

BTW, If chemistry is your prob, then you are stuck since you have that problem with everyone here. No one has a free pass to write whatever, uninterrupted.

NOW, let me be nice to you and respond to your questions, the best I can.

“Perhaps you would be kind enough to tell me what I have been saying about Gurus.”
***You said Sikh Gurus teach them violence. To a person who has had the opportunity to read about them, that is clearly wrong statement and knowing nothing. In fact, you should have known the answer if you were curious enough and googled after being corrected for your comments by Mortal or KPS. I know a bit about Sikhs too, at the risk of being thrown out of the “realm of Islam”. Hopefully not, if you know that the foundation of that temple was laid by Muslim Pir. So if you throw me out, Pir goes as well. You said Sikh Gurus teach them violence. This is not a fact if you would had the opportunity to read about them. Among all 10 Gurus, it was the last Guru which intoduced weapon as part of the attire for Sikhs due to what he felt the need of the times (it is not mandatory). Remaining nine were into spirituality, if I have to make a generalization. This is not to say the last one was not into spirituality. But this much is sufficient for now.

“I would not even offer a drink to a Sikh out of respect. This I learnt in my life very early from a muslim gentleman. I will not hesitate for wrong words.”
***Would you be kind enough to reciprocate what does it mean not to offer a drink?

“Now why is it that you do not understand a simple sentence in English language- PM Singh is the last sikh leader? How can I know if the next PM would also be a Sikh? Besides you clearly stated that Sikhs are not good leaders or something of that sort? I cannot call him PM Singh the first, since the second one has not taken the office yet.”
***It sounds funny when you tell someone about English comprehemsion.

I said in context of Khalistan, which was being discussed at that time. I made a statement with my knowledge of Akali Dal infighting that if they were to lead Khalsitan, it is good it did not happen. BTW, Mortal and I discussed about it and were clear about it. Since you do not know these details of Sikh political parties and people, you should stay out of it.

This is funny logic for putting out a last Sikh statement “How can I know if the next PM would also be a Sikh?”.

Point here is you are using what I said and using it for PM Singh. I know why? This is your OCD. you tend to attach something after everyperson. sarkozy “the Jew” “son of Hungarian immigrant” etc…

By: Mortal1 Sun, 06 Feb 2011 02:17:21 +0000 @Rex Minor: As always, you’re all over the place without making much sense. I’m sorry but I can’t waste my time on this. You REALLY need to work on your writing & communication skills man!

By: rehmat Sun, 06 Feb 2011 01:57:20 +0000 @Rex

Initial part of my post was truncated.

Here I go again:

“Many new generation of turks in Germany have problems with German language in schools. Some youth of Turkish and Arab origin are not fully integrating(whatever it means) in the communities.”
***Do you really do not know what “integration” means? That means their interpersonal skills become defective like yours when talking to a person of another community. Remember you find it hard to have According to me, it means do not let your roots come in way of everything you do. That does not mean lose identity. That is my understanding in general, you should know the specifics in Germany.