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Now you understand. That’s good. They will be crushed by the waiting Pakistan if they decide to go on their own.

“On a serious note, have you ever considered writing a book?”

Yep. I am going to write a comedy book with you as the main character in it. am still deciding on the title.

Rex Minor

By: pakistan Thu, 03 Feb 2011 01:24:57 +0000 @KP
Poor kashmiris! On a serious note, have you ever considered writing a book?

Rex Minor

By: KPSingh01 Wed, 02 Feb 2011 20:32:33 +0000 Pakistan: “So in your view, no chance for Kashmiris to escape from the Indian military? And you recommend the myth of Gandhian method?”

If Kashmiris bank of insurgents and helpers from Pakistan, they will face the Indian military. If they genuinely stood up on their own, I will honor their demand. I may not like to let people go based on religion, but then that is only an opinion. People’s voice must be respected. They make the choice and they pay for whatever consequences that can arise due to emotional decisions. Kashmir’s independence is only the first step in Pakistan’s agenda. Once they make sure India is out of there, they will not care a rats rear end and infiltrate the place with their non-state actors. At least one can throw stones at a military. Who can take the aim at militants? The goal from Pakistani side would be to eliminate anyone who desires free Kashmir and their leaders brutally and bring everyone under the merge-with-Pakistan umbrella. And anti-India venom will be injected copiously to push the population in that direction. Then they can declare openly about people’s choice and will for merging with the nation only Allama Iqbal could dream of. If Kashmiris rebel, RAW will be blamed for training them and creating chaos inside the Islamic paradise. Or to keep the people engaged, the next Jihad will be launched inside India, probably in Punjab and other neighboring states. Missiles will move close to New Delhi. I can see the whole thing coming. That is why I pray that Kashmiris do not lose their minds and commit the next big blunder. But if they still follow Gandhian method, there will be no choice but to give in to their demands and pray for the best.

By: rehmat Wed, 02 Feb 2011 02:25:30 +0000 “NoorMahmood

“Indians should try to understand ordinary Pakistan’s issues and be sympathetic. Wishing for the country to splinter up will offer no benefit to anyone including India. Please do not even wish that Pakistan should break up on its own. It won’t do any good to anyone. It will make things worse. Who gets affected by all this? Ordinary people.”

***I agree about your opinion about splintering up of Pakistan. So do many Indians, more than some Pakistanis believe. Most Indians actually do not even think about it. This is just individual opinion but at policy level, India in its own interests will not do it and cannot do splintering etc. This has been stated by PM of India several times that Pakistan’s stability is in India’s interest. For the sake of argument even if India has any such intentions, it cannot do it in post-Nuke era. I have said stressed this to my dear friend Umair several times. Recently Chinese news offered a similar splintering up of India in Chinese interests. All these talks are talks or psychological warfare in the backdrop of past successes (India in 1971 and China in 1962 although China did not split India). I do not foresee Chinese walking across the border and doing stuff in pre-Nuke old way. Same is true for India in the case of Pakistan. Times have changed but we seemed to be stuck in the past.

@”Indians should try to understand ordinary Pakistan’s issues and be sympathetic.”
*** I would extend this to all over the place and everyone should do that, including Pakistanis. If we can not feel for a human just because we do not have a personal connection, we have some problem. In India, in my rough guess, there are people who feel relief that Pakistan is getting its own medicine. It is more of a human behavior than anything else. Others have totally opposite views.

Let us take the positives too. Indians have donated for flood crisis and that perhaps includes some of the Indian posters here too.

From Indian perspective one thing that emerged after Mumbai 2008 attack, and angers Indians in general, is that Pakistanis did not condemn the act with the intensity a normal peaceful compassionate human should do. There was a denial by masses in Pakistan that it could even be done by Pakistan-based terrorists. Let me add here that among those who noticed this trend were compassionate Pakistanis who clearly have no love for AK-47-wielding human out to kill another one. Several years, later despite evidence and admission by Pakistan govt, those people have become muted in their theories but do not condemn that act.

It always amazes me how people suffering from terrorism cannot recognize the pain of another one. We have all kinds of “ifs and buts” to it.

By: rehmat Wed, 02 Feb 2011 01:26:46 +0000 @Rex
“Egyptians are the softest among arabs! They are on the move now, I pray that Kashmiris do not follow their example! You have not got the faintest idea about muslim women!
I did not mean to be rude. It is really getting boring.”

***Example of Egypt is not a bad one actually. One of the rare from you. That is applicable to all Kashmiris, however.

Here is the problem about “your idea” of “Muslim women”. Which Muslim women are you talking about: Kashmiri, Saudi, Pushtoon or Bengali? Have we not learned so far that it is hard to generalize given the diverse cultural flavors of Muslims across the globe?

What you are talking about as “muslim women” is is a gender issue, not religion-specific.

Sherry Rehman and Veena Malik case is a gender issue as an example, nothing to do with their religions.

“I did not mean to be rude. It is really getting boring.”
*** On a lighter note, I always mistype your name as Rx before I correct it. I don’t know why. 😉

By: fibs Wed, 02 Feb 2011 01:10:45 +0000 @KP
So in your view, no chance for Kashmiris to escape from the Indian military? And you recommend the myth of Gandhian method?

Million of years ago there was no Kashmir or the himalayas, but an ocean. The Indian sub-continent was also not there either. let us see if in 2011 the earth is going to move or the Kashmiris are going to move the intruders out of their land? It is avery long year! Your friend netizen did make some good analysis.

rex Minor

By: KPSingh01 Tue, 01 Feb 2011 16:20:10 +0000 777xxx777: “I just dont understand that how with such acts can these Pakistanis expect India to cut down on military presence in Kashmir.”

The plan would have been to leave the bodies somewhere and spread rumors about Indian security forces dragging them for interrogation and killing them. Followed by that will be rumors spread far and wide causing agitations and riots. Looks like some elements do not want peace in the region at any cost.

By: netizen Tue, 01 Feb 2011 15:20:29 +0000 Frequently paks comment that Indians are “obsessed” about Pakistan. There are 6 Indians for every single pak in this world, some of us are interested in Indo-Pak conflict and comment on this.

For 63 years “Pakistan” has existed only as militaristic, terrorist sponsoring enterprise indulging in nefarious activities. Before India started supporting Mukti Bahini, Pakistan had launced 2 wars against India, and was heavily financing insurgent/ separatist groups from East Pakistan before 1971.

Both acquiring and holding on to Kashmir have been due to Indian perspective that a muslim majority state will solidify India’s secular identity..a point repeatedly pleaded by Indian muslim leaders past 63 years…..Never seen any recognition of this from pak “liberals” even in anonymous blogs…

North Koreanization of Pakistan is unfolding …Pakistan has no use for rest of the world except through negative leverage as a source of terrorism, and holding the west hostage in Afghan quagmire.

At the same time, Indians should not get carried away and imagine that paks do not have the desire or capability to launch some other Mumbai style terrorist attack in India.

By: netizen Tue, 01 Feb 2011 15:13:17 +0000 @NoorMahmood,
“All this feel good attitude in relation to Pakistan’s misery will not help you in the long run.”

I very much appreciate your efforts to maintain civility in this discussion.

Having said that, available evidence suggests your statement above is not true. Weakening of Pakistan internally , weakening of Pakistan diplomatically and economically while India getting stronger has been very helpful from the Indian perspective. It may not be nice or friendly to say this, but this is the reality.

25+ years of Pakistan sponsored terrorism inside India pak “liberals” were having fun. After the attack on Indian parliament, hijacking of Indian Airlines flight, pak sponsored transistor bombs exploding in Delhi buses, etc pak response used to be “he can not retaliate”….

It is like watching a Bollywood flick, the villain is paying the price….naturally there is a sense of relief.

By: 777xxx777 Tue, 01 Feb 2011 14:54:26 +0000 Pakistan is at it again in 2011… ticle1145298.ece

I just dont understand that how with such acts can these Pakistanis expect India to cut down on military presence in Kashmir.