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Get a life.

By: pakistan Mon, 20 Jun 2011 20:38:50 +0000 Mr Patriot
Let me state again that I am not a Pakistani. In my earlier post I meant international observers with consent from Pakistan leaders and without violating Pakistan sovereignty.

Your comments to UmairPK on Army task to curb extremism and to take decisive resolution to root out extremism rather than being taken Americans, reminds of a passage of history, while in the background the TV is announcing thedeath of a German lad, a sad news for us and particularly the soldier family.

An AngloIndian force of 16000 fighting men with 38000 camp followers set out to support the British Raj strategy of DIVIDE AND RULE, claiming the possible inrusion of russians take over of Afghanistan.

After few skirmishes enroute they entered Kabul and managed to install a pupet. A garrison had to be left behind and in 1841 a calamity set in with the winter. Some thought that the Pashtoons are very agreeable in conversations, patriotic but treacherous. Their resentments were misjudged by the Brits. Afghanista rose against the Brits and th Kabul garrison attempted to make the withdrawl on the frozoe passage to India. They were very good fighters and organised but no match to the Afghan snipers. Only one soldier managed to return and reported the story. During the coming days the soldier at watch in India waited in vain for any other survivals but in vain.

Mr Patriot, and you are telling us that either the Americans or the Pakistan army would get away from the crimes they have committed aganst the Pashtoons? You are a very optistic individual and have not learned any lesson from your ancestors? Or perhaps your ancestors were not soldiers in the Indian army?Gen. Kyani is no match in that part of the world. He could be more effective on the Indian border, here every now and then a shoot out match take place?

Have a good day!

Rex Minor

By: sensiblepatriot Sun, 19 Jun 2011 05:34:27 +0000 Netizen:”On Day 7 Umairpk said Kayani is the most beautiful man”.

I wonder that sometimes people like umair mix things up out of either ignorance or misunderstanding or because of their own lack of understanding of issues that matter.

If you are reading this, no one denies the professional acumen of kayani in conducting his job. It is perhaps one of the toughest jobs a military general could possibily have, in ensuring to keep American support for pakistan while at the same time keeping them at bay regarding their core interests and battling a big adversary to its east,while containing the fallout of terrorism in their own country.

The issue is, since Pakistani Army has also got enough political power to direct the pakistani discourse, isn’t it high time for kayani, as the head of Army, to nudge the pakistani state into more peaceful discourse. Kayani must know better, the intensity of the blowback that pakistan is experience from teroirism and isn’t it the right time to take decisive resolution to root out extremism rather than being taken by Americans, while his army is brought kicking and dragging its feet to operate on militant hideouts.
I don’t know what Umair is reading from kayani in calling his extremely professional abilities as Army General but his less than impressive performance regarding counter insurgency and counter terrorrism operations say something else. If Kayani is to be seen as competent general, he should take on every paksitani’s security nightmare seriously and plan in creating a competent counter isurgency and anti-terrorist forces to take on pakistan’s immediate and infact the most lethal enemies.

By: sensiblepatriot Sun, 19 Jun 2011 05:03:04 +0000 Rex Minor,
I agree with you on your last post. Except for this.
“All current office holders in the central Govt. including Zardari and Gillani must step down to allow new elections under International supervision”.

No sovereign country with self respect allows elections under International supervision. when they do, it also would mean the lack of confidence on the part of pakistani state structure. Believe me, you don’t want it. Once you allow it, the foreign powers in the garb of international community will perpetrate their own agendas, based on their self interests for that day.

The fact that the religious parties got very nimble percentage of vote says that election commission is a competent institution in conducting electins and we need to place some confidence and authority in it. The idea is to create such autonomous institutions (incidentally that is what we are trying to do in India right now, albeit with limited success) and strengthen democratic rule of law for a viable and sustainable transition to civil order.

You can allow international observers though and let them speak openly about political processes and transperancy. And rather than asking for Zardari and Gilani to step down, why don’t you call for voting them out in the next elections which is only about 2 years away. That way we can, for the first time in the history of pakistan, ensure a governement completes its full term and be seen throwing out by the enlightened electorate. It will probably then create a recurring,sustainable and rational display of political dissent and attitudes which will bring about orderly change in political structure of pakistan.

I believe one should come out of their own socio-political-cultural and class bias to understand the overarchiving factors that define the priorities of majority voters. The upward mobile middle classes who seldom vote are happy to see an ordered society even when it is forcibly enforced. I have to say that,they have not got best interests of all the pakistanis-atleast regarding the priorities. This had been displayed historically by the calls from this group to the Army, to wrest control from the civilian governments the moment the civilian governments have taken populist decisions in the largest interests of the people.

I entirely agree with Intelletuals like Irfan Husain who in dawn asks the liberal pakistanis to be clear about what they want from pakistani state and establishment. My thoughts are in concurrence with the Author. I wonder why some educated pakistanis fail to read this aspect.
Please go through the below article to be more clear on this. t-be.html

By: netizen Sat, 18 Jun 2011 17:39:53 +0000 @KPSingh,
I am surprised my netizen screen name is still surviving, i may have come back as zennet, seekerofwisdom or something.

Reuter’s moderators have become less stringent lately…I think…probably they have realized what “pakistan ideology” really is.

By: KPSingh01 Sat, 18 Jun 2011 17:34:22 +0000 netizen: “On Day 7 Umairpk said Kayani is the most beautiful man”

If Umair said that then it makes him a Tajik. Tajik men have passion for Pashtun and Punjabi men :-)

By: netizen Sat, 18 Jun 2011 17:05:17 +0000 @SP
The following is the story of Creation:

God said
On Day 1 let there be a Universe
On Day 2 let there be Earth
On Day 3 let there be Pakistan Army
On Day 4 let there be Pakistan with Kashmir of course
On Day 5 let there be light
On day 6 let there be Gen Kayani

Things got interesting on Day 7 :-)
On Day 7 Umairpk said Kayani is the most beautiful man

By: KPSingh01 Sat, 18 Jun 2011 15:09:46 +0000 The US is holding talks with the Taliban as per Karzai. So things can settle down soon. The only thing Pakistan’s military should strive hard for is not to go back to the old ways of 1989. There should be no attempts to control Afghanistan by setting up proxy armies. Afghanistan must be treated like a friendly neighbor, with its own priorities, policies and freedom. Pakistan should not try to arm twist Afghanistan into taking sides against India. If they did that, they will realize that everything perceived has been due to self created paranoia. People are sick and tired of wars, suicide bombs, radical Islam, and Mullahs. It is time to build and co-exist as responsible neighbors. A lot is on Pakistan’s hands. If they make a poor choice like they did in 1989, they will cease to exist on their own accord. Hope a lesson has been learned. Terrorism as a weapon can be dangerous. India learned this from its Sri Lanka experience. And Pakistan has to understand that terrorists constantly seek enemies. They have no room for peace and settlement. Hope Pakistan realizes the futility of encouraging terrorism. It has not worked. It is time to go about building the nation. Compared to Pakistanis, Afghans seem to be more level headed and less fanatical. If they are left to themselves, they will sort their issues out.

By: pakistan Sat, 18 Jun 2011 14:22:08 +0000 Pakistan is not a failed state. Pakistan is at present a non functional state! A young man alleged to be a petty thief is shot down in broad daylight in karachi, extra judicial killings by the police force and military operating against its own citizens in the territory which Dawn columnist calls it a war Zone.
Mike Mullen gives a good performance report to Kyani! The solution is very straightforward; break down Punjab in three, Baluchistan, Sindh and Pashtoon territories each of them in two parts. Foreign and Defence to stay with the central Govt., all other functions must be performed by localy elected Mayors with complete control over the police.
Army reforms should be carried out retiring all current senior officers above the rank of the battalion commander should be sent home! National service should be introduced for all above 18 years age, for a period of atleast six months. All current office holders in the central Govt. including Zardari and Gillani must step down to allow new elections under International supervision.
The alternative ofcourse remains that army unrest is likely to spread and things are likely to get worst, while Dawn newspaper can continue to draw the attention of the liberals towards dangers from the radicals.

Rex Minor

By: Umairpk Sat, 18 Jun 2011 13:57:33 +0000 ““That makes a lot of sense to me. They’ve got some questions. I know General Kayani well enough to know (that) what he cares about the most is not himself: What he cares about the most is his institution.”
Adm. Mike Mullen

Kayani cares more about forces: Mullen aper-daily-english-online/Politics/18-Ju n-2011/Kayani-cares-more-about-forces-Mu llen


Tone down Pakistan rhetoric ionla/la-ed-0618-pakistan-20110618,0,269 8442.story