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I also recently found this Hindi YT channel(ChauthiDuniya) that I believe might be of interest to somebody here:  /9/UF0VXN8a3nE

By: Mortal1 Mon, 04 Jul 2011 18:21:06 +0000 Not exactly an eye-opener but something to get back on topic:

By: Mortal1 Mon, 04 Jul 2011 16:23:08 +0000 I agree with Keith. It’s time to put this futile argument to bed. It’s doing nothing more than provide waste crumbs for the one rodent in here (we all know who), who feeds on such nuisance value.

By: DaraIndia Mon, 04 Jul 2011 16:15:04 +0000 Coming to your main point Keith about aiming at the right person – the enlightened woman emancipator. You have a point, but there’s only so much one can discuss with a blank wall.

The aiming is not at fault. We don’t press the trigger – just the ignore button!

By: KPSingh01 Mon, 04 Jul 2011 16:12:42 +0000 KeithZ: “Can we put to bed these arguments?”

Agreed. I think you triggered this war of words inadvertently and it has snowballed out of control.

However, this is a great example of how emotions can be used as a weapon to divide people. I am not referring to you. You can see that in the sub-continent and elsewhere, the colonial empires played people off each other this way by inserting something that touched raw nerves. The divide of India and Pakistan using a Muslim cause is an example. And it has led to two nuclear armed nations ready to go at each other with everything they have got.

Every individual, every group of people and every nation has a set of raw nerves. Those who can manipulate others know how to touch them and when. One can take a bunch of Sri Lankans and have them choke each others’ throat by triggering the Tamil versus Sinhalese issue. I am sure that is already going on in some other forum.

Heated arguments usually lead to nowhere. But sometimes one gets enough insight of the other side. I know wonderful Australians from my grad school days. I have been to Australia.

A lot of times one finds himself in the wrong place at the wrong time. And that experience entirely influences his perception of the world around him. And he can be manipulated by groups that can play on his emotions. It is very difficult to control those emotions and see beyond.

Australians may be proud. But they need to learn to respect others. It is not the cabbie that is making them violent. There is something deep seated that is being suppressed by world norms and requirements and it finds ways to vent itself on petty issues like getting disgusted with a cabbie who over charges. Racism today is abhorred and if people carry it in their hearts because they can no longer exercise it freely, they will vent it in many other ways. It will change its shape into xenophobia and will take subtle forms. Only those being affected by it will sense it. People will use any method that is legally possible to vent their suppressed feelings. If it is bottled up for too long, it is bound to explode at some point. This is what we Indians sense about Australians. It is very difficult to quantify it. It is very difficult to prove. But one can sense it in ways it is being vented. The US probably was like this in the 1950s and 60s. Today it is transformed well. Yet there are pockets where it still exists and can coalesce into something large. Right now Americans do not like Hispanics proliferating and multiplying. They have their own issue and states like Arizona have made their own immigration laws. sE

Small issues can trigger major violence or even revolutions. That is how the Arab Spring started. It started in Tunisia when a small individual decided to resist and fight for justice. It just cascaded and turned into a deluge that has swept across most of the Arab world. This means that the people there have been holding it all these years. All it took was a tiny pop and it simply burst. The reason why I watch emotional sentiments expressed by many is because it is all the result of suppressing and holding inner feelings of prejudice, revenge, injustice etc over generations. Small incidents can sometimes trigger them and things can go out of control from there. You saw a mini-brawl right here when you made an innocent mention that led to unintended consequences.

People are nice and polite in general. But they are holding a lot of emotional baggage inside. This episode of Indians versus Australians in a neutral ground (forum for Pakistani issues), triggered by a Canadian with no ulterior intentions is a classic example. I do not know how many made this observation while engaging in the brawl.

Talking about Berlin wall, I think the cold war was better than the wars we are seeing today. It was somehow in control and struck a balance. The current war, combined with economic decline and global frustration is entirely out of control. None of us know where this is going to lead to. These kinds of wars never end. They keep fuming and burst into flames when opportune times arise. I am sure there are many still preserving the memories of the crusade. With religion becoming a weapon, one never knows, the world might see yet another crusade that can be utterly disastrous.

The world is not perfect. But hopefully we will make more progress through further interactions and improving our awareness of others’ sentiments.

By: DaraIndia Mon, 04 Jul 2011 16:09:34 +0000 And keith,

Talking about the guy who can’t stop talking of Indians, Jews and everyone else being the pits of humanity as compared to followers of his beliefs. But he surely takes the cake when he says Muslims stopped Indians from the inhuman practice of Sutee. Bet he never heard of a Raja Ram Mohan Roy – his misfortune. he never heard of Bangladesh massacres too by residents of the Land of the Pure!

Wise man or ostrich? I know not.

But I bet also he never saw the video of his much beloved, progressive and enlightened Taliban shooting a poor Afghan woman in the head in the middle of a foot ball field in full public view – just a few years ago. Now thats an enlightened society as opposed to the barbaric!

By: kEiThZ Mon, 04 Jul 2011 13:21:56 +0000 Can we put to bed these arguments?

From where I stand:
-The Aussies have their pride hurt and are lashing out.
-DaraIndia and Prasadgc are the most reasonable posters in the lot.
-kpsingh is well, still reminiscing about the days before the Berlin Wall came down!

You all have different viewpoints and to the extent that any of you really harbour racist sentiments, I suspect none of it is so strong that it could be overcome by a few beers in a bar someday.

When it comes to racism we should really be more concerned about the kind of racists who actually support and propound policies that get people killed. An Aussie being pissed off that Indian cabbie overcharged him is small potatoes compared to say somebody who thinks a certain ethnic group has an inviolable right to dominate any other ethnic group in its vicinity. You all know who I am talking about.

He’s gone on to suggest that Muslims, Jews, Blacks and Asians are communities full of criminals. And then gone on to suggest that for most Indians, Arabs and Jews materialism guides their behaviour. I seem to recall something in my high school history textbooks about the Nazis having similar ideas about Jews. I don’t know about the Aussies, but to me that’s textbook racism and such views, if expressed here in Canada, would have resulted in a severe reprimand in any academic institution or the workplace. Not to mention the outright social rejection for harbouring such views. Yet, the Indians keep attacking the Australians, who seem more concerned about the odd Indian student not fitting in or the cabbie or clerk overcharging him. I’m fairly sure, most Aussies don’t support this individuals take on racism (which he considers wholly justifiable apparently…at least he’s confident enough that such out and out racism won’t get him expelled from these parts).

If you’re going to shoot somebody, aim the weapon at the right person.

By: pakistan Mon, 04 Jul 2011 10:39:34 +0000 @Mr patriot
I do not want to be rude, but your point 1 and 2 are pure misconceptions. Western Govts are secular but not their constitutions. Indians were forbidden to stop sending women to death with their husband by the muslim invaders, Islam also stopped the barbaric practices in the middle east and parts of Europe, christian missioneries went across the world including Africa to bring the gospels to the barbarian societies. No western Govt. constitution is secular, they reflect the values imbedded in the Ibrahimic religion. These are basics together with what the Greeks and other European philosophers added to what we regard as values. Though our knowledge begins with experience it does not follow that it arises out of experience. Immanuel Kant in his Critique of Pure Reason, he assertsthat ordering sense-impression into intelligible unities, which,while in themselves cannot be proven we are led to conclude through “pure reason” that intelligible unities such as God, freedom and immortality , do exist, and the formation of such intelligible unities are practical necessities for one’s life. The french revoluion and the American story were good experiences, no more. I understand that Indian Constitution was developed somewhat from the French constitution.

In my view you were the wrong person to get caught in the mud throwing discussion, simply becase you inadvertently quoted your cousin opinions about Australia. Your fellow compatriots, however, sitting in Canada and the USA are obsessed with materialism and therefore neither understood or appreciate the western values which is imbedded in the western culture. Their anger with Australian way of thinking and their life style is distasteful and disgraceful to say the least. My tip for such people is go back to the societies where
they feel at home or integrate, not assimilate by any means but without integration they are unlike to appreciate the benefits they could acquire.

The use of pure logic in your arguments has no logic since most realities do not represent any logic. I fully agree that the economic reality rquires of every Govt. to follow a rational poliy, but are they going to follow what you predict is not guaranteed. Can you offer a logical rationale why America in pursuing a war in Iraq and Afghanstan has turned from being a super power to now a world power and a complete bankrupt treasury. It wento Afghanistan to remove the taliban Govt. and after ten years is desperately trying to bring back the taliban Govt. Can you follow this logic?

Rex Minor

By: KPSingh01 Mon, 04 Jul 2011 04:22:36 +0000 Those who claim Australia is a racist free paradise might want to ponder about this: cA&feature=related

By: KPSingh01 Mon, 04 Jul 2011 04:18:04 +0000 Crocodile Dundee: “keep your cheap, cowardly coments to yourselves guys”

Why don’t you go chase a rabbit in the outback or something? Your intellectual ability is very telling. You have spent too much time with Kangaroos and crocs. Just stay there and enjoy the desert sun. Your mind is warped with too much isolationism. Keep your pride and shove it. No one cares. You really cannot win this ego edged war here. No one is going to sing praises of your holy land. So keep your pride and stuff it as much as you want. None of us really care. If you don’t like Indians coming to your country, take a rifle and go shoot them at the airport. Wear a white hood with holes for your eyes and nose. That way you will be a Klan hero as well. Goodbye!