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ur wrong abt the communist killing their people not effecting the world thing, when Gaddafi was killing his own people to maintain peace in Libya then why the world was shouting abt it. Now see what NATO has done there, they gave the revolts so much weapon that they are now killing whole tribes who supported gaddafi and they have turned into war lords. Now for the next 20 years it will be the safe heaven of american proxies a.k.a terrorists.
I am happy Pakistan is finding its way out of the US alliance.

By: Abdul_Basit Sun, 30 Oct 2011 11:47:31 +0000 @007xxx

Now here u are accusing Pakistan forgeting that those were indian officials who were saying that they have the bomb and Pakistanis should walk with their heads down. Pakistan entered the nuclear race very late, and yes even if u ask any Pakistani that are u still eating the grass, they will proudly say yes they still are eating grass and exporting their wheat to get the money to make the bombs. Sometimes one has to admit the mistakes made in the past to get a good start. Why not india and Pakistan both decide to disarm them from these useless nukes. Coz even if there is a war b/w these two countries, regardless of who is victorious i never wanted my army to use such a dreadful thing on humanity. So i want this crap to be destroyed.

By: 007XXX Thu, 20 Oct 2011 05:48:22 +0000 @Ramonsanto
“What happens then to your Countries?”

Hmm although this is not a forum for economic discussions but since u have asked so let me tell you that Indian currency is NOT pegged against $. I think you are confusing Chinese Yuan with Indian Rupee. India very recently converted a large amount of US dollars and US bonds into Gold and this trend is likely to continue. What you miss by and large is the spirit of enterprise and invention, that is so much absent in western world’s complacency of decade long growth, and is so much present in Afghan, Pakistan and Indian people. Yes even the ordinary people on streets in this region think of enterprise and believe in human innovation and are hard working to the core. The only problem is politics and use of religion for politics in the region which I believe will take its own course as per changing environment.

Now Welcome to barter system! What does western world has to offer in return for Afghan apples and pomegranates, in return for Indian enterprise, technology innovation and agriculture, in return for Chinese cheap labour and quick reverse engineering??? Banks, derivatives, dollar, pound?? No we don’t need them anymore. Yes WE will have to write down western world’s HUGE debts but that will definitely involve cost for west. Any idea on how much of Spain does China OWN??

Probably US came to recognize this barter much earlier than rest and hence the nuclear energy pact with India.

Is Obama still afraid of Indian children spending more time in their classrooms than those in US??

By: pakistan Wed, 19 Oct 2011 15:13:44 +0000 Pagan-infidel-buddhist-hindu-skeptic-unb eliever-nonbeliever-disbeliever-atheist and agnostic are the stiches of a chain and has been the histpory of people who despite the appearance of prophets of God and the scriptures have remained outside the communities of believers. Human righta and moral ethics which the mankind learnt from the scriptures have now been enshrined in the constitutions of the western nations.
@sensible Patriot, it does not matter if you or your fellow countrymen are now declared atheists or agnostics, I have respect for them because according to my belief all humans are the children of God almighty. Indians should however stop practicing group politics and commit mobbing which are illegal in the civilised world.

To resolve Indian and Pakistan conflict, both parties must recognise that peace in the subcontinent can only come when international law and human rights becomes the basis and not on status quo, India being a stronger and larger country and therefore Pakistan must accept the reality. Indians must not ignore History; muslim invading armies have not shied away from unsuccessful battles but persisted in further attacks until they were successful and then ruled India for a very long period. This is my opinion and is not meant for anyone to take it personaly. People of Pakistan have many nations within and they are not soft targets for the USA. Needless to say that Pakistan military and civilian leaders have made strategic mistakes and maintained love hate relationship with India and played a double game with the USA; but this can easily be attributed to their colonial past. Nevertheless, I certainly am not going to underestimate(unterstellung)them and let no one should mess about with

Rex Minor

By: 007XXX Sun, 16 Oct 2011 14:56:20 +0000 @Umair
“Indians come out and call Pakistan as a terrorist state, and muslims too”

When did Indians call muslims as terrorist? Terrorist call themselves as muslims. There is HUGE difference. And if you do not know the difference then go back to engineering college. Such an utterly stupid statement coming from an engineer is a shame. I have lived in India for 28 years (all my life) and have travelled a lot and met a lot of people; I have never come across a non-muslim who does not have a muslim friend and I have never come across a muslim who does not have a non-muslim friend. And these demographics are changing even faster in next generation. Probably thats why the pakistani jingoists and well wishers call muslims in India as “pseudo-muslims”. Now tell me who is calling muslims a bad name?

By: 007XXX Sun, 16 Oct 2011 14:45:23 +0000 @Ganesh
“Don’t feed the troll.”

Advice accepted. Thanks!

By: sensiblepatriot Sun, 16 Oct 2011 11:47:05 +0000 Rex: “To attract a wider acceptance of their views many skeptic indivduals from the minority community having no faith in their religious institutions have been declaring themselves as atheists and agnostics.
This is simply a neu masche/new stitch and not any change of faith. The milliband brothers of the UK labour party, who are jewish have declared themselves as agnostics”.

Strange if this was the case with everybody. But Hinduism forcefully propogates the idea of theism, atheism and agnosticism equally. The Vedas which are the fountain head of the religion are themselves agnostic. So maybe that is why the educated Hindus who are aware of this underlying culture are non-commital to particular form of worship or God. Yes I am agnostic too.

By: sensiblepatriot Sun, 16 Oct 2011 11:32:18 +0000 Umair,
Pakistan need not acknowledge its mistakes formally, it just needs to change its course. Believe me we all did (India in case of Sri Lanka, America in case of Vietnam, China again in case of Vietnam) and we did silently without accepting anything formally, but what mattered was whether we changed course for the better.

By: sensiblepatriot Sun, 16 Oct 2011 11:21:35 +0000 Umairpk:”What I do not understand here is that on reuters, Indians come out and call Pakistan as a terrorist state, and muslims too. And then complain there are some racist comments posted by someone. How crazy?”

OK, let me try again. Indians are concerned with the current state of Pakistan because its environment, which encourages extremism to prevail, affects India (as well the rest of the World). When Terrorists from Pakistan land in Mumbai and blow up people and kill people with impunity, its just not a domestic problem of Pakistan. Its a headache to the world.

But when Indians allegedly discriminate other Indians based on caste, it doesn’t affect pakistan’s a**, neither does it affect rest of the world. Anyways its so funny to feel because, there are so few incidents and you can always pick a case or two from this large nation and brand entire India Communal,Racist etc etc. If there is misgovernance in India or Human right violations in China, people are not really concerned as it doesn’t affect them or rest of the world. A mere concern, for the people who faced the brunt, is what we can show. That’s it.

I was only wondering whether Pakistan government can restrict the suicide attacks, that happen in their country, to Pakistan itself. It seems neither the Afghanistan nor the rest of the world wants it.

Believe me the Communist regimes of Russia(under stalin) and China (under mao) killed millions of their own people and so did the dictators of the middle east. But the world didn’t care as that had not affected them. The problem only starts when these crimes assume a transnational nature. The problem acquires gigantic proportions when world’s most wanted terrorist is found in military complex and when world’s notorious mafia leaders (Dawood) find refuge in there. The problem gets worse when the worst of Islamic extremist ideas find space and recruiting grounds in Pakistan.

When Mao was asked by his colleagues about how to retake the lost province of hong kong, he simply replied “if we could build a paradise in china, I don’t see why British wont handover the province to us and why Hong kongites wont integrate with China”. True to his wishes (and even though China had to painfully transform from communist backwater to capitalist paradise), Hong Kong was handed over by the British, without an eyebrow being raised. This showed chinese determination in positive national building and looking for workable ideas to resolve problems.

Perhaps if the Pakistan were to create a paradise on earth, then perhaps valley Kashmiris may secede from India into the willing arms of Pakistan (honestly a workable Pakistan would suffice). And you can reconcile the fact with your conscience to know which way Pakistan is going. Inspite of all the good people in Pakistan, I think the military generals are seriously confused with the direction of Heaven and Hell and are confusing with the direction of Hell with Heaven.

The daily carnage in Pakistan may be common news for Pakistan, but it is not so for the rest of the world. When only one 9/11 happened, America tried to avenge with full force because it was not normal to take attacks for granted. Although America is also to blame here for cutting a deal with worst kind of Animals they called jihadis, Pity that the Pakistani state still considers these monsters as pets and strategic assets even as they eat into the body politic of Pakistan. Its like a criminal who after stealing is seen by the police but in order to avoid arrest, grabs a piece of grenade, opens the seal and threatens the police that he will throw it. Police just need to wait for the time, the leaking grenade eventually blows taking the life out of the thief.
Pakistan is already holding the grenade (Nuclear Weapon) while its infected fingers (infected due to the cancerous nature of militant environment) may pull the pin even without the Pakistan knowing/volition it. There is still time.

Yes Ganesh, Unfortunately pakistan gets bad press. But nobody is under the illusion that the good things happening in pakistan are strong and forceful enough to stop the slide and a rebound in the promising direction.

By: prasadgc Sat, 15 Oct 2011 22:35:20 +0000 Myra,

How come there’s no article yet on the trade and visa liberalisation happening between India and Pakistan? That’s an important development with the potential to reduce tensions in the subcontinent and change the entire environment in a few years.

Ganesh Prasad