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Yeah. Cause some random Pakistani blogger from Germany has really seen tons of equipment lying on the side of highways in Pakistan. You’re full of it. The rest of us know it.

By: pakistan Thu, 31 May 2012 09:21:48 +0000 True North.
If you are associated with the supply routes, then perhaps you should visit Afghanistan and see the amount of weaponry which is now amassed by the Foreign occupiers. America has not many choices, either the make a run and use the aeroplanes as you suggest or heicopters( as they did in vietnam) and leave the entire weaponry in the hands of Talibans or patch up with Pakistan, auction the current supplies which are stranded on Pakistan highways and have the equipment enough for several military divisions, and gradualy depart during the night in which they have the expertise. Simply, maintaining the cosmetic date of 2014 to mislead their public and themseves is not the answer. The French have had enough and broken ranks, they are even prepared to dump their heavy equipment for the Afghan forces, taking your tip to take out their forces gradualy by year end.
No one has the interest to witness the repeat of Vietnam debacle and the American equipment going on sale in the open bazaars of Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Rex Minor

By: True.North. Thu, 31 May 2012 02:06:13 +0000 Rex Minor: “…which could show the escape route for the marines to pull out of Afghanistan?”

Ever heard of airplanes?

Supplies have been running into and out of Afghanistan for months with no real issues. Pakistanis routes might help save a few dollars. But that’s it. There’s no absolute necessity on them.

I worked on a project to help plan for a shut down of the Pakistani supply routes. That was years ago. NATO has long known that Pakistan was a reluctant ally at best. It planned for exactly this event. Afghanistan’ northern neighbours are more than happy to take the transit fees instead. Heck, other than the US, the Iranians give air transit rights to most NATO countries…for free. Pakistan is quickly proving itself irrelevant with its stunts.

By: pakistan Sat, 26 May 2012 22:32:49 +0000 @True North
You are not with it, or perhaps you have the “scotty beam me trick” for the USA adminstration, which could show the escape route for the marines to pull out of Afghanistan? Vietnam scenario is the only alternatve for the great marines.
The fate of Afriis are decided by Afridi tribes! Even his own family shall disown him if what is alleged about him is true.You are just blowing too much hot air!

Rex Minor

By: True.North. Fri, 25 May 2012 02:22:25 +0000 Myra,

Why are you surprised that the poems are confusing? The Taliban are scarcely cohesive. They work towards a common cause: kicking the West out of Afghanistan. But let them rule Afghanistan and they’d quickly devolve into little fiefdoms again. In reality, that’s what pre-2001 Afghanistan was. The Taliban central authorities dictated a few basic rules and demanded tribute from the local warlords who were allowed to rule and terrorize the locals.

Political prose? Hardly. Nothing any off-the-street Afghan would not tell you.

By: True.North. Fri, 25 May 2012 02:12:13 +0000 Ah Rex

You make me laugh. First, you’re so obssessed with you’re writing dominating these pages that you must have the last word on everything. Congratulations. You’ve reduced the place to crickets. You still like hearing your own voice, I guess.

Next, the funny part is that you might actually believe what you say. Did you not read Myra’s earlier pieces? This is no Vietnam. It won’t be. The US cared only about Bin Laden and Al Qaeda. They got what they came for. The West had to pretend we cared about Afghanistan and it’s people and give the Taliban a good thrashing to remind them that if they let in terrorists again, we’ll be back for another decade. Do we care if the Taliban come back to power? Not really. Hopefully, they’ve learned their lesson and won’t be letting in another Bin Laden.

But just to keep them in check, the US can always send a billion or so to any group fighting the Taliban. Civil war in Afghanistan is ten times cheaper than counter-insurgency. Fewer dead Virginia farmboys too. At this rate, the yanks alone could keep Afghanistan going for generations.

And in the meanwhile, once the last Western soldier is out, well, there’s no need to pretend that Pakistanis are on the same page as us. Either Pakistan will bankrupt itself funding the Taliban (because the rest of us will be funding anybody and everybody fighting the Taliban) or they’ll abandon the Taliban. Either way, we win. Oh…and if the Taliban do come to power, Pakistan might actually have to go war with Afghanistan. Those crazy Pashtuns. They seem to think all Pashtuns should live in the same country. The Pak Army actually fighting the Taliban? Now that would make for some good youtube videos.

The sooner the West leaves the better. As you well know, war is just politics by another means. Once we wrap up the war, we can really get some nasty politics. Right now, all this fighting is just getting in the way of real politics.

You want to see how desperate Pakistan is? Just watch how quickly Dr. Afridi will be released. The White House probably spends more on dog food than the aid that just got cut for Pakistan because of Dr. Afridi’s imprisonment. But $33 million is a lot of Scotch for the boys in Pindi. And they can’t live without Scotch.

By: pakistan Thu, 24 May 2012 01:58:35 +0000 Myra,
Stop your patronised writing for the so called Talibans! Are you referring to Talibans, the Students├č Or today’s Taliban well organised resistance against the occupiers! try to understand the dilemma of the American world, the problem is how to withdraw so that the viertnam debacle is not repeated for the viewers back home. And here we are, the Americans have messed it up by not apologising to the Pakistan Govt. for the death of Pakistani border guards! Unless Pakistan highway is opened up for the 100,000 odd batch of combat soldiers and thousands of security and civilian workers as well as their nitty gritty equipment would be scattered all over Afghanistan, once the Talibans collective onslaught starts. Afghanistan Govt is expected to run for cover in safe places across Afghan borders and the so called Afghan army shall have new commanders in less than days.
The Pashtuns ony friend in his loneliness is the song which he sings with a lyricin the lush valleys or the cold surface mountain.

Rex Minor

By: KPSingh01 Thu, 24 May 2012 01:03:09 +0000 Taliban can recite poems. But they will be facing the music with their traditional non-Pashtun rivals when the US and its allies leave. It is important for these poets to drop their guns and learn to live with others in their country.