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all of the facts, even if they make the Obama Administration look as bad as the Bush Administration, which they Andrea Prasow, Human Rights Watch, “The Bagram Detainee Review Boards: Better, But Still Falling Short” (06/2010)

I observed five DRBs, and every detainee I saw that day told the review board that he had been treated well. Some may have been motivated by a desire to appear as a good candidate for release, although there have been few reports in recent years of serious abuses at the main prison at Bagram. Of course, without independent monitors who can report publicly on abuse, it is difficult to know for sure what the conditions are like. Even the human rights observers like myself, while permitted to observe the review boards, were not allowed to interview detainees. And recent reports of abuse have come from former detainees who claim to have been held at another detention site at Bagram, a detention facility the US has denied exists. It is only by reading between the lines of carefully worded US government statements that it becomes clear that there is indeed another facility at Bagram, which the US considers a transit center and not a detention facility. And so, while human rights observers watched mostly open proceedings in Parwan, a largely secret prison still operates just down the road. etainee-review-boards-show-improvement-b ut-still-fall-short.php