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Thanks for calling out the hypocrisy among certain elements of the Pakistani public.

Personally, I support drone attacks. Not because I don’t hate Pakistanis or want to see innocents killed. It’s because the threat is there, drones are the only way to counter them without full-scale operations which the Pakistanis have neither the resources, nor the testicular fortitude to undertake in their own backyard. When they are not willing to address the problem, why should the rest of the world suffer for it?

Beyond that, as you right point out, there is the hypocrisy of wailing loudly over the killing of innoncents by drones but silence or difference when the Taliban kill civilians or when the PA does it or when minorities are killed.

It’s incredulous that a plaintiff would even feign offence that the rest of the world is deeply troubled over the prosecution of a mentally challenged young girl. Should Pakistanis be described as anything other than barbaric when they put young, mentally-challenged girls on trial for desecrating a book?

Religion of Mercy? Ask Rimsha Masih how merciful the Muslims around her are. I doubt the Prophet himself would condone such lunacy. The things done in Allah’s name…..