Pakistan: Now or Never?

Perspectives on Pakistan

Keeping Kashmir secret


srinagar cricketAccording to Richard Holbrooke, there is a place in the world so secret, so taboo, that even the special envoy of the most powerful country in the world dare not speak its name.

Here is what he said at a briefing earlier this week,  according to the State Department transcript:

“Now, on the larger issue, let me just make a general comment about this. This is my own personal feeling about these three countries -– Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India. The three countries are vastly different in culture, socioeconomic standing, political development, and – but they share a common strategic space. And in order to understand America’s policy and America’s policy dilemma, one has to understand that both India and Pakistan have legitimate security interests in the region.

“And I’m not talking about that certain area between them which I’m not going to mention by name. (Laughter.)”